man listening to music on a cruise ship deck

47 Best Cruise Songs For Your Playlist

Whether you’re sitting at home planning your cruise or you’re already sailing on the deep blue ocean, the right music can really enhance the atmosphere and get you in a …

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Background of two-dollar bills

Where To Get $2 Bills

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to use $2 bills on your next cruise. Often you’ll want (or be expected to) tip people on the ship, …

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People in white ship on sea looking at a shark

Do Sharks Swim Around Cruise Ships?

Cruise ships spend their time sailing across oceans and seas, so it makes sense that a lot of people wonder whether they might see sharks on a cruise.  After all, …

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What Is A Pullman Bed?

In cruise ship cabins that sleep more than two people, the third and fourth beds may be sofa beds or Pullman beds. But what is a Pullman bed, exactly? What …

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medical staff

Do Cruise Ships Have Doctors?

Ever wondered what happens if you start to feel unwell and you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest doctor’s office? Is it something you need to worry about on a …

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Hands with mobile phone

Does WhatsApp Work On Cruise Ships?

While you’re on a cruise ship, you’re likely going to want to stay in touch with people – either your friends and family back home or, more importantly, the group …

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people relaxing on the cruise ship

69 Fun Things To Do On A Cruise Ship

Choose the right cruise ship and you will never be bored! Today’s modern cruise ships have so much to enjoy! Picking a cruise ship with lots of activities is particularly …

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texting on a cruise

How to Text on a Cruise Ship for Free

When you’re on land, texting is often the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to keep in touch with people. Whilst many people love to disconnect completely during their cruise, there …

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