Southampton Cruise Parking: The Ultimate Guide

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When you’re planning a cruise, if you intend to drive to Southampton then your car parking arrangements are certainly something that you should think about ahead of time.

With so many options, it can be tricky to know which is the best cruise parking in Southampton. There are lots of different car parking websites that all want to tell you they’re the best!

That’s why I’ve spent over 16 hours researching and creating this unbiased guide to Southampton cruise parking.

View of the Ocean Cruise Terminal car park from onboard P&O Cruises Azura
Photo © Terry Robinson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Read on and I’ll show you all of the options for parking your car in Southampton for your cruise.

Whether you want the most convenient parking right by the ship or the cheapest cruise parking options, I’ll show you how to book it. I’ve also included a couple of alternative cruise parking options that you might not have heard of…

Where do the cruise ships dock in Southampton?

Before you can begin to plan your car parking in Southampton, you need to know which cruise terminal your ship will depart from.

Southampton has five cruise terminals that are spread over a mile of docks, so it’s important to know which one you need to get to before you book your car parking. 

If you book parking at the wrong terminal, you’ll face the stress of a last-minute taxi or a very long walk with your luggage.

Southampton cruise terminals: 

  • Ocean Cruise Terminal: Berth 46, Cunard Road, Southampton, SO14 3QN
  • City Cruise Terminal: Berth 101, Western Docks, Southampton, SO15 1BS
  • Mayflower Terminal: Berth 106, Dock Gate 10, Southampton, SO15 1HJ
  • QEII Cruise Terminal: Berth 38/39, Dock Gate 4, Southampton, SO14 3GG
  • Horizon Cruise Terminal: Berth 102, West Bay Road, Southampton SO15 1AW

The following map shows the location of the five Southampton cruise terminals…

While cruise ships usually dock at the same terminal each time, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a ship can depart from one terminal and return to another.

So, even if you’ve cruised on the same cruise ship before, you should still check your documents carefully for details of which terminal your ship will sail from.

The Best Car Parks For Cruises From Southampton

Where is the best place to park your car in Southampton for a cruise?

There are many different car parks in Southampton for a cruise. As a rule, the further you park your car from the cruise terminal, the cheaper your parking will be. 

Many off-site cruise car parks include free shuttles, although some options which require you to take a taxi to the ship are also worth considering because what you’ll save in parking charges will pay for your taxi and more.

car parking

Southampton cruise parking prices

This table gives you a rough idea of the prices for the various car parking options in Southampton. The actual price that you pay will vary depending on the date of your cruise and how far in advance you book your parking.

Type of parkingCost for 7 nightsHow to get to the ship
Cruise terminalFrom £69Walk
Off-site cruise parkingFrom £42Free shuttle
Hotel with parkingFrom £150Free shuttle or taxi
Alternative parkingFrom £25Taxi

List of the Best Southampton Cruise Parking Options

I’ve read all of the Southampton cruise parking reviews and all of the small print to come up with this list of the best places to park your car for your cruise.

I recognise that leaving your car anywhere unfamiliar can be daunting, so I’ve highlighted which Southampton car parks are approved by the Park Mark safer parking scheme. These have extra measures in place to ensure the safety of both people and vehicles.

1. Car Parks Within Southampton Cruise Terminal

The most convenient option for cruise parking in Southampton is to park your car within the cruise terminal itself. You can do this at Ocean Cruise Terminal and City Cruise Terminal

Port staff will either come to your car and take your luggage out of your car boot or take it from you outside the terminal. The next time you see it will be inside your cabin so remember to keep hold of your tickets, passports and anything that you need for embarkation and your first few hours on board.

The following companies offer parking at Southampton cruise port:

Ocean Cruise Terminal – Triangle Car Park

Address: Town Quay, Southampton, SO14 2HJ

Triangle Car Park is the most convenient option for Ocean Cruise Terminal. It offers self-parking, which means that you find a space, park your car and then walk to the Ocean Terminal to join your ship.

