P&O Arvia Cabins: Best & Worst

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Arvia is P&O Cruises’ stunning new mega-ship. It has 2,610 cabins to choose from, and some of them are much more desirable than others.

I cruised on Arvia’s maiden voyage. We booked an inside cabin, but when we arrived we had a look around it before heading to Guest Services and paying to upgrade to a balcony!

Me with Arvia

I’ve also stayed in Sea View cabins on sister ship Iona (the rooms are identical to Arvia). So, it’s fair to say that I have plenty of experience when it comes to accommodation on Arvia.

I’m also something of a deck plan geek and have spent hours looking for the best and worst cabins, as well as reading cruise forums and Facebook groups to see what others had to say.

In this guide, I’ll show you which Arvia cabins to avoid and point out the best cabins that you’ll want to snap up, should they be available when you book.

Arvia Cabin Types

Like most other cruise ships, Arvia offers four main cabin types:

  • Inside cabins – Single, standard or larger
  • Outside cabins – Standard
  • Balcony cabins – Single, smaller, standard or deluxe
  • Suites – Conservatory mini-suite, family sea view suite or suite

Arvia’s Inside Cabins

The cheapest cabins on Arvia are inside cabins. Located in the interior of the ship, these cabins have no windows to let in natural light. If that doesn’t bother you, inside cabins can be a great choice as they offer the best value for money.

Arvia inside cabin

I booked an inside cabin on Iona, and while there was nothing wrong with it at all, we chose to upgrade while on board as we were cruising for two weeks at Christmas, and we wanted to treat ourselves.

I’ll give you more information about how to upgrade (and when’s the best time to do it) later on in this guide.

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The standard inside cabins on Arvia are 135 square feet, which is a little smaller than average. If you’d like more space, you can upgrade to a larger inside cabin which is 40% larger at 190 square feet.

Most inside cabins on Arvia sleep two people, but there are some that can accommodate three or four. These have a sofa bed for the third passenger and some also have an extra bed that comes down from the ceiling (called a Pullman bed) for the fourth passenger.

Not all inside cabins are the same on Arvia as some are square and some are rectangular. If you have more than two people in your room you will be assigned a square one like in the image above.

Also on Arvia’s maiden voyage with me were cruise YouTubers Tom and Dom. I had a drink with them and they explained how their rectangular inside cabin was quite different to mine.

They’ve made this video of their cabin which is worth a look if you’re trying to decide between the square and rectangular options:

Arvia also has single inside cabins for solo passengers. Wheelchair or scooter users can book an accessible inside cabin, which is 213 square feet in size and features a wet room.

Arvia’s Outside Cabins

An upgrade from an inside cabin on Arvia would be an outside cabin. Also known as sea view cabins, outside cabins have a window. But the natural light isn’t the only bonus you get with an outside cabin onboard Arvia.

Arvia ocean view cabin

At 210 square feet in size, Arvia’s outside cabins are 55% larger than inside cabins, and they’re also noticeably larger than balcony cabins!

These cabins have the same amount of space as deluxe balcony cabins – making them one of the best cabin types for families, or for cold weather cruises where you may not want to sit out on your balcony.

The location on Deck 4 or 5 is pretty handy too. Midship on Deck 5 is the best spot as it’s just one flight of stairs up to the atrium. There are only four of these though, so you’ll have to be quick!

Outside cabins on Arvia can accommodate two, three or four passengers, depending on whether the cabin has a sofa bed or both a sofa bed and a Pullman bed.

Suggested read: What is a Pullman bed on a cruise ship?

This is my favourite cabin type on Arvia. I’ve stayed in two of these on sister ship Iona and would have also chosen it on Arvia if one were available.

Accessible outside cabins onboard Arvia are huge, at 307 square feet, which gives lots of space for those who need it to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter.

Arvia’s Balcony Cabins

There are 1,334 standard balcony cabins on Arvia, making this the most popular cabin type on the ship.

As Arvia will be mostly offering warm-weather cruises, a balcony can be a great choice as it will enable you to enjoy your own private space in the sunshine. This is the cabin that we stayed in for two weeks…

Arvia balcony cabin

As well as the 170-square-foot standard balcony cabins, there are also 120 deluxe balcony cabins to choose from. These have a footprint of 210 square feet, making them 24% larger.

If there are only two of you, you may wish to opt for a smaller balcony cabin. At 150 square feet, these are only slightly smaller than standard balcony cabins but will be a little cheaper. The balcony itself will be the same size, you’ll just lose a little space in the interior.

Some standard balcony and deluxe balcony cabins on Arvia are wheelchair accessible and these will be larger.

Whichever balcony cabin you choose, you’ll enjoy sliding doors that lead out to your private balcony, where you’ll find two chairs and possibly a small table.

It’s important to note that some balconies on Arvia are much, much bigger than others. You can read more about that later in the ‘best cabins on Arvia’ section below.

