Anthem of the Seas: Vital Things Know Before You Cruise

I’ve cruised on Anthem of the Seas before and had a fantastic time. In this guide, I’ll give you all of the useful information that you need to know to have the best time on your cruise.

Find out about what’s included in your cruise and what costs extra, stats about the guest capacity and recent refurbishments, and details of all of the activities you can enjoy on board.

Anthem of the Seas in Norway
This photo was taken by Lasse Michelsen in Bergen, during my most recent cruise on Anthem of the Seas to Norway

Facts & Stats

About Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class cruise ships. Launched in 2015, she is the only Royal Caribbean ship that sails from the UK, making her a very popular choice with British cruisers during the summer cruise season. This will change in 2025 when she will relocate, and Independence of the Seas will return to the UK instead.

Anthem of the Seas is a groundbreaking ship with next-generation features that had never been seen before. Alongside Anthem of the Seas, the almost-identical Quantum-class ships are Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas.

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How Big Is Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas is considered to be a large cruise ship with a length of 1,141 feet and an internal volume of 168,666 gross tonnes. The ship has 16 passenger decks and the Anthem of the Seas capacity is 4,180 guests at double occupancy plus 1,470 crew members. [Source]

Anthem of the Seas is the 20th largest cruise ship in the world and the 9th largest of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The biggest cruise ship in the world is Icon of the Seas, which is 40% larger than Anthem of the Seas. [Source]

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Me with Anthem of the Seas
Me with Anthem of the Seas

How Long Is Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas is 1,141 feet long. This is equivalent to 348 metres. It takes five to ten minutes to walk from one end of the ship to the other, depending on how fast you walk.

On the top deck of Anthem of the Seas there’s a running track. One lap of the track is 553 metres, so it takes just over 3 laps of the ships to complete a mile.

Anthem of the Seas running track

How Many Decks Are on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has 16 decks, of which 14 are accessible to guests. That’s quite a lot, but not as many as some ships like MSC Cruises’ new ship, MSC World Europa, which will have 22 decks.

Anthem of the Seas is able to fit under low bridges in Norway. Taller ships with more decks are not able to.

How Many Passengers Are on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has a passenger capacity of 4,180 based on double occupancy and a maximum passenger capacity of 4,905. The maximum occupancy is how many passengers the ship could hold if every extra bed in every cabin was in use.

In reality, the number of passengers on board will depend on how many children are on board. On my most recent cruise in the school holidays in May 2022, there were 3862 guests on board. The ship had the potential to sail at full capacity, but there were some last-minute cancellations.

Who Is the Captain of Anthem of the Seas?

The current captains of Anthem of the Seas are Captain Iv Vidos and Captain Srecko Ban who work in rotation with approximately 10 weeks on and 10 weeks off.

Who Is the Cruise Director on Anthem of the Seas?

The current cruise director on Anthem of the Seas is Joff Eaton. Originally from Chichester, UK, Joff has worked for Royal Caribbean since 2008 and before that was a cruise director for P&O Cruises.

Anthem of the Seas Hotel Director Angel Dimitriv, Captain Iv Vidos and Cruise Director Joff Eaton
Hotel Director Angel Dimitriv, Captain Iv Vidos and Cruise Director Joff Eaton

When Was Anthem of the Seas Refurbished?

Anthem of the Seas was due to undergo her first dry dock refurbishment from 24th April to 15th May 2020 but this was cancelled due to the pandemic. Anthem of the Seas has still never had a full refurbishment, but you couldn’t tell that from being on board. The ship appears to be in perfect condition.

How Many Lifeboats Are on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has 16 lifeboats. This is enough to accommodate all guests on board, but not enough for all crew members. In the event of a full evacuation, crew members would be required to slide down chutes into life rafts. [Source].

Anthem of the Seas lifeboat

You can read more facts and stats about Anthem of the Seas here.

What’s Included

What Is Included on Anthem of the Seas?

