Pineapple on a cruise ship door: What do pineapples mean on a cruise?

Pineapple on a cruise ship door: What do pineapples mean on a cruise?

13th April 2020 0 By Cruise Mummy
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If you know, you know.

There are some things which have different meanings at sea than on land. One such thing, is pineapple. On a cruise, ‘pineapple’ is code for swinging or wife-swapping. If you see pineapple on a cruise ship door it means that the people staying there are up for meeting other couples for ‘fun’.

Before we start on this ins and outs, for want of a better phrase, of cruise ship swinging, I’d just like to clarify that I’m not into that myself. But, if that’s what floats your boat and you aren’t hurting anyone, then that’s your business. We’re all adults here.

Is swinging on a cruise ship a big thing?

On a normal cruise, you would never really notice swinging behaviour. Swingers don’t tend to introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, we’re Barry and Wendy, do you both want to come up to our cabin tonight?”

However, just as swingers on land might have secret signs like pampas grass in the front garden, wearing a black ring on one finger or a toe ring, on a cruise ship, the secret symbol of swingers is the pineapple.

How do cruise ship swingers identify themselves?

Decorating cruise cabin doors with pineapple magnets from Amazon is an obvious way for swinging couples to attract attention. It either means that they’re swingers or that someone has played a little trick on them.

If you see a pineapple which is upside-down on a cruise cabin door, it means that the people inside are actively searching for a swinging party.

One obvious problem with this is that on a cruise you only ever see the doors that are on the same corridor as your own. Meaning that swingers on different decks could never find each other.

Another problem is that you just don’t know who’s behind the door. How embarrassing would it be to knock and then change your mind after seeing who opens it? Of course, these are just hypothetical problems. If you have actual experience of this and aren’t shy, there’s a comments section below!

With the popularity of social media to help with cruise planning, some swingers now plan to meet up with like-minded people on-board before they cruise. If you ever see a message in a Facebook group asking who else is on a particular sailing and it uses the pineapple emoji, you can be pretty confident that the person is looking to meet others on-board for sex.

What about wearing pineapples on clothing?

What if you have a shirt with pineapples on? Or pineapple earrings? Will people think you’re a swinger?

my pineapple shorts

I have a pair of shorts with a pineapple on which I wore on a recent cruise. I knew about the secret pineapple meaning, I just forgot until it was too late and I realised that I was wearing the pineapple shorts by the pool!

Luckily, nobody said a word to me. Although I did feel uncomfortable so I don’t think I’ll be packing them again.

Wearing pineapples on a cruise is totally up to you. But as more and more people learn about the pineapple reference, you may find that you get some knowing looks from your fellow cruisers.

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