P&O Iona Cabins To Avoid

Choosing the right cabin for your cruise is always an important decision. If you’re booking a cruise on P&O Cruises’ new ship, read on for all the information you need to choose the best cabins on Iona.

There are some cabins on Iona that you will almost certainly want to avoid. I’ll admit that I was shocked when I saw these cabins. I can’t quite believe they were designed that way. Read on for all the info…

Promenade Deck Balcony Cabins on Iona
Balcony Cabins on Iona
Photo: Cruise With Amber

Iona Cabin types

There are four main cabin types to choose from on Iona:

  • Inside cabins – Single, standard or larger
  • Outside cabins – Standard
  • Balcony cabins – Single, smaller, standard or deluxe
  • Suites – Conservatory mini-suite, family sea view suite or suite

Read on for more info about each of these cabins types. This should help you to decide which is the best for you…

Inside cabins on Iona

Iona has three types of inside cabin:

  • Single inside – 101 sq. ft. (1 person)
  • Standard inside – 135 sq. ft. (2 to 4 people)
  • Larger inside – 190 sq. ft. (2 to 4 people)
Arvia inside cabin

Inside cabins are the cheapest cabins and are perfect for those on a budget or who prefer to spend their time experiencing the ship rather than being in their cabin.

Iona’s inside cabins are between 101 and 190 square feet in size, with accessible inside cabins being 213 square feet in size.

Single inside cabins sleep only one passenger. The standard and larger inside cabins each sleep up to four passengers, with the third passenger on a single sofa bed and the fourth passenger in a Pullman bed.

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Sea view cabins on Iona

Iona Sea View cabin
We stayed in this cabin as a family of four

If you’re on a budget but are worried about feeling claustrophobic, a sea view cabin is a good compromise between a cheap inside cabin and a pricier balcony room.

Also known as outside cabins, the sea view cabins on Iona are a great choice because, at 210 square feet, they are larger than both the standard inside and standard balcony cabins. The accessible sea view cabins on Iona are 307 square feet, providing ample space for a wheelchair.

Sea view cabins have a window that’s handy to check the weather before getting dressed in the morning. It’s also a lovely place to sit and watch the ocean. I loved staying in this cabin and plan to change all of my future Inside cabin bookings on Iona and Arvia to Sea Views.

Iona Sea View window seat
The window seat takes the space where a balcony would be

Not every sea view cabin on Iona has a window seat, some just have the window. Currently, there’s no way to know which ones have seats and which just have the window.

However, I do know that our cabin, 4248, did have a window seat and cabin 4461 also has a window seat. So if you want to guarantee a window seat, you could choose one of those numbers.

Balcony cabins on Iona

Iona has four sizes of balcony cabins:

  • Single balcony – 107 sq. ft. (1 person)
  • Smaller balcony – 150 sq. ft. (1 or 2 people)
  • Standard balcony – 170 sq. ft. (2 to 4 people)
  • Deluxe balcony – 226 sq. ft. (2 to 4 people)

Please note that these are approximate sizes. If you book an accessible cabin, it will be larger and there will be enough space to accommodate a wheelchair.

Iona’s balcony cabins all have patio-style doors leading on to a private (or not so private – more on that later) balcony where you can watch the world go by.

Iona balcony cabins range in size from 107 square feet for single balcony cabins up to 226 square feet for deluxe balcony cabins and 362 square feet for accessible cabins.

Single balcony cabins accommodate one passenger, smaller balcony cabins accommodate two passengers, whilst standard and deluxe balcony cabins sleep two to four passengers.

If you’d like to see videos of balcony cabins on Iona, there are lots available on YouTube. I recommend that you watch this one by Paul & Carole Love to Travel and this one by Cruises for Families.

Conservatory mini-suites on Iona

Conservatory mini-suites are only available on Iona and sister-ship Arvia. This exciting new cabin option includes a conservatory area with an L-shaped sofa in between the bedroom and the balcony.

P&O Iona conservatory cabin

Iona has 95 of these conservatory cabins which are approximately 274 square feet in size and sleep up to four passengers.

Steph from Cruise With Amber has made a fantastic video tour of a conservatory mini suite on Iona. Watch that below and be sure to subscribe to her channel for more videos like this one.

If you need help in choosing the best conservatory mini suite on Iona, I also recommend that you check out Steph’s guide to Iona’s conservatory mini suites.

What’s included in a mini-suite?

The conservatory mini-suites on Iona do not come with any of the benefits or perks that you get with a P&O Cruises suite, so in this sense, they are more like larger balcony cabins rather than suites. If you want to be treated like a VIP, you should go for a suite rather than a conservatory mini-suite.

Suites on Iona

Suites on Iona are located on the corner of decks 9 to 15, offering large wraparound balconies with views from the front or rear of the ship.

Iona has two Family Sea View Suites which are on the Promenade Deck. These are a little smaller than the other forward suites and they do not have balconies.

Each of Iona’s suites is between 434 and 530 square feet in size and sleeps two to four people with a separate living area.

As well as the larger size, booking a suite comes with a whole host of perks including priority boarding, butler service and lots of fresh fruit, chocolates and canapes.

You can read more about Iona’s suites in this article from CruisewithAmber.co.uk

Special Cabin Types on Iona

Family cabins on Iona

Each cabin on Iona sleeps between one and four people. Three berth cabins have a single sofa bed. Four berth cabins have a single sofa bed and a Pullman bed that comes down from the ceiling.

If you have a sofa bed then your cabin steward will make it up each evening while you have dinner and put the bed away each morning while you have breakfast.

Families of five or more must be accommodated in two cabins on Iona. Connecting cabins are available. These have a door between them so that families of five to eight people or those who require a little more space can move easily between the cabins.

Children under the age of 16 years must share a cabin with an adult. You cannot put children in their own cabin unless it is interconnecting.

The best cabins for families on Iona are:

  • Larger inside cabins
  • Sea view cabins
  • Deluxe balcony cabins
  • Conservatory mini-suites
  • Family sea view suites

Single cabins on Iona

The single cabins on Iona can be found in various locations across the ship. Whilst some ships place all the single cabins together to make it easier for solo travellers to meet, on Iona this is not the case.

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Accessible cabins on Iona

Iona has several adapted cabins which are suitable for wheelchair users. There’s a choice of all cabin types and these are often located close to the lifts. These cabins are always in high demand so if you require a disabled cabin you should book your cruise as early as possible.

