Carnival Cruise Drink Packages: The Ultimate Guide

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When you book your Carnival cruise, you must decide whether to buy the drink package or pay for your drinks individually. In this thorough guide, I’ll give you the facts you need to make that decision.

Carnival Cruise Drink Packages

If you’re short on time, just use my Carnival drink package calculator. Choose which drink you’d like and it will work out how much you’ll spend with and without the package.

Which Drink Package To Choose?

Carnival Cruise Lines offers two drink packages. The Cheers package includes virtually all drinks up to the value of $20. The Bottomless Bubbles package includes only sodas and juices.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s included in Carnival’s drink packages…

Cheers Package – From $59.95 Per Day


  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Beer by the glass
  • Wine by the glass
  • Sodas
  • Zero-proof frozen cocktails
  • Energy drinks
  • Milkshakes
  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Specialty coffees
  • Hot tea
  • Bottled water (500ml)
  • Other non-alcoholic bottled drinks

The Cheers Package also gives a 25% discount on drinks priced above $20, bottles of wine and champagne and drinks classes and seminars.

Carnival’s Cheers drink package limits guests to 15 alcoholic drinks per day. A day is considered to be 6 am – 6 am. There is no limit for non-alcoholic drinks.

What’s not included?

The Cheers package does not include:

  • Drinks in souvenir glasses
  • Bottles of liquor
  • Drinks offered at the gangway
  • Room service or mini bar
  • Sharing cocktails, pitchers, floaters, tubes and buckets
  • Self-service wine machines
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice in the Havana Bar
  • Drinks purchased off the ship including Princess Cays and Half Moon Cay
Cheers Package Terms and Conditions
Cheers Package Terms and Conditions

Bottomless Bubbles – From $9.50 Per Day


  • Fountain soda by the glass (16 oz)
  • Juice by the glass (10 oz)

Soda flavours may vary but generally include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free, Sierra Mist, Sierra Mist Zero Sugar, Mug Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Bubly Lime Sparkling Water, Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water, Bubly Orange Sparkling Water

Juices include orange, cranberry, tomato, pineapple and grapefruit.

The Bottomless Bubbles package does not include:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages other than soda and juices
  • Drinks in souvenir glasses
  • Bottled water
  • Hot drinks
  • Drinks offered at the gangway
  • Room service or mini bar
Bottomless Bubbles Package Terms and Conditions
Bottomless Bubbles Package Terms and Conditions

Carnival Drink Package Prices

Cheers Package Price

Buy on websiteBuy on ship
6 days or more$59.95$64.95
5 days or less$69.95$74.95

Carnival’s alcohol drink package costs $59.95 per person, per day, if you buy it before your cruise or $64.95 per person per day if you buy it on board the ship.

For cruises of 5 days or less departing after December 1st 2023, the prices are $69.95 per person per day for advance purchases or $74.95 per person per day if you buy in on the ship.

You will also have to pay an 18% gratuity on top. When the ship is within US waters (docked in port) you will also have to pay an extra 10% sales tax on each drink.

For a 7-day cruise, if you pre-purchase your drink package, you can expect to pay $495 per person for drinks on your Carnival cruise including gratuities.

If your cruise departs from Texas or New York, state laws mean that you cannot use a drink package on the first day of your cruise. In this case, you will charge drinks to your account on the first day, and the Cheers package will start from 6 am the following day. You will not be charged for the first day.

Carnival drink package prices

Bottomless Bubbles Package Price


Carnival Cruise Line’s unlimited soda package costs $9.50 per day for adults and $6.95 per day for kids. There’s an 18% gratuity on top, plus a 10% sales tax on any drinks purchased while the ship is in US waters.

For a 7-day cruise, if you pre-purchase a soda package, you can expect to pay $ 78.47 per adult or $57.41 per child for unlimited sodas and juices, including gratuity.

Do Carnival drink packages go on sale?

The Carnival drink packages never go on sale. The only way to get discounts on Carnival drink packages is to book it before you cruise. This will give you a $5 per day saving on the Cheers package compared to the price you will pay if you wait until you’re on the ship to buy it.

Carnival's Alchemy bar

Can you buy a Carnival drink package with onboard credit?

You can buy a Carnival drink package with onboard credit, but it’s not recommended. You can only use your onboard credit once you get on board the ship, meaning that your drink package will cost an extra $5 per day than if you pre-purchased it.

