A comparison of two cruise ships with 'VS' between them, highlighting the contrast: on the left, a Princess Cruises ship sails near a coast, and on the right, the 'Celebrity BEYOND' ship cruises on the open sea.

Princess Vs Celebrity Cruises: Which Is Best?

If you want to enjoy a slightly more sophisticated style of cruising than you’d get on some mainstream cruise lines, then both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises are great options. …

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Princess Cruises drinks

Princess Premier Vs Princess Plus (2024)

When you book a cruise with Princess Cruises, you’ll have a choice of the standard fare, the Princess Plus Package or the Princess Premier Package. So, what exactly is included …

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People relaxing at Princess Cays' beach area

17 Secrets To Know About Princess Cays

Thinking of booking a Carnival or Princess cruise in the Bahamas, and wondering what to expect from your visit to Princess Cays? Princess Cays is one of a number of …

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Princess Cruises from Southampton

Princess Cruises from Southampton 2024

Princess Cruises from Southampton are an incredibly popular choice for couples and families who are booking cruises for 2024. Whether it’s your first time sailing with Princess Cruises, or you’re …

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Princess Cruises Drinks Menus With Prices

Whether you’re trying to work out if a Princess Cruises drinks package is worth the cost, or you’re just budgeting for how much money you’ll need for your cruise, knowing …

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Princess Vs Carnival

Princess Cruises Vs Carnival: Which is Better?

Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line are both very popular, although they’re quite different from each other. If you’re wondering which to choose for your next sailing, or simply interested …

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