P&O Ventura Cabins to Avoid!

When you book a cruise with P&O Cruises, you have the option to choose your cabin number (if you book Select Fare, that is – if you book a Saver Fare it will be chosen for you).

So, how do you know which cabin number to pick to make sure you get a good one? What are the best cabins on Ventura? And which are the P&O Ventura cabins to avoid? Read on to find out.

Ventura cabins to avoid

I’ve read Ventura cabin reviews from hundreds of people who’ve cruised on this ship and I’ve studied P&O Cruises’ deck plans carefully to pull together all the information about which are the best and worst cabins on Ventura.

During my research, I noted that the vast majority of people who have cruised on Ventura were very happy with their cabins. However, there are a few cabins on Ventura that you may want to avoid.

Ventura Cabins

Ventura has 1,555 cabins which can accommodate between 3,106 and 3,727 passengers, depending on how many extra beds are in use. The ship has inside cabins, outside cabins, balcony cabins and luxury suites.

Ventura has 18 decks and nine of them have cabins. Ventura’s cabins are located on the Lido Deck, Riviera Deck, A Deck, B Deck, C Deck, D Deck, E Deck, and P Deck.

The decks on Ventura have letters and names, and each deck also has a corresponding number. Deck 5 is the lowest deck and Deck 19 is the highest. This makes it easy to use the Ventura deck plan to find your cabin.

The table below shows which cabin types are available on each deck on Ventura

Deck NumberDeck NameCabin Types
5 P Deck Inside, Outside
6 F Deck Inside (single), Outside (single)
7 Prom Deck None
8 E Deck Inside, Outside, Balcony, Superior Deluxe Balcony, Suite
9 D Deck Inside, Balcony, Superior Deluxe Balcony, Suite
10 C Deck Inside, Balcony, Suite
11 B Deck Inside, Balcony
12 A Deck Inside, Balcony, Suite
14 Riviera Deck Inside, Large Inside, Outside, Balcony, Suite
15 Lido Deck Inside, Outside, Balcony, Suite
16 Sun Deck None
17 Sports Deck None
18 Sky Deck None
19 Cirque Deck None
Balcony cabin A523 on Ventura
Balcony cabin A523
Photo credit: Tracy Bates

Ventura Cabin Sizes

Cabins on Ventura come in various sizes:

  • Inside – 172 square feet – This is a room for two to four people with no windows
  • Inside (single) – 130 square feet – This is a room for one person with no windows
  • Outside – 153-166 square feet – This is a room for two to four people with a window
  • Outside (partially obstructed view) – 155-261 square feet – This is a room for two to four people with a window
  • Outside (totally obstructed view) – 167-261 square feet – This is a room for two to four people with a window
  • Outside (single) – 130 square feet – This is a room for one person with a window
  • Balcony – 233-263 square feet – This is a room for two to four people with a balcony
  • Superior Deluxe Balcony – 314 square feet – This is a deluxe room for two to four people with a large balcony
  • Suite – 449-451 square feet – A large room for up to five people with a separate lounge area, dressing area and large balcony

Inside cabins on Ventura are roughly all the same size. Interestingly, the other cabin types, such as outside and balcony, vary quite a lot. The outside cabins with partially obstructed views vary the most, as they can be anywhere between 155 square feet and 261 square feet. That’s almost twice as large!

However, it’s worth noting that the outside cabins at the front of the ship have a sloping wall with the window on, similar to what you might see in an attic bedroom.

This means that all the space isn’t useable as you can’t stand up by the window. These types of cabins aren’t as spacious as they sound on paper, but are great for providing extra space for young children to play.

Of course, size isn’t everything. And when people book suites they don’t usually do it just for the extra space. P&O Cruise also offers some very generous benefits to suite guests.

The Worst Cabins on Ventura

Like every cruise ship, there are some cabins to avoid on Ventura. These may be noisy, have a less-than-perfect balcony, or be in a poor location on the ship.

To help you avoid the worst cruise cabins, I have a free checklist that shows you what to look out for. If you’d like a copy, just leave your email address below and it will be sent straight to your inbox.