And you should also note that not all balconies have views of the ocean and not all are private. Take a look at this one below, which I would say is the worst balcony on Arvia…

Be sure to read on to the ‘worst cabins’ section of this article for a list of rooms that you would do well to avoid if you can.

Arvia’s Suites

For those who like a little luxury, a suite can be the best choice with more space and, depending on which suite you book, some very special perks.

Arvia Suite
Photo credit: Richmond International / P&O Cruises

There are three types of suites to choose from on Arvia:

  • Conservatory Mini Suites
  • Family Sea View Suites
  • Suites

1. Conservatory Mini Suites

Arvia conservatory mini suite
Photo credit: Richmond International / P&O Cruises

Conservatory Mini Suites are the cheapest suites on Arvia. These don’t come with any of the extra perks that you get with a suite. I would say that Conservatory Mini Suites are actually more similar to balcony cabins than suites.

What you do get with this type of accommodation is a conservatory area in between the bedroom and balcony. As well as the standard sofa (which converts into an extra bed in some cabins), you’ll get another sofa inside the conservatory area. Here, you have bi-folding doors that lead onto the balcony.

At 255 square feet, Conservatory Mini Suites are 50% larger than standard balcony cabins. This type of room is a good option for families, as you can leave the sofa bed set up as a bed, and still have the L-shaped sofa in the conservatory to sit on.

There are no wheelchair-accessible Conservatory Mini Suites on Arvia.

2. Family Sea View Suites

There are only two Family Sea View Suites on Arvia, but this rare type of accommodation offers a great option for families of three or four. The Family Sea View Suites are located on Deck 8, which is the Promenade Deck.

These suites don’t have a balcony, but instead have large windows overlooking the promenade.

Arvia family sea view duites

For parents of young children who want the space of a suite but would prefer not to have a balcony for safety reasons, Family Sea View Suites are ideal. They’re very spacious at 300 square feet. This is 43% larger than an oceanview cabin and more than twice the size of an inside cabin.

Family sea view cabins have a sofa bed and a Pullman bed. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t book one of these for only two people if you desire.

3. Suites

Photo credit: Richmond International / P&O Cruises

Arvia has 25 suites to choose from. These are the largest and most luxurious of all of the accommodation types on Arvia, with at least 434 square feet of space. You’ll get a separate bedroom and living room as well as a large wraparound balcony.

Arvia’s suites can accommodate either three or four people, with a sofa bed and the option of an extra Pullman bed, depending on which suite you choose.

Suites on Arvia are located at the forward or aft corners of the ship on decks 9 to 15. These locations aren’t ideal for anyone who suffers from seasickness, so if you’re worried about that, you may be better off opting for a conservatory mini suite in a mid-ship location as you’ll feel less movement here.

I would say that the aft suites (at the back of the ship) are better than the forward-facing suites because they are more sheltered from the wind and have glass balconies rather than steel, so you can admire the ocean views while sitting down.

There is one wheelchair-accessible suite on Arvia.

As well as the extra space, suites on Arvia come with a whole host of perks. These perks also apply to guests staying in family oceanview suites, but not conservatory mini suites.

Arvia Suite Benefits:

  • Priority check-in
  • Access to hospitality lounge with drinks and pastries while you wait to board
  • Get on the ship first
  • Welcome reception with canapes and drinks
  • Welcome Champagne, water, chocolates, fruit and flowers in your suite
  • Butler service
  • Daily canapes delivered
  • Use of bathrobe and slippers
  • Premier toiletries from The White Company
  • Breakfast in the Epicurean restaurant
  • Use of atlas and binoculars
  • Selection of magazines
  • Coffee machine
  • Pillow menu
  • Free room service
  • Option to enjoy the main dining menu in your suite

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What Can a Butler Do for You on P&O Cruises?

Some of the things you might ask your butler to do on your cruise would be to pack and unpack your suitcase, make reservations for dinner, bring room service, book spa sessions, book shore excursions or organise your laundry.

Choosing the Best Cabin on Arvia

I’ve made a checklist of everything that you should look out for and possibly avoid when choosing a cruise cabin. If you’d like a copy, just enter your email below and it will be delivered straight to your inbox for free.

Alternatively, read on for more information about the Arvia cabins, including the best and worst cabins on this ship.

Arvia Cabin Grades

The cabins on Arvia are grouped together into grades for pricing purposes. Cabin grades are two letters (e.g. PF) or a letter and a number (e.g. B4). Each grade is shown in a different colour on the Arvia deck plan.

To decode the cabin grades, you must know that the first letter refers to the cabin types (e.g. P = inside) and the second letter or number refers to the location on the ship (e.g. F = high or low deck, forward location.

