Here’s What Each Cruise Line Offers For Solos

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Cruising on your own can be a wonderful experience, whether you’re looking to enjoy the solace or get out there and meet new people who share your love of cruise holidays.

And the cruise lines will often help by offering special provisions for single travellers – whether that’s helping to group solo passengers together for dinner, or arranging events that make it easier for you to mingle with others.

I love to cruise solo but I’ve found that every cruise line is different, and some are a little more hands-on than others. So let’s take a look at what each of the major cruise lines offers for solo guests…

Ambassador Cruise Line

Cruise Mummy with long dark hair smiles at the camera, standing in front of the Ambassador Cruise Line's ship named Ambition docked at a port. The ship is large and white with the words "AMBASSADOR CRUISE LINE" and "AMBITION" clearly visible on its hull.

Ambassador is one of the best cruise lines for looking after solo guests, and ensuring they have plenty of opportunities to meet others. 

Events typically take place on cruises of six nights or more only though, so just be aware that any short cruises might not have much organised. I recently took a three-night cruise and there were no solo meet-ups on the daily programme.

On longer cruises, however, there is usually a solos lunch on the first sea day of the cruise, in a designated area so that single passengers can easily find each other. 

And then throughout the cruise, there’ll be several chances to attend solo meet-ups that are hosted by a crew member, to make it easy to find the event and get to know people.

The cruise line does have solo cabins allocated on both ships in the fleet and while you might not pay the standard per-person fare you would if booking a two-person cabin, it will be a special rate much lower than paying the full 100% supplement.


Carnival welcomes solo guests but doesn’t make much of an effort for them. 

Cruise Mummy in a leopard print coat and orange scarf smiles with arms outstretched in front of a colorful water slide structure at the Carnival Celebration water park. The water slides are vibrant in red, yellow, and blue, creating a lively backdrop under a clear blue sky.

There are no single cabins on the ships in the fleet, and so you’d need to pay a double occupancy rate for your cruise – making it quite expensive.

There are solo events listed in the FunTimes schedule each day on most cruises, but these are unhosted, and typically they’re held in a bar area at a peak time. 

This means that you’re often left to turn up and guess as to who is a solo guest and who is just relaxing at the bar at the same time.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a great option for solo guests who want a more luxurious experience. The ships are beautiful and modern, and feature some of the most stylish solo cabins at sea. 

Cruise Mummy in a light blue dress stands in front of a large silver sculpture of two hands forming a heart shape on a Celebrity Cruises ship. The deck features a small pool in the background, and the woman smiles at the camera under a partly cloudy sky.

The Edge-class ships include solo cabins with infinite verandas, so you can enjoy your own balcony space – rare for single-passenger rooms.

A luxurious Infinity Veranda stateroom on the Celebrity Edge cruise ship, featuring a plush bed with purple accents, a stylish seating area, and a modern desk. The room offers a stunning ocean view through the floor-to-ceiling window that can be opened to create a balcony experience, enhancing the spacious and elegant ambiance.

The cruise line hosts a special Solo Travellers’ Gathering and Dinner, which is hosted by the Activity Team onboard either in the Sky Lounge (Millennium-class and Solstice-class ships) or Eden (Edge-class ships). 

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It’s a relaxed event where you can meet other solos, and then that night there’s a hosted table for dinner, with the rest of the cruise having an unhosted solos table for dinner too.

The shore excursions team are also on-hand at the welcome event so that you can book onto excursions with any new friends you make.

Costa Cruises

Costa’s cruises are a good option if you’re sailing on a budget – that applies whether you’re cruising solo or with others. 

Cruise Mummy wearing sunglasses and a gray t-shirt with a black heart symbol stands smiling in front of a large Costa Cruises ship docked at a port. She has a backpack on, and the ship is visible against a partly cloudy sky.

The cruise line does have good solo pricing though, with several sailings available without a single supplement. I enjoyed a five-night cruise as a solo traveller for just £151!

A bright and modern cabin on the Costa Toscana cruise ship, featuring vibrant blue and yellow decor. The room includes a comfortable bed, a desk with a stylish chair and lamp, and a wall-mounted TV. Large windows offer a beautiful ocean view, adding to the room's cheerful and inviting ambiance.

There aren’t really any organised singles events on the cruises that are advertised, but instead, the cruise line puts a lot of emphasis on the onboard activities which can be used for meeting others, such as dance classes or cookery lessons. Just be aware that these are open to couples/families too.

At dinner, you’ll typically be grouped with other solo passengers, and where possible with guests from your own country too (Costa’s sailings attract guests from across Europe and further afield).

On my solo cruise, I was seated at a table of British female solo travellers, and all the British male solo travellers were at another table, which was great.