A cruise on Anthem of the Seas includes your accommodation, meals in selected dining venues, selected soft drinks, activities and entertainment. Available for an extra charge are dining in speciality restaurants, drinks, spa services, gambling in the casino, selected activities and purchases in the onboard shops.

Is Anthem of the Seas All-Inclusive?

The standard cruise fare on Anthem of the Seas does not include drinks aside from the eight drinks that are free on Royal Caribbean ships. However, you can purchase a drink package to make your cruise all-inclusive.

For more information on the cost of drink packages, check out my complete Guide to Royal Caribbean Drink Packages.

Anthem of the Seas cockatil
This strawberry daiquiri cost $13

If you’re wondering whether a drink package is worth it on Anthem of the Seas, then the quickest and easiest way to find out is to use my free drink package calculator…

What Food Is Included on Anthem of the Seas?

On Anthem of the Seas, you can eat for free in these venues:

  • Main Dining Rooms
  • Windjammer Marketplace Buffet
  • Cafe @ Two70
  • Cafe Promenade
  • SeaPlex Doghouse
  • Sorrento’s Pizza
  • Solarium Bistro
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand
  • Coastal Kitchen (Suite guests only)
  • Room Service (Continental breakfast is free, at other times there is a $7.95 delivery fee)

You’ll enjoy a wide range of included food from around the world as well as lots of snacks and ice creams.

Windjammer outdoor dining
Our favourite place to eat was the outdoor area at the back of the Windjammer

For an extra charge, you can eat at:

  • Chef’s Table
  • Chops Grille
  • Izumi Sushi
  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Johnny Rockets Express
  • La Patisserie
  • Vintages Wine Bar
  • Wonderland
Izumi Sushi

Are All the Activities on Board Anthem of the Seas Free?

Most of the activities on Anthem of the Seas are included in your cruise fare. The Ripcord by iFly skydiving simulator and the North Star observation pod are free on port days, with longer sessions available on sea days for a fee. The bionic bar is free if you have a drinks package, otherwise, you’ll be charged for the drink.

Anthem of the Seas Bionic Bar
Bionic Bar

Is North Star Free on Anthem of the Seas?

On Anthem of the Seas, the North Star is free on port days. This is a short ride that just goes up and back down, not out to the side of the ship. You can book your place from 8 pm the night before and can do it once during your cruise.

North Star
North Star

Is the Ripcord by iFly Free on Anthem of the Seas?

On Anthem of the Seas, the Ripcord by iFly skydiving is free on port days, once per person on each cruise. This is a short, one-minute long ride. You can book your place from 8 pm the night before.

Longer two-minute rides are available on seas days for $29.99-$49.99 per person, the price can vary.

Ripcord by iFly

Does Anthem of the Seas Have WiFi?

All Royal Caribbean ships, including Anthem of the Seas, have WiFi, which is available all over the ship. The internet service is called VOOM and it’s the fastest at sea.

How Much Is WiFi on Anthem of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean offers one WiFi package. The cost varies depending on a number of factors, but expect to pay between $20 and $26 per day for the package.

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How Much Are Gratuities on Anthem of the Seas?

An Anthem of the Seas, daily gratuities are $18.00 per person, per day. For guests staying in Grand Suites and above, gratuities are $20.50 per person, per day. An 18% gratuity is already included in the menu price of drinks, salon and spa services.

Gratuities are automatically charged to your onboard account. If you want to remove them you can speak to someone at guest services, but this isn’t recommended as crew members rely on these tips as part of their wage.

If you want to tip extra to bartenders, you can write the amount of extra gratuity when you sign the receipt for each drink or you can tip with dollar bills. At the end of your cruise, you’ll receive an envelope where you can leave extra cash tips if you wish.

Royal Caribbean gratuity envelope.

If you have any more questions about tipping on Anthem of the Seas, check out my guide to Royal Caribbean Gratuities.

What Currency Is Used on Anthem of the Seas?

The currency on Anthem of the Seas is US dollars. Everything is priced in US dollars, even on cruises that depart from the United Kingdom. Unlike other cruise lines like MSC Cruises which use different currencies in different parts of the world, Royal Caribbean ships all use dollars on board.