Here’s a table of the Arvia cabin grades and what they mean…

Cabin Type1st Letter of Grade
Conservatory Mini-suiteC
Deluxe BalconyE
Balcony / Smaller BalconyG
Sea ViewL
Larger InsideO
Single BalconyQ
Single InsideS
Cabin Location2nd Digit of Grade
Mid decks. Midship location.A
All decks. Mid-forward, mid or mid-aft locationB or V
High or low decks. Mid-forward or mid-aft location.C or W
Mid decks. Aft location.D or 4
All decks. Forward or aft locationE, Y or 5
High or low decks. Forward location.F, Z or 6


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Arvia Cabins to Avoid

Now that we know which cabin types are available on Arvia, let’s take a look at those cabins which you may wish to avoid. Then, I’ll list some of the best cabins on Arvia which you may want to look out for instead.

I’m not saying that there are any bad cabins on Arvia. What would be an undesirable cabin for one person, might be a wonderful cabin for the next. Everything is subjective and you should choose a cabin depending on your own priorities.

1. Noisy Cabins on Arvia

One of the things that people complain about most often on a cruise is when their sleep is disturbed by noise either late in the evening or very early in the morning.

If you like to go to bed quite early, you may wish to avoid cabins numbered 8140 to 8235. These are located right above the Headliners Theatre. Shows may go on until close to midnight and there’s a chance that you may be able to hear some noise from the speakers.

Another location you may wish to avoid is right above the nightclub. These cabins are numbered 9701 to 9744.

As Arvia has a retractable roof, if it’s open at night then you may hear the noise from the shows if you stay in a midship balcony on Deck 14 or 15.

If you like to sleep in late it’s generally wise to avoid any cabins that are located directly below sunbathing areas. When people start to move deckchairs around in the morning, if they drag them along the floor you may hear this from the cabins below. For this reason, you may wish to avoid all cabins on Deck 17.

Another location that you may wish to avoid is beneath the gym. This is because you may hear some noise from treadmills or weights being dropped early in the morning. These cabins are numbered 4201 to 4532 (odd numbers only).

2. Arvia Cabins With Balconies That Are Not Private

Many cruisers prefer to have a balcony that other passengers cannot see onto. If this sounds familiar, then there are lots of cabins on Arvia that you’ll want to avoid.

Just like sister-ship Iona, Arvia has an unusual design in that balcony cabins on the promenade deck have a public walkway between the balconies and the ocean.

This means that if you book a balcony cabin or conservatory mini suite on Deck 8, people will be able to walk past your balcony and see in.

In the image below, the brown area is the public walkway on the Promenade Deck

Arvia promenade deck

Deck on 8 on these ships has a really bad reputation. And yes, I would avoid choosing a balcony on this deck. The ones near the front of the ships are particularly undesirable. This is because the walkway gets higher as you walk to the front of the ship, meaning that the balcony rails are now at waist height rather than chest height.

Here’s a photo of my eight-year-old daughter walking past one of the Deck 8 balconies on Arvia to demonstrate what I mean…

3. Balcony Cabins With Obstructed Views

Lifeboats are a common cause of obstructed views on cruise ships. Arvia’s clever design means that the lifeboats are located outside of the theatre and casino, where they don’t block the view from any balcony cabins.

However, I would say that the obstructed view cabins on Arvia are possibly worse than any lifeboat obstructions, and they don’t come with any discount in the price.

If you stay in cabins numbered 8309 to 8312 and 8322 to 8330, the obstruction is a hot tub located between your balcony and the sea!

Arvia obstructed view cabins

Instead of looking out at the ocean from your balcony, this could be your view…

Arvia infinity hot tub

4. Cabins That Might Make You Seasick

Anyone worried about motion sickness at sea should book a cabin on a low deck in a mid-ship location. When you’re on a high deck or at the very front or back of a ship, you’ll feel the movement more than you would anywhere else.

The worst cabins for seasickness on Arvia will be 17201 to 17217 and 16201 to 16240.

As Arvia is a very large and modern ship, any movement won’t be felt as much as it would on a smaller ship that doesn’t have the same stabilising technology.

Suggested read: Do big cruise ships rock less?

5. Cabins That Are Far Away From Amenities

Arvia is 345 metres long, so it would take the average adult around three minutes to walk from one end of the ship to the other. Of course, if you have mobility limitations or are travelling with young children, this could take much longer.

If you’re worried about walking long distances, cabins in midship locations are often the best choice.

The inside cabin that I originally had was right at the front of Deck 4. This is the worst location on the ship as it’s so far from everything. It’s one of the main reasons why we moved!

6. Cabins With Balconies That You May Not Be Able To Use

Arvia has some forward-facing balconies. These are numbered 8101 to 8108, 9102 to 9109, 10101 to 10108, 11101 to 11108, 12103 to 12110, 14101 to 14110 and 15101 to 15108.

The problem with being forward-facing on any cruise ship is that it can be incredibly windy! In fact, most cruise ships don’t actually have forward-facing balconies for this very reason.

If it gets too windy, a storm door will be closed across your balcony door and you won’t be allowed to go outside. You’ll still be able to see out of a small window, but most people would find this to be annoying.

