The 12 Best Adults-Only All-Inclusive Cruises

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If you are travelling without children and you want your cruise to be the most relaxing that it can be, you’re best looking for adults-only sailings. That way, you don’t have to worry about kids taking over the pool, being loud in restaurants, or anything else that you could find a little less pleasant.

Even better is to book an all-inclusive adults-only cruise – that way, you don’t have to also spend your days wondering whether you should be spending more on that next drink, or whether you need to tip someone or not for the service.

So, I’ve pulled together the best options for an all-inclusive, adults-only cruise, so that you can browse and find the cruise line that best fits your tastes. For each, I’ve given an approximate average cruise fare for a 7-night cruise in Europe.

1. Saga

Cruise mummy taking a pic with Saga Spirit of Discovery
  • Typical Age Range: 60+
  • Cruise Style: British
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £2,200pp

Saga Cruises is one of the most well-known adults-only cruise lines for British guests, having a very clear policy – guests must be 50 years or older to book, although a 40+ year old can cruise if they’re travelling with someone over 50.

The style of cruising is British and very relaxed – don’t expect to be dancing in nightclubs all night! There are still plenty of good entertainment options onboard but the vibe is very much one of relaxation and calm – it’s all about recharging the batteries and seeing the world.

Saga’s cruise fares include all dining onboard (including speciality restaurants), your WiFi and your tips, but more as well – you also get your drinks covered (including premium spirits and wines), travel insurance, and a complimentary chauffeur service to get you to the port. 

Your shore excursions are also covered in the fare, letting you tour each destination with expert guides – there is a choice of options at every destination. Everything is taken care of – there’s not a penny extra to pay. Fares with Saga tend to be higher than with regular cruise lines, but that’s because so much is included.

2. Viking

Viking cruise ship
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Luxury
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £3,000pp

Viking took its river cruise concept (more on that later) and brought it to the oceans in 2015, and has since expanded to a fleet with 10 ships that travel all over the world. The ships are beautifully modern and well-appointed, offering a truly relaxing escape.

The ships are all adults-only. Children are not permitted onboard. While adults of any age are welcome, the average age tends to be over 50.

Viking cruises are aimed at people who want to experience culture, and so are more interested in touring destinations more actively, walking through cities, or sampling the local food and wine options.

You get a lot included in your cruise fare with Viking, too. All fares include beer, wine and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner, along with complimentary teas, coffees and bottled water at any time. You’ll enjoy free WiFi, speciality dining and your gratuities will be covered too.

Viking is another cruise line that includes excursions – one per port, though there will be others you can choose from for an additional fee. All Viking cruise fares include return flights from London or selected regional airports, too. Prices are high to reflect the exclusive feel of the ships, and the all-inclusive nature of the fares. 

3. Marella Cruises

Marella Explorer 2
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: British
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £1,000pp

Marella Cruises is owned by the TUI Group, specialists in holidays for all ages. But of the fleet of five ships, one is reserved as an adults-only haven – Marella Explorer 2. This feature-packed ship has plenty of bars and restaurants onboard along with a golf simulator, a casino and more.

The ship is another that tends to attract older adults, though it has a more casual British atmosphere than some of the other cruise lines on this list. It’s still a relaxed ambience and good for anyone who likes their home comforts to be mixed into their tropical cruise experience.

Marella Cruises advertises itself as all-inclusive, but you need to be careful – not everything is included as part of the standard fare. You get some drinks, but premium drinks cost extra. WiFi isn’t included, but you can pay for single-day access, and it’s cheap. Some restaurants also come with an additional charge, too.

While it’s not completely all-inclusive, Marella is still a popular cruise line, and Marella Explorer 2 offers a peaceful retreat for adults who want to escape the busier family ships.

Marella’s cruise fares are cheaper than luxury cruise lines, but will appear more expensive than a regular British cruise – remember that flights and drinks are included, and you’ll realise they offer great value.


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4. P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises adult only ship Aurora
  • Typical Age Range: 40+
  • Cruise Style: British
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £900pp without drinks

While P&O Cruises is typically a family-friendly cruise line, there are two ships reserved just for adults only – Arcadia and Aurora. The other ships in the fleet do have plenty of tranquil adults-only spaces, but if you absolutely want a child-free escape, it’s Arcadia or Aurora that you want to book.