1. Noisy Cabins on Ventura

Out of everyone who left a negative review of their cabin on Ventura, the thing that seemed to bother people the most was noise. Ventura is fairly old for a cruise ship (she was built in 2006) and so may not be quite as insulated as some of the more modern ships.

Whilst most cabins on Ventura were reported as being very quiet, there are some locations on the ship which can be a little noisy at certain times.

It’s important to remember that noise complaints are always subjective. People who go to bed early are likely to be disturbed if they choose a cabin above a nightclub. Whereas those who like to sleep in may be woken early by the sound of sun loungers being moved by the pool in the morning.

The noisiest cabins on Ventura

E101-E204: These cabins are directly above the Arena Theatre and music can be heard in these rooms during performances. Performances usually go on until 11.30 pm most evenings, so if you plan on heading to bed before this time, you should avoid these cabins. If you tend to stay up later than this, you won’t have a problem.

E720, E722, E724, E726, E728, E730: The cabins are directly above the Havana nightclub and specifically, directly above the speakers which are on the ceiling of Havana. Havana is a late-night venue and the music continues until at least 1 am and sometimes as late as 3 am, depending on the cruise. As well as being able to hear the music, cruisers have reported that vibrations from the speakers can make the coat hangers in the wardrobe clatter together in the night. However, the music really isn’t that loud through the ceiling, so unless you need perfect silence to sleep, most people will be just fine here.

Balcony cabins and suites R321 – R523: These cabins and suites are all directly below the sunbathing area on the Lido Deck. This means that you may hear some noise when sun loungers are being moved early in the morning. The pool deck staff have been trained not to drag them across the floor, but most passengers wouldn’t think about this. If you like to sleep in late, I would avoid these cabins.

2. Windy Cabins on Ventura

D105, D106, D109, D110: These suites and balcony cabins are right at the front corner of the ship, beneath the bridge. The reason why cruise ships don’t have balconies facing forward is that it would be too windy. These balconies are on each side, but because they are so far forward, they can be incredibly windy to the point of being unusable when the ship is moving. However, there is no problem when the ship is in port.

Ventura windy balcony cabins
Windy balconies under the bridge

3. Ventura Cabins with Fixed Twin Beds

D101, D102, P201, P202, P203, P204, P205, P206, P207, P208, P209, P210, P211, P214, P217, P218, P221, P222, P225, P226, P229, P230, P233, P234, P323, P324, P325, P328: These cabins have fixed twin beds which cannot be converted into a double. If you prefer single beds then you’ll have no problem. But for couples who prefer to share a bed during their holiday, you’ll want to avoid these cabins.

Ventura inside cabin with twin beds B525
Inside cabin B525
Photo credit: Karina Pearson

4. Ventura Cabins Near the Smoking Areas

No reports of affected cabins!

On many cruise ships, you’ll find balcony cabins which are located directly above smoking areas. This can be very unpleasant for anyone who wants to sit out on their balcony if they can smell cigarette smoke drifting up.

On Ventura, the location of smoking areas has changed many times over the years. On recent cruises, the location of smoking areas on Ventura have been:

  • Prom Deck – All along the starboard side
  • Prom Deck – Port side between The Tamarind Club and The Red Bar
  • Lido Deck – Starboard side of the Terrace Bar
  • Sun Deck – Starboard side of Breakers Bar 

Suggested read: 7 easy ways to remember port and starboard

These smoking areas have all been carefully positioned so that they are not below balconies so nobody should be affected by smoke.

If you’re a smoker, choosing a cabin near a smoking area can be a great idea. Smoking in your cabin and on your balcony is prohibited, so by choosing a cabin that’s near the smoking area, you won’t have far to travel if you want a cigarette when you first wake up or before you go to bed.

5. Ventura Cabins with Overlooked Balconies

All Superior Deluxe balconies on D Deck: If you want privacy on your balcony, you should avoid Ventura balcony cabins on D Deck. These Superior Deluxe balconies are positioned on an overhang above the lifeboats. Whilst this does mean that they are larger than standard balconies, it does mean that everyone above you can look down on to your balcony.