Take a look at this video to see what one of these balconies looks like…

The balcony itself is a little larger than a standard balcony and some people do enjoy facing forwards and watching where the ship is going. But if you’re cruising on Arvia in the Caribbean in hurricane season, then this is one to avoid for sure.

Best Cabins on Arvia

The best cabins for families on Arvia

The best cabins or families on Arvia are ones that offer a little more space. These are:

  • Larger inside cabins
  • Sea View cabins
  • Deluxe Balcony cabins
  • Conservatory Mini-Suites
  • Family Sea View Suites
  • Suites

Each cabin on Arvia has a shower, except for suites (grades B4, B5 and B6), which also have a bath.

Families of five or more wishing to cruise on Arvia will need two cabins. As children aged under 16 cannot stay in their own cabin, you’ll need to choose cabins that have interconnecting doors between them.

Most of the time, with interconnecting cabins, you’ll need two of the same cabin type e.g. two insides or two balconies. However, some of the forward suites connect to inside cabins which can a good option for families with three or more children or those that are cruising with grandparents.

The Best Cabins for Solo Travellers on Arvia

Solo travellers cruising on Arvia have the choice of 10 single inside or 12 single balcony cabins. These cabin types offer a cost-effective way for single travellers to cruise, but you can still expect to pay more than you would if you were sharing a twin cabin.

Solo cabins always sell out very quickly. If you’ve missed out, don’t worry. It’s worth getting a quote for a double cabin for solo occupancy as sometimes this doesn’t cost any more.

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The Best Inside Cabins on Arvia

For anyone who likes to cruise as cheaply as possible (like myself), the best inside cabins on Arvia are the PF grade cabins as these are the cheapest.

Deck 9 is a good spot to find cheap, quiet, inside cabins.

The Best Sea View Cabins on Arvia

Sea view cabins on Arvia are located on Decks 4 and 5. These are all great cabins, although we don’t yet know if there is any difference in the sizes of the windows.

If you like to go to the gym or spa frequently, I would suggest booking a cabin numbered 5301 to 5321 as these are right next door.

The Best Balcony Cabins on Arvia

Some cabins on Arvia have much bigger balconies than others, for the same price. If you like to have a lot of space on your balcony, these are certainly worth looking out for.

In the example below, you can see that cabin 17219 has a huge L-shaped balcony. This is a GF grade balcony cabin, which is the cheapest grade of standard balcony cabins on Arvia. The price grade is based on the location of the cabin on the ship, not the size of the balcony.

In the example above, the lilac-coloured cabins will be cheaper than the pink ones, just because they are located slightly further forward on the ship. So 17219 will be cheaper than 17305, even though it has a much bigger balcony!

You’ll find cabins with large balconies on most decks on Iona, so it’s worth studying the deck plan to choose one of these, particularly if you’d like more than two people to be able to sit out on the balcony together.

As I’ve studied the deck plan thoroughly already, here’s a list to choose from:

The largest balconies on Arvia:


  • 9236
  • 9239
  • 9320
  • 9321
  • 10238
  • 10245


  • 9714
  • 9711
  • 10320
  • 10321
  • 10525
  • 10526
  • 11242
  • 11243
  • 11320
  • 11321
  • 11711
  • 11712
  • 12242
  • 12255
  • 12320
  • 12321
  • 12711
  • 12712
  • 14242
  • 14255
  • 14320
  • 14321
  • 14524
  • 14527
  • 14711
  • 14712
  • 15242
  • 15253
  • 15316
  • 15317
  • 15526
  • 15527
  • 15711
  • 15712
  • 16242
  • 16253
  • 16320
  • 16321
  • 17219
  • 17317
  • 17320

The Best Suites on Arvia

The best suites on Arvia are the aft suites as they have huge wraparound balconies and the best views over the ship’s wake. As you may feel the movement of the ship more in this location, aft suites on Decks 9 or 10 may be a better choice than those on higher decks.

How To Choose A Cabin On Arvia

P&O Cruises offer three fare types:

  • Select Fare
  • Saver Fare
  • Early Saver Fare

Only the Select Fare gives you the option to choose your cabin number.

With Saver and Early Saver Fares, you can choose the cabin type (e.g. inside, outside, balcony or suite) but the cabin number will be assigned to you at a later date depending on which cabins are left. This is known as a ‘guarantee cabin’.

Booking the Select Fare costs a little more. However, as well as your choice of cabin number, you’ll also get some extra benefits such as free shuttle buses in ports, some on-board credit, free car parking or even a coach to Southampton.

When I booked a cruise on Arvia we got a coach for four people for the 500-mile round trip. This alone was well worth the extra money for the Select Fare. The choice of cabin numbers was a nice bonus.

