MSC Drink Packages: The Ultimate Guide

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The decision of whether or not to get the drinks package for your cruise is always a tricky one, but MSC Cruises makes this decision seem even more complicated than it has to be.

MSC Cruises has five drinks packages to choose from. And, they make it really hard to know how much they cost, and what you get for your money.

Cruise Mummy on MSC Euribia with a glass of wine

I’ve cruised with MSC Cruises four times. I usually buy the drink package and I’ve done lots of research to help you make the right decision.

MSC Drinks Package Prices 2024

MSC Cruises no longer publishes the prices of drink packages on the website. Instead, guests are asked to log in to see the prices for their cruise.

This makes things tricky for people who want to know how much the drinks package costs before they book a cruise. But don’t worry, I got you…

Me and my husband on MSC Virtuosa
My husband and I on MSC Virtuosa

The package of your drinks package will vary depending on your destination, the length of your cruise, which package you choose and when you buy it. For alcoholic drinks, you can expect to pay $61 to $101 per person, per night.

See the tables below for all of the MSC drink package prices for 2024…

For Cruises in North America and the Caribbean

(USD Currency Onboard)

Cruise LengthPurchase DatePremium ExtraEasy PlusEasyAlcohol-FreeKids
All drinks upto $16All drinks up to $10Selected drinksSelected drinksAge 4-20 years
7+ NightsBuy Onboard$98$70$53$32$22
7+ NightsPrepaid$85$61$46$28$19
6 Nights or LessBuy Onboard$101$74$56$35$24
6 Nights or LessPrepaid$88$64$49$30$21

For ships with USD onboard currency sailing in the Caribbean or Northern America, a 18% drink package gratuity is included.

For Cruises in Europe and the Middle East

(EUR Currency Onboard)

Cruise LengthPurchase DatePremium ExtraEasy PlusEasyAlcohol-FreeKids
All drinks up to €14All drinks up to €9Selected drinksSelected drinksAge 4-17 years
7+ NightsBuy Onboard€85€62€45€28€20
7+ NightsPrepaid€74€54€39€24€17
6 Nights or LessBuy Onboard€89€54€49€30€21
6 Nights Or Less Prepaid€77€47€43€26€18

For ships with EURO onboard currency, a 15% drink package gratuity is included.

For MSC Virtuosa Cruises from the UK in the Summer

(GBP Currency Onboard)

Cruise LengthPurchase DatePremium ExtraEasy PlusEasyAlcohol-FreeKids
All drinks up to £14All drinks up to £10Selected drinksSelected drinksAge 4-17 years
7+ NightsBuy Onboard£73.60£54.05£39.10£24.15£17.25
7+ NightsPrepaid£64£47£34£21£15
6 Nights or LessBuy Onboard£77.05£57.50£42.55£26.45£18.40
6 Nights or LessPrepaid£67£50£37£23£16

Discounted Drinks Packages

There may be other special offers on drinks packages available at the time of booking. For example, when I booked a cruise on MSC Euribia recently, I was able to add on the Premium Extra drink package for just £40 per person, per day.

Here are the prices for my two-night cruise without drinks and with drinks…

MSC cruise price with and without drinks

Whichever package you choose, you should always buy it before your cruise. If you wait until you’re onboard, you’ll pay 15% more.

Are MSC Drink Packages Worth the Expense?

Whether or not the MSC drink packages are worth it depends on how much you drink. To work out how many drinks it costs to ‘break even’ on your package, you need to know how much each drink costs.

And to work out which package is best for, you, you’ll need to know what’s included in each. And what happens if you order a drink that’s not included in your package.

Use The Drink Package Calculator

To make things really simple, you can use my drink package calculator. Just enter the drinks you plan to have, and it will tell you which is the best package for you, and how much that will save you.

Now, read on and I’ll explain what’s included in each package, how much the drinks cost without a package and the other vital things you should know…

What’s Included In MSC Drink Packages?