If you have any more questions about what’s included in your cruise and what’s not, be sure to take a look at my guide to What’s Included in a Royal Caribbean Cruise.


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On Board Activities

What Is There To Do on Anthem of the Seas?

There’s so much to do on Anthem of the Seas. I promise it’s impossible to be bored. Some activities include:

  • Skydive in the ‘Ripcord by iFly’ skydiving simulator
  • Ride the bumper cars
  • Admire the views from 300 feet up in the North Star observation pod
  • See ‘We Will Rock You’ in the theatre
  • Get a drink from the robot bartender
  • Dance at the silent disco in Club two70
  • Try surfing or bodyboarding on the FlowRider
  • Climb the rock climbing wall
  • Enter a basketball tournament
  • Take a dip in one of the swimming pools or jacuzzis
  • Relax in the adults-only solarium
Rock climbing wall on Anthem of the Seas
Rock climbing wall

What Should I Not Miss on Anthem of the Seas?

On Anthem of the Seas, many of the activities are only available once or twice during each cruise, so it’s important to check your daily planner on the Royal Caribbean app to make sure you don’t miss them. Check the app throughout the cruise, as some events and activities are only added the day before.

Examples of some things that you won’t want to miss are:

  • We Will Rock You in the theatre
  • The Bellyflop and World’s Sexiest Man competitions
  • The art auction
  • The silent disco
  • The interview with the captain
  • The towel folding demonstration
  • Gameshows like Perfect Couple or Love & Marriage
  • Sports tournaments like Pickleball or Shuffleboard
The towel folding demo was very popular

How Many Pools Does Anthem of the Seas Have?

Anthem of the Seas has two main swimming pools – one large indoor pool with a retractable roof and one large outdoor pool. There’s also an outdoor splash area with ankle-deep water where swimming nappies are permitted, a small lazy river, a shallow indoor pool and a large adults-only plunge pool in the solarium.

There are two large indoor hot tubs, two large outdoor hot tubs and a further four hot tubs in the adults-only solarium.

The Solarium is only for guests aged 16 and over

Are the Pools Heated on Anthem of the Seas?

All of the pools are heated on Anthem of the Seas, making it enjoyable to swim indoors or outdoors even on cold weather cruises. The coldest pool is the plunge pool in the solarium, but this is still pleasant. The jacuzzis are warm enough to enjoy even in the snow and rain.

The lazy river is warm, just not when you’re standing in the queue for it!

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a Retractable Roof?

The indoor pool area on Anthem of the Seas has a retractable glass roof that can be opened in warm weather. On cold weather cruises such as from the UK to Norway or transatlantic voyages, the roof will remain closed for the duration of the cruise.

Anthem of the Seas indoor pool
Indoor pool with retractable roof

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a Water Slide?

Unlike some other Royal Caribbean ships, Anthem of the Seas doesn’t have any water slides. However, the lazy river is a fun place for kids to enjoy spinning round and round.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a FlowRider?

Anthem of the Seas has a FlowRider surfing simulator on the back. Here, you can enjoy boogie boarding and stand up surfing. Private lessons are also available for an extra charge.

Read more about the FlowRider.

FlowRider and iFly
FlowRider and iFly

Is There Shuffleboard on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has one shuffleboard court on Deck 15. You can use it whenever you like or join an organised shuffleboard tournament during selected times.

Anthem of the Seas shuffleboard court

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Bumper Cars?

Anthem of the Seas has bumper cars with sessions lasting around two hours each day. On port days you can just turn up and join the queue, but on sea days you must book your place via the Royal Caribbean app. There are also dedicated hours only for teenagers.

Anthem of the Seas bumper cars

Is There an Ice Rink on the Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas does not have an ice rink so it’s not possible to go ice skating during your cruise. You can, however, ice skate on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class, Freedom-class and Voyager-class ships.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Mini Golf?

Unlike some other Royal Caribbean ships, Anthem of the Seas doesn’t have mini golf.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Central Park?

