One of the wind star cruise ship

What Do Windstar Cruises Include?

Windstar Cruises offer the chance to enjoy a luxurious getaway, and like any kind of luxury escape, there’s quite a lot included in the price you pay. But not everything’s …

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Cruise Mummy on board Star Legend

Windstar Cruise Review

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of six small cruise ships, each carrying fewer than 350 guests. With the strapline ‘180° From Ordinary’, Windstar Cruises promises to deliver ‘personalised and immersive’ experiences. …

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One of Wind star cruise's deck

Who Owns Windstar Cruises?

Windstar Cruises is one of the more unique cruise lines in the world, since it features (some) ships with actual sails. It’s also one of the smaller cruise lines, with …

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