The atmosphere on a P&O Cruises ship is very relaxed, with the ships clearly tailored to a British audience. There’s plenty to enjoy onboard throughout the day and at night, and while P&O ships will often have a lot of guests aged 60+, there will be younger adults onboard as well.

P&O Cruises isn’t an all-inclusive cruise line by default, but I’ve added it to this list because you can easily make it into a more inclusive cruise. You’ll get your accommodation, your standard dining and your entertainment included along with gratuities – there’s no need to pay extra for those.

So it’s just the drinks package and WiFi package that you’ll need to add on if you want everything covered. Shore excursions are an extra cost, too, though in many ports you can just walk off the ship and explore on your own.

5. Ambassador Cruise Line

Cruise mummy taking a selfie with Ambassador Cruise ship
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: British
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £1,000pp without drinks

Ambassador is the newest cruise line on this list, and it’s another British line, with two ships that sail from a range of ports around the UK.

Most cruises on both ships are adults-only – there are some cruises during school holidays that are designated as “multi-generational” but these are limited, with a view to keeping most sailings child-free.

The ships have been newly renovated as they joined the fleet so the feel of the decor is very contemporary, but the atmosphere onboard is still the typical relaxed one from a British cruise. 

Ambassador is another cruise line that technically isn’t all-inclusive by default, and you do need to pay for your drinks, WiFi and gratuities if you just pay the standard fare. However, these can all be booked and paid for in advance, so you can make the cruise all-inclusive if you wish by adding on a drink package.

And I’ve included it since it’s another modern British cruise line for adults only, so it’s worth considering.

6. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Ultra-Luxury
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £4,500pp

If you’re looking for an exclusive cruise line that offers one of the most luxurious holidays possible – not just at sea, but including land hotels – then a Regent Seven Seas ship could be perfect.

Technically, Regent’s cruises are not adults-only – children are permitted to travel. Yet you’ll rarely ever since anyone under 18 on the ships because they are not designed for younger guests. There aren’t any kids’ clubs, nor are there any water slides or other activities they would enjoy.

Instead, the atmosphere is very much one of opulence. The ships are beautifully and decadently appointed, and guests who cruise on Regent are very much used to the finer things in life. It’s best suited to anyone who enjoys that real luxury feel to their vacations.

Regent’s ultra-luxury cruises are all-inclusive – there are zero extras to pay. Your flights are included in the fare, upgraded to Business Class for select sailings. Transfers, WiFi, all drinks (including fine wines and Champagnes), unlimited shore excursions, gratuities and valet laundry are all covered. It really is a special experience.  

7. Silversea

Silversea Silver Dawn
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Ultra-Luxury
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £4,500pp

Silversea offers a very similar adults-only experience to Regent Seven Seas – the fleet is ultra-luxury, and while children are technically accepted onboard, there are no facilities on offer especially for them, and the cruise line may also restrict the number of children under the age of three on sailings.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see children on Silverseas ships. Instead, you’ll be relaxing with other adults who enjoy a luxury experience – typically with an average age of around 60, though there will be some 40+ year-olds as well.

There are also the Silversea Expeditions ships to consider – these are smaller ships again that are specifically designed to explore parts of the world that larger ships can’t reach. The atmosphere is still luxurious, but expect to share your cruise with more adventurous types who want to see the world, rather than lounge by the pool sipping champagne.

Silversea offers two types of fare – door-to-door and port-to-port. Each includes all your drinks, food, gratuities and fine service onboard, with each suite having a butler. Shore excursions are also included, even on Expedition ships. Choosing a door-to-door fare includes your flights and transfers from your home, too.

8. Seabourn

Seabourn cruise ship
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Ultra-Luxury
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £4,500pp

Seabourn is another of the traditional ultra-luxury cruise lines that offers small ships, opulent decor, and incredible service. It’s another cruise line that you should consider if you want to enjoy a finer cruise, with some of the most attentive crew at sea.

Just like with Regent Seven Seas and Silversea, children are technically welcomed on Seabourn cruises, but they aren’t catered for in any special way, except for one – Seabourn’s excursions are not always included in your fare, but children can enjoy them for free alongside paying adults.

Still, that one concession for children doesn’t tend to reflect in many families booking – the ships are very much designed with an adults-only audience in mind. Seabourn is another cruise line with an expeditions fleet too, should you wish to go on a more adventurous itinerary.

Except for excursions, almost everything is included in your fare, although whether or not flights are included depends on the individual cruise. But expect your dining, WiFi, gratuities, select experiences ashore and more to be covered, along with little touches like complimentary caviar throughout the cruise. 