Central Park is an onboard neighbourhood with walkways which wind through over 10,000 live plants. It’s just like a real park with benches, sculptures, cafes, bars and even the sound of birds and frogs croaking via speakers hidden in the plants.

Anthem of the Seas does not have Central Park on board as this is only found on-board Royal Caribbean’s Icon-class and Oasis-class ships – Icon of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas and Wonder of the Seas.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a Casino?

Like all Royal Caribbean ships, Anthem of the Seas has a casino on board. Here you’ll find lots of games like roulette, blackjack, three-card poker and slot machines.

Royal Caribbean casino

Does Anthem of the Seas Have an Escape Room?

Anthem of the Seas used to have a basic pop-up escape room called Puzzle Break which was located in the Living Room teen club at certain times. However, the escape room isn’t available on all cruises and it isn’t currently offered.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a Boardwalk?

Royal Caribbean’s Boardwalk is only found on Oasis-class cruise ships, so you won’t find a carousel or any of the boardwalk attractions on Anthem of the Seas. However, there is a promenade on Deck 4 lined with shops, bars and cafes.

Is There a Zipline on Anthem of the Seas?

Quantum-class ships like Anthem of the Seas do not have ziplines as these are only found on Oasis-class ships. However, you do instead have the Ripcord by iFly skydiving simulator, which is probably better for most people.

Is There Table Tennis on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has several table tennis tables located above the Seaplex on Deck 16. These are free of charge. Here, you’ll also find air hockey (for $2 per game) and table football (for free) along with several Xboxes.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Roller Skating?

Anthem of the Seas does offer roller skating, but not on every cruise. If it’s on, then skates are provided or you can bring your own. There was no rollerskating on offer on my cruise on Anthem of the Seas which was a shame as that’s one thing that we were really looking forward to.

Does Anthem of the Seas Have a Trapeze School?

Anthem of the Seas has a trapeze school where guests can enjoy trapeze lessons. However, this isn’t available on every cruise. On our cruise, there was no trapeze school and also no aerial performances in the Two70 lounge.

What is Adventure Ocean on Anthem of the Seas?

Adventure Ocean is Royal Caribbean’s award-winning youth programme which includes complimentary kids’ clubs for children aged three to eleven. It is typically open from 9 am until 12 pm, 2 pm until 5 pm and 7 pm until 10 pm on sea days. On port days, it doesn’t close when the ship is in port.

What is the Living Room on Anthem of the Seas?

The Living Room is a dedicated teen-only space on Anthem of the Seas. Here, teens aged 13 to 17 can hang out with their friends or enjoy dedicated activities like scavenger hunts or pizza parties.

What Shows are on Anthem of the Seas?

The headliner show on Anthem of the Seas is We Will Rock You. This West End hit was written by Ben Elton and features 24 songs from the rock band, Queen. There’s also a show called The Gift which is a mystical journey of fantasy and illusion using high-tech special effects and props.

You’ll also find other shows like the Welcome Aboard Show, the Farewell Variety Show and shows with music from the Four Seasons tribute band and the Anthem of the Seas orchestra.

We Will Rock You musical on Anthem of the Seas

What Time Are the Shows on Anthem of the Seas?

The shows on Anthem of the Seas are usually on twice each evening at around 7 pm and around 9 pm. This is to allow early diners to eat before a show and late diners to eat after a show. There’s also a matinee performance of We Will Rock You at 2 pm.

You cannot book seats for the shows, so it’s advisable to get there at least 20 to 30 minutes early, as many people are turned away once the venue reaches capacity.

Where Are the Smoking Areas on Anthem of the Seas?

On Anthem of the Seas, you can smoke in the poolside smoking area on Deck 14 Port Side and also on the outdoor Promenade on Deck 5 Starboard Side.

Food & Drink

How Many Restaurants Are on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has four main dining rooms, a buffet restaurant and five casual cafe-style eateries. For an extra charge, there are four speciality restaurants, plus the Chef’s Table fine dining experience.

What is My Time Dining on Anthem of the Seas?