If you’d like to see what a wheelchair-accessible cabin on Iona looks like, then I recommend this video by Paul & Carole Love to Travel who were allocated an accessible cabin on Iona.

I also recommend that you check out this guest post from Lin who cruised on Iona with a mobility scooter.

How to choose the best cabin

I’ve created a handy checklist to help you know what to look out for when picking a cruise cabin. Just pop your email in the form below to get a copy delivered to your inbox straight away.

Iona Cabin Grades

Cabin grades are used to group similar cabins together for pricing purposes. Each P&O Cruises cabin is assigned a two-letter cabin grade code (e.g. GF). The cabin grades are shown in different colours on the deck plan.

Click to see Iona deck plan (opens in a new window)

The key to decoding the Iona cabin grades is to know that the first letter refers to the type of cabin (e.g. standard balcony) and the second letter refers to the location of that cabin on the ship (e.g. high deck, towards the front).

Note that decks may be high, mid or low. On each deck, cabins may be located forward, mid-forward, midship, mid-aft or aft (at the rear).

Table of P&O Iona cabin grades:

Cabin Type1st Letter of Grade
Conservatory Mini-suiteC
Deluxe BalconyE
Balcony / Smaller BalconyG
Sea ViewL
Larger InsideO
Single BalconyQ
Single InsideS

Cabin Location2nd Digit of Grade
Mid decks. Midship location.A
All decks. Mid-forward, mid or mid-aft locationB or V
High or low decks. Mid-forward or mid-aft location.C or W
Mid decks. Aft location.D or 4
All decks. Forward or aft locationE, Y or 5
High or low decks. Forward location.F, Z or 6

Iona Cabin Sizes

Iona has a cabin for everyone, with sizes ranging from inside cabins that are a little over one hundred square feet to suites which are more than five times as large. For reference, it may help to know that a king size mattress is 42 square feet.

The approximate sizes of Iona cabins are:

  • Inside single – 101 sq. ft.
  • Inside standard – 135 sq. ft.
  • Inside larger – 190 sq. ft.
  • Sea view standard – 210 sq. ft.
  • Balcony single – 107 sq. ft.
  • Balcony smaller – 150 sq. ft.
  • Balcony standard – 170 sq. ft.
  • Balcony deluxe – 226 sq. ft.
  • Conservatory mini-suite – 274 sq. ft.
  • Family sea view suite – 330 sq. ft.
  • Suite – 434 to 530 sq. ft.

The Best Cabins on Iona

Everybody has different priorities when choosing a cabin. For some, the cheapest cabin is the best. Others want the biggest cabin or the cabin in the best location so that they don’t have to walk too far. It’s very much a personal choice.

The best balcony cabins on Iona

There are some balcony cabins on Iona which have much bigger balconies than others of the same grade (and therefore the same price). If you like a large balcony, these are definitely worth looking out for.

In the image below, the pink and purple cabins are standard balcony cabins. Some of these have much bigger balconies than others, for the same price. In fact, 17219 will be cheaper than 17305 because it is further forward, even though the balcony is five times as large!

best balcony cabins on Iona

Click here to see the Iona Deck Plan (opens in a new window)

The image below shows how the curved design of the ship makes some balconies much bigger than others.

View from the Promenade Deck
Photo: Cruise With Amber

Here is a list of the cabins on Iona which have the largest balconies:

  • 9236
  • 9239
  • 9320 (sleeps 3)
  • 9321
  • 10238
  • 10245 (sleeps 3)
  • 10320
  • 10321
  • 10509 (sleeps 3)
  • 10514 (sleeps 4)
  • 11242 (sleeps 4)
  • 11243
  • 11320
  • 11321
  • 11514 (accessible)
  • 11515 (sleeps 3)
  • 11711
  • 11712
  • 12242
  • 12255
  • 12320
  • 12321
  • 12514 (accessible)
  • 12515 (sleeps 3)
  • 12711
  • 12712
  • 14242
  • 14255
  • 14320
  • 14321
  • 14512
  • 14515 (sleeps 3)
  • 14711
  • 14712
  • 15242
  • 15253
  • 15316
  • 15317 (sleeps 4)
  • 15514
  • 15515
  • 15711
  • 15712
  • 16242
  • 16253
  • 16320
  • 16321 (sleeps 4)
  • 17317
  • 17320

The best inside cabins on Iona

Inside cabins on Iona are either square or rectangular. The rectangular cabins sleep only two people whereas most of the square cabins sleep four.

If there are only two people in your cabin, it’s a good idea to book a cabin that sleeps two so that you won’t have the Pullman bed. This also leaves these cabins free for families who need them.

Similarly, if you don’t need interconnecting cabins then try not to book one. The door between the two cabins is never quite as soundproof as a wall. Plus, having an interconnecting cabin could be a big deal for a larger family.


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Are port or starboard cabins best on Iona?

Originally, Iona’s captain, Wesley Dunlop, commented on Twitter that Iona will dock with the port side to the quay.

However, one cruiser who has been to Norway on Iona said that the ship alternated port and starboard side for the four destinations.

  • Stavenger – Port
  • Olden – Starboard
  • Alesund – Port
  • Haugesund – Starboard.

So, it seems that it doesn’t really matter whether you choose port or starboard for your balcony on Iona.

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Iona Cabins to Avoid

There are some also cabins on Iona which you may want to avoid…

1. Balconies on Deck 8

Promenade Deck cabins on Iona are most unusual and you may wish to avoid them.

The Promenade Deck is located on Deck 8 and enables passengers to walk all the way around the outside of the ship. On the Promenade Deck, you’ll find outside dining areas, bars, hot tubs… and cabin balconies!

The image below shows part of Deck 8. The light brown striped area is the deck where people can walk in between the balconies and the edge of the ship.

Now that Iona is cruising with guests, we’ve been able to take the first look at these cabin balconies in real life. I was shocked to see just how little privacy they have.

Take a look at this video from Cruising With Ben & David to see what these promenade deck balcony cabins look like…

The promenade deck balconies really do have no privacy with chairs right outside them. The ones with the slightly larger, curved balconies appear to be the worst, as they catch the attention of anyone walking past.

Promenade deck balcony on Iona
Photo: Cruise With Amber

While the cabins at the front of the Promenade Deck have larger than average balconies, there really is no privacy at all with people walking right past. Take a look at this point of Ben & David’s video to see…

If you want privacy on your balcony, you should definitely avoid Deck 8 on Iona. The privacy issue affects all of the balcony cabins on this deck, including forward-facing cabins and conservatory mini-suites.