If you want to use your onboard credit to buy the soda package, that’s okay, as the price is the same whenever you buy it. But if you want the alcohol package, you would be better to pre-purchase it before your cruise and save your onboard credit for something else.

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Carnival Cruise Drink Prices

To work out whether a drink package is worth it for you, or whether you would be better off buying your drinks individually, you’ll want to look into the price of each drink, as well as which drinks are always free.

How much are drinks on a Carnival cruise?

The drinks on Carnival cruises are reasonably priced and tend to be a little cheaper than other cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises.

The average cost of drinks on a Carnival cruise ship in 2024:

  • Cocktails: $10.50 -$12.50
  • Beer (16oz): $7.00 to $8.50
  • Wine by the glass: $9.50 to $14.00
  • Spirit and mixer: $7.50 to $15.00
  • Soft Drinks: $2.75 
  • Specialty Coffee: $2.50 – $4.95
  • Energy Drinks: $4.95
  • Smoothies: $6.50
  • Bottled Water: $1.50 – $3.95

What drinks are free on Carnival cruises?

Carnival Cruise Line is pretty generous with the free drinks on offer in the main dining room, buffet and room service. The free drinks include water, lemonade, fruit juice, coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, milk and chocolate milk.

These drinks are free of charge in the main dining room and the Lido restaurant:

  • Non-bottled water
  • Lemonade
  • Iced tea
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot tea
  • Regular and decaf coffee
  • Milk (regular or skim)
Free lemonade and iced tea

These drinks are available free of charge through room service:

  • Juices (orange, tomato, apple or grapefruit)
  • Coffee (regular or decaffeinated)
  • Hot tea
  • Iced tea
  • Hot chocolate
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Milk (regular or skim)

How much is water on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise, you can order water to be delivered to your room. The prices are:

  • 12-pack of 500ml bottles: $9.95 (+18% delivery fee)
  • 1.5-litre bottle: $3.95 (+18% delivery fee)
  • 8-pack of 1.5-litre bottles: $20 (+18% delivery fee)

The best value option is definitely the 12-pack of small bottles. You can purchase these before your cruise here:

What drinks can you bring with you on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise, each adult can bring one 750ml bottle of wine or champagne in their carry-on luggage. Each person can also bring 12 cans or cartons of non-alcoholic beverages such as water, soda, energy drinks, juice or milk.

You can drink your own wine in your stateroom. If you wish to drink it in a bar or restaurant, you will be charged a corkage fee of $15 per bottle.

Carnival Drink Menus

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Carnival drink menus from each of the bars and restaurants, you can see those here: Carnival Cruise Drink Menus 2024.

Carnival drinks menu

Are Carnival drink packages worth it?

Generally speaking, a Carnival drink package is worth it if you drink five or more alcoholic drinks per day. The unlimited soda package is worth it if you drink four or more sodas or juices per day. The exact number of drinks depends on what it is that you drink.

For example, if you drink mixer drinks costing $20 each, you will break even with your third drink. But with $1.50 bottles of water, it would take at least 40 to break even!

If you’re trying to make the decision of drink package vs no drink package, the easiest way to do this is with a drink package calculator. This will show you how much you can expect to spend with and without a package, based on the drinks you would have.

Carnival Drink Package Calculator

Just enter your email address and the free calculator tool will be sent straight to you.

Alternatively, if you mostly drink the same drink, then this chart will help you to work out how many drinks you would need to break even. The prices are based on a pre-purchase of the Cheers package.

As gratuities are added on to individual drinks or onto the package price (but not both), I’ve not included them in this calculation.

Carnival Cruise Drink Package Chart

DrinkPriceDrinks to Break Even
Energy Drinks$5.0012

With the Bottomless Bubbles soda package, it would take four sodas per day for an adult to break even and three sodas per day for a child to break even.


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Carnival Drink Package FAQs

Does Carnival offer free drinks in the Casino?

When you play in the casino on a Carnival cruise ship you’ll earn casino points. Once you have enough points you will get a ‘Drinks On Us’ card which gives you free drinks while you play.
Free drinks in Casino

How much do you have to spend in the Carnival casino to get free drinks?

