Hired Models? Hairy Concerns? 11 Facts About Nudist Cruises From Guests Onboard!

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While I prefer to stick to clothed cruises, it is always interesting to read about other types of cruise holidays that people enjoy, including nude cruises.

And a recent guest on one of the world’s most popular nude cruises has been spilling the beans on a Reddit thread, answering questions on what the cruise was like and what to expect from the people onboard.

Here are some of the interesting facts about nude cruises that we can learn from the guest himself and from others involved in the discussion.

1. Models Are Hired for The Cruise

It might surprise you to know that not everyone on the cruise is a regular paying customer. There are a small number of paid models who go on the cruise and essentially act as if they are regular passengers.

It’s not clear whether all nudist cruise companies do this, but the reason for it is likely just to provide more of a balance on the ship – nude cruises are for everyone, but they do have a particular demographic…

2. Most Guests Are Older

older man on a nude cruise

Cruising has always been popular with older people, but while more and more younger families and couples are starting to sail on regular cruises, that’s not the case for nude cruises.

There are some younger men and women onboard, which will likely include a mix of the hired models and some regular nudists, but most of the people on the cruise are older, between 50 and 70, typically.

There could be a lot of reasons for that, but regardless, everyone seems to have a good time and the older passenger who answered the questions in the thread said that younger guests seemed to be having fun just like everyone else.

3. Nudism Cruises Are Popular with Gay Passengers

A group of cheerful, nude individuals pose on the deck of a sailboat, anchored near a rocky coastline with clear blue waters. They wave and smile at the camera, enjoying a sunny day on the water.

One final fact on the demographic was that, according to the passenger onboard, there were a lot of gay men on the cruise, but not many gay women that he could identify.

It’s not a big issue because nudist cruises aren’t sexual in any way, and naturally (no pun intended) everyone is very accepting of each other.

Thankfully most modern cruise lines and crowds are accepting of gay passengers anyway, but on a nude cruise you might find more gay couples than you would normally expect to see on regular cruises.

You can also take gay nude cruises on smaller ships with a company called GayNudeSail.

4. Shoes Are Essential

While you’re welcome to walk around the ship without your clothes on during a nude cruise, there is something you have to wear at all times – shoes or sandals.

You can take them off when you’re sitting down, lounging by the pool or swimming, but any time you’re moving through the ship you need to have footwear on. It’s a safety thing. The floor also gets pretty hot in the sun!

Just a useful bit of information to know if you’re planning on booking a nude cruise.

5. Hygiene Is Very Important

Vibrant yellow pool towels neatly rolled and stacked on a shelf in a cruise ship spa, with whimsical white towel animals, including an elephant and rabbits, playfully arranged on the wooden cabinet below.

Hygiene is taken very seriously by everyone on a nude cruise. There are towels everywhere around the ship, as you’ll place one down whenever you have a seat anywhere.

Someone did ask the cruise guest whether pubic hair gets everywhere on a nude cruise but it doesn’t, mainly because people are careful and make sure they are clean. Many also tidy themselves up by shaving too.

In summary, there’s no big issue with germs or other hygiene issues on a nude cruise as it’s a top priority for everyone on the ship.

6. Sex Is Not a Big Part Of Nudism Cruises

nude couple on a cruise

Nude cruises aren’t sex cruises – far from it. They’re more just about body positivity and acceptance, and allowing yourself to feel free and relax without clothes on.

People don’t book cruises expecting them to be swingers cruises either, so it’s not like there’s a lot of propositioning happening on the ship. There might be some fun happening behind closed doors, but only in the same way that it would be on a clothed cruise.

Nudism is a non-sexual escape. And so the most common question on that Reddit thread of what happens when a guy gets aroused is answered easily – it doesn’t tend to happen, and if it did then the guy would be expected to hide it.

If you are looking for a sexy cruise, then check out this guide to the Best Cruises For Swingers.

7. Sunburn Is a Consideration

man with sunburn

It’s important to be very careful with sunscreen on a nudism cruise – after all, you’ve got no clothes to protect any part of you, so if you’re cruising in a sunny location then you have to make sure you’re safe from sunburn and its risks.

I did love how the passenger answering questions responded to this, when pushed on how much sunscreen they needed – he said “as much as you normally would, plus just a little more”.

8. Most Areas of a Ship Permit Nudity

whirlpool at the front of a cruise ship

The whole point of a nude cruise is to properly embrace nudism, so restricting it to just the pool deck wouldn’t be ideal. The good news for nudists is that clothing is optional in most parts of the ship.

It’s only really the sit-down restaurants such as the main dining room and any speciality venues that require clothing. Bars and nightclubs onboard are fine without clothes, as long as you’re putting a towel down on any seats.

For this reason, most people on the cruise are nude during the day but then, in the evening, it’s more mixed. Some people stay nude and eat in the buffet only, whereas others will put some clothes on to enjoy dinner.

9. Guests Can Enjoy Nude Excursions

A pair of tanned legs and feet with red-painted toenails are raised playfully against a backdrop of a sunny beach, turquoise ocean, and a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.

Guests are not permitted to be naked when the ship is arriving in port, or when she is leaving. Only once the ship is 30 minutes or so from the shore will the announcement go out that guests can get undressed.

However, there are some nudist cruise excursions that guests can book if they want the complete nudism experience. These will involve nude beach parties and nude resorts, often with skinny dipping in the ocean.

Guests will dress for the arrival into port and then be transferred to the excursion location, where they can get naked again.

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10. Most Crew Members Stay Dressed

A group of cheerful cruise ship staff poses together, raising their hands and smiling widely. They are dressed in uniforms, with some in white shirts and black ties, and others in kitchen attire, standing in what appears to be a dining or buffet area.

Most of the crew working on a nudism cruise will be clothed. There might be a couple of exceptions for entertainers, but for safety reasons, it’s important for the crew to be wearing clothes at all times.

And don’t worry – working a nudism cruise is optional for the crew. If they really don’t want to work on an itinerary where there are hundreds, if not thousands of naked people, then they can turn it down without risking their regular cruise contracts.

11. All Shapes and Sizes Enjoy Nudism Cruises

Four women in swimsuits pose playfully on a cruise ship, with the ocean visible through large windows behind them. They are smiling and embracing, showcasing body positivity and diverse beauty.

There isn’t a certain body type that takes a nudism cruise. There are people of all shapes and sizes, and one of the most important things about these cruises is that it is always a friendly and welcoming environment.

Embarrassment shouldn’t come into it, though it’s obviously understandable for some guests to be nervous when they first try one. However, a nudist cruise is not just for people with beach bodies, and it’s also not exclusively booked by larger people either.


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Final Word

Now you know a lot more about nudism cruises – perhaps you’re considering giving the lifestyle a go?

It’s certainly not for everyone, and I’ll stick to my regular cruises with clothes on, but if you are interested then check out this Guide to the Best Nude Cruises to learn more about nude cruise options.

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