If you’re wondering what the view looks like from the balcony of a room on Iona’s Promenade Deck, then take a look at this video by Cruise With Amber which shows the view from a conservatory mini suite on Deck 8 as well as one on Deck 9…

2. Cabins overlooked by neighbours

While the extra large balconies are some of the best cabins on Iona, the ones next door could be said to be the worst.

If you stay next to one of the ‘corner’ balconies, you’ll not only have to deal with looking at your smug neighbours with their much larger space, but they’ll also be blocking quite a lot of your view. This is made so much more annoying by the fact that both rooms cost the same!

The photo below shows the view from a balcony next to the larger one…

Iona worst balcony room
The view from 10318

The cabins to avoid are: 9238, 9241, 9318, 9319, 10240, 10247, 10318, 10319, 10511, 10516, 11244, 11245, 11318, 11319, 11516, 11517, 12244, 12257, 12318, 12319, 12516, 12517, 14244, 14245, 14318, 14319, 14514, 14517, 15244, 15255, 15314, 15315, 15516, 15517, 16244, 16255, 16318, 16319, 17219, 17221, 17301, 17311, 17315, 17316, 17317, 17318, 17320.

But it’s not just those directly next to the extended balconies either. Because they protrude so much, they have a few of the next 2-3 balconies on the deck below.

So you’ll also want to avoid all of these:

9236, 9239, 9240, 9243, 9316, 9317, 9320, 9321, 9514 to 9714, 10238, 10242, 10245, 10249, 10316, 10317, 10320, 10321, 10509, 10514, 10515, 10518, 10709, 10710, 10711, 10712, 11242, 11243, 11246, 11247, 11316, 11317, 11320, 11321, 11514, 11515, 11518, 11519, 11709, 11710, 11711, 11712, 12242, 12246, 12255, 12259, 12316, 12317, 12320, 12321, 12514, 12515, 12518, 12519, 12709, 12710, 12711, 12712, 14242, 14246, 14255, 14257, 14259, 14316, 14317, 14320, 14321, 14512, 14515, 14516, 14519, 14709, 14710, 14711, 14712, 15311, 15312, 15314, 15315, 15316, 15317, 15514, 15515, 15518, 15519, 15709, 15710, 15711, 15712, 16242, 16246, 16253, 16257, 16316, 16317, 16320, 16321.

3. Cabins overlooked by the bridge

Another thing that you might want to consider is that all balconies on forward-facing cabins are overlooked by the bridge (where the officers see out of to manoeuvre the ship). That’s cabins 15101-15108, 14101-14110, 12103-12110, 11101-11108, 10101-10108, 9102-9109 and 8181-8108.

I would imagine that the ship’s officers are more concerned about navigating than looking down onto anyone’s balcony, but if you’d rather not be overlooked, you might prefer to opt for an aft balcony cabin rather than a forward one.

4. Balconies overlooked at the aft

Aft balconies are always popular with cruise passengers – many believe it to be the best view. But on Iona, the ship is staggered, which means the guests in the aft balconies above are able to look down into your balcony.

How much they’re going to, I can’t tell you. But if you want privacy, you’re best avoiding these cabins:

14735 to 14742, 12735, 12737 to 12472, 12744, 11739 to 11745, 10736, 10738 to 10743, 10745, 9739, 9741, 9743, 9744, 9745, 9746, 9748, 9750.

5. Rooms with a shaded balcony

It’s debatable whether this should be in the list of the worst cabins, because it is definitely preference-based. A large number of the cabins on Iona are shaded by the cabins above, meaning you won’t be able to use them for sunbathing for large parts of the day.

However, you will be able to relax with a book or on your phone without the glare making it hard to see what you’re doing. So avoiding these rooms comes down to whether you like shade or not.

The cabins in question are:

15514 to 15537, 15601 to 15633, 15701 to 15731, 17219, 17221, 17301 to 17320

6. Forward-facing balcony cabins

Some of the cabins at the front of the ship are designated as ‘restricted access’. This means that, during high wins, you won’t be allowed to use the balcony – a storm door will be closed over them.

If you want to be able to use your balcony at all times during your cruise, I’d recommend avoiding:

8101 to 8108, 9102 to 9111, 10101 to 10110, 11101 to 11110, 12103 to 12112, 14101, 14103 to 14110, 14112, 15101 to 15110

7. Noisy cabins on Iona

The main thing which is likely to annoy cruisers on any ship is noise when they are trying to sleep. Unfortunately, like many ships, Iona can be very creaky when the weather is bad, so if you’re used to sleeping in silence then you may find that your sleep suffers no matter which deck you choose.

However, if you like an early night, you’ll want to avoid any cabins which are directly above the Headliners Theatre. These are numbered 8140 – 8235. The shows are on until around 11.30 pm so avoid booking one of these cabins if you like to go to sleep before this time.

The Club House is Iona’s nightclub which is likely to be playing music until the early hours. Cabins directly above the nightclub are numbered 9701 – 9744 .

8. Balcony cabins with obstructed views

Another oddity of the Deck 8 balcony cabins on Iona is that some of them are located right across from the infinity whirlpools. These have obstructed views because the whirlpool is between your cabin and the ocean! These cabin numbers are 8309 – 8312 and 8322 – 8330.

This photo was taken from one of these promenade deck balcony cabins…

Photo credit: Tracy Kilford

Imagine looking forward to sitting on your balcony looking out over the Norwegian Fjords, only to find that there’s a hot tub full of people blocking your view!

Whilst it might be nice to be able to hop in the jacuzzi whenever you like, I’d probably avoid these cabins, unless you really enjoy people-watching.

9. The worst cabins for seasickness on Iona

If you’re worried about feeling queasy on-board your cruise, you should aim to book a cabin that’s on a low deck, in a mid-ship location as this is where you’ll feel the movement the least.

That said, Iona is a very large and modern ship, so you’re much less likely to suffer from seasickness on board than you might be on a smaller, older ship.

Read more: Do big ships rock less?

Cabins on high decks at the front of the ship are often the worst for seasickness as the movement can be felt the most here. That means you’ll want to avoid cabins numbered 17201 – 17217 and 16201 – 16240.

10. Cabins that are a long walk from anything

Anyone with mobility issues or young children should aim to book a cabin close to places that they are likely to visit frequently, such as the pool, buffet or kids’ club.

