Christmas cruise

The Best Cruises To Take In December

December doesn’t have to be cold and miserable. Why not get away from it all and enjoy a cruise?  There are plenty of great places to go for a cruise …

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Blue small cruise ship

The 10 Smallest Cruise Ships In The World

Everyone loves to talk about the biggest cruise ships in the world – these magnificent feats of engineering that are essentially floating cities. But not as many people think about …

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The 10 Best Cruise Lines for Families

Planning a family cruise can be tough, and one of the main problems that families face is being overwhelmed by all the options. There are so many cruise lines for …

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cruise wedding on Celebrity Cruises

Can Ship Captains Marry People?

The idea of a cruise ship captain binding two souls in matrimony, surrounded by the stunning vistas of the ocean, is a very romantic notion and one that’s often been …

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Antarctic expedition cruise

5 Best Expedition Cruise Lines

Expedition cruising is cruising for adventurers. Seeking out remote regions of the world, crossing passages only accessed by ship, and learning of endemic wildlife, flora and fauna are all part …

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best cruise destinations for families

The Best Cruise Destinations For Families

When planning a family cruise, choosing the best destination is just as important as choosing the best cruise line and the best ship. After all, you’ll get off the ship …

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