Arvia Cabin Amenities

In each cabin on Arvia you’ll find:

  • En-suite bathroom
  • Wardrobe space
  • Desk and chair
  • Air conditioning
  • Toiletries from The White Company
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Hairdryer
  • British plug sockets
  • Safe
  • Mini-bar (chargeable)
  • Kettle with tea, coffee and biscuits
  • Mineral water on arrival
  • Daily steward service

If you book a suite you’ll also enjoy:

  • Separate bedroom and lounge area
  • Bathroom with a bath, shower and dual sinks
  • Walk-in dressing area

There are also lots of suite perks which are listed further up in this guide.


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Final Word

Now you know which are the P&O Arvia cabins to avoid, make sure you refer back to this guide when booking your cruise. That way, you’ll always get the best room to suit you and your travelling party.

It’s also a good idea to check out P&O Arvia reviews on Facebook groups, because you’ll often get to see photos of your specific cabin from past guests.

Even the cabins to avoid aren’t ‘bad’ cabins, and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing cruise on Arvia – but the advice in this guide should help you guarantee no little issues.

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  1. Hi jenni loving all the info on this page but was wondering I’m heading in June cabin number is 12736 category GX with balcony I suffer from anxiety but when I get pictures up for this room it’s looking like it’s only a window and no actual doors leading to balcony… is this room good for travel sickness ?

  2. Been allocated deck 5 balcony cabin, deck plans show as shaded , any experience of these cabins on this deck, wanted to sit on my balcony in the sun. went on Iona last year and was on a lot higher deck which was nice.

  3. wk420 hy cant i book on arvia asa a single without suplement as they have single cabins wo nt to go on 29 sep 2024 cruise k420 as im booked to go in new years cruise 2023 on iona which ive had to pay extra tony

  4. looking to book for next year but need 2 cabins as one not big enough with 2 teenage boys !! any recommendations for balcony cabins please – midship ,interconnecting if possible ( can you remove the balcony divide like on ventura ? )

    • We had four adults in a balcony cabin on Iona and it was absolutely fine. Made it half price with the 3rd and 4th guests sail free offer. But, yes you can get interconnecting with a door between if you prefer.

  5. Hi
    Is the select fare worth the extra money?
    Could I get cheap parking myself?
    Also can you book your own transport at the stops ?

  6. Hi we have booked for January 2024 and paid the select fare to choose a specific cabin. P&O have changed our cabin and are unwilling to refund any element of the select fare paid or move/upgrade us. They have moved us from 9310 to 5320. Any thoughts on these cabins? We are really disappointed and considering cancelling mainly due to the absolute lack of customer service from P&O.

  7. We’ve been allocated 15.531 on Arvia for our cruise, but I’m concerned it’s only a couple of cabins away from one of the cabins with a larger balcony (15.527), which also looks like it will restrict the forwards view. Any thoughts? Should we be concerned? Thanks.

  8. We are due on Arvia from 4th Sep 2023, any comments about cabin 10302 ? very much looking forward to it, but would like to know any information re this cabin

  9. Hiya

    We are going on Arvia in a few weeks time 1st week of school holidays in UK .
    I have never seen so many bad reviews in my life for a holiday !
    I normally presume some people are more fussy than others . But the amount of bad reviews are immense with pretty much not one good review unless out of school holiday season . If we could we would cancel . We have booked 2 inside cabins for ourselves and my 2 kids . I have messaged Iglu to see if we can afford an upgrade to a balcony but im unsure we can afford it or if its even available !
    This was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime . Im now not sleeping and having anxiety over the whole booking , I really wish we could cancel and get our money back . Im under the the impression there will be no sunbeds in the sun unless we get up at 6am .There will be horrenous ques for all dining . We wont get in any shows unless we book when bookings open there is pretty much no chance of kids getting into kids club . It sounds awful why would anyone want a holiday like this ?. I think im messaging you as im hoping you can make me feel a bit better about it all . Im guessing lots of people message you about Arvia

    • Hi Claire. Please try not to worry. We had a wonderful experience on Arvia in the school holidays. We never had a problem with getting a sunbed, seeing any shows or getting a place in the kids club. I also had an inside cabin booked but as soon as we got onboard we went to guest services and asked to upgrade to a balcony. It was only a couple of hundred pounds extra for 2 weeks, so I suggest you try that too. I hope you fimd that to be reassuring and enjoy your cruise. Jenni

      • Hi Jenni, I noticed you said forward facing balconies are 11101 to 11108, we are 11109 so what would you class this cabin as please? Thanks 🙏

  10. Hi,
    Brilliant information! Thankyou!
    I understand GF coding, but are you able to tell me what the rest of the cabin code means please?
    Eg: GF FU 2
    Does it mean forward upper deck?
    Thankyou in advance

  11. Just returned from cruise on Arvia and the two comments I heard from fellow passengers were:

    1. There is no internet available without booking for whole cruise at ridiculous price!
    Why don’t they just have a place on the ship where passengers can get on line for a nominal fee for an hour or so when they need it?
    Many cruise ships have free internet anyway!

    2. All said that the ship was just too big and that they would not book it again.

    I have to say though that the accommodation and food was very good and apart from feeling cut off from outside world, I enjoyed the cruise, but would not book Arvia in future.

