Flying (And Cruising) Solo – The Best Reasons To Choose A Marella Single Cruise

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Marella’s cruise ships have a wide appeal – some are perfect for families, while they’re all a great option for couples or for groups of friends who want to explore the world together.

Marella Explorer

But Marella is also a fantastic cruise line for any solo travellers. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have anyone to travel with – Marella’s sailings are great for meeting new people, soaking up some new cultures, and trying new experiences – all while being spoiled by the amazing food and service onboard.

In this guide, I’ll explain what makes Marella such a good option for single cruisers and how to get a good deal as a solo passenger.

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Single Accommodation Options

One of the biggest problems for solo cruise passengers is finding a suitable cruise fare. Not all cruise ships have single rooms, and so you’ll often be left paying for a room designed for two.

And because the cruise line doesn’t want to miss out on any revenue, that means often paying the full price of two people even when traveling alone.

Not so with Marella, though. Each ship has a selection of single cabin options, and while you may pay a little more than you would if sharing a room with someone else, it won’t be the extortionate 200% fares that some other cruise lines would charge for the privilege.

Marella Single Cabin

You also aren’t limited to a tiny interior room either, as you might be with other cruise lines. You can choose between spacious Inside and Outside View rooms, meaning your cruise is as comfortable as can be, and you can enjoy a relaxing view as you sail.

The cabins aren’t expressly designed for solo passengers either – which is a good thing, as it means you get a double bed. Just because you’re a single passenger doesn’t mean you should only get a twin bed!

Seamless, Easy Journeys

When you’re travelling alone, the last thing you want is a plan that has lots of factors that could go wrong, or long distances you need to travel without company.

Marella is, therefore, one of the best cruise options, as it has significant advantages over other cruise lines.

Firstly, the flights are all included in your package, and managed by TUI – the parent company of Marella. Even if you aren’t flying on an actual TUI jet, the process is all taken care of for you.

This means that, from the moment you arrive at the airport, everything is seamless. You’ve got TUI reps who are on-hand for any questions about your onward journey, and if anything did go awry regarding your flight, the ship will wait for you.

Plus, Marella offers flights from regional airports all over the UK. There’s no need to work out long-distance plans and book expensive solo hotel stays for the night before you travel if you don’t want to – a short hop to your nearest major airport will be all you need.

The whole journey from start to finish is super-easy with Marella – perfect for travelling alone.

Onboard Activities

Any time you’re cruising solo, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of opportunities to try new things and keep busy – it’s the perfect way to make new friends and have a wonderful time.

Marella’s ships offer a huge range of activities to try during downtime between port visits, from spa treatments and fitness classes to mini golf, quizzes, theatre shows and more.

There are lots of opportunities to meet up with other solo passengers and bond over shared hobbies, or even just swap tales of your adventures in port.

And you’ll be able to choose how to dine as well, if you’d rather eat in peace or sit at a table with other solo guests as you enjoy the wonderful menus the chefs prepare.

All-Inclusive Cruising

While not an exclusive benefit for solo cruisers, it’s important to touch on what makes Marella such a great choice for everyone – and that’s the all-inclusive fares.

Not only are your flights included in the price you pay, but all other essentials are covered too. Not just your food and entertainment like on other ships, but also a huge range of drinks (including alcoholic options) and your tips are covered too.

There are optional extras if you want the premium drinks package or you want to get online during your cruise, but it’s perfectly reasonable to cruise without paying a penny extra, and you’ll have an incredible time.

So, as a solo passenger, you don’t have to be concerned with keeping track of your budget as you sail, and you can have as much fun as you want.

Final Word

It can be a big step to take a solo cruise, but it’s one of the best holiday options available to single travellers. You get to explore all kinds of destinations, you have the chance to meet some wonderful people (including the crew!), and there’s so much to enjoy on the ship that you’ll never feel at a loose end.

Marella makes this even better with its great single cabin options, the seamless journeys to meet your ship, and the wonderful all-inclusive fares. So grab these opportunities now, embrace your sense of adventure, and start looking forward to an amazing cruise experience – and the ones after that, which you’ll inevitably book on your return!

Discover Marella’s amazing solo cruise deals now!

Great prices on the Mediterranean, Caribbean and beyond…

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