You can book parking in Triangle Car Park for other terminals besides Ocean, but you would then need to take a taxi to the ship, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


  • Park Mark Award
  • 4-minute walk


  • Ocean Cruise Terminal only

City & Horizon Cruise Terminals – ABP Parking

Address: Ocean Gate, Atlantic Way, Southampton, SO14 3QN

ABP Parking is an official cruise parking provider that’s owned and operated by the Port of Southampton.

The car park is located next to the City Cruise Terminal and Horizon Cruise Terminal. It’s only available if you are cruising with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, NCL or MSC Cruises.

If you are cruising from a different terminal, you can still book with ABP Parking, but you will have to either take a shuttle or use the meet and greet (valet) service. (More on that later in this guide).


  • Park Mark Award
  • 1-minutes walk


  • City & Horizon Terminals only
  • Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, NCL & MSC Cruises only

If your cruise ship departs from Southampton’s Mayflower Cruise Terminal or Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Terminal, you cannot park by the ship. You can, however, leave your car by the ship and have a valet driver park it safely for you.

Read on for the best valet parking options for Southampton cruises…

2. Southampton Cruise Terminal Valet Parking

Valet parking is also known as ‘meet and greet’ parking. If you choose this option you will leave your car by the ship and hand your keys to a parking attendant who will move it to a secure car park for you.

Some people dislike valet parking because they have no idea where their car will be parked and may worry that it is parked at the roadside or some other unsecured location. For this reason, I have only included trusted cruise parking providers with secure compounds within Southampton docks.

The following companies offer valet parking at Southampton cruise port:

ABP Parking – Meet & Greet

ABP Parking is the official cruise parking provider in Southampton and is owned and operated by the Port of Southampton.

ABP Parking’s Portside Meet and Greet option is available only for passengers cruising with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, NCL, MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line and Saga Cruises only.

When you arrive at the port, you will unload your passengers and porters will transport your luggage to the ship. You’ll hand your car keys to an ABP Parking representative who will check the condition of your car and then park it securely for you.

You’ll then take a complimentary coach or minibus to your ship. It’s 3 minutes to City, Horizon or Mayflower Terminal and 5 to 10 minutes to the Ocean or QEII Terminals.


  • Park Mark Award
  • Free electric vehicle charging
  • Free bus – 3 to 10 mins


  • Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL, MSC, Disney & Saga only
  • Suitable for all terminals

Cruise and Passenger Services – Meet & Greet

Cruise and Passengers Services (CPS) offers valet parking at Southampton cruise port as well as other port handling services such as mooring, cargo loading and baggage handling for all types of ships.

CPS offers car parking only for passengers cruising with P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises or Cunard.

When you arrive at the port, you will be met by staff who will book in your vehicle and take it to the secure compound for you. You can then make your way to the cruise terminal to check-in.


  • Park Mark Award
  • Car cleaning and repair service


  • P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises & Cunard only
  • Suitable for all terminals

Both on-site parking and cruise terminal meet and greet parking can be very expensive. Plus, it’s not available for every cruise.

If you’d like to save money on your parking, you might wish to consider parking a little further away and getting a shuttle bus or taxi.

3. Southampton Off-Site Cruise Parking

There are many car parks in Southampton that offer a ‘park and ride’ service for cruise passengers.

These are located a few miles from the port and usually come with a free coach or minibus shuttle service that will take you from your car to the cruise terminals.

Booking off-site cruise car parking can save you a considerable amount of money compared to on-site self-parking or on-site valet parking.

The following companies offer off-site parking for cruises from Southampton:

Airlynx Parking

Address 1:  Britannia Wharf, Belvidere Road, Southampton, SO14 5JF

Address 2: Wrens Farm, Castle Lane, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9LY

Airlynx Cruise Parking offers the best value park and ride service for Southampton cruise passengers.

The company has two car parks. The first, located in Britannia Wharf, is the closest off-port cruise parking venue in Southampton. The shuttle journey takes as little as four minutes.

Airlynx’s second car park is located at Wrens Farm, North Baddesley. This is really convenient for anyone arriving via the M3 motorway.