You get one point for every $2.50 you play through the slot machines and you need 1500 points to get a Drinks On Us card. So, you’ll need to spend around $3750 in the Carnival casino before you start to get free drinks.

If you accumulate 5,000 points, you will get a Drinks On Us card to use on your next cruise.

As the drinks are only free while you’re actively gambling, in the time it takes between ordering a drink and being served it, you’ll likely spend more than the cost of the drink.

Does Carnival have a coffee package?

Carnival Cruise Lines does not offer a coffee package. Specialty coffees are included in the Cheers drink package or can be purchased individually. Regular coffee is available for free in the dining room, buffet or via room service.

How much are speciality coffees on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise a coffee costs between $1.95 for a small brewed coffee to $3.75 for a large cappuccino. Blended frappes cost $4.50, while coffees spiked with alcohol cost $6.50. Coffee is free of charge in the main dining room, buffet and via room service.

How much is beer on Carnival?

On a Carnival cruise, most 16 oz beers cost around $7.50 depending on the brand. In some bars, you can also get a pitcher for $18.00 or a tube for $28.95.
Beer in Thirsty Frog pub

How much is a Coke on a Carnival cruise?

You cannot buy Coke on a Carnival cruise, but a Pepsi costs $2.75. Die-hard Coke fans can bring 12 cans of Coke in their carry-on luggage.

How much does a cocktail cost on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise, cocktails cost between $10.50 and $12.50. Most classic cocktails such as pina colada or strawberry daiquiri cost $10.50. Zero-proof non-alcoholic cocktails cost $7.00. Carnival cocktails

Can you bring a 12-pack of soda on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise, each guest can bring a 12-pack of soda. These can only be in 12-oz sealed cans or cartons, not bottles. The drinks must be brought in your carry-on luggage.

Do Carnival cruise ships serve Coke or Pepsi?

Carnival cruise ships service Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero sugar as well as other PepsiCo sodas like Sierra Mist, MTN Dew and Bubly. You have not been able to get Coke on a Carnival cruise ship since January 2020.
self-service soda machine

Does Carnival have Red Bull?

Carnival cruise ships do not have Red Bull. Instead, they have Rockstar energy drinks including Rockstar Sugar Free and Rockstar Lemonade. These cost $4.95.

Is bottled water included in the Cheers package?

500ml bottles of water are included in Carnival’s Cheers drink package. It also includes San Pellegrino sparkling water, Vitamin Water and coconut water. It doesn’t include water that is delivered via room service.

Does Bottomless Bubbles include coffee?

Carnival’s Bottomless Bubbles packages doesn’t include coffee, only soft drinks and sodas. However, coffee is included in the Cheers drink package.

Does Bottomless Bubbles include Gatorade?

Carnival’s Bottomless Bubbles packages does not include Gatorade. It includes only fountain sodas like Pepsi, Sierra Mist, MTN Dew and Bubly.

Does the Cheers Package include drinks on Private Islands?

Carnival’s Cheers package doesn’t include any drinks on private islands like Princess Cays and Half Moon Cay. However, if you cruise to Princess Cays on a Princess cruise ship, the Princess Cruises drink package will work!

Can you share the Carnival Cheers package?

You cannot share a Cheers drink package. To prevent sharing, every adult sharing a stateroom must purchase the same package.

If one person cannot drink alcohol for medical reasons or religious reasons, they should ask the cruise line if an exception can be made to allow only one person to buy the Cheers package. This is not guaranteed.

Can I buy a round of drinks for my friends with a drink package?

If you have a Cheers drink package and buy a round of drinks for your friends, their drinks will be charged to your onboard account. If you wish to buy drinks for others, you must bring their cruise card to the bar so that the drinks can be paid for with their package.

Do I need to purchase a drink package for my whole cruise?

Carnival’s drink packages can only be purchased for the whole cruise. You cannot buy them for only a portion of your cruise. The exception to this is cruises departing from New York or Texas, when you are not allowed to use a drink package on departure day.

Is the Cheers package refundable?

If you purchase the Cheers package before your cruise and then change your mind, you can get a refund up to 9.00 pm ET on the evening before departure. After that time it is not refundable.


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Before you cruise, be sure to check out my 19 Best Carnival Drink Package Tips for some handy hints that will help you make the most of your drink package and avoid any hidden charges.

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