5 Best Expedition Cruise Lines

Antarctic expedition cruise

Expedition cruising is cruising for adventurers. Seeking out remote regions of the world, crossing passages only accessed by ship, and learning of endemic wildlife, flora and fauna are all part of expedition cruise experiences. More cruise lines are offering their …

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Celebrity Cruises Vs Carnival: Which is Better?

Celebrity Cruises and Carnival are two very popular cruise lines and you may be wondering which to choose for your next cruise. While these two cruise lines do have some things in common, they also have a lot of differences. …

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21 Exciting New Cruise Ships Launching in 2023

new cruise ship 2023

Any launch of a new cruise ship is exciting. Whether it has a brand new feature that’s never been seen before at sea, a new take on an old favourite, or just an expansion of a fleet that sees it …

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The 7 Best Party Cruises For Fun & Nightlife

party cruise

Cruises used to be seen as something more for the older crowd, but the last 20 years have really changed how it’s seen, and now there are some great cruises for families but also some amazing party cruises. Party cruises …

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The Best Cruise Destinations For Families

best cruise destinations for families

When planning a family cruise, choosing the best destination is just as important as choosing the best cruise line and the best ship. After all, you’ll get off the ship most days to explore a port of call, so it’s …

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The 65 Best Themed Cruises for 2022, 2023 and Beyond

Themed cruise

A themed cruise gives you the opportunity to indulge in your favourite hobby during a cruise. Much more than just a cruise, a themed cruise is an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people and spend time doing what makes …

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How To Choose a Cruise in 7 Easy Steps

How to choose a cruise

Choosing the right cruise can be tricky. Whether you’re going on a cruise for the first time, or have cruised before but want to try something a bit different, picking the best cruise is vital. There are over 300 cruise …

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Do Big Cruise Ships Rock Less?

cruise ship at sea

If you’re prone to seasickness, you’ll probably want to put some thought into choosing the best ship for seasickness – one which isn’t going to ruin your cruise by giving you motion sickness. Many people assume that big cruise ships …

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The Best Royal Caribbean Ships for Kids

Best Royal Cariibean ships for kids

Royal Caribbean cruises are fantastic for families and have many exciting family-friendly facilities on board. But which Royal Caribbean ship is best for kids? The answer to this question depends on the age of your children, as the best ship …

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The Best Cruise Ships With Water Slides

Disney Cruise Line Aqua Duck

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to keep children entertained on a cruise, it’s a good water slide! Cruise ship water slides in 2022 are bigger, faster and wetter than ever before. In fact, the water slides you’ll find on …

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How to Find Bargain School Holidays Cruises with P&O Cruises

Iona Sky Dome

P&O Cruises have some absolutely amazing deals for families. Plus, their family-friendly ships are fantastic for kids. I’ve booked a 7-night cruise in the school holidays with P&O Cruises for under £1200 for a family of four. That’s less than …

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The Best Winter Cruises from Southampton

winter cruise from Southampton

Cruising is popular all year round. However, many cruise ships head stateside for the winter. They follow the sun to offer warm Caribbean cruises between October and April, before returning to Europe for the summer season. If you prefer to …

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Go on a Cruise?

feeding baby on a cruise

Parents beware – The question of what age you have to be to go on a cruise is one of the most complicated questions there is about cruising. That’s because the answer depends not just on which cruise line you’re …

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The 5 Best Cruise Lines for a Honeymoon

So, you’re considering a cruise for your honeymoon. Well, there’s certainly plenty of choice out there – but working out which is the best for the special occasion can leave you feeling quite confused. The problem is, there are so …

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The Best Cruise Lines for Families

family cruise lines

Planning a family cruise can be tough, and one of the main problems that families face is being overwhelmed by all the options. There are so many cruise lines for families to choose from, each with its own unique offerings. …

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Do You Have to Pay for Babies on a Cruise?

Baby Adam on the bed

Babies can be expensive little things, can’t they? However, one of the upsides of travelling with a baby is that they get in pretty much everywhere for free. But do babies cruise for free? On holiday you wouldn’t expect to …

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How to Get Cheap Cruises: An Insider Guide

how to get cheap cruises

Before I became a full-time blogger, I worked in the marketing department of a well-known specialist cruise travel agency for five years. In that time, I’ve sat at my desk and watched the price of cruises go up and down, …

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Cruise118 review

Cruise118 reviews

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise with Cruise118, you’ll want to know if this is a company that you can trust, right? After all, it’s always a good idea to do your research before trusting anyone with your hard-earned …

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