To help you decide which drinks package is the best, here are the menus of what’s included in each package on MSC Cruises…

1. MSC Premium Extra Package

Premium Extra Drink Package Menu:

Includes all drinks priced up to $16 / €14 / £14

  • Selection of draught, craft and bottled beers
  • Entire selection of wines and Champagne by the glass
  • Extensive variety of frozen and classic cocktails
  • Premium brand spirits
  • Liqueurs and cordials
  • Sodas
  • Fruit juices
  • Energy drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate and teas
  • 25% discount on wine and Champagne bottles purchased on board

Drinks can be consumed in all bars (except the Starship Club on MSC Virtuosa), the buffet, the main dining rooms and speciality restaurants. It can also be used on Ocean Cay MSC Reserve and in the Raj Polo Tea Room and The Coffee Emporium on board MSC World Europa.

This package doesn’t include drinks in the onboard Lavazza coffee shops and other signature venues.

2. MSC Easy Plus Package

Easy Plus Drink Package Menu:

Includes all drinks priced up to $10 / €9 / £10

  • Variety of draught and bottled beers
  • Selection of wines by the glass
  • Variety of frozen and classic cocktails
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Selected spirits
  • Liqueurs and cordials
  • Soft drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee drinks (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate and hot teas
  • 10% discount on bottles of wine purchased on board

With the Easy Plus package, drinks can be consumed in all bars (except the Starship Club on MSC Virtuosa), the buffet, the main dining room and ALSO in speciality restaurants. This is an important difference from the Easy package, which doesn’t allow you to order drinks in speciality restaurants.

It can also be used on MSC Cruises private islands, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and Sir Bani Yas, and in the Raj Polo Tea Room on board MSC World Europa (but not in The Coffee Emporium)

If you plan to dine in a few speciality restaurants during our cruise, this deal is probably a better choice than the Easy drinks package.

Read more about the Easy Plus Package

3. MSC Easy Package

Easy Drink Package Menu:

  • Draught beer (Heineken)
  • Selection of house wines by the glass
  • Selection of classic cocktails and mocktails
  • House spirits
  • Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass
  • Bottled mineral water
  • Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot tea, hot chocolate)

Drinks can be consumed in all bars, the buffet and main dining rooms but NOT in speciality restaurants or the Starship Club.

This package offers great value for money and is ideal if you’re on a budget and happy to stick with drinking draft Heineken, the same wines each day or choose from a small list of cocktails.

Here’s what the menu looks like on board so you can see exactly which drinks you can have…

MSC Easy Package

Read more about the Easy Package

4. MSC Alcohol-Free Package

Alcohol-Free Drink Package Menu:

  • Wide choice of alcohol-free cocktails
  • Sodas
  • Energy drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Flavoured water
  • Fruit juices
  • Coffee drinks (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Soft drinks
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot teas
  • Soft-serve ice cream

Drinks can be consumed in all bars (except the Starship Club on MSC Virtuosa), buffet, main dining room, Ocean Cay, but NOT speciality restaurants.

5. MSC Minors Package

Minors Drink Package Menu:

  • Wide choice of alcohol-free cocktails
  • Sodas
  • Energy drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Flavoured water
  • Fruit juices
  • Coffee drinks (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Soft drinks
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot teas
  • Soft-serve ice cream

This package is for children aged 3 to 17 on European cruises and aged 3 to 20 on North American and Caribbean cruises.

Drinks can be consumed in all bars (except the Starship Club on MSC Virtuosa), buffet, main dining room and Ocean Cay. They can only be consumed in speciality restaurants if the minor’s family purchased the Easy Plus or Premium Extra Packages.

Drinks Not Included in MSC Cruises Drink Packages

MSC drinks packages do not include drinks in souvenir glasses, drinks from your mini bar or drinks ordered via room service.

The drink packages also do not include drinks from ‘signature venues’. These include the MSC Virtuosa Starship Club, Venchi1878 establishments and Jean-Philippe Maury Venues.

Drinks in the MSC World Europa Raj Polo Tea Room are only included in the Premium Extra and Easy Plus Packages. Drinks in the MSC World Europa Coffee Emporium are only included in the Premium Extra Package.

MSC Starship Club
Drinks from this robot bartender are not included in any drink package

Charges for Additional Beverages Not Included in the Package

If you want to enjoy a drink that’s not included in your package, you can order it and will only pay the difference between the package limit and the price of the drink.

This is great, as some other cruise lines will charge you the full price for the drink.