My Time Dining offers guests the choice to eat in the Main Dining Room at whatever time they like in the evening, rather than being assigned a set dining time as with traditional dining. You can make a reservation for a time of your choosing, or just turn up when you’re ready to eat.

Read more: Royal Caribbean My Time Dining: – What You Must Know!

What Restaurants Are Free on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas offers several complimentary dining options:

  • The Main Dining Room – Serving multi-course menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner across four venues – Silk, Chic, Grande and American Icon Grill
  • Windjammer Café – Royal Caribbean’s buffet restaurant is open around the clock
  • Solarium Bistro – Serving hearty but healthy options for breakfast and lunch in the adult-only area
  • Two70 Café – Here you can enjoy toasted sandwiches, soups and salads
  • Café Promenade – Open 24 hours a day serving snacks, pastries, sandwiches and coffee
  • Sorrento’s – Grab a slice from the authentic New York-style pizzeria
  • Dog House – Choose from a selection of poolside hot dogs with toppings
  • Room service – Complimentary room service is available, you just pay the delivery fee and gratuity
  • Coastal Kitchen – A fusion restaurant reserved exclusively for suite guests and Pinnacle members

In addition to the complimentary dining options above, Anthem of the Seas also features the following speciality restaurants which are available for a supplement:

  • Chef’s Table – Enjoy a five-course wine pairing dinner at a 14-seat table hosted by an Executive Chef and Sommelier
  • Wonderland – This fantasy Alice in Wonderland-themed gourmet restaurant offers surprising dishes you’ve never seen before
  • Jamie’s Italian – Enjoy a menu of rustic Italian favourites designed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver
  • Chops Grille – Royal Caribbean’s signature steakhouse offers steaks, seafood and sumptuous desserts
  • Izumi – Enjoy traditional Asian cuisine including sushi, sashimi and ishi-yaki
  • Vintages Wine Bar – Relax with a glass of wine paired with a satisfying yet light snack
  • Johnny Rockets – This 1950s-themed diner offers all-American favourites like burgers, fries and shakes
  • La Patisserie – A café-style eatery offering pastries and speciality coffees
Chef's Table on Anthem of the Seas
Chef’s Table

Is There a Starbucks on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas doesn’t have a Starbucks on board. However, the ship has a cafe called La Patisserie which serves espresso-based speciality coffees made with Starbucks beans.

Dress Code

What Is the Dress Code on Anthem of the Seas?

The dress code on Anthem of the Seas is casual in the daytime and smart casual in the evening. You can also dress up on selected formal nights during your cruise, but you don’t have to.

When I’ve cruised on Royal Caribbean ships from the US, nobody seemed to dress up very much at all, even on the formal nights, or ‘Dress to Impress’ nights as they’re known. But on Anthem of the Seas from Southampton, the Brits did dress up more. Lots of men wore suits and many women wore sparkly cocktail dresses or long evening gowns.

The number of formal nights varies depending on the length of the cruise:

  • 5 nights and under – One formal night
  • 6 to 10 nights – Two formal nights
  • 11 to 14 nights – Three formal nights
  • 15+ nights – Three or four formal nights

The formal nights are usually on day 2 and day 5 or 6 of the cruise. Check the Royal Caribbean app on board for the exact dates.

What Do You Wear on Anthem of the Seas?

On a cruise it’s important to dress for the weather, so pack shorts, vests and sundresses for warm-weather cruises and coats, boots, hats and scarfs for cold weather cruises. In the evening the air conditioning can be strong, so you may wish to wear a cardigan or jacket, even in summer.

What we wore on Anthem of the Seas
You’ll need a coat for Norway, even in the summer!

On Anthem of the Seas, you can wear whatever you want but a few exceptions. Swimwear is only to be worn on the pool deck and shorts and vests aren’t recommended for dinner in the main dining room or speciality restaurants.