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9. Oceania Cruises

Oceania Sirena
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Premium Luxury
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £ 3,500pp

Oceania Cruises has a reputation for offering the finest dining at sea – so if you’re looking to travel with fellow gourmands, it’s an excellent choice.

Oceania’s policy on children is similar to that of the ultra-luxury cruise lines – they’re welcome onboard, but there’s nothing entertaining for them to do unless they enjoy being in the company of adults and touring the world. Oceania’s speciality may be dining, but that doesn’t extend to a wide range of kids’ menus.

Whether or not Oceania’s cruises are all-inclusive depends on the fare you book, but most cruises are now available under the ‘simply MORE’ fare, which essentially covers everything. You’ll get all your dining, your tips and your airfare included along with transfers, along with a House Select beverage package, which includes more drinks during lunch and dinner.

Shore excursions aren’t completely free but the fare will include a credit towards them, which will cover you in at least a couple of ports, depending on the specific excursions you choose.

10. Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady
  • Typical Age Range: 30+
  • Cruise Style: Modern Premium
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £1,200pp

Virgin Voyages is one of the newest cruise lines in the world, though it’s quickly become established as a popular option. It’s an adults-only cruise line, so there’s no risk of running into families onboard.

The atmosphere is different to many other lines – it tends to have a much younger mix of adults onboard, and it’s a lot more lively – if you’re in your 20s or 30s and you want a party cruise line, then this is a great choice – there’s still fantastic food and service, but with more themed nights and venues to dance the evening away.

Virgin isn’t all-inclusive though, and you can’t buy a drinks package – but you can pre-pay a bar bill if you want to, by adding set amounts to your onboard spend.

I wanted to include it because it offers such a different onboard experience compared to other cruise lines, so while you do have to pay extra for your drinks, your WiFi and gratuities are at least covered in the fare.

11. Emerald Cruises

Emerald Azzura
  • Typical Age Range: 40+
  • Cruise Style: Luxury Yacht
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £4,000pp

Similar to Viking, Emerald Cruises is another line that started out offering river cruises and has now moved onto an ocean cruise offering, with two ‘yachts’. Sailing to a wide range of destinations, these stunning modern ships are fantastic for an adults-only cruise.

And just like the river cruising arm of the company, children are accepted onboard the ships but they aren’t tailored to, and so the experience is much more suited to adults only. The guests on Emerald tend to be slightly younger than other luxury lines, on average, typically between 40 and 60.

Emerald’s cruises include everything – return flights from London Heathrow (with regional departures available on request), transfers, drinks during lunch and dinner, WiFi, tips and excursions. There are some additional-cost excursions you can opt for if you prefer, but there will always be a free option.

12. Scenic Ocean Cruises

Scenic Eclipse
  • Typical Age Range: 50+
  • Cruise Style: Ultra-Luxury Yacht
  • Average 7-night cruise fare: £5,000pp

Scenic is another cruise line that has transitioned from the rivers of the world to the oceans, and it offers a very similar experience to Emerald – expect contemporary small ships that are beautiful and luxurious, and great for exploring smaller ports that other cruise lines can’t get you to.

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Indeed, Scenic actually owns Emerald, with Emerald being the slightly cheaper option, although still very premium. Scenic is the ultra-luxury choice if you want to explore the world, so choose this cruise line if you want some of the finest dining and service at sea.

Inclusions are similar, except that with Scenic, you get all of your excursions covered, even the tailored ones that offer a more in-depth experience. 

River Cruise Lines

It’s also worth thinking about a river cruise if you want an all-inclusive experience. Only a small number of river cruise lines cater to families, and even then, it is usually only certain ships.

Viking Kara

Most river cruises are very much aimed at adults-only audiences, and they usually include all of your dining, your drinks with lunch and dinner, WiFi access, and tips. 

If you want to get right to the heart of some wonderful cities, and you aren’t chasing the tropical getaway with beaches and high temperatures, then a river cruise could be the ideal option for an all-inclusive, adult-only escape.

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Final Word

Those are your options for an adults-only all-inclusive cruise – there’s bound to be at least one cruise line that suits you.

Remember that sometimes, “all-inclusive” doesn’t actually cover everything, so always be careful when booking so you know exactly what you’re getting.

But otherwise, enjoy your peaceful all-inclusive cruise without the kids running around!

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