Royal Caribbean Ships by Age

New Royal Caribbean cruise ship - Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean currently has 26 cruise ships, with more being built and on order. This post has a list of Royal Caribbean ships by year built, ordered from newest to oldest. Knowing this is important because some of Royal Caribbean’s …

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13 Royal Caribbean Cabins To Avoid

Royal Caribbean cruise rooms to avoid

Planning to set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Chances are you won’t spend a lot of time in your stateroom – these ships are packed with exciting things to see and do from the moment you wake up until …

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Royal Caribbean Ships by Size (Comparison)

Allure of the Seas

The largest Royal Caribbean cruise ships are more than three times the size of the smallest in the fleet. So, when you’re choosing a ship for your next cruise, it can be helpful to compare all Royal Caribbean ships by …

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Royal Caribbean Suite Perks

Royal Caribbean Panoramic Suite

Booking a suite on a Royal Caribbean ship is an incredible experience – these are some of the most luxurious accommodations you can find outside of the ultra-luxury cruise lines. But, with that comes a pretty hefty price tag. If …

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These 8 Drinks Are Free on Royal Caribbean Cruises

When you book a Royal Caribbean cruise, an important decision that you’ll need to make is whether to buy a drink package or pay for your drinks individually. On a Royal Caribbean cruise, the drinks can be pretty expensive. You …

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Royal Caribbean Drink Package Guide (With Calculator)

Royal Caribbean drink package

When booking a Royal Caribbean cruise, one very important question to consider is “Should I get a drinks package or not?” To decide whether a Royal Caribbean drink package offers good value for money or not, you need to consider …

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Royal Caribbean Junior Suite Perks: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Royal Caribbean Junior Suite

If you’re considering whether to choose a balcony stateroom, a Junior Suite or a Grand Suite, you’ll want to know about Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suite benefits. Many cruisers are shocked to learn that there aren’t really many Junior Suite perks, …

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Mariner of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

Mariner of the Seas cabins

Want to know what are the best and worst cabins on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas? You’re in the right place! Mariner of the Seas is a great ship with some fantastic cabins. However, there are some rooms that …

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Oasis-Class Cruise Ships: Everything You Need to Know

Royal Caribbean set out to make the largest cruise ships in the world to ever sail the seas, and with the Oasis class, they succeeded. Oasis-class cruise ships are five times the size of the Titanic, with a whole range …

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The Newest Royal Caribbean Ships (In Order)

Royal Caribbean new ship

Royal Caribbean launches a new ship roughly once per year, each with more innovative and exciting features than the last. In this guide, I’ve listed the newest Royal Caribbean ships being built that will be coming out next, as well …

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Wonder of the Seas Vs Titanic

Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, but how does it compare to the Titanic? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the two ships, in terms of not only size …

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The Best Royal Caribbean Ships for Kids

Best Royal Cariibean ships for kids

Royal Caribbean cruises are fantastic for families and have many exciting family-friendly facilities on board. But which Royal Caribbean ship is best for kids? The answer to this question depends on the age of your children, as the best ship …

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Symphony of the Seas Vs Titanic

Before Wonder of the Seas was launched in March 2022, Symphony of the Seas was the world’s biggest cruise ship. So, you may be wondering how Symphony of the Seas compares to the Titanic. After all, with a name like …

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