MSC Bar Prices

MSC drinks packages can be a great deal, but of course, you’ll need to drink enough to ‘break even’ and get your money’s worth.

So let’s take a look at the drinks prices…

Here are some examples of the MSC bar prices:

MSC Drinks Prices:

  • Cocktails: $7 to $16
  • Mocktails: $6
  • Spirits: $7 to $12
  • Large draft beer: $6
  • Bottled beer: $6.50
  • Glass of wine: $6 to $14
  • Fruit juice: $2.95 to $7.50
  • Water: $2.75 to $5.50
  • Energy drink: $4.95
  • Canned soda: $3.25
  • Glass of soda: $2.25
  • Coffee: $2.50 to $4.25

I took photos of every drink menu on the ship, so if you’d like to see the prices of any specific drinks, you can see photos of MSC drink menus here.

MSC Cruises drinks menu

What drinks are free on MSC Cruises?

The following drinks are free on MSC Cruises:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Ice tea
  • Milk
  • Juices (at breakfast only)

Not all drinks are available for free in all bars. For the best selection of free drinks, head to the Main Dining Room or the casual (buffet) restaurant.

Juice machines in buffet on MSC Euribia

Wine Prices

A glass of wine on MSC Cruises costs $6 for a standard house wine, up to $14 for something nicer. Bear in mind that the servings can sometimes be small. This is what a glass of wine looks like (if you’re unlucky – sometimes they’re much bigger!)

If the ship is busy, the service can be pretty slow. So bear in mind that you may be either queueing at the bar or trying to catch the attention of a waiter quite often. If you don’t have a drink package, it makes sense to order wine by the bottle to avoid this issue.

Beer Prices

On MSC Cruises you won’t get a pint of beer. Instead, large beers are served in pilsner glasses which appear to be around three-quarters of a pint in size. And unless you’re in the British pub, you can only get Heineken. This costs $6 for a large glass or $3.50 for a small.

There is a wider selection of bottles lagers, craft beers, ales, pilsner, stout, cider and alcohol-free beer. These all cost $6.50 or $7.

Personally, I think that $6.50 for a small can of alcohol-free Heineken is a rip-off. It seems crazy that a large draft standard Heineken is cheaper!

Is water free on MSC Cruises?

Tap water is available free of charge on MSC Cruises and the water in your cabin is safe to drink. Bottled water costs $2.75 for a 17oz (500ml) bottle. Bottled water is free if you have a drinks package.

Are tea and coffee free on MSC Cruises?

On MSC Cruises, tea and coffee is available free of charge but only at the buffet area. You can get all kinds of teas and coffees such as cappuccino and espresso for free throughout the ship with a drinks package.

MSC Speciality coffees

You’re entitled to speciality coffees like cappuccino with the drinks package, but sometimes if the staff were busy they would tell me that they could only make brewed coffee.

This is one of the many things that annoys me about MSC Cruises. You can read more on that in this article: Why Are MSC Cruises So Cheap?

If your cruise includes UK ports such as Southampton, you’ll find a kettle in your room with tea and coffee. Otherwise, you won’t.

Cabin stewards don’t always refill the tea and coffee, unless you ask them to. Which can be mildly annoying.

MSC Cruises coffee in room

Are MSC Drink Packages Worth It?

Before you go ahead and buy a drinks package, it’s worth doing a little bit of maths to figure out how many drinks you’d need to have per day to ‘break even’ on your package.

Whichever MSC drink package you choose, you’ll need to drink around five drinks per day to break even. Of course, the exact number depends on what you like to drink and which package you choose.

When thinking about whether a package is good value or not, think about how much time you plan to spend on the ship. Whilst you might easily get through five or six drinks on a sea day, you might not have so many if you’re off the ship all day and only having a couple in the evening.

MSC Cruises Drinks Package Calculator

To help you work out whether the drinks package is worth it or not, I’ve built a handy calculator tool.

The calculator will show how much your bar bill will be if you don’t have a drinks package. You can then compare this to the price of the drinks package to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Just pop your details in the form and you’ll receive an email with a link to the calculator…

Things To Know About MSC Drink Packages

Here are the answers to your most commonly-asked questions about drinks on MSC Cruises. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please add it to the comments below and I will answer it for you.

