Which Is The Best Celebrity Cruises Drinks Package For You?

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It used to be that a cruise with Celebrity always included a drinks package – and it was just up to you whether you chose the Classic one that was included, or you upgraded to Premium.

But that’s changed now – you’ve got the option of a cruise-only fare as well, which may be better suited to you if you don’t drink a lot during your holiday.

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To help you decide whether you want to pick the cruise-only fare, the Celebrity Classic Beverage package or the Premium one, I’ve put together this guide and worked out what’s included, so you can see which fits you best.

There are also specialist non-alcoholic drinks packages too, so I’ll cover those in case they’re more suitable. In fact, there are technically nine different Celebrity drinks package options that I’ll help you to navigate!

So, is the upgrade to the Premium Drinks Package worth it? Should you stick with the Classic Drinks Package that comes included with an all-inclusive cruise fare? Or is cruise-only the best choice?

Let’s find out…

Are drinks always included on Celebrity Cruises?

Drinks are not always included on Celebrity Cruises. The cruise line offers a cruise-only fare, so if you choose this, then your drinks aren’t included – except for the small number of non-alcoholic drinks that are always free in the buffet restaurant.

With Celebrity Cruises, it used to be the case that drinks were always included for a while – so if you still see anything that says that every cruise includes a drinks package, that’s just slightly out of date.

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Which drinks are free?

If you don’t choose a drinks package for your Celebrity cruise, then you can still enjoy water, tea, coffee, lemonade, juice, fruit punch and still water in the buffet restaurant, main dining room and speciality restaurants.

All other drinks have a charge – unless you choose one of the drinks packages.

What’s the difference between Classic and Premium Drinks Packages?

Now that you can choose whether or not you want a drinks package, it’s even more important that you compare the two. And the difference comes down to the value of drinks included – if you choose the Premium package, you enjoy a wider selection of drinks that cost more.


Classic Drink Package

The Celebrity Cruises Classic Drinks Package includes all drinks valued at up to $10 each ($12 for sailings from the UK and Australia). If you order a drink that costs more than that, you’ll pay the difference in price. The Classic Drinks Package also entitles guests to a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle.

Premium Drink Package

If you upgrade to Celebrity Cruises’ Premium Drinks Package, you’ll be able to enjoy all drinks up to the value of $17 each. You’ll also get a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

Unless you’re a serious wine connoisseur, the wine discount is neither here nor there as you’ll likely be ordering wine by the glass rather than the bottle so that you won’t have to pay anything at all.

Examples of what you get with each package…

The Classic Drinks Package includes all kinds of branded drinks, but the choice of brands is smaller than the Premium package.

For example, if you like gin, the Classic package gives you the option of Beefeater, Gordon’s and Bombay Dry. However, the Premium package includes seven more gin brands, such as Hendrick’s and Tanqueray.

With most Premium drinks, there’s a Classic package equivalent. So, if you usually order a Peroni, you could save money by switching to Moretti on the Classic package. However, there are some unique drinks, like Guinness, which are only available on the Celebrity Premium Beverage package.

Full list of drinks you get with each package

If you like to enjoy a particular drink most days, then take a look at this full list to find out which package you need…


Classic Package: Alaska brewing beers (on Alaskan sailings), Amstel Light, Boddington’s, Coors Light, Corona, Corona Light, Franziskaner, Kirin, Kirin Light, Miller Lite, Moretti, Newcastle Brown Ale, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Stripe, Sam Adams, Strongbow Cider.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Anchor Steam, Blue Moon, Brooklyn Brown Ale, Dogfish Head 90, Minute, Estrella Damm gluten-free, Fuller’s London Pride, Grolsch beers, Guinness, Highland Stout, Kingfisher Lager, Kronenbourg 1664, La Fin du Monde, Lagunitas Little, Sumpin’, Lagunitas Pils, Leffe Blond, Magners Cider, O’Hara’s Irish Red, Ommegang Abbey Ale, Orion Lager, Paulaner Salvator, Double Bock, Peroni, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Sapporo, Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois, Stone IPA, Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider, Woodchuck Pear Cider.


Classic Package: A large selection of wines from around the world, such as chardonnays, merlots, malbecs and riojas.