The Reef kids’ club is located on Deck 17 towards the back of the ship. Therefore, the worst locations for families would be on a low deck at the front of the ship, as it would be a long walk to the kids’ club. You may wish to avoid cabins numbered 4201 – 4250.

Suggested read: P&O Iona’s family facilities: Kids’ clubs, restaurants and excursions

11. Cabins near the smoking areas

If you’re a smoker, booking a cabin near the smoking area can be really convenient. However, those that don’t smoke may wish to avoid cabins near smoking areas. This is particularly true if you book a cabin with a balcony and don’t want to be able to smell smoke while you sit out.

The smoking areas on Iona are located:

  • Deck 8 – Port Side, Between The Quays and The Sunset Bar
  • Deck 18 – Port Side, Aft
  • Deck 18 – Port side, Mid Forward


If you want to avoid the smell of smoke on your balcony on Iona, you should avoid booking a balcony cabin or suite that’s above the smoking area on Deck 8. Affected cabins may include those numbered 9630 – 9750 (even numbers only).

Of course, the direction of the wind can have an impact, so if you have one of these cabins it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be smoky, and certainly not all of the time.

Cabins on Deck 10 and above are set back a little and guests staying in these cabins above the smoking areas have reported that they cannot smell any smoke there.

12. Cabins with narrow doorways

On some of the corridors with cabins, you’ll see support posts. Usually, these are well placed, but there are some that partially block the doors outside rooms 5540 and 5639.

If you have a larger body shape then you may wish to avoid these rooms. As these cabins only sleep two, they won’t be available for families with pushchairs, so that’s not an issue.

13. Balconies that you cannot use

The balconies on deck 5 of Iona are a little different in design from regular balconies. Other cruise ships call these ‘cove balconies‘ or ‘sheltered balconies’, although P&O Cruises doesn’t have a specific name for them.

Iona Deck 5 balconies

The problem with these balconies is that they’re a little close to the waterline. So, if the sea is rough, you may not be allowed to use your balcony at all. In the event of bad weather, a metal storm door will be closed over your balcony door leaving you with just the window. It won’t be opened until the next port of call.

Some cruisers have reported that this door has been closed for the majority of their cruise, essentially leaving them with a Sea View cabin, rather than the balcony that they paid for.

14. Balconies beneath the infinity pool

At the back of Iona there’s a lovely infinity pool. But, you’d be wise not to book a cabin directly beneath it.

Iona infinity pool

The problem is that children find great fun in splashing water over the edge of the infinity pool. And when they do that, it lands straight onto the balconies beneath.

Now you may think that the tiered design would mean that it’s only the balconies directly below the pool (Deck 15) that would get wet. But as you can see from the photo below, which shows 10742, the water can splash down several decks!

So, the cabins to avoid here are 9745, 9750, 10742, 10745, 11745, 11746, 12741, 12744, 14741, 14742. These are the middle ones at the aft. If you choose one that’s next door, you’ll not only stay drier, you’ll also benefit from a larger balcony for the same price.

Choosing your Cabin on Iona

When choosing a cabin for your cruise, it’s always a good idea to study the ship’s deck plan carefully. You can view the Iona deck plans on the P&O Cruises website or by clicking here.

To be able to choose your own cabin number on your P&O cruise you’ll need to book a Select Fare. If you book a Saver Fare or an Early Saver Fare your cabin number will be allocated for you at some point between booking and departure. This is also known as a ‘guarantee cabin’ as you are guaranteed a cabin of the type you select (or possibly better if you’re lucky enough to be upgraded).

Booking a Select Fare does cost a little more, but you’ll also get some extra benefits such as free shuttle buses in ports, the first choice of dining times and some money to spend on-board the ship.

Iona Cabin Amenities

In each cabin you’ll find:

  • En-suite bathroom
  • Wardrobe space
  • Desk and chair
  • Air conditioning
  • Toiletries from The White Company
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Hairdryer
  • British plug sockets
  • Safe
  • Mini-bar (chargeable)
  • Kettle with tea, coffee and biscuits
  • Mineral water on arrival
  • Daily steward service

If you book a suite you’ll also enjoy:

  • Separate bedroom and lounge area
  • Bathroom with a bath, shower and dual sinks
  • Walk-in dressing area
  • Butler service

If you’d like to know what facilities Iona has on the ship for families, you’ll find that info here: What facilities does Iona have for families?

Iona cabin layout

P&O Cruises hasn’t released any floor plans showing the layout of cabins on Iona. It’s therefore not possible to know where exactly the bed, sofa and desk will be located in the inside, outside and balcony cabins or the suites.

Iona has a near-identical design to two other ships which were also constructed by shipbuilding company Meyer Werft – AIDA Nova and Costa Smeralda. You can look at the AIDA Nova cabin floor plans to get an idea of what cabins on Iona might look like, although there are no guarantees that they will be identical.

Also, AIDA Nova and Costa Smeralda do not have conservatory mini-suites so we do not know what Iona’s conservatory mini-suite floor plan is like. The nearest thing on these ships would be a junior suite.


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Iona FAQs

What size is Iona?

Iona is the biggest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet, with a length of 344.5 metres and a beam (width) of 42 metres. Her capacity is 5,206 passengers, over 40% more than P&O Cruises’ former flagship, Britannia.

How many decks has Iona got?

P&O Cruises’ Iona has 19 decks. Of these, 16 decks are accessible to passengers and 11 decks have cabins.

What do cabin grades mean?

Cabin grades are two-letter codes given to cabins that denote the type and location of the cabin. With P&O Cruises’ the first letter of a cabin grade refers to the type of cabin, while the second refers to the location on the ship.

Can I upgrade my P&O cabin?

Providing that there is availability, you can upgrade your cabin on a P&O Cruise. You can also choose an ‘Automatic Upgrade’ option which may automatically move your booking to the best available cabin at no extra cost, although you have no say on where it will be on the ship.

How many suites does Iona have?

P&O Cruises’ Iona has 24 full-size suites on board. She also has 95 Conservatory Mini-suites, although these do not include the same benefits as a Suite, and as such are essentially upgraded Balcony cabins.

What do you get in a suite on Iona?

If you book a Suite on P&O Cruises’ Iona you get a number of perks, including priority check-in and disembarkation, an exclusive welcome reception and butler service. In the room, you’ll enjoy a superior bathroom with a whirlpool bath and complimentary chocolates and fresh fruit.

What is a conservatory mini suite on Iona?

