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I was lucky enough to win not one but TWO cruises, in just three days! I couldn’t believe my luck and since then I’ve decided to enter every cruise competition I can find on the internet.

I decided to create this list of every online cruise competition to make it easier for others to find cruise competitions and enter them online as well.

I’ve even provided the answers to any quiz questions for you. (I can’t guarantee that they’re correct, but I tried my very best)

win a cruise

How to win a free cruise

Entering the competitions to win free cruises is easy. Just click on each of the links below and you’ll be taken to the competition entry pages. Just enter your details and off you go. And don’t forget to check your emails in case you win!

As I’m based in the UK, I have chosen cruise competitions that are open to UK residents.

Free Cruise Competitions in the UK

The competitions listed below are all free to enter online.

Win a Caribbean cruise for two with Norwegian Cruise Line and Greatest Hits Radio

Closing date: 15th December 2023

Answer: C: Sylvester Stallone

Click here to enter


Win A 7-night cruise with Princess Cruises

Closing date: 5th December 2023

Answer: Mediterranean

Click here to enter


Win a yacht cruise in the Caribbean with Emerald Cruises

Closing date: 22nd December 2023

Click here to enter

Win a 7-night all-inclusive cruise on board MSC Virtuosa

Closing date: 30th November 2023

Click here to enter

Win a 14-night P&O Cruises Holiday for two worth £4000

Closing date: 30th December 2023

Click here to enter

Win an eight-night ‘Springtime Falls & Norwegian Fjords’ cruise for two aboard Borealis

Closing date: 4th December 2023

Click here to enter

Win a 7-night Dream Voyage with Virgin Voyages Cruise

Closing date: 30th November 2023

Click here to enter

Win a 7-night cruise with Times Travel

Closing date: 30th November 2023

Click here to enter

Win a Cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Closing date: 29th February 2024

Click here to enter

Win a cruise every month with Cruise118

Closing date: August 2024

Click here to enter

Competitions with text and postal entries

Some cruise competitions are only open to people entering via text or post. I usually don’t enter these as there is a charge to enter by text and I think that entering by post is a bit of a faff. If I ever have to post anything it usually stays in my handbag for a few weeks until I pass a post box!

However, if you’d like to enter the competitions too, then please go ahead. The links to the competition details are below.

None at the moment

Get notified of new cruise competitions

I send out an email each month to let people know about the latest cruise competitions. You can sign up to that here and never miss another competition.

Have you ever won a cruise?

If you’re lucky enough to win a cruise in one of these competitions, please come back and let me know. I’d love to hear about it!

Who would you take with you if you won? If you have a friend or family member who loves to cruise, take a look at this list of gifts for cruise lovers to find the perfect presents for cruise lovers!

Cruise Mummy

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34 thoughts on “Win a Cruise!”

  1. Really Truly Appreceated. As Pensioners we need a lot of help and Advice about cruising – which you have supplied and given to us. Many many Thanks. Best of wishes for you and your Lovely Family. Have also Just Voted for you – so Best of Luck.
    Kind regards
    Linda and Arwyn James

    • Thank you!

  2. Jenni,
    I think you need to sack your website author. They’ve put the closing date for the Regent Seven Seas competition as 16th September 2023, when it should be 2024.
    Love your site and I voted for you.

  3. Thanks for all these. Have you heard of many people winning? Hope it doesn’t mean that I will get a deluge of spam now. Thanks all the same.

  4. Hi. I just clicked on the Arvia competition and it is different with a different closing date!

    • Ah yes, it looks like they extended it. I’ve updated it on here to match. Thanks for letting me know! Jenni

  5. Thank you for the competition cruises info…just entered them ..fingers crossed!

  6. wife won a cruise on NCL encore 2019 when she came into Southampton.
    Was originally booked after much difficultly after 100 days of communication with Miami ( the only way they will do it). even though they have offices in Southampton.

    Then covid came not there fault. and it was understandably cancelled
    had been rebooked and cancelled again have got to the point that the flights and additional charges make it and expensive free gift so have given up on it shame as it was in the haven

  7. You CM are a welcome wiki on the waves of information! Outstanding 🙂 thank you

  8. Thank you so much for these competitions – and I did vote for CruiseMummy! You’re awesome!

    • Thanks so much! Jenni

  9. We have just won a cruise with MSC( before I discovered your website) and will drefinitely be entering more now that I have found you. Many thnksa for the information you provide.

  10. Thank you so very much for the competition links.
    We won a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the seas with the Blue Light Card last year. It was a fabulous 8 nights.
    Take care x

    • Amazing, congratulations on your win!!!

  11. Hi Jenni,

    What a lovely gesture, have entered the Sky Princess comp. Don’t think I could cope on one of the other Upmarket cruises even though they do look marvellous. BY the way, we have booked on Anthem of the seas cabin 8275, do you know if there is a video out there we can view ? maybe by someone who has stayed in it. My wife is desperate to find out exact layout – thanks.

  12. Thanks so much for posting these! I have also won two cruises previously, the first was a Carnival cruise around the Med (the one that got us hooked!) and then a Xmas Markets one on QM2 which was also fantastic.

    • Oh wow, so nice to hear from a fellow winner. Do you enter a lot of competitions too? Good luck with these! Jenni

  13. Oh how I love to see and hear where you are cruising,how lovely of you to share cruising comps with us all,I love a cruise and really missed it these two years,am saving up our pennies for hopefully a cruise next year,unless my luck changes and we win one thank you both so much.

    • You’re most welcome. And good luck!

  14. Thanks for compiling these Jenny

    • You’re most welcome. Good luck!

  15. Cruise mummy, can you find links to cruise competitions in and around Australia, Asia etc.
    Ozzies are always left out of such bargains and if you look at overseas cruises they are always cheaper than cruising in and around Australia/ New Zealand. Some packages are up to 2.5 times more than a European or USA cruise.

    • Hi John, thanks for the suggestion! As far as I can see, nobody is listing all the cruise competitions for Australian residents to enter However, it looks like there are lots available. Your best bet would be to type “win a cruise” into and you should see quite a few come up. Good luck! Jenni

  16. I looked at MSC Virtuosa which is billed as all inclusive , but on their site I noticed that several eating options were classed as chargeable , for instance the burgers and hot dogs at the pool . These have always been included on all other lines I have been with. Be nice to see a report on this!!!!

    • Hi John. I’ll be on MSC Virtuosa next week so I’ll have more info for you then. Be sure to follow me on social media for updates, Instagram is where I like to hang out most: Jenni

  17. I’m already booked on the first one!
    The Sky Princess one looks perfect – entered 🙂

    • Good luck!

  18. Thanks very much for sharing all these with us Jenni!

    Well done on winning some great prize cruises. Sounds amazing 🙂
    I’d love to know, did you win them through your cruise company ie for employees only or were you really lucky in beating thousands of entrants via an entry form?
    Was there any skill involved?

    Good luck for your winning your next cruise!

    • Thank you. There are some competitions which are only for travel agents and while I do enter those too, all the ones I post here are ones that anyone in the UK can enter. If any skill’s involved it’s only ever a quick Google of the answer which I do for you to save you time 🙂 Good luck!

  19. Have always wanted to go on a cruise with my partner but we could never afford it. I have entered all so fingers crossed x

    • Good luck!

  20. Ooooh I shall be entering them all ? thank you!

    • You’re welcome!

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