1. Everyone must have the same drink package

On MSC Cruises, all passengers travelling together (sharing a cabin or a table) must have the same drink package, with the exception of children who must have the minor’s drinks package.

This rule applies to everyone aged three or over. You don’t need to purchase a package for children under three.

You can’t share a drinks package. If you give drinks to anyone who doesn’t have a package, you face having your package cancelled without a refund.

MSC cocktails

2. You can’t bring your own drinks

While most cruise lines let you bring a bottle of wine in your lugagge, MSC Cruises does not allow guests to bring any drinks on board. This includes alcohol, soft drinks and water. You may bring water if you have a medical need for it and you can bring unlimited baby milk.

Sneaking alcohol onto a cruise ship is not recommended and it can get you kicked off the cruise.

I accidentally brought on a 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper when I forgot it was in my bag. Nobody noticed, which shows that they don’t always check.

3. You don’t get free drinks with Fantastica or Aurea experiences any more

MSC Cruises offer three ‘experiences’ – Bella, Fantastica and Aurea. None of the experiences (Bella, Fantastica or Aurea) include drinks as standard.

MSC Aurea used to come with a free Easy drinks package, but this has been replaced with welcome prosecco and chocolates in your room since 2022.

There may be special MSC Cruises Promotions whereby you can get a free drinks package when you upgrade to a Fantastica experience.

Suggested read: MSC Bella Vs Fantastica Vs Aurea

4. You do get free drinks with the Yacht Club experience

MSC Yacht Club guests get a Premium Extra drink package as part of their exclusive benefits.

5. You’ll pay more if you buy the package on the ship

You can order your MSC drinks package before you cruise or on board your ship. It’s 15% cheaper to buy your drink package before your cruise. You can do this via the ‘Manage My Booking’ section of the MSC Cruises website.

6. The drinking age varies for different cruises

The drinking age on MSC Cruise ships depends on the itinerary, not the nationality of the passenger. It is generally 18 years old on European cruises and 21 years old on Caribbean cruises.

7. There’s no limit on how many drinks you can have

Unlike some other cruise lines that limit you to 15 drinks per day, MSC Cruises don’t have a set maximum number of drinks per day. However, if you appear to be intoxicated you are unlikely to be served more alcohol.

MSC Cruises champagne bucket

8. Drink packages aren’t available on every cruise

Drink packages are available on most MSC Cruises ships. But they’re not available on cruises from South Africa and China. Due to Saudi law, no alcohol will be served during calls in Saudi Arabian ports.

9. MSC drink packages work on private islands

Your MSC drink package can be used to get free drinks on MSC Cruises’ private island, Ocean Cay as well as the private resort of Sir Bani Yas in the UAE. However, there will not be as many different drinks available on the island as there are on the ship.

Ocean Cay

Drinks Package Special Offers

If you’re interested in the all-inclusive drinks package on MSC Cruises, you should be sure to look out for MSC all-inclusive deals which are sometimes offered by specialist cruise travel agents.

Travel agents can package up cruises with flights, a pre-cruise hotel and all-inclusive drinks to create a great value all-inclusive package cruise holiday.


Don’t miss the latest MSC Cruises offers…

MSC Cruises Free Drinks Package Offer

One very popular offer is the MSC ‘ALL-IN drinks and Wi-Fi offer’ which is sometimes available on the MSC Cruises USA website. This offer includes free drinks, free Wi-Fi and free onboard credit.

Before you go ahead and book an all-inclusive deal with free drinks and wifi, I’d suggest working out how much it would cost to buy each part of the package separately to make sure that it’s actually good value. Consider whether you actually want the drinks and the wifi, or whether they just seem good because they’re packaged up in a deal.

Jamaican Paradise cocktail

If your all-inclusive MSC Cruise bundle comes with the Easy or Easy Plus package and you want to upgrade, you can do that either before your cruise or on board. As always, it’s cheaper to do it before you cruise.

  • Easy to Easy Plus costs $15 per day onboard
  • Easy to Premium Extra costs $44 per day onboard
  • Easy Plus to Premium Extra costs $28 per day onboard

You’ll save 15% on these prices if you purchase the upgrade online or via your travel agent before your cruise.