Conservatory Mini-suites are a new type of cabin on Iona and her sister ship Arvia. They have a small conservatory area between the main bedroom and the balcony, with an L-shaped sofa. They have more space than a standard balcony cabin, but they don’t have suite perks.

More P&O Cruises cabin guides:

Check if your Iona cabin is a good one

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to respond to individual requests to check if particular cabins are good or not. I loved doing this but it was just too time-consuming for me with so many requests.

If you’d like to check your cabin, I suggest looking up the number on the Iona deck plan. Use the key to look up the meaning of any symbols. Then, you can use my free checklist to make sure that there are no issues with your cabin’s location.

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    • Hi Julia. Yes, you can always move, although you’ll probably have to pay a little extra for the upgrade to a better location. If you’d like to find out how much that would be, just contact your travel agent (if you booked with one). Otherwise, P&O Cruises can tell you if you give them a call. Jenni

  2. Hi Jenni

    What do you think would be good accessible cabins, my hubby uses a mobility scooter and we need an accessible bathroom, would like a balcony cabin. Thank youn

    • Hi Lynda. The accessible cabins are marked on the Iona deck plan with a wheelchair symbol. They usually sell out very quickly so it’s a good idea to book as far in advance as you can. Your travel agent or P&O Cruises will be able to advise on which are best suited to your needs. Jenni

  3. Hi Cruise Mummy,

    We are off to the Canaries on October the 9th and are booked into 12458, do you know whether these balcony cabins have a sofa in? It’s also my husbands 50th whilst on board and I’d love to arrange something special fir him as a surprise, any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hi Mandy. I checked the deck plan for you and that cabin has a * which means it has a single sofa bed. P&O Cruises offer some celebration packages that you can see here: https://www.pocruises.com/onboard-activities/Gifts You could also book a meal in one of the speciality restaurants as a treat and not tell him. Jenni

  4. Hi, feel guilty, as everyone asks you… but here goes; cabin 14470 on Iona – any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Than you

    • Hi Phil. Don’t feel guilty at all! I am soon to turn comments off on this though as it’s quite time-consuming to check for everyone. Cabin 14470 is a good one – it’s in a fantastic midship location near the lifts. It will also be nice and quiet there. Enjoy! Jenni

  5. Hi, We are travelling to the Canaries in January 2022, on the Iona and are considering Deck 14, GA section, what would be the best/largest room and largest balcony on the port side? We are considering 14512 and 14452. Many thanks.

    • Ho Colin. If those are available, they are great choices! Cabins like those with the big balconies often get snapped up on opening day so grab them if you can. Otherwise, if you have the budget for it, take a look at the suites. Jenni

  6. Hi, Just wondering if you had any info on cabin 15457 on Iona, we booked saver and have been allocated this cabin but from the deck plans I can’t work out if there is a balcony or not. Thanks

    • Hi Dorrian. Yes, that’s a balcony cabin. Your balcony is an irregular shape and a little larger than normal. It also has a sofa bed and a pull-down bed. Jenni

  7. Hi Jenni,

    I’m looking to book Iona and have been offered cabin 12744. First timer – no idea if this is good or not? Many thanks.

    • This is an amazing cabin, especially for your first cruise. You’ll enjoy the best views over the ship’s wake from there.

  8. Hi, just booked Christmas cruise ,first time with PO. Our cabin number is 14209 do you think that will be okay? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thankyou

    • Hi Marion. I have a Christmas cruise booked on Iona too! I’ve had a look at the deck plan for you and that cabin looks great. Much better than mine, haha! Jenni

      • Hi we have booked Xmas on Iona and have a b5 and b6 cabin. One at fwd and 1 aft. Do you know the difference apart from location? Thanks

  9. Hi Jenny, any thoughts on the pro’s and con’s on cabin No, 17221, loss very large for a GF.

    • sorry butterfingers, meant to type looks very large.

    • Hi David. this is a fantastic cabin on Iona – it has huge balcony and is great value for money as it’s cheaper than the one next door which is a higher grade. The only real downside would be that the next-door neighbour with the L-shaped balcony would be able to see onto your balcony if they stand towards the front of theirs. I still think it’s worth it and would definitely book this cabin. Jenni

  10. I would love a copy of your checklist for cabin selection, please.

    • Of course, just pop your email address in the form on this page and it will be sent to you straight away. Jenni

  11. Hi Jenni,

    We have just booked our first P&O Cruise to the Canaries 2023! We have been allocated cabin 15103 and from what I can see from the deck plan, this is right at the front of the ship with a steel balcony? I have read that access to forward facing balconies can sometimes be restricted due to headwinds? I would hate to go on my cruise and not be able to use my balcony! There will be 2 adults and a toddler travelling – hoping that this is a good cabin?!

    • Hi! Yes, you’re right. That is a windy spot so you may not always be able to use your balcony when the ship is moving. You may also feel the movement more in this location. The upside is that your balcony is absolutely huge. So pros and cons to this one. Jenni

  12. Hi
    Just booked Iona for a significant birthday trip Aug 2022.
    We have booked cabin 12601, do you think this, will be okay..
    First time on a cruise..
    Disappointed no space at early meal…

    • Hi Yvonne. That cabin looks perfect. Iona is all Freedom dining so you don’t need to book an early or late dining time, you can just turn up whenever you’re ready to eat. Jenni

  13. Hi
    Which is advisable
    Mini suite or delux balcony for two over 70 years
    On Iona Christmas 2021

  14. Hi Cruise Mummy,

    Thank you for all the brilliant info given on Iona cabins, any chance of the same treatment for Britannia, or even some of the other P&O fleet?

    Going on Iona soon, thank you for saving me hours of research time.

    • Hi Derreck. Absolutely! The Britannia cabin guide is here: https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/po-britannia-cabins-to-avoid/ If you search this site or navigate to P&O Cruises at the top, you’ll find a cabin guide for each ship. The only one I’ve not done is Azura, but as the ship is identical to Ventura, the same applies. Jenni

      • Hi could you tell me if the 11738 is ok as p and have gave this one or should I get them to change it I am going Oct 2022 as a single passager

        • Hi Alison. There are only 12 single balcony cabins on the whole ship so well done for nabbing one. They’re all pretty equal, so you did great. Enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  15. Hi I have booked cabin number 8227 on iona is this a good cabin there are 3 of us.

