The Benefits of Solo Cruising: Why Everyone Should Try It Once

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Have you ever thought about cruising solo? While the idea might seem daunting to some, many find it an incredible way to travel. I’ve personally enjoyed several solo cruises and highly recommend it. 

As more people discover the joys of travelling alone, cruising emerges as a top choice, particularly for those trying it for the first time. Read on to find out why I think everyone should try it once.

Jenni from Cruise Mummy in front of a cruise ship solo.

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1. It’s an Ideal First Step

If you’re contemplating a solo holiday but unsure where to start, consider a cruise. Due to its simplicity, it’s an ideal introduction to solo travel. Once you’re on board, everything you need, from meals to entertainment and activities, is readily available.

An overhead view of Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas cruise ship sailing the deep blue ocean, featuring a bustling top deck with aqua-colored waterslides, swimming pools, and ample lounging areas for a fun-filled sea day.

This setup is especially comforting if the idea of venturing out alone feels daunting. There’s no need to stress over meal locations, evening entertainment, or navigating late-night transport. Cruising simplifies these aspects, allowing you to focus on enjoying your holiday.

No matter your situation, whether you’re single, seeking alone time, recently widowed, or simply have different holiday preferences from your family or friends, a cruise provides a flexible and supportive environment for all.

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2. Complete Control Over Your Schedule

A lady solo travelling looking around a city

One of the best things about solo cruising is it’s all about you!

Fancy watching the sunrise from the top deck? Go for it. Want to spend the afternoon chilling with a book instead of joining a tour? Do what you want.

When you cruise solo, every choice is yours, from which shore excursions take your fancy to the shows you catch in the evening. It’s your holiday, your way. No need to sync schedules with anyone else or compromise on what you want to do. Just freedom to enjoy your cruise at your own pace. How great is that?

And if you’re used to coordinating with family or friends, you’ll appreciate this even more. No more settling for the group’s choice of restaurant when you’re craving something different or missing out on an activity because it doesn’t fit the group’s plan.

Solo cruising lets you tailor your trip before you even set sail or spontaneously decide each day. 

3. Meet New People

If you’re considering solo cruising, you might wonder about socialising. Well, it’s easier than you think! Many cruise lines offer solo group meet-ups where you can connect with other solo travellers in a casual setting. 

In the main dining room, you can join a table with other solo cruisers or request a table for yourself if you prefer some quiet time.

On my recent cruise on Costa Smeralda, I was seated at a table with five other female solo travellers from the UK, which was brilliant on a ship that was full of European families and couples. We had a blast!

With some cruise lines, it’s important to let them know your preferences before you go. That said, I know a solo cruiser who sails with P&O Cruises and loves to meet new people. They usually just turn up at the main dining room and tell the staff they’re happy to sit wherever rather than reserving a specific place. This flexibility makes it easy to enjoy new company each meal.

They often find themselves getting to know other diners, exchanging travel tips, and coordinating plans like sharing a taxi at the next port. These casual meet-ups at dinner can lead to fun and unexpected moments, like sharing an extra drink from someone’s drinks package – even though that’s not strictly what you should do!

So, whether you’re up for a lively group chat or a peaceful solo meal, you have complete control over your social experiences on board.

4. It’s Safe and Secure

A lady relaxing on the balcony of a criuse next to a table with a drink and a laptop.

If you’re keen to travel but hesitant about doing it alone, cruising offers a great solution. With everything controlled and a high level of security onboard, it’s a particularly safe option.

Cruises provide a secure environment where you can explore new places without the fear of loneliness or danger. From the moment you step aboard, you’re in a protected bubble with staff ready to assist at any time. 

Plus, when arriving at a port, you have the choice to venture off the ship for a wander or join an organised excursion. If you are not ready to do that by yourself, you can enjoy the peace and amenities onboard.

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5. You Can Find the Perfect Spot

One of the perks of solo cruising is the ease of finding a spot just for you, whether it’s a seat in the theatre for a show or a sunbed by the pool. Since you’re only looking for one spot, you can often find prime locations that groups might miss. 

This flexibility allows you to spontaneously decide to participate in more activities, making the most out of your cruise experience by exploring a wide range of events that might otherwise be missed.

6. It’s Relaxing

Solo cruising is all about relaxation. You’re free to plan your day however you like. Want to spend a few extra hours sleeping in or reading by the pool? Go ahead. 

There’s no need to rush or compromise your plans to fit someone else’s schedule. Enjoy a quiet breakfast overlooking the sea, or unwind in the spa.

he calm and quiet of travelling alone means you can relax, enjoy your time away, and have a break from the busyness of everyday life.

7. Build Your Confidence

Travelling alone, especially on a cruise, is a fantastic way to boost your self-confidence. Each decision you make, from choosing your shore excursions to deciding how to spend your evenings, reinforces your independence. 

Engaging with new people, navigating the ship, and managing your itinerary all contribute to a sense of self-reliance. Over time, these experiences build your confidence on the cruise and in everyday life, proving you can handle new challenges and situations independently.

8. Convenient and Streamlined Travel

Aerial view of a Carnival cruise ship docked at Port Canaveral, Florida, with the vast expanse of the port infrastructure visible in the background, illustrating the scale and operation of a major cruise ship port.

Solo cruising might come with higher costs due to single supplements, though it’s worth watching for special deals that reduce these extra charges. However, the real appeal lies in its unmatched convenience, especially if you choose a no-fly cruise. 

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This option eliminates the stress of arranging flights and transfers, allowing you to begin your holiday with ease. Plus, some cruise packages offer coach transportation directly to the port, picking you up right from your doorstep. This seamless integration of transportation greatly simplifies the logistics of planning your solo trip.


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The Bottom Line

Solo cruising offers a fantastic opportunity to explore, relax, and work in a setting that combines comfort and adventure. I highly recommend giving solo cruising a try, regardless of your situation.

It’s an experience worth having at least once, whether just for a couple of nights to get a taste or for a longer cruise. Ultimately, solo cruising is a practical way to enjoy travel, offering relaxation and the freedom to explore at your own pace.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out my guide to The Best Cruises For Every Kind of Solo Traveller to help you find your perfect cruise, just for you.

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  1. I took my first solo cruise a few months ago. I came home and booked 3 more solo cruises!! I loved it!! In the past I have cruised with family. I loved that too but going solo was great.

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