This video explains what to wear on formal nights and in the different dining venues on-board


How Many Rooms Are on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has 2,090 staterooms. These are the various types you can choose from:

  • Interior
  • Interior with Virtual Balcony
  • Large Interior
  • Studio Interior
  • Ocean View
  • Spacious Ocean View
  • Superior Ocean View
  • Balcony
  • Large Balcony
  • Balcony with Obstructed View
  • Studio Balcony
  • Spa Balcony
  • Large Spa Balcony
  • Spa Junior Suite
  • Junior Suite
  • Family Junior Suite
  • Grand Suite (1 Bedroom)
  • Grand Suite (2 Bedrooms)
  • Owner’s Suite
  • Grand Loft Suite
  • Owner’s Loft Suite
  • Royal Loft Suite

Before you choose one, I recommend that you take a look at this guide: Anthem of the Seas Cabins to Avoid.

I usually choose an inside cabin, but as we didn’t want to miss any of the stunning scenery of the Norwegian Fjords, we opted for a balcony room for our cruise.

It had a huge king size bed and a sofa that converted into a double bed for the kids.

Anthem of the Seas balcony room.
Our balcony room on Anthem of the Seas

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Family Rooms?

Most staterooms on Anthem of the Seas sleep up to four guests and some of them have connecting doors to accommodate families of up to eight. Family Junior Suites sleep up to five, the Royal Loft Suite sleeps up to six and the Family Royal Suite and the 2-Bedroom Grand Suite can each accommodate eight guests.

What Is a Virtual Balcony on Anthem of the Seas?

Anthem of the Seas has a special category of inside staterooms called ‘virtual balcony staterooms’. These cabins have an 80-inch floor-to-ceiling high-definition screen which offers real-time views of the outside. A camera outside the ship is linked to the screen to display the view and there are options to turn sound effects on and off or to close a curtain across it.

Anthem of the Seas virtual balcony cabin
Virtual Balcony Room

Does Anthem of the Seas Have Interior Balconies?

Anthem of the Seas does not have any interior balconies – all balconies look out over the ocean. On other Royal Caribbean ships, some balconies look over indoor areas such as Central Park, the Boardwalk or the Royal Promenade.

What Is a Junior Suite on Anthem of the Seas?

A Junior Suite is the smallest and cheapest of all of the suites on Anthem of the Seas. It’s best thought of as a type of accommodation that’s in between a Deluxe Balcony Stateroom and a Grand Suite.

Family Junior Suites can be a good option for families of five as this will usually work out to be cheaper than booking two balcony staterooms.

As well as the extra space, Junior Suites come with some extra perks, but not as many perks as you get with a full suite. You can see exactly what’s included here: Junior Suite Perks.

The pictures below show Junior Suite 11638 on Anthem of the Seas. They were taken by Jason Morris in March 2020.

What Are the Suite Benefits on Anthem of the Seas?

When you book a suite on Anthem of the Seas you’ll get a number of perks like priority boarding, luxury bathroom amenities, a Royal Caribbean bathrobe (for onboard use only) and an espresso coffee machine.

The exact perks you get depend on whether your suite is Sea Class, Sky Class or Star Class. You can read a full explanation of this here: Royal Caribbean Suite Perks.


Where Does Anthem of the Seas Leave From?

Anthem of the Seas sails from Southampton, UK in the summer between May and October and Cape Liberty, New Jersey, USA in the winter between October and May.

Where Does Anthem of the Seas Sail?

In the summer, Anthem of the Seas sails out of Southampton on cruises to Norway, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and the Canary Islands.

Between October and May, Anthem of the Seas sails out of Cape Liberty, New Jersey on cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Anthem of the Seas Norway
I would definitely recommend a cruise to Norway on Anthem of the Seas

What Time Can You Board Anthem of the Seas?

You will be assigned a boarding time for your cruise that’s usually between 10 am and 4 pm. It’s important to stick to your boarding time, as if you arrive too early and the port is busy, you may be turned away.