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Cunard Line

If you like the idea of enjoying traditional cruising with Cunard as a solo guest, then you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of events to enjoy aimed at you and other solo passengers, including daily coffee meetups and some cocktail receptions too.

Cruise Mummy smiles at the camera while holding a glass of champagne on the deck of the Cunard Queen Mary cruise ship. She is sitting on a blue lounge chair with a regal emblem embroidered on the headrest.

Single staterooms are available without an expensive solo supplement, though guests are invited to book a double-occupancy room with a supplement if they want more space.

A cozy Single Inside stateroom on board the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, featuring a neatly made bed with white and red accent pillows. The room includes a desk with a mirror, a telephone, and reading materials, as well as a nightstand with a lamp, creating a warm and inviting ambiance with elegant decor.

At dinner, guests will usually be seated with other passengers, though you can speak to the maitre d’ if you would rather be seated alone. There aren’t really any solo tables but you’ll be able to dine alone at a table for two if that’s your preference.

If you enjoy ballroom dancing, there are both male and female dance hosts who will be delighted to spin you around the dance floor.

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is primarily aimed at families, but Disney-loving adults will often book places onboard too. 

Cruise Mummy wearing sunglasses and a red polka dot Minnie Mouse bow headband smiles on the pool deck of Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wish. Behind her, lounge chairs are neatly arranged in front of a large screen on the ship's funnel, with clear blue skies overhead.

Cruise passengers travelling solo, or single-parent travellers who want to meet other solo adults while the kids are off enjoying the kids’ clubs, are invited to the Cruisin’ Solo events held onboard.

These are always held on the first night of the cruise, and then usually at regular intervals throughout the sailing, and they’re all hosted by the crew to help make it easy to find the event and mingle. 

The cruise line does recommend attending the first night, as solo passengers will often use that meetup to plan other, unofficial get-togethers during the cruise.

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Fred. Olsen

Fred. Olsen is aimed more at seniors, including solo travellers, and offers a range of activities to encourage new friendships.

Cruise Mummy with teal highlights in her hair smiles while standing in front of the Fred. Olsen Borealis cruise ship docked at a port. The ship's name "Borealis" is visible on the side, and the woman is wearing a blue jacket with a striped shirt underneath.

There are several hosted Solo Travellers group meetings held during each cruise, always in a relaxed space that makes it easier to strike up conversations with other guests and potentially make plans for the rest of the cruise.

One particularly pleasant feature is the dance hosts – each ship has them, on-hand to make sure that solo guests can still waltz the night away at the dancing events when they don’t have their own partner.

The cruise line also has a range of solo cabin options including those with a balcony or an ocean view, so that anyone travelling alone can still get the cabin they want without paying for double occupancy.

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A Single Balcony Suite on the Fred Olsen Balmoral cruise ship, featuring a cozy bed with white linens and blue accents. The room includes a small sitting area with two blue armchairs and a glass-top coffee table, as well as a nightstand with a lamp and a framed artwork on the wall. The decor combines soft, inviting tones with a comfortable layout, perfect for relaxation.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line does offer some limited events for solo passengers, but beyond that guests tend to be responsible for arranging their own meetups.

Cruise Mummy with pink highlights in her hair smiles while standing near the water with a Holland America Line cruise ship visible in the distance. She is wearing a denim jacket over a black top, and the cloudy sky adds a dramatic backdrop to the scene.

There’s usually a hosted event on the first day of the cruise, but in the past it has been held at 8pm, which might be an inconvenient time depending on your dining time.

A cozy solo cabin on the HAL Nieuw Statendam cruise ship, featuring a comfortable bed with white linens and dark accent pillows. The room includes a large window with ocean views, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, and a small desk with an orange chair. The decor combines warm wood tones with modern furnishings, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

If you’re on a longer cruise, then the solo events tend to be better organised and more consistently attended, but otherwise, any other solo events aren’t hosted and guests report that not many people show up.

Marella Cruises

Marella is a popular British cruise line that could be a very attractive option for solo guests who want an all-inclusive experience, especially with most ships having a range of solo cabins to choose from, including inside and oceanview options.

A cozy single cabin on a Marella cruise ship featuring a neatly made bed with white linens and blue accent pillows. The room includes a small sitting area with a round table, a dresser with a mirror, and a TV mounted on the wall, all accented with warm, neutral tones and modern decor.

There are hosted events throughout each Marella cruise for solo passengers, all arranged by the cruise host onboard. There’ll also be the option to dine with a larger group of other solo guests, or alone if you’d prefer – you’ll just need to speak to the crew onboard.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL has been ahead of the curve for solo passengers for a long time, being one of the first cruise lines to really invest in solo cabin options, with more being retroactively added to the fleet.

