How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Ship

sneaking booze in pocket

The price of drinks on some cruise ships will be similar to your local pub, but on other cruises, the drinks prices can be pretty steep with $10 for a glass of wine being the norm. If you’re on a …

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Cruise Door Decorations: Everything you need to know

cruise door decor ideas

Decorating your cruise cabin door can be a fun way to make your room stand out from the rest amongst a long corridor of identical stateroom doors. Whether you want to show that you’re celebrating a special occasion, need help …

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The 5 best luggage storage places in Southampton

If you’re taking a cruise from Southampton, you may wish to explore the city for a few hours either before you embark or after you bid farewell to your ship. But finding places to leave your luggage isn’t always easy, …

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The 17 best fiction books about cruises

fiction books about cruises

There so many great fiction books set on cruise ships. It seems that an ocean liner is the perfect setting for many a murder mystery novel. Whether you prefer paperback books or like to read in the bath with a …

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The 12 best cruise travel books

cruise travel books

Buying a travel guide can be a great way to gather the information you need to choose a cruise or to plan what you’ll do in each of the ports of call that you’ll visit during your voyage. Take a …

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The best books to take on a cruise

best books to take on a cruise

When you’re packing for a cruise, most people like to pack a book or two to read by the pool. But which are the best books to take on a cruise? Well, books that are set on cruise ships or …

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The 8 best non-fiction books about cruises

cruise book

What better book to read on your next cruise than a non-fiction book about cruise ships and cruise stories? Some of the non-fiction books about cruising uncover the things that staff see behind the scenes on cruise ships, while others …

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14 best games to bring on a cruise

draughts game on a cruise ship

If you choose a cruise ship which packed full of activities like water slides, zip lines and trampolines, the chance of your kids finding time to get bored is pretty slim. However, not all cruise ships have all these things …

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35 must-know cruise packing tips and tricks

Whether you’re a cruise first-timer or have cruised many times already, packing for a cruise can be stressful. Get it wrong, and you could find yourself packing way too much, or leaving important items behind. It can be hard to …

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Can you take food off a cruise ship?


If you have young kids, you’ll know to never go anywhere without snacks. A hungry child can turn into the Tasmanian Devil far faster than you can find the nearest shop when you’re out and about. Ain’t that the truth? …

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Gifts for cruise lovers

cruise gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to cruise? Well, this list of the best gifts for cruise lovers should certainly give you some ideas. Whether you’re looking for cruise gifts for friends, mum and dad …

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Cruise essentials packing list


There’s no shortage of cruise packing lists online. Having a list of what to pack for a cruise can be very handy, particularly if it’s your first cruise or your first time travelling with a baby or child. Suggested read: …

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How to feed your baby on a cruise

feeding baby on a cruise

Cruising with a baby is one of the best ways to travel, but it’s important to plan ahead and know exactly what and how you’re going to feed your baby during your cruise. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or have …

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Baby cruise packing list

baby travel

Are you wondering what to pack for a baby on a cruise? I’ve cruised with babies and toddlers and know the perils of both overpacking and underpacking! That’s why I’ve created this free printable baby cruise packing list – so …

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What can you NOT bring on a cruise?

packing for a cruise

If you’ve never cruised before, it’s really important to know what NOT to pack to take on the ship. You’ll want to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations at check-in by making sure you don’t pack any cruise ship contraband. Cruise …

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