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    • Hi Helen, I’ve been on both and they’re both great options. I would suggest that Iona is a little more suited to children of that age. I would save Anthem until he or she is old enough to take part in the activities. Plus, Iona has a night nursery so you can enjoy some romantic evenings while the little one sleeps if you wish! Jenni

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  9. Is there laundry on the ship? Is there any form of childcare for children under 3? (specifically a 2 year old)

      • Can you take a 9month year old on a 7 nights cruise

        • Yes, you can! I’ve cruised with a 6-month-old and it was fab.

  10. Do You Have Bingo on the ship??

    • Hi Diana. Yes, you’ll find bingo on Anthem of the Seas and all Royal Caribbean cruises. In my experience, it’s pretty expensive to play though. Jenni

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    • Yes it is!

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    I wonder witch days are formal night on a 12 day cruise leaving 12 dec 2021 from Cape Liberty with Anthem of the Seas

  13. You mention all activities being free, but the Royal Caribbean website suggests that RipCord and North Star are paid for activities?

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. They always used to be free except in China. This summer, Royal Caribbean started charging for these activities in other regions too including cruises from the UK and in the Caribbean. I’ve now updated the article to reflect this. Jenni

  14. Sailing Feb 22 and we can’t wait! NJ in February is brutally cold – I imagine the indoor pool gets a lot of use. When will the outdoor pools be comfortable to swim?

    • I believe the outdoor pools are heated, although you may be more comfortable in a hot tub or inside as you say. Jenni

  15. Great read, in Feb I’ll have gone on NCL but in 2023 I’ll be going on anthem of the seas with my sister super excited to check this ship out. Thank you for all this info. I don’t have insta gram are you on YouTube or Facebook to follow you?

  16. I’m cruising on anthem in may 2022. I’m wondering if I should pay an extra $500 and let the ship choose a balcony room for us so we can upgrade a bit.

    • Hi Pam. Is the $500 the difference between an inside and a balcony, or just to pick your cabin number? Jenni

  17. It’s curious the Anthem will arrive in Cape Liberty, NJ on Oct 30, 2021 but it doesn’t sail again till Nov 7. Where will it be from Oct 30-November 7? Doesn’t seem long enough for a refurbishment period.

  18. It is always difficult to find the BERTH of each ship in Southampton. This is required for taxi bookings or parking in the right place. I am assuming Ocean terminal for Anthem, but unless I’ve missed it…it does not appear in any information sent out.

  19. We sailed in Anthem in July of 2019 for our 10 year anniversary. It was our first time ever in a cruise and we were instantly hooked! Anthem of the Seas is a beautiful ship and we loved everything about it!

  20. Thanks for all the information, we sail on 28th November 2020, celebrating my 60th birthday, reading your article has made me so much more excited

    • Yay! Hope you have a great birthday on-board!

  21. Is there a basketball court?

    • Hi Kari. Anthem doesn’t have an outdoor basketball court as many Rotal Caribbean ships do. However, it is possible to play basketball in the Seaplex when it’s not being used for other things. Jenni

  22. Thank you for this. We’ve never cruised Royal Caribbean before, so found your blog very interesting. We are booked for 28th May 2021. Will we see you onboard?

    • I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed the blog. We cruise on May 14th so be sure to follow me on Insta for lots of photos from the ship!

  23. Just wondering about the Formal Nights? As I’ve read she doesn’t have them as such anymore? Bit confused. I thought it was now called “Wear your best!” Instead which is probably less restrictive compared to a formal night.

    • That’s right, formal nights on Royal Caribbean cruises are called ‘wear your best’. You’ll see people wearing all kinds of things really – some in ball gowns and some a lot more casual. You can wear whatever you’re most comfortable in and won’t be turned away from venues.

  24. Thanks for the blog. Very well put together. We sail on her April 2021 out of Jersey..

  25. I am taking my grandchildren 7 and 9 on the ship on 23rd May, do you know if they have to bring their roller skates or can you get them on board?
    Very interesting read of your article.

    • Roller skates are provided on the ship 🙂

  26. Booked!! 28th of June 2020 and back to back – August/September 2021

    Great read!

    • Amazing! Enjoy your cruises!

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