Other Drinks Packages on MSC Cruises

MSC Yacht Club Drinks Package

The luxurious MSC Yacht Club gives guests many perks including:

  • A luxury suite in the Yacht Club area of the ship
  • Access to the Top Sail lounge
  • Private dining in the Yacht Club restaurant
  • Entry to the exclusive pool area
  • Priority boarding
  • Butler service
  • Premium internet package
  • Included drinks

MSC Yacht Club guests enjoy the equivalent of the Premium Extra drinks package which can be used in all bars and restaurants throughout the ship. Yacht Club guests also enjoy a free minibar.

MSC mini bar

MSC Dine & Drinks Package

On MSC World Cruises, the Dine & Drinks package is included as standard. With this, you get house wines, draught beer, soft drinks and mineral water during lunch and dinner in the main restaurants and in the buffet.

Discontinued Drink Packages

If you’ve cruised with MSC Cruises a few years ago, you may be familiar with some of the drinks packages which have now been discontinued. These include…

MSC Premium Drinks Package

For cruises departing from November 2021 onwards, the MSC Premium drinks package has been renamed to the MSC Easy Plus drink package.

MSC Premium Plus Drinks Package

For cruises departing from November 2021 onwards, the MSC Premium Plus package has been renamed to the MSC Premium Extra package.

MSC Aurea Drinks Package

MSC Cruises Aurea Experience is an upgrade that’s available to guests staying in balcony cabins or suites. The MSC Aurea experience used to come with a free Easy drink package but this is no longer the case. Other perks like the free massage have also been removed.

MSC Drink Vouchers

Until 2019, MSC Cruises used to regularly offer cruisers 12 free drinks vouchers when they booked a Fantastica cabin. These paper coupons could be exchanged for a glass of wine, pint or bottle of beer, spirit and mixer, non-premium cocktail, soft drink, mineral water or hot drink. The coupons no longer exist.

MSC Allegrissimo Drinks Package

The MSC Allegrissimo drinks package is the name of a package that has been discontinued. The Allegrissimo offer was most similar to the Easy drinks package. The main difference is that the Allegrissimo drinks package also included ice cream.

MSC Mealtime Drinks Package

Another discontinued deal is the one where you could get free wine and beer with meals. The mealtime drinks package no longer exists, and now you can always get drinks at any time of day.

MSC Classic Drink Package

If you’re used to cruising with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘classic drinks package’. MSC Cruises don’t call their main package the ‘classic package’. Instead, you can choose from Easy, Easy Plus or Premium Extra drinks packages.

Wine glass on a cruise


Don’t miss the latest MSC Cruises offers…

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    • Yes, you can just add drinks to your onboard account individually and pay for them at the end of your cruise. Jenni

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    • Hi Steve. The price you see is what you pay – no extra gratuities are added. Jenni

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    • edit: never mind. I received clarification. Beer was “not avail” not because it wasn’t part of the drink pkg but because the ship didn’t have it.

  8. Hello. If I have the east plus drink package it seems to cover drinks up to $9. If I want a more expensive drink a time or two, does MSC allow you to get it with the package and pay the difference?

    • No, they make you pay the full price and not just the difference

      • Hi was wondering on a dubai cruise, can you drink alcohol when ship is in port. Seems MSC say on their page its not served until out at sea.

    • Apparently on the MSC World Europa even with easy plus there are quite a few venues (the raj tea house and the coffee place to name 2) where even though there are a lot of drinks under the €8 threshold the package doesn’t work and you have to pay extra. This really feels like nickel and diming. We have bought easy plus and I was excited to use it in the above places but is not to be.

  9. I wanted to book with US MSC Cruises site as I’m booking cruise form Miami. But when it comes to personal details it says that the passenger needs to be US/Canada resident. I went to UK site, but the same story – need to be UK resident. I’m based in Europe and MSC site version for my country doesn’t have booking option (just viewing available cruises). Does it mean I cannot book directly with MSC Cruises? Or in the end they don’t really pay attention to the residency?

  10. I take it the “free” drink package include in the sale offers is the lowest of the 3 programs (please confirm)? Also, if I were to book this could I pay to upgrade to the next level up or top one?

    • Booked and found answer. It is the middle tier drink package included free.

      • Is it for two people or just 1 person? Thank you!