    I was surprised at the small swimming pools and poor quality of entertainment as well.

    • Hi Barry. Thanks for the feedback. You can buy internet by the day on Arvia. Here’s how: https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/po-cruises-wifi/ so you know for your next P&O cruise. You can also use 4G/5G when not at sea. Some ultra luxury cruise ships do offer free wifi but for most it’s an extra charge. Arvia is a large ship, you’re right, and many people do prefer smaller ones. Cruise ship pools do tend to be smaller than those on land for practical reasons – all that water is very heavy. But I do like that there’s a good choice of different pools and 16 whirlpools as well. I hope you enjoy your next cruise on a different ship. Jenni

  12. About to go on Arvia for first time.

  13. Hi I have booked cabin 9738, have noticed it is a smaller balcony, do these have reclining seats on the balcony and also is it looking straight out to sea or overlooking jutting out balconies below, thank you

  14. Hi Jenni, deck 4 on the Arvia. I’m wondering if it is noisy due to what’s below? Engines etc?
    Many Thanks

    • No it shouldn’t be. In can be noisy when the ship creaks if the sea is really rough, but you’ll have that problem in most locations. Deck 4 is good.

  15. Hi Jenni, very informative. Do you know if 10538 ( Arvia ) has an obstructed view ?

  16. Hi we are cruising on 3 March and have just noticed that we have an ajoining room – we are 11228 – is this a problem with extra space because of a door plus noise?

  17. Do you know if accessible cabin 12526 on ariva has the bigger balcony. I seems to be on Iona and I thought the ships were identical. This cabin on other decks has the large balcony. I wonder if it’s a mistake on the deck plans?

    • Hi Audrey. While the ships are almost identical, the cabin numbers are a little different on each ship, so the numbers with the larger balconies on Iona aren’t always the same on Arvia as you might expect. From looking at the deck plan, I can see that 12526 on Arvia has a regular size balcony. Jenni

      • Hi Jenni
        Your post was really good.
        We are staying in deck 15 inside forward cabin. 15205. We won’t be in it much but we do like our sleep ! Is this a quiet area. I have cruised before and had a noisy room near staff corridors!

  18. hello, we are first timers going on the 11th of March for my Husbands 40th 🙂
    we have selected room 10.202 as advised by nice lady from P&0. she advised the front is a little more movement than the back but i was ok with the front. iv noticed that room number is a smaller balcony, will this mean there is a different inside layout and a lot smaller ? sorry for a silly question 🙂

  19. 14524 and 14527 seem to have larger balconies, but you have not mentioned these.
    14512 and 14515 seem to be the normal sized balconies.

    (I have booked one of the larger ones, so hope I’m right)!

    Great review – thank you.

    • Ah, thank you for spotting! I have corrected that now. Jenni

    • Have you been on your trip yet? I have booked one with the same shape balcony but on deck 15, I’m keen to know what the balcony was like

  20. I have had a email saying i have been upgraded. Was in 12206 now i am in 12704 is that a good upgrade.we are going 3rd of April

    • Sorr going 3 February not April

  21. Hi!

    We are travelling in a conservatory mini suite on Arvia in April. We are planning to bring a pushchair for our three year old. We used to stash it in the big open wardrobe but that doesn’t appear to be an option. Can you suggest where we will be able to store it?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Michaela, you’re right, there aren’t usually the same wardrobe areas on Arvia and P&O Cruises don’t allow you to leave them in the corridor outside your room as some other cruise lines do. If it folds up small, the best place is probably under the bed. Jenni

  22. We are booking 2 inside cabins on Ariva you have mentioned deck 9 is the best location which cabin numbers do you recommended
    also where do you embark in Southampton as i need to book parking

    Many thanks

      • Thank you this is helpful

  23. Hi, my First cruise for next year is booked and I’m already feeling stressed. I’m claustrophobic and suffer from motion sickness, I have booked a balcony room can you please advise, it states in my updates that I’m balcony fwd. can you please advise the best location with a sea view, no obstructions, and less movement to assist with motion sickness? will I need to call to upgrade?

    • Hi Kim. The best location for seasickness is low down and mid-ship. So that would be Deck 5 mid-ship. You can call to upgrade or if you used a travel agent then you can call them instead. I hope that helps. Jenni

      • Hi we have just booked the Greenland suite on Arvia.Is this a good choice?

