P&O Cruises Wifi: Costs & How To Buy

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P&O Cruises don’t include wifi, so if you want to use the internet while at sea, you’ll need to pay for wifi.

In this guide, I’ll show you all of the P&O Cruises internet packages and how to buy them, so that you can access the internet during your cruise without spending any more than you need to.

P&O Cruises wifi
Me using the wifi on P&O Cruises’ Iona

Do You Need Wifi On A Cruise?

Before you go ahead and buy a wifi package, let’s think about whether you actually need one or not…

Can you use mobile data?

Whenever the ship is docked, you’ll usually be able to access 3G, 4G or 5G data. Even since Brexit, many mobile phone providers let you use your standard data allowance in Europe for no extra cost.

Outside of Europe, you’ll likely have to pay for data on your phone. But this doesn’t always cost a lot, so be sure to check with your mobile network before you go.

You can also use mobile data while at sea, but I definitely would not recommend that. Once the ship leaves port, your phone will connect to a maritime network and it will cost you a lot.

You can understand how much data roaming at sea costs and why here: How to Avoid Roaming Charges on a Cruise.

Can you switch off on sea days?

Unless you have a family member or urgent business to worry about back home, you might consider turning your phone off while your ship is at sea.

Most cruises have no more than two consecutive sea days and it can be great to spend time connecting with the people you’re with without looking at your phone.

If there’s ever an emergency at home, your family members would be able to contact the ship and pass on a message.

You can still use the My Holiday planner

During your cruise, you can use P&O Cruises’ My Holiday planner to view your onboard account, make dining and theatre reservations, join virtual queues and book shore excursions.

The My Holiday planner isn’t an app, it’s a website. But you won’t need a wifi package to access it as you can do so using P&O Cruises’ limited free wifi. Just connect to ‘P&OCruises_Guest_WIFI’ and then use your browser to visit myholiday.pocruises.com.

P&O Cruises Wifi Packages

If you’ve decided that you would like to have internet access during your P&O Cruise, here’s how you can arrange that…

P&O Cruises offer three different wifi packages, plus a ‘Pay Per Minute’ option:

1. The Connect Package

Cost: £7.75 for 24 hours (or £6.75 per day for the whole cruise)

P&O Cruises’ Connect Package is only for social media and messages. So you can check your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as send messages via Whatsapp.

With this package, you won’t be able to check your emails or browse the web for information. Snap Chat is also banned.

2. The Browse Package

Cost: £12.50 for 24 hours (or £10 per day for the whole cruise)

The Browse Package allows you to browse the internet, send and receive emails and use social media and Whatsapp.

The only thing you can’t do is stream videos and music from sites like YouTube and Spotify. However, you can upload your own videos to social media.

3. The Works

Cost: £24.95 for 24 hours (or £20 per day for the whole cruise)

With the top package there are no limitations to what you want to use the internet for. So you can stream music and videos, make video calls, browse the whole internet and access all social media sites.

4. Pay As You Go

Cost: 65p per minute

If you only need to use the internet for a few minutes then you can ‘Pay As You Go’ instead of buying a package.

If you use ‘Pay As You Go’ for 20 minutes or more in a day, then it would be better value to get the Browse Package for £12.50. You also need to remember to log out once you’re done, as otherwise, you will stay connected for 30 minutes before being logged out automatically.

When To Buy P&O Wifi: Before or During Your Cruise?

If you intend to buy the Browse Package for your whole cruise, then you may benefit from buying it before your cruise.

Buying wifi before you cruise

According to the FAQ section on the P&O Cruises’ website, you can save up to 15% when you buy the Browse Package before your cruise. The pre-cruise price is from £28 for a 3-day cruise, up to £246 for a 30-day cruise.

However, when I’ve logged into the P&O Cruises Planner, the option to pre-purchase wifi hasn’t been available. So I’m not sure if this offer has been discontinued, or if it’s just not available for my cruise.

Buying wifi on board

Once you’re onboard your P&O Cruises ship, it’s easy to buy a wifi package. Just open the My Holiday planner and navigate to wifi.

There, you’ll see all of the wifi options along with prices. Just tap the one you want and it will be billed to your onboard account.

Here’s what that looks like…

how to buy wifi on board P&O ship

When I’ve bought wifi on P&O Cruises, I’ve only needed it on sea days so I’ve just bought it for 24 hours. I usually don’t buy it until the afternoon so that the following morning is also included in the 24-hour period.

What if you don’t have a smartphone?

Each P&O Cruises ship has a library with public computers that you can use to access the internet if you don’t have a working smartphone or tablet. These are open 24 hours per day.

Should you need to print anything off, you can do so in the library for 30p per sheet. A scanning service is also available at Guest Services.

Is P&O Cruises wifi worth it?

Wifi at sea is never as fast as the wifi that you’re used to at home. The speed that you’ll get depends on where you are on the ship and how many other people are using the wifi at the same time.

There are always wifi blackspots on cruise ships, so head to a public lounge if you want to be sure that you can get a good signal.

Personally, I don’t think that buying wifi for your whole cruise is worth it. There are lots more fun things to be doing on a cruise ship rather than looking at your phone! But, if you really need to stay in touch on sea days, then buying a P&O Cruises’ wifi package in 24-hour blocks is ideal.

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