Premium Package: Champagnes and favourite wines such as Cherry Tart Pinot Noir, Conundrums, Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc, J&H Selbach Riesling Kabinett, Mer Soleil Chardonnay, Michael David Petite Petit red and Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc.


Classic Package: Beefeater, Gordon’s and Bombay Dry.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Sapphire East, Hendrick’s, Plymouth, Star of Bombay, Tanqueray, Tanqueray No. Ten.


Classic Package: Bacardi, Bacardi Flavours, Bacardi Oakheart, Captain Morgan’s, Kraken Black Special, Malibu, Myer’s, Wray & Nephew.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Bacardi 8 Años, Brugal, Flor de Caña, Mount Gay, Pyrat XO, Zacapa 23.


Classic Package: Absolut, Absolut Flavours, New Amsterdam, Smirnoff, Tito’s.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Absolut Elyx, Belvedere, Belvedere Intense, Chopin, Christiania, Cîroc and flavors, Grey Goose, Hangar 1, Ketel One, Pearl, Rain, Reyka, Russian Standard.


Classic Package: Cazadores Blanco, Herradura Blanco, Don Julio Blanco.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Cazadores Reposado, Don Julio Reposado, Herradura Reposado, Patrón Citrónge, Patrón Reposado, Patrón Silver, Patrón XO Café.

Whisky & Bourbon

Classic Package: Canadian Club, Famous Grouse, Monkey Shoulder, Jameson, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker Red, Dewar’s White Label, Seagrams 7 & Vo.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – Aberfeldy 12, Bulleit Rye, Chivas Regal 12, Crown Royal, Dewar’s 12, Gentleman Jack, Glen Scotia Single Malt, Glenfiddich Reserve Cask, Glenfiddich Select, The Glenlivet, Haig Scotch, Highland Park scotches, Highland Park Einar, Jack Daniel’s Black, Jack Daniel’s Honey, Jack Daniel’s Rye, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Johnnie Walker Black, The Macallan, The Macallan Lumina, The Macallan Quest, Maker’s Mark, Rittenhouse Rye, Wild Turkey, Woodford, Double Oaked Woodford Reserve, Woodford Rye.


Classic Package: A large selection of classic cocktails made with Classic Drinks Package spirits

Premium Package: A large selection of cocktails made with Premium Drinks Package spirits including craft cocktails, large martinis, and long drinks. 

Soft Drinks

Classic Package: Fountain soft drinks, soda in cans, juices (apple, cranberry, orange, lemon, grapefruit), bottled water, premium coffees & teas.

Premium Package: Everything from Classic, plus – premium bottled water Acqua Panna, Evian water,  San Pellegrino, fresh juices, bottled juices, Red Bull, sodas, Honest iced teas, Matcha tea, Vitaminwater

How much is the Classic Drink Package?

The Celebrity Classic Drinks Package costs from $89 per person, per day. It varies depending on your specific sailing, so that might not be the exact price you pay, and if you choose an all-inclusive package that also covers WiFi then it might work out cheaper.


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Which cocktails do you get with this package?

There are a small selection of cocktails included in the Classic Drinks Package, although most cost more than $10 so would need you to pay a little extra. All of the zero-alcohol cocktails cost less than $10 so are included.

Bar prices can change, but as a guide, a Bloody Mary costs $10 and a Screwdriver costs $11.

And how much is the Premium Drink Package?

If you’ve decided that you’d be happier with the Premium Drinks Package, you’ll want to know how much it costs to upgrade.

The Premium Drinks Package with Celebrity Cruises starts from $109 per person, per day.

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So what’s included with each fare?

Things can get a little confusing if you’re not familiar with Celebrity Cruises’ fares, but it’s simple enough once you understand the various options.

If you choose a cruise-only fare, you don’t get a drinks package included. If you then want one, that’s when you’d pay either $89 per day for a Classic package, or $109 per day for a Premium one. You have to pay for the entire cruise – you can’t pick and choose which days you pay for!

If you book an all-included fare, you get the Classic package included. You can upgrade to Premium if you want – you just need to pay the extra to upgrade. You can do this once you’re on the ship.

If you book a suite in The Retreat, then you get the Premium package included already. Easy.