  24. Can you tell us how to upgrade when on the ship and how much extra it will cost.

    • Hi Mick. As soon as you board (or after taking a look at your room), head to guest services and ask what other rooms are available. The price depends on what you’re upgrading from and to, how many people and the length of the cruise. We upgraded from the cheapest inside to a mid-ship balcony and it cost us £560 for a family of 4 for 2 weeks. This was much cheaper than if I would have done it at any point before the cruise. Jenni

      • Hi could you tell what is the best balcony with sea view. Just reading comments about deck 8. Looking at a saver one where you could be up graded to a better cabin. I have looked and it says deck 4/ 5 are best ones

  25. HI I have never cruised before and we are looking at the arviva for a caribbean cruise with friends.
    It will be our first experience – we are looking at deck plans is it better to go for a deluxe balcony rather than standard?
    Also cabin 14411 I notice has a slightly different shaped balcony is that a benefit as it looks as though it would be slightly bigger?
    Appreciate any help you can give

    • im on 11411 ive been informed its slightly bigger hope they are right

  26. Hi Cruise Mummy,
    Just wanted to say thanks for such a great article. So detailed, full of information and helpful… one of the best cruising websites I have come across.

    Thank you!

    • You’re most welcome! Thanks for reading. Jenni

  27. Hi thanks for all your info, really useful. We are just about to book Arvia but really apprehensive due to the awful reviews it received for its maiden voyage. We are looking to go in Aug do you think problems may have been sorted by then? We are looking at balcony. Can I ask what deck you were on. We are being offered 15 at the moment but notice this is one below Lido deck. Our first cruise.

    • Hi Mike. Yes, any issues were already solved by the end of the maiden voyage. You’ll be just fine. I was on Deck 14 but Deck 15 should be fine as well. Jenni

  28. Just booked for next year on Arvia 2 weeks to Caribbean for my 50th ! Has anyone cruised on this ship who can tell me what bathroom is like? I’m in a standard balcony room.

    • I had a balcony room on Arvia. Bathroom was nice. Shower cubicle with glass door, toilet, sink, lots of storage, fluffy white towels and white company toiletries. Enjoy your cruise!

  29. Some very useful information on here thanks for your information, I can now book a cabin with more confidence and hopefully an enjoyable cruise back to the Caribbean again.

    • Hi, the Standard balcony cabin bathroom is spacious. When not using the shower, push the shower door inside the cubicle. Much easier to move around. Get an over the door shoe hanging rack. Place over the bathroom inside door, very useful for toiletries, make-up, hair brushes and beauty products. All on hand. You can purchase (amazon) some extra strong metal magnet hooks to hang personal stuff, ie PJ’s next to bed, but make sure they are heavy duty ones. Absolute a must buy. Great space savers. Also use a over wardrobe velcro fastening fold down shelf, to put, sox, underwear, swim wear in. You will be greatful for the extra spaces and less cluttered. I bought all mine from Amazon. Sorry I’m a bit OCD. I also used the plastic vacuum storage bags for my suitcases. Fantastic as I’d never used them before. I got so much more in my case, plus i was underweight. Get the ones with a hand help pump, light as a feather, for repacking for home.

  30. Hello Cruise Mummy,

    We are looking to book onto the Arvia next year with 2 young children to one balcony cabin. In terms of bigger balconies, I have noticed some I have spotted which are not on your list. Such as 10526, 10525, 14524, 14527, 15526 and 15527 which are Midship nearer to thw Mid Aft end. Are these indeed larger balconies? Should I go for one of these?

  31. We booked Arvia over a year ago when no cabin numbers were being issued. We have been allocated one (8101) at the bow and on the promenade deck. Its looks like an awful cabin position for 2 older people; having no sea view and anyone can look straight into it – dreadful. P & O are refusing to change t. What can I do as we only have 2 weeks to sailing?

    • Hi Betty. So sorry to hear that. If there are more cabins available you can pay to upgrade, but if the cruise is full then you won’t be able to. Ask at Guest Services as soon as you board in case there have been any last-minute cancellations as you may be able to pay to upgrade to one of those. For future cruises, the Select Fare gives you the opportunity to choose your exact cabin number so you can avoid the undesirable ones. I hope that helps. Jenni

  32. Hi, my husband has booked the Ariva cruise for my 50th birthday, we set sail on 23rd Dec. However he hasn’t been sent our cabin number as yet, it’s all very confusing as this is our very first cruise.

    • Happy birthday! I shall be on that cruise too! You will receive it soon I’m sure, they are usually allocated a few weeks before. Enjoy your first cruise! Jenni

  33. Hi we sail February 2024 we are celebrating our Autistic daughters 50th birthday we are in cabin12228 we been told this is fine for her as she doesn’t like too many loud noses and likes to sit on balcony is this a good cabin

    Thanks .

  34. Hi, don’t suppose there is too much info out there about Arvia yet, we have booked room 14744, at the very back of the ship, I was surprised when I got the documents and it says the room is overlooked. Do you have any info on overlooked rooms?

  35. Hi Cruise mummy. My wife and I are sailing on Arvia maiden 9th Dec and having looked at your best and worst cabin listing settled on cabin 9321 being one of the largest balconies. Unfortunately our booking states this cabin is Shaded. Hmmm. Any way we are staying on for Xmas and new year and being joined by 6 grandchildren all in their mid 30,s and our Daughter Son and his wife. They have booked a Party bus transport them to the ship. . Looks like fun. Hope to see you on board. Jim H

    • Four weeks on board, that sounds amazing! Enjoy, and see you there! Jenni

  36. Hi any idea if 12618 cabin any good just booked it

  37. Just booked a suite for 2023 and been given 81109, after reading on your page and on others, will be calling them tomorrow to change or cancel. Thanks for the heads up.