Superior Deluxe cabin D503
Photo credit: Sue Walker-Scott

Personally, I don’t think that these are the worst Ventura cruise ship cabins. Having an overlooked balcony wouldn’t bother me one bit. I can’t imagine what I would be doing out there that I wouldn’t want anyone to see!

But, if you want a Superior Deluxe balcony which isn’t overlooked, you should instead choose one on E Deck. (Tip: Go for the starboard side so as not to be disturbed by noise from the nightclub.)

All balcony cabins on C Deck: C Deck balconies are partially overlooked from the decks above. However, they are the biggest standard balconies on the ship at 9ft by 9ft and have a ceiling overhang to cover the first five feet so they do offer some privacy.

With these cabins, you need to weigh up whether you would like a larger balcony which is partly overlooked, or a smaller balcony with privacy, for the same price. If you would rather have a larger balcony, stick with C Deck. You can always sit by the balcony door if you insist on not getting dressed! If you value your privacy more than space, choose a balcony cabin on B Deck or above and you won’t be overlooked at all.

6. Ventura Cabins with Shaded Balconies

A201, A202, A203, A204: These cabins are shaded by the deck above.

All balcony cabins and suites on Riviera Deck: The deck above overhangs the Riviera Deck, so every balcony on this deck will be in the shade.

Balcony cabins L218-L312: The deck above overhangs much of the Lido Deck, so these balconies will be in the shade.

If you love to sunbathe on your balcony, you’ll probably want to avoid balconies that don’t get any direct sunshine on to them. However, if you prefer to sit in the shade, one of these could be ideal. On a cold-weather cruise, you probably won’t notice if your balcony is in the shade or not, and the overhang may even help to keep some of the rain off!

7. Ventura Cabins in Awkward Locations

Any number under 300: The lowest numbered cabins are towards the front of the ship. This is at the opposite end of the ship to The Reef kids’ club. If you don’t have kids, this won’t matter at all, but for parents who plan to take their children to the kids’ club multiple times per day, it can be a little inconvenient to have a cabin that’s very far away.

If your children are likely to fall asleep watching a film in the kids’ club in the evening, you’re probably going to have to carry them to bed. Walking the full length of a ship carrying a sleeping child whilst you’re wearing a ballgown and heels isn’t the most fun. Trust me, I’ve done it!

Ventura inside cabin A217
Inside cabin A217
Photo credit: Andrea Kitts

At the back (also known as the ‘aft’) of Ventura, you’ll find the buffet restaurant, the main dining rooms, Havana nightclub, the Terrace Pool, the Terrace Bar and The Epicurean restaurant. At the front of the ship are the theatre, the spa, the gym and The Retreat. If you struggle to walk long distances, your best bet is to choose a cabin which is as close as possible to the mid-ship lifts.

8. Ventura Cabins Which Could Make You Seasick.

L101-L250, R201-R250, R718-R751, A 201-A217, A746-A753: If you’re prone to seasickness, you want to avoid cabins at the front and back of the highest decks of the ship. This is where most movement can be felt. The best locations where you’ll feel the least movement are mid-ship on the lower decks.

Whether you can feel the ship move depends very much on where you’re cruising to, the time of year and the weather. Cruises which travel around the Bay of Biscay (between France and Spain), particularly in the autumn and winter, tend to have a reputation for having rough seas. However, this doesn’t mean that this will happen on your cruise or that you will feel seasick.

Ventura’s Obstructed View Cabins

An obstructed view cabin is one which has a part of the ship blocking all or part of your sea view. Obstructed view cabins can be outside cabins with windows or balconies. On Ventura, all the obstructed view cabins are outside (window) cabins.

On Ventura, the lifeboats are stored on E Deck, outside the cabin windows. Depending on which E Deck cabin you choose, you may have a clear view between the lifeboats, a partially obstructed view or a view which is totally blocked by a lifeboat.

How Much Can You See Out of an Obstructed View Window?

View obstructions vary from a lifeboat completely blocking the window to the extent where you can’t see anything else, to just a thin pole or some ropes outside the window. Photos of the views from most Ventura obstructed view cabins are available online.

