Princess Cruises Ships by Age: Newest to Oldest

Sky Princess

Princess Cruises has 15 cruise ships in service in 2022. If you’re planning a Princess cruise and are wondering about the older and newer ships and which is the best, then you should find this article useful. Here, I’ve listed …

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Princess Cruises Vs Carnival: Which is Better?

Princess Vs Carnival

Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line are both very popular, although they’re quite different from each other. If you’re wondering which to choose for your next sailing, or simply interested to know how they compare, read on to find out …

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Princess Cruises Drink Packages: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

When booking a Princess cruise, you’ll need to decide whether to get a drinks package or pay for your drinks individually. With Princess Cruises, the decision isn’t as straightforward as “Is the Princess drink package worth it?” This is because …

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Sky Princess Cabins: The Best & Worst Rooms on the Ship

Sky Suite

Princess Cruises’ Sky Princess is a beautiful ship with some incredible cabins and suites. But like any ship, some rooms are better than others. I’m something of a geek when it comes to picking cruise cabins, so I’ve spent twelve …

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Princess Cruises from Southampton 2022

Princess Cruises from Southampton

Princess Cruises from Southampton are an incredibly popular choice for couples and families who are booking cruises for 2022. Whether you’ve got some Princess Cruises Future Cruise Credit to spend, or are wanting to try a cruise for the first …

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