  38. I have booked 2024 cruise in the Arvia have been allocated a cabin 4253 but can’t find on deck plan

  39. Sept 2024 1st very cruise
    It’s a 13 night on Ariva
    Can’t decide between a window or inside
    Don’t fancy a port hole
    What is better

    • The Outside Cabins usually have a pretty good sized window, not a porthole. If you want natural light and a bit of a view then I’d go with that, otherwise just save the money and go Inside instead.

  40. Hi,
    I have booked a cruise for our Golden Wedding Annivesary, sailing on the 30th April 2023. (14 Days).
    The booking confirmation states :- Grade GF/ Your cabin can be allocated anytime up to departure and once allocated cannot be changed.
    What if I need to change my cabin for any of the reasons you have given above. Eg; Noisy, lack of privacy or obstructed view.
    Will I be able to do this ??
    I have also booked Freedom Dining, is this an advantage ?

    • Hi Peter. If you book a Guarantee cabin then the only way to change it would be to upgrade your fare from Saver to Select and pay for it. But yes, it can be done. All dining is Freedom on Arvia, there are no set dining times so this doesn’t make any difference for your cruise. Enjoy! Jenni

  41. Hi. What can you tell us about 15109? I read somewhere about a mini bar but will this cost more? Thanks

  42. Hi read through your article on P/O ships and cabins found it very useful will be on Azura in May Malta and Greek Islands cruise love the Azura Ventura and Arcadia not really liking Britannia but still enjoyed the cruise love P/ O cruises best .

  43. Is they an accessible cabin for a family of 4? My little girl is in a wheelchair. Would be myself, husband and 2 daughters

    • Hi Louise. It would appear from the deck plan that all of the accessible rooms only accommodate two people and I can’t see inter-connecting options either, sorry. I would suggest speaking to P&O Cruises to see what they suggest. You may need to have two rooms with one adult and one child in each. Jenni

  44. Thanks for your information…we are new to cruising and we booked our recent one direct with p and o ..is it better to use a travel agent or direct or it is the same with either way
    Kind regards sarah

    • Hi Sarah. Great question! You can always get a cheaper price if you book with a travel agent and you also get the advantage of faster service if you need to amend you booking or have questions. I like to use Cruise118 when iI book my cruises as they offer a best price guarantee. Jenni

  45. Really worried about drinks packages (2 in one cabin seems unnecessary) – lack of trust!!!

    Also we are going on the Arvia Cruise on 23 December as a one off celebration for our GoldenWedding Anniversary and want everything to go perfectly.

    What are the things that can be ordered for when we arrive in the cabin.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jacquline, I’ll be on the same cruise as you on Arvia 🙂 Unfortunately, if they didn’t make it a requirement for both people to get a package, some people would end up sharing which would cost the cruise line money, so I can see why they do that. But yes, it can be annoying when one person doesn’t drink alcohol. When you log into your cruise planner here: https://my.pocruises.com/mycruise/login you’ll see a list of things that you can order for your cabin like chocolates, champagne, flowers etc. I hope you have a lovely anniversary! Jenni

      • Hi there. After the reams of complaints from customers that MSM have plastered across social media and the newspapers, how did you find the Maiden Voyage? I hope that it was not as bad as some suggest.

      • Hi Jenni, currently booked into a GB room (number 9519) 2 adults and 2 children. Just wondering whether you’d recommend upgrading to a deluxe balcony for more space or not? Also, have you any idea how much an upgrade would cost? Many thanks 😊

        • You can ask your travel agent (or P&O if you booked directly) how much the upgrade costs for your cruise and then decide. The cheapest way to do it is to go to guest services as soon as you board and ask there. You can have a quick look at your room first. There’s no guarantee of availability but you can save a LOT of money doing it that way. Jenni

    • It’s so people don’t share drinks which is understandable.
      They can’t take everybody’s word they won’t share.

      • As long as the 15 drinks per person is observed, I can’t see how P & O can lose out.

      • Love your articles and I’m going on Arvia 14thmay with my family…I’m sharing cabin no 4482 larger inside with twin beds for me and my daughter..worried about my tall 14yr old grandson in a sofa bed and space..help please with info thanks Bubblestrixie2.

        • Hi Janet. The sofa bed is a full-size single bed. When I’ve cruised with friends with four adults in a cabin we have used these with no problem, unless he’s over 6 foot he will be just fine. Jenni

  46. Booking the Saver Fare costs a little more.
    Small error. Should read
    “Select” rather than “saver”.
    Thanks for the article.

    • Ah, thanks so much for spotting! I’ve fixed it. Jenni

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