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Virgin Voyages is a brand new cruise line, launching in 2020 that promises to be different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Richard Branson and his team want to “escape from the chaos” of cruising, which means no buffet, no main dining room and, importantly, no kids.

Virgin Voyages’ first ship, Scarlet Lady, followed by sister-ship, Valiant Lady will offer short cruises which could be ideal for a child-free luxury escape Should you be lucky enough to find a babysitter, that is.

So, with cruises on this brand new cruise line being distinctly adults-only, people are, of course, wanting to know more about the drinks packages. Read on for all the info…

Extra Virgin
Photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Does Virgin Voyages have a drink package?

Unlike most other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages does not offer a drinks package. Guests will not find any type of all-inclusive drinks deals on a Virgin Voyages cruise. On Virgin Voyages ships, each drink is charged to your on-board account individually.

However, it’s possible to pre-pay your bar tab and receive a bonus. For every $300 you pre-purchase, you’ll receive an extra $50 to $100 dollars, depending on the promotion at the time.

You can start your bar tab before you cruise by contacting the cruise line to top it up.

Virgin Voyages drink prices

Since there’s no unlimited drinks package on offer, your next question is ‘how much do drinks cost on Virgin Voyages?’, right? Well, the good news is that drinks prices are actually pretty reasonable. Yay!

Beers such as Heinken, Amstel Light, Narragansett and Kalik are all about $5-$6. Basic gin, rum and whisky cocktails are about $9. Wine prices vary of course, but there’s a good selection available for under $10.

This luxury cruise line’s signature drink is Champagne, which is available for just $9 a glass. If you’re feeling fancy, vintage Champagne can cost anywhere up to $1,000 a bottle.

Tips are included in all drinks prices on Virgin Voyages so the price you see on the menu is the price you pay.

What drinks are included on Virgin Voyages ships?

Virgin Voyages offer ‘basic bevvies’ for free. The included drinks are:

  • Filtered still and sparkling water
  • Fruit juices (not pressed)
  • Fizzy drinks and sodas
  • Teas and drip coffees
The Dock
The Dock
Photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Shake for Champagne

Champagne drinking is positively encouraged on-board Virgin Voyages’ glamorous ships. So much so, that the Virgin Voyages ‘Sailor app’ includes a ‘Shake for Champagne’ feature.

All you need to do is shake your phone to reveal the secret Champagne delivery button and a bottle of Möet will be delivered to your location anywhere on the ship.

“It is never too early for champagne and there is always something to toast to while aboard Scarlet Lady. We want our Sailors to enjoy a glamorous holiday and what better way to feel like a RockStar than a sip of bubbly whenever and wherever you want it,” said Tom Mcalpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. 

Can you bring your own drinks on Virgin Voyages?

Guests on Virgin Voyages cruises are allowed to bring two 750ml bottles of wine per cabin. You can’t bring any other alcohol such as beer or spirits, and the wine must be in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage.

You can also bring water or soft drinks on-board if you wish, however, you really don’t need to as these are included in your cruise fare.

Virgin Voyages has banned single-use plastics from its ships. So, if you must bring your own water or soft drinks, steer clear of plastic bottles and opt for cans or cartons.

Virgin Voyages drinking age

Virgin Voyages allows guests aged 18 or over to drink alcohol at sea. However, people aged 18, 19 or 20 have to meet certain criteria to be allowed to cruise with Virgin Voyages.

In order to be allowed to board a Virgin Voyages ship, those aged 18-20 have to meet one of the following ‘under 21 adult criteria’:

  • Choose a cruise which departs from a port outside of the USA
  • Share a cabin with someone over 21 who will be legally responsible
  • Be married to another guest
  • Be an active member of the military

Scarlet Lady review

I was lucky enough to enjoy an overnight stay on Scarlet Lady. Click here to read my honest review of the ship.

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