6 Best Cruises For Swingers

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For some, enjoying a cruise comes from exploring the destinations, a show at the theatre and the food. For others, it’s about socialising with couples who share a similar openness towards adventurous sexual experiences and encounters.

Best Cruises For Swingers

Swingers cruises are a thing now

Known as ‘lifestyle cruises’, this is a unique niche within the cruise industry. Unlike standard cruises, some couples opt to go on special ‘swingers cruises’ where couples come aboard with a shared mindset and expectation.

Some of these may be nude cruises, where clothing is optional or themed cruises, where like-minded people spend time doing what they enjoy the most. 

Or they could even be regular adult-only cruises, where there may be specific groups for swingers to meet other like-minded people who may identify themselves with an upside-down pineapple or pink flamingo.

The Best Cruises for Swingers

The top-rated swingers cruises provide a playful yet secure setting where passengers can freely engage in their lifestyle, surrounded by fellow travellers who share their mindset.

So, if you’re looking to book a cruise for swingers, here are the top 6 cruise lines to explore.

1. Desire Cruises

Desire Cruises

On traditional cruises, passengers get to see the world. On a Desire cruise, you are exposed to quite a bit more.

A leader in the field, Desire offers couples-only, clothing-optional cruises. They provide provocative entertainment programmes, including spicy signature theme nights, couples workshops, pool parties, and meet and greets.

Desire Cruises entertainment

They also offer exclusive spaces to meet new couples, like clothing-optional pool areas and signature playrooms.

Reviews have mentioned that it is a very memorable vacation, along with the staterooms being great, the food being delicious, and that there are plenty of opportunities to relax and have a romantic holiday.

2. Bliss Cruise

Bliss Cruise

This over 21’s cruise line offers some of the most enticing swingers’ cruises out there with amenities such as clothing-optional pool areas and a lineup of erotic entertainment.

Bliss cruises are known to be a more relaxed vibe with a slightly older demographic compared to other swingers cruises. The age range for a passenger is usually between 45 to 55 years old. Typically, about 20% of passengers are under 45.

Bliss cruises often have a variety of themed nights, each offering a unique and social atmosphere. For instance, Sensual Athens is a relaxed event where guests are encouraged to dress as a casual version of themselves. The focus here is on meeting and mingling with other couples from around the world.

Bliss Cruise themed nights

Fantasy Land offers an immersive experience with a touch of magic and mystery. Guests are invited to dress up as their favourite fantasy creatures, such as fairies, unicorns or dragons. 

They offer a selection of adult cruises on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise ships which typically are for 5 to 7 nights. 

3. Temptation Cruises

Temptation Cruises

Temptation Cruises are designed to be a sensual experience for party-loving individuals and adventurous couples. With the tagline “Sexy by nature, naughty by choice”, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Temptation provides a slightly more laid-back experience, making it perfect for couples new to the lifestyle or those looking for a vibrant, energy-infused environment for the chic, confident and free-spirited traveller.

Temptation Cruises

They offer R-rated, adults-only activities and entertainment options. These include workshops and seminars led by world-renowned sexologists, Red Room for couples, pool parties and events and themed nights.

Reviews have suggested that Temptation Cruises are good value for your money, and they often include an alcohol package.

4. LLV 

Guests on LLV cruise

LLV Cruises is another newer choice for those looking for an adventurous cruise. They charter ships, such as Silversea’s Silver Wind. It caters for 240 guests, and the crew-to-guest ratio is almost 1-to-1, which means you’re always well looked after.

The rooms are a real treat. All offer sea views, have private balconies, and your own butler is on hand for any needs. Plus, each suite has a mini-bar and Wi-Fi that’s all included in your package.

Guests on LLV cruise

Their cruises are all-inclusive, meaning all your meals, drinks, and tips are covered from the start. So, there’s no hidden extra costs once you’re on the ship. The pool area is topless-optional, but it’s not a clothing-optional cruise overall.

5. Virgin Voyages

Guests on Virgin Voyages

While not explicitly a swingers cruise, Virgin Voyages are adult-only cruises and their ‘no kids allowed’ policy makes it a popular choice among swingers and adventurous couples. 

