Titanic Vs Modern Cruise Ships (Size Comparison)

A replica of the Titanic crashing against a large iceberg

At the time, the Titanic was an epic achievement in engineering – or at least, so people thought until she sank on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. But she was still seen as an impressive feat. Yet the Titanic …

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Do Cruise Ships Have Enough Lifeboats?

cruise ship with lifeboats

It would be understandable for anyone who has a bit of a fear of the ocean to ask the question about whether cruise ships have enough lifeboats. Most of us have seen the movie Titanic, after all, and seen what …

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Will You Get Seasick On A Cruise? How To Know

people going on a vacation cruise

If you’ve never taken a cruise before, one of the questions you might have will be about whether or not you’ll get seasick. After all, cruises aren’t the cheapest type of holiday that you can book, and the last thing …

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Upside Down Pineapple: The Secret Meaning

pineapple meaning

If you know, you know… On a cruise (and sometimes also on land) ‘pineapple’ is code for swinging or wife-swapping. If you see pineapple on a cruise ship door it means the people are up for meeting other couples for …

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What is a Veranda on a Cruise Ship?

There’s no single standard for naming cruise ship cabin grades, which can sometimes make things a little confusing. With Insides, Interiors, Mini-Suites, Suites and so on, small differences can sometimes just be down to naming conventions, and sometimes they’re a …

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How Big is a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships sure are big! The first time I ever stepped on a cruise ship I couldn’t believe how big it was. It took me almost a week to learn where everything was on the ship. Even now, I always …

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What Happens If You Jump Off A Cruise Ship?

Wondering what happens when someone jumps off a cruise ship? Well, you’ll be glad to know that, fortunately, this isn’t very common! It’s almost impossible to simply ‘fall’ from a cruise ship as the railings are quite high. Most of …

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7 Best Cruise Forums & Message Boards

Cruise forum

Cruise forums and message boards are a great way of learning more about cruising in general, connecting with other passengers, or getting involved in lively discussions about cruise-related topics. You can also join Facebook groups, but they can be a …

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Port & Starboard: Which is Which, and Why?

port and starboard

Do you ever get confused as to which is port and which is starboard? Maybe you know them already, but you don’t know their history. It’s not essential that you know the difference between port and starboard before you cruise, …

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Is It OK To Have Sex On A Cruise Ship Balcony?

sex on cruise ship balcony

I imagine that some people think that the idea of having sex on the deck of a cruise ship is a little too risky for them, but that a cruise ship balcony offers some kind of compromise. It’s sort of …

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How Many Cruise Ships Have Sunk?

sunken cruise ship

Whether you’re someone interested in maritime history, or you’re a little worried about taking a cruise for the first time, you might want to learn more about the handful of times that cruise ships have sunk. It’s a very rare …

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Visa Requirements For Cruise Ship Passengers (UK Citizens)

visa application

Visa requirements for cruise holidays can be pretty complicated. You’ll probably be visiting several different countries during your cruise, and the visa rules for cruise passengers are sometimes different than for people who are arriving by land or transiting through …

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Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship?

smoking on cruise

Whether you hate the thought of your children being around cigarette smoke on board your family cruise, or you’re a smoker wanting to know where you can smoke on a cruise ship, this article will give you all the information …

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9 Easy Ways to Remember Port and Starboard

remembering port and starboard

Port and starboard are the words used to describe the left and right of a boat or ship when you’re facing the front. With many cruise ships being over 1,000 feet long, it’s easy to get lost on board, and …

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How Much Does a Cruise Cost?

How much is a cruise?

How much do cruises really cost? To work out the real cost of a cruise you should consider not just your cruise ship ticket price, but anything else you’ll need such as flights to the port, shore excursions, drinks and …

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Where Are The Engines Located On A Cruise Ship?

Perhaps you’re fascinated with the engines that power a cruise ship or perhaps you want to know which cabins to stay well away from, due to the noise and vibrations of the engine. Whatever your reason for wanting to know, …

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