Ventura partially obstructed view cabin E630
The partially obstructed view from cabin E630
Photo credit: Chris Nicholson

Is it a Good Idea to Nook an Obstructed View Cabin on Ventura?

An obstructed view will always be cheaper than a clear view. In some cases, it can even be cheaper to book an obstructed oceanview cabin than an inside cabin! When choosing any oceanview cabin, you should think about the value you place on having a window, and what you expect to see out of the window, to decide whether it’s worth the extra money or not.

If you have concerns about feeling claustrophobic in an inside cabin, or would like a balcony but don’t trust your children to behave on it, then an oceanview cabin can be a good idea.


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P&O Ventura Balcony Cabins

Ventura is unusual in that the balconies are different sizes depending on the deck you choose. This means that some are overlooked from above and some are shaded by the deck above.

Here’s a deck-by-deck guide to balcony cabins on Ventura:

  • Lido Deck – Most balconies are shaded, the worst deck for seasickness
  • Riviera Deck – All balconies are shaded
  • A Deck – The four balconies at the front of the ship are steel-fronted
  • B Deck – Standard balconies
  • C Deck – Larger balconies for the same price, but partially overlooked
  • D Deck – Superior Deluxe balconies, overlooked from above
  • E Deck – Superior Deluxe balconies, not overlooked, aft only

The Best Cabins on Ventura

Most of the reviews of cabins on Ventura are glowing. In fact, some cruisers loved their cabins so much that they booked the same cabin number again for another cruise!

Best Inside Cabins on Ventura

“Inside cabin P243. Had it twice and had to settle for p239 next time as couldn’t get it for next Aug. Great location, quiet but close to the atrium and just past the art gallery.”

Ruth Palmer

“We’ve had B412, inside cabin, port side, three cruises running and booked the same cabin for our next cruise. It’s midship, so handy for the lifts from the Atrium.”

Ruth Grant

Best Outside Cabins on Ventura

“E418 says slight obstruction, just a pole. Booked same cabin this year”

Sandra Hopkins
E418 obstructed view cabin on Ventura
Cabin E418
Photo credit: Sandra Hopkins

Best Balcony Cabins on Ventura

“C530. Absolutely loved it. Huge balcony. We have booked it again for next year,”

Yas Firth
Cabin C530 with large balcony on Ventura
Cabin C530
Photo credit: Yas Firth

“R209 with balcony almost right at the bow and high. It was superb! The captain and bridge crew wave to you every morning and night.”

Bronnie Paterson

Best Suites on Ventura

“My husband and I stayed in R415 (Ellora Suite). We LOVED it! Fantastic big balcony, bottle of champagne and choccies on arrival and canapes every evening from the Butler who was brilliant (lots of information on what to do and where to go). It was close to the lifts but we didn’t hear the noise of people coming and going.”

Emma Vernon


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Ventura outside cabin E709
Outside cabin E709
Photo credit: Christine Frith

Have You Cruised on Ventura?

Please feel free to leave a cabin review in the comments below so that I can update this article with more information and help more UK cruisers book the best cabins on Ventura.

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  1. We had an accessible inside cabin A312 from the 11th Feb 2024 until17th of March 2024 the cabin was fine but every morning between 6.30 and 7.00 we were woken up as it is next door and has an adjoining wall to the room where the service trollies are loaded with the things needed to replenish the cabins including glasses, cups which would rattle together also a fair bit of banging not sure why which is ok if you do not mind the early mornings.

  2. cabin L303 any thoughts please

  3. Hi we are going on the Ventura (first time cruisers), 25th May 2024. I along with my wife and 17 yr old sun and have a boked balcony cabin on deck 11, my question is will it have enough space ??

    • Yes, you’ll be absolutely fine in a balcony cabin. You may wish to invest in a large shower curtain and magnetic hooks if you wish to divide the room between the bed and the sofa bed. Jenni

  4. We are going on the Venture in July next year and have been allocated cabin B706. Has anyone got any information regarding this cabin ie. noisy, windy, overlooked etc. Any help would be gratefully received as it is our first cruise.

