The Best Nude & Clothing-Optional Cruises

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Ordinarily, going nude on a cruise ship (outside of the privacy of your own stateroom) isn’t allowed. However, there are a range of nudist, clothing-optional and lifestyle cruises that allow you to go naked in public should you wish.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best cruises for those who prefer to spend time textile-free.

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The Different Types of Naked Cruise

It’s important that you know that not all naked cruises are the same. Before you search for a nude cruise, you should be sure that you understand the distinctions to make sure that you end up on a ship with like-minded people.

  1. Nudist cruises – For naturists and people who like to be naked in a non-sexual way
  2. Lifestyle cruises – Also known as swingers cruises, these are couples cruises with an erotic nature

When booking a nude cruise, you need to decide if you’re a nudist or a swinger. There are options for both, and you won’t want to end up on the wrong ship!

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1. Nude cruises

Texas-based company Bare Necessities has been chartering cruise ships for bare-optional cruises since 1991 and is the leading provider of naturist cruises. The company supports the belief that social nudity is not a sexual activity and strives to dispel the misconception that it’s anything but natural and beautiful.

This way, you get a whole nude cruise ship rather than trying to have to hide the nudity activities from clothed guests who don’t want to be offended.

Nude cruises aren’t about sex, they’re about being comfortable in your own skin, without the restrictions of clothing. These cruises are popular with adults of all ages, shapes and sizes, so you can expect to find all sorts of people on board.

Naked cruising can be addictive. It’s reported that 70% of guests are repeat customers, so you may start to recognise regular cruisers if this is something that you do often.

While some nude cruisers do hook up, this must be done in a very discrete way. Anyone being overtly sexual could be kicked off the ship.

Most nude cruises are actually clothing optional. This means that you have the option to go nude if you wish, but you don’t have to. While most people will go naked, some remain clothed throughout as they book these cruises just to be sure that there will be no children on board.

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Also, there aren’t currently any gay nudist cruises on large cruise ships. However, the company Gay Sail arranges gay nude cruises on yachts and catamarans that hold up to 14 guests.

See for more info about these.

What about the crew?

On a nudist cruise, the crew will be fully clothed in their uniforms as usual. Cruise ship crew members are allowed to decline to work on a chartered nudist cruise if they find nudity to be offensive according to their culture or religion.

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2. Lifestyle cruises

When it comes to clothing-optional cruises for adventurous couples who want to meet up with like-minded others for a sexy getaway, there are two companies to consider – Desire Cruises and Bliss Cruise. Each of these companies charter ships for exclusive use and only permit heterosexual couples to sail.

If you’re a solo traveller, you should look at Temptation Cruises. With topless-optional areas, naughty pool parties and a party atmosphere, these are the best cruises for singles to hook up.

Desire Cruises promises ‘a world of erotic pleasure’. As you cruise to exotic destinations in Europe or South America, you’ll enjoy endless erotic events, seductive entertainment and a sexually-charged atmosphere with drinks included.

Another option for adults-only lifestyle cruises is a Bliss Cruise, which also offers swingers cruises departing from the United States.

It’s best to choose one of these themed cruises if you want to swing on a cruise, to avoid causing offense on a regular cruise. While the upside down pineapple can be a sign of swinging on a regular cruise, it isn’t always known!

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If you want to meet with other couples for adult fun, then clothing-optional swingers cruises offer just that. These include a whole host of activities to get your pulse racing, including sexy themed parties, erotic movie showings and couples workshops.

On these cruises, sex in public is allowed within the designated ‘playrooms’. Of course, you can also do it in the privacy of your stateroom, or on your balcony.

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The bottom line

When it comes to nude cruises, the first thing you need to confirm in your mind is whether you want a naturist cruise where you can be free to relax at your most comfortable in a non-sexual environment, or whether you want a sexy swingers’ cruise with clothing-optional areas.

That’s not to say that couples don’t hook up in private on nudist cruises, but that’s certainly not the focus as it is on lifestyle cruises that have sexy entertainment and designated rooms for public sex.

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If you want to cruise nude, or enjoy a topless cruise, without any pressure for sexual activity then make sure you choose the right company.

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Useful things to know about nude cruises

On a nude cruise, every guest is required to sit on a towel in public areas. There are stacks of towels all around the ship, at the entrance to each venue.

Usually, clothing is required in the main dining room and speciality restaurants. So on a formal night, guests will wear formal attire as they would on any other cruise.

On a regular cruise, you might be able to go naked on your balcony, depending on the location of your cabin. Although some balconies are very private, others may be overlooked from above and you could cause offence to anyone looking down.

Don’t forget you’ll likely be on CCTV too, so the officers will see you. You also shouldn’t be naked on your balcony when the ship is in port.

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