    • Hi Debbie. 8227 is above the theatre. I would expect the soundproofing to be good on a new ship, but there’s the chance that you may hear some noise during shows and rehearsals. Also, there is a promenade between your balcony and the ocean, so people can walk past. It’s hard to know as nobody has been on the ship yet, but I believe that the walkway will be lower than your balcony so people walking pastshouldn’t block your view of the sea, although people still may be able to see in to your balcony space. I hope this helps. Jenni

  16. Thank you for this this really helpful description of the rooms. We are booked for 28th Aug this year so keeping our fingers crossed! We pushed the boat out as we are celebrating a significant birthday and booked a suite – deck 9 cabin 9739. Your description has shown me we are above the nightclub (I didnt spot this when booking). Do you think this will be a huge issue? We like a drink or 2 so Im hoping any noise doesn’t stop us sleeping! I think Id be more upset with being woken early due to noise above from the deck (scraping chairs and chatting!). Thanks Karen

    • Hi Karen. Unless you’re a really light sleeper and go to bed early I wouldn’t worry too much about being above the nightclub. The corner suites in particular are more above the toilets so you know that you’re not directly above a speaker. Plus, as it’s a new ship the soundproofing should be pretty good. I’m sorry to learn that your cruise was cancelled yesterday though, I hope you can rebook. Jenni

  17. Hello!

    I am looking at booking the Iona for this year (keeping everything crossed!) It’s going to be me, partner, his nan and auntie travelling so I was looking at the Suites on board however because there is no cabin plan it’s really hard to understand what these will look like and whether they will be suitable? I haven’t been in any of the P&O Suites so am ensure on the layout. All I basically want to know is if there is access to the toilet from the lounge area and the master bedroom, I’m convinced there will be as it would be crazy for there not to be but I just can’t find the info anywhere. Also do you think a suite will be comfortably big enough for all of us? The cabin numbers available are 9739 & 9744 which I understand are above the nightclub however the insulation is usually fairly good so I wasn’t that worried about that? Apart from that are they good cabins? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Lucy. Thanks for your question. You’re right, there are no layout plans that we can see for Iona yet. Here’s one for Britannia, I would expect something not too different: https://www.cruisemapper.com/cabins/Britannia-1028. Although those suites do sleep four, one person would be on a sofa bed and one will be on a bed that comes down from the ceiling. Another option to consider would be two balcony cabins with a door in between; that would give you more space and the benefit of two bathrooms. Here’s a good resource with more info about suites on Iona: https://cruisewithamber.co.uk/po-cruises-iona-best-suites/. I hope this helps? Jenni

  18. Hi can you tell me what cabin 10426 is like on Iona for Ffiords next year please, not booked yet. Many thanks

    • That’s an excellent cabin! It’s in a really convenient location and has a larger than average balcony. Go for it! Jenni

  19. Hi 1st time cruising after trying so hard last year to do Marella Asian Cruise but alas never happened
    We have booked IONA for 23rd April and gone for balcony cabin 11.711 which is aft i think – any views on whether a good cabin or not just in case i get complementary upgrade wouldn’t want to give decent balcony cabin up for sake of it
    thanks Glen

    • Hi Glen. Looks like you’ve got a fab cabin there with an extra large balcony! I’d be very happy with that one. One thing to note is that your neighbours may be able to see onto the front of your balcony, but I can’t be 100% sure of that as nobody has been on the ship yet! Still, if this bothers you you can always sit a little further back on that huge balcony of yours for privacy. I hope this helps. Jenni

  20. Hi,

    Am looking into booking a PE cabin 11241 however the shape of the cabin is different. how is the position of this cabin and is it smaller or bigger than the other cabins please ? Thanks

    • Hi Marisa. From looking at the deck plan this looks like a great cabin – nice and quiet and the standard size for a balcony cabin. Jenni

  21. Hi, this will be my first cruise and travelling solo. I have booked 10743 for the Fjords in September. My thoughts were that I would see everything from my balcony.

    • That sounds wonderful. You’ll have some amazing views from that aft balcony! Enjoy! Jenni

    • Hi. I did a med cruise in October 2019 with P&O on the Ventura. I opted for C752 for a lovely quiet, corner view. Just be aware that the stern (and the bow) are more likely to promote seasickness, and can be a bit of a trek from everything. However I did really enjoy my cruise, one of the best holidays I’ve had. I’m booking Iona for the Canary Islands in November and trying to get one of the central cabins with an extended balcony, such as 9514. Even handy for the laundromat! Jave a fab time.

  22. Just booked for 16 Apr 2022 for the Fjords. Been allocated cabin 15122 but concerned it might be a bit small for 2 adults and a child. Any thoughts on if this will be big enough? Also thinking about calling P&O as it’s pretty far forward and don’t want to much risk of sea sickness.

    • Hi Ian. In my opinion, that cabin will be plenty big enough for three people. Although if you wanted more space you could switch it for a deluxe balcony. You would feel less movement in midship cabin on a lower deck, although if the sea is calm this won’t be an issue in any cabin. I hope this helps. Jenni

    • Hi Ian, I was about to say, I’m sure that from my research that cabin looks fine for a family of 3. I’ve just checked my P&O confirmation and I have been allocated the exact same cabin, for the exact same date, and the exact same number of people… I also booked on 25th November last year too…! Did you call and change your cabin?

  23. we have just booked a trip on the Iona lf/ sea view cabin cabin 4226 is this on level 4 and what is your oppinion on this cabin and floor

    • Hi Kathy. Lower decks are good for people who suffer from seasickness as you won’t feel much movement there. It could be a little noisy on occasion depending on what’s beneath you but I wouldn’t let that put me off. Enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  24. Hi Cruise M.
    We’ve recently booked aboard Iona for 2022 in one of the stern suites 9739 which is starboard side above the Club house.
    What we’ve tended to find aboard both Ventura and Azura The Himalaya suites although located above these venues we’ve never experienced noise issues or certainly been woken by them.. I think the same will be for Iona but thats our personal experience . Maybe we’re just heavy sleepers .
    But we do take our own sign for the cabin door indicating ” If you hear us rocking don’t come a knocking ”
    Love the in-depth reviews of ships.

    • Haha, love this idea! Enjoy your cruise!

  25. I have booked cabin ED 11741 at the back of the ship. I know the Iona runs on different fuels so do you think there will be any sort of deposits coming from the fuel. Also is this a good cabin to have booked? Previously cruised on Azura and can’t wait to sail on Iona!😊

  26. Just booked select price and initial paperwork states EF grade cabin, is this a good cabin! This is our 2nd cruise and had superior deluxe cabin on Azura. Is this cabin the same grade?