When you arrive at the car park, you hand your keys over to the staff as they may need to move cars to let other cars out. You will then take the free shuttle bus to your ship.


  • Park Mark Award
  • Luxury transfer buses
  • Car cleaning service


  • Transfers from Britannia Wharf take around 5 minutes
  • Transfers from Wrens Farm take up to 20 mins

Penguin Parking

Address: Speedwell House, West Quay Road, Southampton, SO15 1GY

Formerly known as Alternative Cruise Parking (ACP), the company behind Penguin Parking has been offering parking for Southampton cruises for over ten years.

The Penguin car park used to be located at Marchwood Industrial Park near Southampton, but it has now relocated to a closer position right next to Southampton Docks. You will check in here and leave your car keys before being transported via minibus to your ship.


  • Park Mark Award
  • Free electric vehicle charging


  • Transfers take around 3 mins
  • There is an extra fee if you have more than 4 passengers

The problem that I’ve found with using these specialist cruise parking providers is that they know that cruisers are often wealthy people who can afford to pay a premium price.

However, I’ve found much cheaper parking in Southampton when I’ve looked into other options…

4. Alternative Car Parks in Southampton

There are lots of private car parks that belong to hotels, shopping centres and businesses. You can even arrange to park on private driveways or inside lock-up garages.

It’s now easy to find these using specialist parking comparison websites. You can even filter your search to look for facilities such as CCTV, disabled access or electric vehicle charging.

The following websites will show you the best parking in Southampton:

Your Parking Space has hundreds of car parks in Southampton, including some hotels with cheap car parks that are within easy walking distance of the cruise terminals.

All you need to do is enter your dates to see available car parks close to where you need to be. Then, you can book your parking online and just turn up.


  • Show spaces with CCTV, covered parking or disabled access
  • Find spaces with electric vehicle charging


  • You may need a taxi transfer

Just Park

Just Park is another website that lets you easily find parking spaces anywhere in the UK.

Perfect for cruise parking in Southampton, this service also does a great job of connecting drivers with people who have driveways that they are willing to rent out.

You can see a photo of the parking space to help you decide. Many driveways have a CCTV camera to give you added peace of mind.


  • Show cheapest and closest parking spaces


  • You may need a taxi transfer

With these parking comparison sites, the further in advance you can search for parking, the more options will be available to you.

5. Southampton Hotels With Cruise Parking

If you’ll be driving for more than a couple of hours to reach Southampton, then it’s a good idea to travel down the day before your cruise. This is much more relaxing than getting up early in the morning and worrying about traffic jams that could potentially make you miss the ship!

Many Southampton hotels have special offers for a pre-cruise stay and parking. This could actually work out cheaper than port parking!

Some hotels include a free shuttle bus as part of the deal, but with others, you would have to get a taxi at your own expense.

Hotel NameStarsTransferTime to PortPrice
DoubleTree by Hilton⭐⭐⭐⭐Included10 minsCheck price
Grand Harbour Hotel⭐⭐⭐⭐Included15 minsCheck price
MacDonald Botley Park⭐⭐⭐⭐Included20 minsCheck price
Marriott Meon Valley⭐⭐⭐⭐Included20 minsCheck price
Elizabeth House Hotel⭐⭐⭐Taxi10 minsCheck price
Holiday Inn Express⭐⭐⭐Taxi10 minsCheck price
Hilton Ageas Bowl⭐⭐⭐⭐Taxi20 minsCheck price
Holiday Inn Eastleigh⭐⭐⭐⭐Taxi22 minsCheck price

It’s usually the big chain hotels which have large enough car parks to offer parking for cruise travellers.

However, if you prefer to stay at a B&B or guest houses in Southampton with cruise parking then I recommend that you take a look at Hunters Lodge.

My Recommendation

The best place to park in Southampton for a cruise depends on what’s important to you.

When I’ve cruised from Southampton with a baby, a toddler, two pushchairs and more suitcases than we could pull, I opted to park at the Triangle Car Park at the cruise terminal. It was so convenient!