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    • Hi Jonny, you can take it anywhere you like. Enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  13. Leaving on MSC in December, I am a Jack Daniels and coke gal. Is that included in the Easy package?

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  15. Hi could you please tell me the limit price of drinks in £ on each of the packages please

    • Hi Kev, so Easy Plus has a limit of €8 which is around £7 while Premium Extra has a limit of €13 or £11.

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  18. Loads of great information! One thing missing is “is there non-alcoholic beer on MSC cruise ships?”

    • Great question Georgie! So I’ve had a look and it does look like some bars do serve alcohol-free Erdinger and Heineken. Whether they’re included in the alcohol-free drinks package is a little less clear, but once I’ve found out I’ll update the post.

  19. Do MSC cruise Divina sell liquor by the bottle (Whiskey, Vodka?

  20. Hi, I can buy drink packages for only two days instead of seven that my itinerary has?

    • No sorry, you can only get it for the whole cruise.

      • Does the easy plus package offer cocktails and prosecco? I’m not bothered about expensive wines, spirits or champagne. Also do you have a latest price list of drinks? What is the price limit on drinks for the easy plus package thanks… Feel free to email

  21. If I book an Easy package. My wife who is teatotal can she buy the non-alcohol package.

    • I’m afraid MSC Cruises wouldn’t allow that, sorry.

  22. on 2018 I had the ice cream on my package , now what i have to do buy to enjoy my unlimited ice cream on 2022

    • When we cruised with MSC in 2021 there was unlimited free ice cream for kids but it was chargeable for adults. I can’t find details of any ice cream packages currently.

  23. Hi,

    When looking at getting a drinks package, do MSC quote for the cabin or individual passenger?

    • Also, am I able to just get a single package and not for the whole cabin?

      • Hi John. Everyone in the cabin would need it. Jenni

        • Are the spirit measures onboard msc English measures or European

    • The prices are per person, but both adults in a cabin would need to buy it.

  24. Hi,

    We have the Easy Plus drinks package booked on a future Grandiosa Mediterranean cruise. If I wanted an occasional premium drink, would I have to pay the uplift, like on Celebrity or, pay the whole amount for the drink?


    • Hi John. I’m afraid that MSC would charge you for the whole drink, not just the price difference as Celebrity does. Jenni

  25. Hi,
    On the Easy Package it refers to ‘mixed drinks’ does this cover gin and tonics , whiskey and ginger etc or do you have to take the easy plus to have any spirits?

    • Hi Gary. Yes, the Easy Package covers spirits and mixers as long as it’s within the price limit. Jenni

  26. Do you know if any of the drink packages or spa benefits (massage) are still included in the Aurea experience for 2022? I can’t find it anywhere on their site and now it only mentions water, tea, and coffee with access to the spa. I tried calling customer service and the lady was no help and essentially told me the aurea experience gets me priority boarding and my choice dining. Seems like a lot of extra money for pretty much basic benefits. For reference we are going on the MSC Grandiosa out of Barcelona in January.


    • Hi Tanya. Thanks so much for your comment drawing my attention to this. MSC Cruises has just changed what’s included in Fantastic and Aurea and the Aurea no longer includes the free drinks package. Quite a few other perks have also changed. I have updated this drink package with the latest info for 2022 and also updated this guide: which shows all the changes to the Bella, Fantastica and Aurea experiences. Jenni

  27. Hi, Jenni,
    Many thanks for this helpful publication. Based on this publication we decided we will purchase a package prior to boarding.
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    • I’m so pleased you found this to be helpful. I’m not, but I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year on board. Jenni

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    We were looking at the Easy Plus Package which includes classic cocktails but only covers drinks to 8 Euros. With Cocktails being 10 Euros, how does that work?

    Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Darren. There will be some cocktails that are 8 Euros that you can have. But if you order a 10 Euro drink you would have to pay the full 10 Euros for it. Jenni

  29. if you have the easy pkg and you order a drink that is more you only pay the differance. [email protected] Sailing 9-19-21 on the divini

    • You would be charged the full price for the drink, not just the difference.

  30. Hi!
    Thanks for such helpful information! Could you help specify what MSC considers as “classic cocktails”? I’ve seen a couple of onboard menus and know the list of cocktails is long. Before I decide which drink package I should pay for, I would like to know what’s included. I think the way MSC describes it “classic cocktails” is pretty sketchy and can be deceiving.

