Royal Caribbean Ships by Size (Comparison)

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The largest Royal Caribbean cruise ships are more than three times the size of the smallest in the fleet.

So, when you’re choosing a ship for your next cruise, it can be helpful to compare all Royal Caribbean ships by size with a list of the biggest Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

Allure of the Seas

Below is a list of all Royal Caribbean ships by size, ordered from largest to smallest in terms of volume (in gross tonnage) and length (in feet).

What are the biggest Royal Caribbean ships?

Ship NameClassYearTotal Guest Capacity Gross Tonnage Length (feet)
Wonder of the SeasOasis20226,988 236,857 1,188
Symphony of the SeasOasis20186,680 228,081 1,184
Harmony of the SeasOasis20166,687 226,963 1,188
Allure of the SeasOasis20106,780 225,282 1,187
Oasis of the SeasOasis20096,780 225,282 1,187
Odyssey of the SeasQuantum Ultra20214,819 169,379 1,142
Spectrum of the SeasQuantum Ultra20195,622 169,379 1,139
Anthem of the SeasQuantum20154,905 168,666 1,141
Ovation of the SeasQuantum20164,905 168,666 1,138
Quantum of the SeasQuantum20144,905 168,666 1141
Freedom of the SeasFreedom20064,515 154,407 1,112
Independence of the SeasFreedom20084,560 154,407 1,112
Liberty of the SeasFreedom20074,960 154,407 1,112
Navigator of the SeasVoyager20024,000 139,999 1,020
Mariner of the SeasVoyager20034,000 139,863 1,020
Explorer of the SeasVoyager20004,290 137,308 1,020
Adventure of the SeasVoyager20013,807 137,276 1,020
Voyager of the SeasVoyager19994,269 137,276 1,020
Brilliance of the SeasRadiance20022,543 90,090 962
Jewel of the SeasRadiance20042,702 90,090 962
Radiance of the SeasRadiance20012,466 90,090 962
Serenade of the SeasRadiance20032,476 90,090 965
Enchantment of the SeasVision19972,730 82,910 989
Rhapsody of the SeasVision1997 2,416 78,491 915
Vision of the SeasVision19982,514 78,340 915
Grandeur of the SeasVision19962,440 73,817 916

Royal Caribbean’s biggest ship

Royal Caribbean makes the biggest cruise ships in the world and so many people want to know what is the largest Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean’s largest ship is Wonder of the Seas. This Oasis-class ship is the biggest cruise ship in the world in 2022. It’s 1,188 feet long, 236 feet high and has the capacity for 6,988 guests plus 2,300 crew members.

New cruise ship Wonder of the Seas is larger than the previous record-holder Symphony of the Seas as the internal volume of the ship is almost 2,000 Gross Tons larger.

However, Wonder of the Seas isn’t the longest cruise ship at sea. That record goes to sister-ship Harmony of the Seas, which is four inches longer than Wonder of the Seas. Although the figures usually get rounded so the ships appear ro be the same size Harmony of the Seas is 1188.1 feet in length, whereas Wonder of the Seas is 1187.8 feet.

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Wonder of the seas will be the biggest cruise ship in the world
Wonder of the Seas
Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

Largest Royal Caribbean ships on order

Royal Caribbean has several new cruise ships on order. These are either under construction in the shipyards or have agreements to be built in place.

A sixth Oasis-class ship, Utopia of the Seas, is scheduled to launch in 2023 which is expected to be around 1,000 tonnes larger than Wonder of the Seas. This ship will become the biggest cruise ship in the world when it sets sail.

For 2023, Royal Caribbean will launch a new class of ships – Icon-class. However, these will not be as large as the record-breaking Oasis-class ships.

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List of Royal Caribbean ships on order

Ship NameClassYear Gross Tonnage 
Icon of the SeasIcon2023200,000
Utopia of the SeasOasis 2024231,000
To be announcedIcon2025200,000
To be announcedIcon2026200,000

Royal Caribbean ship classes by size

Royal Caribbean International has ten classes of ships. Each class has between one and five sister ships. Each of the sister ships are very similar in design, although they may have different amenities on board, which is why some ships are heavier than their sisters.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships
Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

List of Royal Caribbean ship classes by size

ClassAverage Gross Tonnage
Icon (coming soon)200,000
Quantum Ultra169,000
Navigator of the Seas at CocoCay
Voyager Class Navigator of the Seas

Are the bigger ships better than the smaller ships?

Whether you prefer the larger ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet or the smaller ships is all a matter of personal preference. Some people love large ships because there is so much to do on board.

We cruised on Allure of the Seas for seven nights and didn’t get time to see or do everything on board. However, others might find the biggest ships a little too over facing, preferring something a little more serene.

The biggest ships tend to be more expensive than the smaller, older ships. This means that in effect, you’re paying extra for the facilities that larger ships have. If you plan to spend most of your time relaxing by the pool or exploring ashore, then there’s no point paying more for a ship with facilities that you won’t use.

Even the small to medium size ships are still pretty big. We cruised on Mariner of the Seas for four nights and were never short of activities on board. For a short sailing like this, the mid-sized ships on the fleet are ideal.

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Me with Mariner of the Seas
Mariner of the Seas

Royal Caribbean ship size FAQs

Which Royal Caribbean ship is the largest?

The largest Royal Caribbean ship is Wonder of the Seas. At 236,857 GT and with a length of 1,188 feet, this is the largest cruise ship in the world, accommodating up to 6,988 guests plus 2,300 crew.

What is the smallest Royal Caribbean ship?

The smallest Royal Caribbean ship currently operating, both in terms of gross tonnage and passenger capacity, is Grandeur of the Seas, which is also the oldest ship in the fleet. It can carry 2,440 passengers at max capacity and measures 73,817 tonnes.

Is Symphony of the Seas bigger than Oasis of the Seas?

Symphony of the Seas is physically larger than Oasis of the Seas. At 361m long, Symphony of the Seas is one metre longer, and also 1,200 tonnes larger in terms of volume. However, Oasis of the Seas can carry almost an additional 100 passengers at maximum capacity.

What’s the biggest cruise ship ever built?

The largest cruise ship ever built is Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas. This ship is 1,188 feet long, 210 feet wide and has an internal volume of 236,857 gross tons. It has 18 decks, of which 16 are open to passengers.

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