  5. Going on Venture in July next year and has been allocated B706. Any information about this cabin i.e. view, noise, overlooked or windy. Any help would be grateful as it is our first cruise.

  6. I have cabin b757 any feedback

  7. I have stayed in E725 twice and E729 once. Can confirm no noise from Havana. However you can get a lot of vibration when manoeuvring hard going into and out of port. So possibility of some early wake ups coming alongside, I never found it a problem though. Great for carrying sleepy son from Kids club, not so great from theatre.. Helped with the warm up and cool down from gym, no lifts used.. The balcony doors can be opened if you have family either side as we did one cruise when my son was 2.

  8. Hi All

    I paid to choose my cabin mid deck Rivièra freedom dining, I have been upgraded to deck 10 mid aft I am so upset but P & O customer services so unhelpful they said it was my fault for ticking yea to upgrade but I don’t understand how it is an upgrade, even you have stated inside cabins all pretty similar, am I stressing too much ? Any feedback to make me feel better welcome as I feel so down I’m considering not going

  9. Hi. We are stopping in room B607 Ventura September 2024. Can I ask is this a good room. Also is it true you have to pay for the adults only pool. Thanks Tracy

  10. We have been allocated cabin E734 and we are really pleased as we love the aft. I’d welcome peoples thoughts on it though as it is near to some of the cabins that are recommended to avoid. Thank you.

  11. E106… ventura..
    .good or bad cabin..??

  12. Hi have booked e220 on venture for next September can you tell me if any good or should see if I could change. It will be mine and my sisters first cruise I have read lots but still no clue if any good or not .

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  15. Cabin l206 , any feedback pls

  16. This is very helpful info.
    We recently sailed on P&O Iona. In Canin 5544
    We really enjoyed our time onboard but in the cabin the wardrobes are far to close to the bed, making it difficult to manoeuvre in & out of the wardrobe.

  17. love all the information regarding all ships I would like to say that I am traveling on the ventura this year summer and I have room D632 my agent has said that it is a very good cabin but I have also asked for a up grade was informed that i could be the same but with a k2 after the room number but do not know where this could be does any one know. Also she said that I do not have to take the room if I do not want it any help would be grateful thank you. Crazygran

    • P&O say if you agree to be upgraded your are unable to go back to your original

  18. E404 window cabin uninterrupted view

  19. On ventura

  20. I would like to say that there is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed on balconies and smoking is only allowed in the designated areas on Ventura and other P&O ships!
    I reported a couple on our last cruise for smoking on their balcony, they were spoken to and moved to an inside cabin.

  21. I along with my wife and two other couples sailed on Ventura the year it was launched, and have cruised with p&o many times, always inside cabins. There will always be noise on a ship wherever your cabin is situated, you tend to get used to it after a while. Sadly my wife died in 2018 so no more cruising for me due to the cost of single occupancy being the same price as a couple.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Alan. I do hope that you’re able to cruise again at some point. Jenni

  22. Stayed in cabin C519 on ventura lovely cabin mid ship huge balcony . Enjoyed it so much booked same cabin on Azura .

    • Hi, I agree wouldn’t cruise on Ventura and Azura if I couldn’t have C deck! Cruised on both many times.

  23. Room R601 Riviera Deck. Very good room except for the waterside cafe being right above you. Didn’t hear guests moving around but the crockery trolleys being pushed about was very bad, especially in the early hours of the morning when you are trying to sleep. We had to complain and it did stop.

  24. I totally agree with Riviera 334 being noisy with the chairs and people just walking on Lido deck. A great room though x

  25. My hubby and I were in cabin D114, It wasn’t windy at all, we sat on the balcony a lot , evenings and day, no wind whatsoever , the cabin was beautiful clean and would book that cabin again, we loved it.

    • We are going on Venture in June we have read that the cabin we have been allocated no d115 are very windy how do we find if this is true

      • There are some very useful Facebook groups linked at the bottom of this post where you can search for info on specific cabin numbers. I’d try there. Jenni

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