    Thank you for your help!!!

    P.S. I leave in Jan 2022 for a cruise from Santos to BSAS – MVD – PDP.

    • Hi Amelia. I have some menus here: The various drinks package have a price limit on what you can order e.g. up to $9 or $15. This varies depending on the currency of the ship but this should give you some idea of how much choice there is. Jenni

  31. We just booked for September 3rd cruise on Meraviglia. The drink packages are not being offered to purchase as an add-on (not showing anywhere). We even called our travel agent to check, and she couldn’t add it on either or even see it in the options.

    Does anyone have any insight into why we can’t see it?


    • This happened to me as well, I called and was told that cruises less than 7 days, you have to purchase onboard the ship, it’s not available to pre-book on shorter cruises.

    • Update: I have since spoken to MSC approximately 4 times regarding drink packages. Drinks packages ARE NOT available on any of they’re cruises 4 nights and less going to the Caribbean/Bahamas. The ONLY way you can get a drink package with 4 nights or less is if you book it during a sale price that is including the package. At first I was told it’s available for purchase onboard, but several supervisors have confirmed that is not correct. Also be aware that if you cancel there is an automatic penalty of $129, but they don’t tell you that penalty is actually per passenger. Complete lack of transparency on MSCs part.

  32. Dear Jenni,
    When the Easy Plus or Easy package is included in your cruise fare at the time of booking, will 15% drinks service charges for each & every “free” drink be added to your bill ? ( like Norwegian) or not added ? (like Celebrity)
    Thanks, drsel

    • Yes, it’s included in the package, so nothing extra goes on your bill.

  33. Hi, Jenni,
    Are drinks service charges of 15% Included with Easy Plus & Easy?

    • Yes, the service charge is included in the package so you won’t be charged any extra for that. Jenni

      • Hi,
        Good site makes MSC complications less so….however are you sure about 15% service charges included in PAckage Price…the wording on the Package explanation on MSC for me suggests otherwise and I read somewhere about 15% of the total value of drinks consumption being added to on Board Account ??????

        • Hi Bob. I’ve never been charged any extra after buying the package, any service charge was included. It could be different outside of the UK though so if you have a link to that info I’d be keen to see so I can update this. Thanks. Jenni

          • Hi Jenni,

            The Bar Service charge was always waived if the package was purchased 48 hours before departure or it was an all inclusive cruise price.
            However, in the MSC for Me Apk….
            1. Go to Profile
            2. My Cruise
            3. My Cruise info
            4. Included in your cruise package
            5. All inclusive package explanation…last sentence “15% Service charge will be automatically added to your Bill”.

            Apparently this is new …so your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps just poor drafting.

          • BTW….premium package is being charged at 42 Euro per day for September/October 2021 departures.

  34. Hi,

    On the Easy Plus drinks package it includes soft drinks, whereas the Premium Extra package includes sodas and fruit juices as well as soft drinks.

    Do you happen to know what MSC class as a soft drink – eg would blackcurrant cordial and orange cordial be classed as a soft drink, so would be available on the Easy Plus package?

    Thanks for your help

    • Yes, soft drinks would be cordial and also sodas like Coke, Fanta, Sprite as well as fruit juices (not freshly squeezed).

  35. Hi Jenni
    Can you please tell me if sugar free drinks are available on the MSC virtuosa. Like many women nowadays my wife prefers to drink slimline drinks such as tonic with a gin. We have booked a seven day cruise leaving Southampton on 3 July.
    Thanks Brian

    • Hi Brian, I don’t know about slimline tonic, sorry, as I didn’t order it. The only other sugar-free drink I saw was Coke Zero, they didn’t have sugar-free orange or lemonade when I asked. Jenni

  36. If you have the Easy package and want to drink something more expensive do you have te pay the difference or the real price?

    • Hi. I believe that you would have to pay the full price for that drink. So it’s worth looking at the prices on the menu to make sure that any drinks you order are covered by your package. You could choose to upgrade your whole package – if you do this, you will pay only the differences between the package prices. Jenni

  37. Hello,
    Thanks for this greatly detailed news.

    I wonder: if I take easy package (included drinks until 6€). What happen if I order a 6€50 drink ? Will I pay 6€50 or only 0€50 ?