    • Hi Karen. The E means that you have a deluxe balcony and the F means that it’s on a high or low deck, in a forward location. So yes, similar to what you had on Azura, but newer and shinier because she’s a new ship. Jenni

  27. Hi, are some balcony cabins obscured by lifeboats?

    • Hi Michael. Whereas most cruise ships have some balconies or windows with obstructed views due to lifeboats, this isn’t the case with Iona. This ship has been designed in a way that the lifeboats are level with the shops, theatre and casino so that they don’t spoil anyone’s view. Jenni

  28. Are the cabin sizes shown on Iona’s deck plan to scale?
    Some look a little wider (and hence larger) than others in the same grade.

    • Hi Den. I’ve always known cruise ship deck plans to be to scale, yes. Looking out for those that look a little bigger is usually a wise idea. Jenni

  29. Hi, is cabin 15123 good for a group of 3 or should we go for a deluxe balcony to give us more space?

    • Hi Lindsey. For two adults and a child, that cabin would be perfect. For three adults, you might want a little more space so I’d say go for the deluxe balcony if it meets your budget. Jenni

  30. I am looking to book a cruise on Iona on the 27-11-2021 in a special needs cabin do I need to pay inside select price or is it the same price, if so witch special needs cabins are in the best to have thinking my wife as a mobility scooter

    • Hi David. Great question. I’m afraid that I’m not familiar with booking accessible cabins myself, but I’m sure P&O Cruises or any good travel agent will be able to help you. If you’d like me to recommend a great travel agent, please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to do so. Jenni

  31. Hi there, Just booked cabin 11515 on Iona for Canaries cruise in 2022, we’re told it’s a great balcony cabin, would you agree ?

    • Hi Nick, congratulations! I’d say you’ve picked one of the very best cabins on the ship there. Your balcony is huge and you won’t have far to walk for anything. Well done! Jenni

  32. Hi
    I have got cabin 8110 booked on Iona, I have just found out that it’s is just above the headliners is there any other cabin of similar size the I could go to instead.

    • Hi Ken. There are only two family sea view suites on the ship. However, I wouldn’t worry about the location. On the deck plan it looks far enough forward that you’re not directly above the theatre so I wouldn’t expect it to be noisy. I think that’s a great suite you’ve got there. Jenni

      • Thanks Jenni
        I was concerned that it might be a bit noisy due to being not far from the headliners theatre.

        • If you were right above the theatre, that could be a problem, yes. But if you line up the deck plans it looks like you’re far enough away that you shouldn’t hear anything.

  33. Hi we are booked in a mini conservatory suite and wondered if you get any perks other than the lovely cabin ?

    • Hi Jason. Nobody knows for sure yet as P&O Cruises haven’t published that info and the conservatory mini-suites are exclusive to Iona so we can’t go off other ships. There is some info here: https://www.pocruises.com/accommodation but whether the conservatory mini-suites have the same perks as mini-suites or superior deluxe balcony cabins, we don’t know for sure yet. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I’d love for you to come back and let us know after your cruise! Jenni

    • We always book deluxe/balcony cabins but would like bath over shower what cabin numbers are they ? and what decks please

      • Hi Alan, As far as I know, it’s only the suites on Iona that have the option of a bath. P&O Cruises will be able to confirm this for you if you give them a call. Jenni

  34. Hi Jenni. My friend and I are booked on Iona cabin CV 9525. I wondered if this is a good cabin in an ok location? Thank you for your help. Sandra

    • Hi Sandra. That looks like a great cabin to me, enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  35. Hi Jenni
    We are hoping to book a family cruise for 2022 on Iona.
    We are three pairs of couples looking for a balcony cabin each and two families of mum, dad and two children each (eldest will be 8years come cruise date).
    Can you recommend an area/cabin numbers on board that would keep us all together and not break the bank?
    Thank you

    • Hi Julie. When you book, you’ll have the option of choosing your cabin number (Select Fare) or allowing P&O Cruises to allocate it (Saver Fare). Make sure you choose the Select Fare option and ask your travel agent to find you cabins that are all together. This shouldn’t be a problem at all as long as you book far enough in advance that there are enough cabins next door to each other. If you’d like me to recommend a great travel agent who can sort it all out for you, just send me an email to [email protected] or DM me on Instagram and I’ll b happy to help (and get you a discount). Jenni x

  36. Hi’ just booked for a trip to Norway on 17th April next year. We have got cabin number GD 11745 right in the centre aft. Hopefully this will be a great view all the way and reasonably quiet too. Any news yet on how P and O are going to handle this Covid virus in regard to buffets and shows etc

    • Hi Paul. That sounds like a fantastic cruise, congrats on booking it! I’m expecting that buffets will be behind glass and served to you rather than everyone touching the same tongs etc. Also with shows, there will be limited capacity to allow for distancing so you may have to book things like that in advance. Jenni

  37. This will be my first time going on a cruise with my children for my daughters 16th in 2022 my son will be 2 that year and have been giving cabin number GF/ 9225
    Is this a good cabin to have

    • Congratulations on taking your first cruise with your kids! That looks like a great cabin to have. Of course, you’ll need to take care not to allow your son on the balcony unattended, but I’m sure you know that anyway. Have a great time! Jenni

  38. Just booked cabin 4220 will this be a quiet cabin in the night

    • Hi Kathleen. that cabin is beneath the spa so you won’t get any noise from there. The deck plan doesn’t show what’s beneath you, so I expect it’s crew cabins, which should also be fine. Enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  39. Hi Jenni,

    We have just booked a grade B suite on a saver fare on Iona. Do these have metal fronted balconies? Does that mean you would have no view of the sea when on a sunbed? We have always had glass balconies on other cruises.

    many thanks,

    • Hi Maureen. From looking at the deck plan I can see that suites at the front have metal-fronted balconies but those ta the back do not. As you booked a saver fare, you can’t be sure which you will be assigned. I believe that you have to stand up to see the sea with a steel fronted balcony, although obviously can’t say for sure as this is a new ship. Jenni

  40. I’m looking to book Iona for May 3 adults 1 17 yr old looking to book a mini conservatory suite can you suggest a good cabin please? Thanks

    • Hi! I’d recommend studying the deck plan carefully, have a look at where the conservatory suites are and what’s around them to find one in the best location. Jenni

  41. Hi,
    Got 11102 booked for May next year for my birthday and our anniversary. First timers so fingers crossed having a forward facing balcony wont get too windy or anything.
    Just waiting for that inaugural cruise to complete so we can get some more images and info on the actual cabins and restaurants.

    • Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Enjoy!

  42. i am b00ked on promanade deck 8102 is this a cabin on the ok list or a one to avoid.

    • The promenade deck balconies are interesting in that people walking around the promenade deck can walk past your balcony and see you. As it’s a new ship, I’m not sure how this works until I’ve seen the ship for myself. I’m currently booked on the maiden voyage so hopefully, I’ll be able to let you know soon! Jenni

  43. Hi Tracy. I’ve just booked 9744 and the agent says it’s above the Sunset Bar, She didn’t think it would be noisy…. what do you think?

    • Hi Claire, I’ve just looked at the deck plan and your cabin, 9744, is above a hot tub. Plus I expect that the Sunset Bar will be a relaxing bar, rather than one with music blaring. You’ll most likely be just fine there for noise. Jenni

  44. Hi
    We’ve been offered GA 11512 on Iona
    Does this have a bath, and a sofa? is it overlooked , or far from anything?
    Thanks !

  45. Going to alter my booking on iona thinking of a suite if I book a saver fare are there any suites with a restricted view or no balcanies.

    • Great question, Pat! The only suites on Iona without a balcony are the family sea view suites. There are only two of these so you’re unlikely to get one unless you’re travelling with children. If you are travelling with kids, you could possibly be assigned one of these on a saver fare. Many other suites have steel fronted balconies, but I don’t think that any have restricted views.

  46. I am thinking of booking deck 12 cabin 408, but it has a dead space beside it, what do you think? I need to avoid noise as much as possible due to health issues.

    • Hi Jude. My best guess would be that this area is either a crew staircase or a store cupboard. Of course, it’s not possible to tell for sure as it’s not marked on the deck plan. However, I would expect that this would be a quiet cabin as it’s well away from public areas. I hope this helps a little. Jenni

    • Hi I am booked on deck 15 cabin 15735 at the back, hoping great view 🙂

      • Woohoo! I’m sure the view from there will be amazing! Enjoy!

  47. Booked on the iona, first time cruising, travel agent has booked us on GF/Balcony Cabin 8144, she told me its a good part of the ship, is it far from all the restaurants and pools, going to the fjords 19th june to 26th 2021, after 2 cruises that have been cancelled.

  48. Hi,

    just wondering what the sleeping situation is for 4 adults sharing a conservatory suite? It says 4 people can share it. Is this a pull out sofa?

    • Hi Laura. On the deck plan there are small icons on each room which will tell you if the extra beds are pull-down beds or sofa beds. It appears that cabins with two additional beds have one pull-down bed and one single sofa bed. You may be better getting two cabins, perhaps with an adjoining door if you wish?

  49. I am booked in cabin 15734 on the Iona in July 2021, after my cruise on 11/07/2021. Can you comment on this cabin?? Thank you in advance. Linda

    • Hi Linda. I’ve had a look on the deck plan and this looks like a wonderful suite. I’d say it’s a great choice. Enjoy! Jenni

  50. Hi. I’ve booked the Iona for the 24th October as a surprise for my husbands birthday. We are first time cruisers and very excited.
    I chose the select fare for the inside cabin so I could choose our cabin but it didn’t come up to choose where I wanted to be. I thought that was why I paid the extra £100. But evidently not.my cabin gets allocated on arrival. My husband as now decided he wants to upgrade to a balcony but I’m worried about booking select fare instead of saver incase I don’t get to choose again. Also as completely new to cruising I would have no idea where to choose so we are not to far away from everything. Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Tina. When you book Select Fare you will get to choose your cabin number. You should speak to your travel agent if you have one (or P&O Cruises if you booked directly) to make sure that your cabin number request is noted. If you want to be near everything, you can request a cabin that’s in a midship location. These do tend to cost a little more than cabins that are at the front or back of the ship. Studying the deck plan is a good way to find the cabin that’s best for you. Here’s a link to it: https://www.pocruises.com/content/dam/po/pdfs/ships/2020-Iona-deck-plans.pdf I hope this helps. Jenni

  51. Hello. Im booked onto iona with a sea view room. I would like quiet and mid point of ship as i can get sea sickness. I dont mind walking to pool ect where would recommend i select my room? Never been on a cruise before! So excited.

    • Hi Gemma. Firstly, congratulations on booking your first cruise! Even if you’ve been seasick before, you might find that you’re not seasick on a cruise ship. This could be particularly true with Iona as she is one of the biggest ships in the world and so you shouldn’t feel the motion too much at all compared to a smaller ship. However, if you would like a cabin in a particular part of the ship, then yes it is worth selecting your own room. If you choose a guaranteed cabin, it could be anywhere on the ship and is likely to be in a less desirable location than if you chose it yourself. I hope this helps! Jenni

  52. Hi Jenni,
    I’ve just found your site & it’s really very informative. I was wondering if you could help me,
    I’m looking at booking P & O Norwegian Fjords on Iona with 2 teenage kids so looking at an outside balcony cabin, is there any way of working out where the largest sq ft cabins are situated on the deck plan?

    • Hi Julie. Great choice! The cabins on the Iona deck plan are to scale, so if one looks a little larger than the others, then it will be. There are some cabins which are a little larger, but the main difference comes in the balconies. Some balconies are almost as big as the cabin itself, which will provide lots of space for you all to sit outside together and enjoy the views of the Fjords. I hope this helps a little? Jenni

      • Ship – Iona
        Is cabin 12304 in a good position? Is it the cheapest or most expensive within its grade? What is it’s size – I notice they vary within the G grade.
        Many thanks

  53. Hi I am booked on Iona in cabin 15320 I am slightly worried as I understand the pool is on deck 16. P and O have assured me that there are only cabins above me so do you think it is likely to be too noisy. One other thing is that I have seen photos of the balcony cabins where the bed is next to the balcony doors and others where the sofa is next to the doors how can you tell which one you will have many thanks

    • Hi Tracy. I just looked at the deck plan and your cabin seems to be in a brilliant location. What you’ve heard is correct – you have cabins above and below so you won’t hear any noise here. Cabins below sun decks can sometimes be noisy when loungers are scraped across the floor but you won’t have that problem. As far as I know, I don’t think it’s possible to tell from the deck plan where the bed. Have a great cruise! Jenni

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