Is the upgrade to Premium worth it?

Remember, if you have a Classic Package, you can still order Premium drinks, you’ll just have to pay the difference in cost.

  • The Classic Package includes drinks worth up to $10
  • The Premium Package includes drinks worth up to $17

So, if you order a drink that costs $11, the first $10 will be included, and you will only be charged $1.

The most you could pay for a Premium drink if you have the Classic Package is $7.

For the majority of people, an upgrade from Celebrity Cruises’ Classic Package to the Premium Package isn’t worth it because there are so many drinks included in the Classic Package.

I would suggest only upgrading the Premium Package if you are very particular about which brands of drinks you will have, or if you need something special like gluten-free beer.

What about non-alcoholic packages?

Not someone who likes an alcoholic drink? Then don’t worry, you don’t have to pay the higher prices for an all-inclusive drinks package when it won’t be good value for you.

There used to be five (!) non-alcoholic drinks packages you could choose from, but things have been simplified and there is just one non-alcoholic option.

The Non-Alcoholic Drink Package

This drinks package includes a wide range of drinks such as selected bottled water, premium coffees and teas, soda, frozen smoothies, zero-proof cocktails and fresh-squeezed juices. It starts from $30 per person, per day.

Wine By The Bottle Packages

If you are someone who prefers to drink wine by the bottle rather than the glass, then there are technically six packages available that may suit you – but in two main variants. Choose one of these and you’ll be able to get a bottle of wine delivered to you by the sommelier anywhere on the ship, including your stateroom.

Premium Wines By The Bottle package

The Premium Wines By The Bottle package includes a mix of three-, five-, or seven-bottle selections. The package starts from $169 and includes some exciting new flavours which your sommelier will be able to talk you through.

Classic Wines By The Bottle package

This package starts from $109 and also includes a mix of three-, five- and seven-bottle selections. It tends to offer more classic wines, such as Australian Chardonnay and US West Coast Cabernet Sauvignon.

a bottle of wine inside celebrity suite

How much are the drinks on Celebrity Cruises?

Before you go ahead and decide on a package, it would be wise to know how much the drinks cost. This can help you to figure out whether or not the cost of a drinks package is worth it.

The drink prices on a Celebrity cruise will vary, but expect to pay around $7 for most bottled beers ($10 for premium ones), $9 for glasses of wine ($14 for premium wines), up to $20 for premium cocktails, and $16 for drinks from the Martini bar.

Soft drink prices vary, but expect to pay up to $5 for a soft drink in most bars, as a rough guide.

To make things easy, I can do all of the maths for you. Just leave your email and I’ll send you my drink package calculator that will show you exactly how much you can expect to spend on drinks if you don’t buy a drink package…

Are drinks unlimited on Celebrity Cruises?

There are no limits on the number of drinks you can order if you have a drinks package, provided you either stick to those included in your package or pay the difference. Obviously, you may be refused service if the bar staff think you have had too many, and you’re acting inappropriately!

couple at Deck 5 Eden Bar

To conclude

Let’s quickly recap your package options:

  • Classic Drinks Package
  • Premium Drinks Package
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package
  • Premium Wines By The Bottle – 7 Bottles
  • Premium Wines By The Bottle – 5 Bottles
  • Premium Wines By The Bottle – 3 Bottles
  • Classic Wines By The Bottle – 7 Bottles
  • Classic Wines By The Bottle – 5 Bottles
  • Classic Wines By The Bottle – 3 Bottles

The Classic Drinks package used to be included as standard with all new Celebrity Cruises bookings. It includes many different drinks, worth up to $10 each.

But now that it isn’t, you need to think a little more about which of the Celebrity Cruise drink packages is the right one for you, and offers you the best value.

For most people, the Classic Drinks Package is sufficient, and then it’s worth considering an all-included fare. Check the price, since it might not be much different from booking the drinks package separately.

But you may decide that a Celebrity drink package isn’t worth it either – so think about how much you plan to order. Going cruise-only might be better.


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    • The Classic Drinks Package is no longer included in all Celebrety Sailings. You now need to upgrade from Cruise Only to “ Always Included”
      ( so it’s now Sometimes Included)

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