    • Hi Ezetor. I believe that in that case you would be charged the full price for the drink. Jenni

  38. Is there a martini bar on MSC Meraviglia? Are martinis included in easy package or easy plus package?


    • Hi Barbara. There’s a cocktail bar called Edge on Meraviglia. I’m off on MSC Virtuosa soon so I’ll be able to take some photos of the menus and exactly what’s included in the packages. Jenni

  39. Is there a time limit to when I can get my next drink. If I order a shot and take it at the bar can I get another drink. Also how do they know I have the package. My room key?

    • Hi Tabitha. Yes, your cruise card that opens your door is also used to pay for drinks and they scan it for each drink if you have a package. MSC Cruises don’t publish a specific time that you must wait between each drink. With some cruise lines it’s 15 minutes, whereas others will serve you right away. It might be down to the individual bartender. If you tip them extra, they’ll always treat you well! Jenni

  40. Hi Jenni,

    If I book Aurea package can I upgrade the easy drink package that’s included to premium extra package and only pay the difference?

    • Hi Rebecca. Yes, you can do that. If you call MSC Cruises they will be able to let you know how much it would cost for your particular cruise. Jenni

  41. Hi Jenni,
    I have booked a repositioning MSC cruise from Durban to Venice March 2022. I was told I couldn’t book a drinks package until I board the ship because it is a repositioning cruise. News to me but I am also new to cruising. So, after reading your post above more than once and some other information I have a concern that there won’t be a drinks package because the cruise departs South Africa. From what I have read is SA and China do not offer drinks packages. Then I thought well I think the cruise is considered an MSC Grand Voyage, so the price is based on the port of embarkation. That’s leads me back to embarkation is SA.

    Do you know if it is likely that the cruise will have a drinks package but I can not book until I board or is it known that because it embarks SA there will be no drinks package on offer?

    I would be appreciative of any information you can provide.

    PS love the drinks calculator 🙂 Thank you

    • Hi Michele, that’s a good question! As you say, it looks like it’s not possible because it departs from South Africa. I would advise that you try MSC Cruises again as they will be the only ones who will know for sure. You could also try asking in one of the MSC Facebook groups as someone who has done that same cruise previously might be able to share their experience. Jenni

      • Thank you, I will try the FB page 🙂

    • I just looked at our reservation & with our cruise we have the easy package: Now they are asking if we’d like to upgrade: Easy to Easy Plus package is: 121. US pp & Easy to premium extra is 341. US pp. Hope this helps.

      • Hi,
        Have just booked MSC Virtuosa cruise for 14 nights in September 2022 it included ‘inclusive drinks package’ do you know out of the 5 packages which package this will be….
        Many thanks

        • Hi Ann. I’ve just checked myself by trying to book a 14-night cruise in September, and if you booked the ‘Choose and Cruise w/ Drinks’ package then I think it’s the Premium Extra package, but MSC will be able to tell you if you want a definitive answer. Hope that helps 🙂

  42. Thanks for the information above! I do have a rather odd question. I have a family of 5 and we are looking at booking a MSC cruise. In my research I’ve found that its actually cheaper to book 2 separate cabins than to book the family cabin with adjoining rooms. My question is, If I have two totally separate bookings and if I purchase a drink package, for my cabin and not the other can I still sit with all my family at dinner in the dining rooms or would that cause them to have to get a drink package as well to do so?

    • Hi Ken, that’s a great question. According to MSC Cruises, everyone ‘travelling together’ must purchase a package if one person does, including kids. In normal times, you would be allowed to sit with whomever you choose, but nowadays only people travelling together may sit together for distancing requirements. To make sure that you are seated together it is a good idea to link your bookings, but yes, this would mean that you can’t get a package for just some of your party. Jenni

  43. Hi Jenni, I’m hoping to book a cruise for me and my 13 year old son in may on the MSC Divina to the Caribbean. If I was to book the easy drinks package for me would I have to book the same for my son even though he’s not old enough drink alcohol ? Thanks.

    • Hi Emma. You would be required to buy the non-alcoholic drinks package for your son in this case. Jenni

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