Virgin Voyages offer lively nightlife and mature-themed shows, such as on Scarlet Lady, a show called Never Sleep Alone, an interactive event led by a sex therapist.

Lick Me Till Ice Cream on Virgin Voyages

The overall feedback on Virgin Voyages is positive, with many guests expressing that their experiences surpassed their expectations.

The blend of an adults-only environment, good service, and a vast range of food across the ship’s restaurants leaves a lasting impression on all those who choose Virgin Voyages for their cruise.

6. Carnival

Guests on Mardi Gras summer landing pool

Carnival cruises are a great option for single cruisers, LGBTQ+ events and hosted meet-ups for solo travellers. They are known for their lively, fun atmosphere.

While they don’t offer specific swingers cruises, their adults-only areas offer a selection of places to meet others. 

There is also lots on offer. They have lots of entertainment, from live shows to comedy gigs and even casinos. You might also find their themed nights a highlight.

Carnival Vista Lido Deck Party

Finding other swingers on a Carnival cruise would be the same as for most other regular cruises, such as using the codes and symbols (upside-down pineapple or flamingo), dropping hints or joining online groups before you travel.

One thing to bear in mind is that Carnival cruises do have kids onboard, although there are some adult-only areas.

If you’re looking to book a Carnival cruise, you may also be interested in this article: How to get laid on a Carnival cruise.

How swingers cruises compare to regular cruises

Well, the key difference is the focus of the cruise. Dedicated swingers cruises, like those offered by Desire Cruises and Bliss Cruise, are designed explicitly for couples who wish to take part in the lifestyle. 

That being said, I personally haven’t embarked on a swingers cruise, it’s not my scene. However, I completely respect and understand that, for some, it’s a liberating choice.

What happens on a swingers cruise…

You might be picturing an ordinary cruise but with an extra dash of spice, right? Well, you’re not far off. 

Swingers cruises provide an inviting platform for couples to interact and engage with others who hold similar interests, all within a relaxed, holiday-like setting of a cruise ship.

While many swingers cruises cater primarily to couples, some do welcome singles. Some allow all single people, while others only permit solo females.

Your days can be filled with typical activities, such as lounging by the pool, enjoying the spa, or exploring port cities. But as the sun sets, the cruise transforms into an adult playground, with clothing-optional areas and private playrooms.

These cruises often host themed parties and provocative entertainment. What’s more, some cruise lines offer workshops for couples interested in exploring their boundaries or learning new things in a safe, judgement-free environment. 

Not all swingers cruises allow nudity. Some offer clothing-optional areas, but others may have specific dress codes. It’s important to check with each cruise line for their specific rules.

Remember, just like any other scenario, consent is paramount. All activities are entirely optional, meaning you can engage as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

And if you’re wondering about the passengers on these cruises – you’ll find a broad mix of couples, from those curious about the lifestyle to experienced swingers and everything in between. 

swingers on a cruise

How to find swingers on a regular cruise

Regular cruises with passengers not living a swingers lifestyle are often referred to as a ‘vanilla cruise’.

If you’re on a vanilla cruise and looking to meet swingers, there are a few signs and symbols known within the lifestyle to look out for. One of the most famous ones is the pineapple.

A pineapple left on a cruise ship door or even pineapple clothing or accessories can be an indication that someone is part of the lifestyle. 

pineapple cruise ship door
Photo: Ashley Wheeler Mikel

Another symbol is the pink flamingo, a common symbol for fun and frivolity that swingers have adopted.

But remember, subtlety and respect are key here. Not everyone on a regular cruise will be part of the community and may just like wearing colourful clothing with pineapples or pink flamingos.

Want to learn more about the lifestyle?

If you’re new to swinging, partner swapping or open relationships, or perhaps just a bit curious about it, you’ll find lots of information online.

Websites like SwingTowns.com can be a good place to start to find people in your area who are also looking for something fun and different.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a seasoned swinger or exploring the lifestyle, these cruises provide a variety of options to explore. They cater to an array of tastes and desires, providing a unique setting for adventure, fun, and romance.

However, if the swinger scene isn’t your cup of tea, and you prefer solo travel, rest assured that there’s an extensive selection of singles cruises to choose from as well.


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