A modern Bliss Studio cabin on an NCL cruise ship, featuring a comfortable bed with a gray blanket and decorative pillows. The room includes a sleek bathroom area with a sink and toiletries, a wall-mounted TV, and a compact desk area, all designed with clean lines and neutral colors to maximize space and comfort.

Guests can also enjoy the Studio Lounge – a dedicated space for solo passengers who want to relax and meet others. Just be aware that the Studio Lounge shouldn’t be treated like a meetup event – not everyone there will be looking to make new friends, and they might just want to unwind in peace.

There are arranged events for solo guests though, so you do have the option of attending these – they tend to take place in the evenings, and are hosted so they run smoothly. 

Guests can also request to dine alone or make arrangements to eat with other solo passengers, with the cruise host on-hand in the Studio Lounge to help with planning.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises is surprisingly not great for solo guests, despite having solo cabins on all ships in the fleet.

Cruise Mummy bundled up in a gray knit headband, green scarf, and blue puffer jacket smiles while pointing at a P&O cruise ship docked in a scenic fjord. Snow-capped mountains and quaint buildings create a picturesque background under a partly cloudy sky.

There are meetups arranged every day for single travellers, held every morning. They take place in the Crow’s Nest and are advertised as a coffee meetup, but there’s no host – so you’re left to hope that anyone you’re approaching is there to meet others, and not just relaxing on their own briefly. There isn’t a designated area.

The cruise line is flexible for dinner though, and allows solo guests the option of being placed on a bigger table with other guests if they’d prefer, or you can dine alone if that suits you more.

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A Single cabin on the P&O Arcadia cruise ship, featuring a comfortable bed with orange and gold accent pillows and a matching throw. The room includes a small sitting area with a round table and two chairs, a flat-screen TV on a dresser, and bedside tables with lamps. The decor is warm and inviting, with patterned curtains and artwork adding a touch of elegance.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has daily Single & Solo Get-Together events that are held at 5.30 pm, making them a good option for meeting others and potentially making dinner plans. 

Cruise Mummy in a leopard print dress sits on a curved, patterned bench near a pool on a Princess cruise ship. She smiles at the camera, with people in the background enjoying the pool area under a covered deck.

However, only the first day’s event is hosted, and guests are expected to make their own arrangements for the rest of the cruise.

Solo guests are asked each evening at the restaurant for their seating preference (alone or with a group) but otherwise, the cruise line doesn’t put a lot of effort into facilitating events for single travellers.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is another cruise line that doesn’t do a huge amount for solo passengers. There are some solo cabins available on some ships, but expect to pay a premium regardless.

Cruise Mummy in a blue puffer jacket and pink hoodie points and smiles at a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in a scenic, misty fjord. The ship's reflection is visible in the calm water, with mountains and cloudy skies in the background.

As for the events, there will be some listed on the daily schedule but they will almost always be unhosted, and held at a bar where there will be other guests attending who aren’t even aware of the solos event.

If you’re on My Time Dining you’ll typically be seated alone, but if you choose a set dining time you can request to be placed with a group if you’d prefer that.

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A Studio Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony on board the Anthem of the Seas cruise ship, featuring a cozy bed with white linens and a dark blue runner. The room includes a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, a small desk with a stool, and sliding glass doors leading to a private balcony with seating. The decor is modern and sleek, with light wood tones and a serene ocean view enhancing the relaxing ambiance.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is a good option for younger solo travellers, with the cruise line having quite the party atmosphere onboard. There are regular deals for booking a double room as a solo guest with no single supplement, so it’s worth looking out for those.

Cruise Mummy in a red polka dot dress with a heart-shaped pendant smiles while standing in a stylishly lit hallway on Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady. The modern decor features reflective surfaces and bright lights, creating a chic and vibrant atmosphere.

Hosted events are held throughout the cruise to encourage solo passengers to meet up with each other, and there are several other events onboard that are well-suited to solo guests, including the ‘grog-walk’ (bar crawl).

The cruise line also has a section of the Virgin Voyages mobile app that lets you connect with other guests on the ship and make arrangements to share activities, so that’s another way you can meet other solo passengers too.

A stylish Solo Sea View cabin on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship, featuring a cozy bed with red and white bedding, and a padded headboard. The room includes a sleek desk area with a modern lamp, a round mirror, and a mounted flat-screen TV displaying vibrant artwork. The contemporary decor is accented with pops of color, creating a chic and inviting space.

Final Word

If you’re hoping to cruise solo and want to meet others, but you’re a little shy about walking up to someone, then definitely choose one of the cruise lines that offers regular hosted events.

Of course, not every solo guest goes on a cruise with a wish to make a lot of new friends, and so choosing one which gives you the option to dine alone might be your preference.

Every guest is different – and I’d recommend you check out my guide to the best cruises for every kind of solo traveller so that you can find the perfect one for you.


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