As soon as we parked, staff were there to take our cases from the boot and we didn’t see them again until they were delivered to our cabin! It was so easy, but we paid a lot.

Now that the kids can walk, I prefer to use Just Park and Your Parking Space to find the cheapest parking within a couple of miles of the port. I then request an Uber which usually arrives in under five minutes and costs only a few pounds. This saves us so much money!

If you’re considering staying over the night before, I haven’t tried it myself, but I know that a lot of cruisers have mentioned that Doubletree by Hilton does one of the best stay and park deals with a free shuttle.

Southampton cruise parking with a blue badge

Most Southampton cruise parking services offer special assistance for people with disabilities. Blue badge holders are not entitled to free parking at Southampton cruise port, but you will get a space in a more convenient location and assistance with luggage.

To ensure that your needs are accommodated, I recommend that you telephone your chosen parking providers before booking.

Southampton cruise parking FAQs

In this section, I aim to answer some of your most-asked questions about parking in Southampton. If you have any more questions, please add them in the comments below and I will do my best to help.

What is the nearest car park to Southampton port?

The nearest car park to Southampton port is the Triangle car park which is located within Southampton’s Ocean Cruise Terminal. If your ship departs from Southampton’s City Cruise Terminal then the nearest car park is the ABP Parking car park.

For cruises departing from Southampton’s Mayflower, Queen Elizabeth II and Horizon Cruise Terminals, there are no car parks within walking distance of the ship.

Is there parking at Southampton cruise terminal?

Southampton Cruise Terminal offers car parking within walking distance of the ships. The cost for seven nights starts at around £69. Cheaper off-site options are available, some with free shuttles to the terminal.

How much does it cost to park at Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Parking at Southampton Cruise Terminal costs between £10 and £20 per day, depending on demand and how far in advance you book. Alternatively, you can park your car in an off-site car park for as little as £5 per day and take a free shuttle or get a taxi.

Is there free parking in Southampton?

There is no free parking at Southampton Cruise Terminal. Some free parking may be available in residential streets, but many require a permit, and you will have no way of knowing that your car is safe during your holiday.

Can you park on the street in Southampton?

There are designated streets in Southampton where parking is available but not usually for long-term stays. If you’re booking a cruise you should book a car park – they are safer and are designed for stays over multiple nights.

What time do cruise ships leave Southampton?

Most cruise ships depart from Southampton between 4.30 pm and 6p m, although some may wait until the evening. Exact timings vary by the itinerary – check your cruise documents for your specific departure time.

Which cruise terminal Does Royal Caribbean use in Southampton?

Southampton’s cruise terminals are managed by the port authority, and the terminal used by cruise ships can change. Royal Caribbean ships often use the Ocean Terminal as it’s the most modern, although the new Horizon Terminal is also designed for larger ships.

What dock does Princess use in Southampton?

Cruise lines don’t have a fixed terminal at Southampton, and your departure and arrival terminals can vary. Usually, Princess Cruises uses the Ocean Terminal but check your cruise documents to be sure.

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  7. So helpful!!! Thank you.
    We have a Cunard Cruise and I found this so informative – I have booked the parking with CPS via the link provided. We go out of Mayflower and back into Ocean terminal, so thought the Cunard specialist – who have the cruise details and great reviews – would be best, not a bad price either (actually cheaper than some of the off-site places) Thanks again!

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  8. We have booked our parking with our cruise line (P and O). But we don’t actually know yet which car park we have to arrange our parking with. We don’t sail until September 2022 on the Ventura. We have to ring the number they have given us to arrange to park our car. Would you know which car park that’s likely to been in? Thank you

    • Hi Silvana. I believe that your parking will be with Cruise & Passenger Services (CPS). They offer valet parking so you’ll leave your car by the ship and it will be parked in a secure car park for you. Jenni

  9. Great little list but you appear to have selected only Ocean Terminal. There are at the moment 3 others, and rumors of a fifth soon. City Terminal is used for mostly by RCL and NCL. Mayflower Terminal by whoever requires usually P&O and Cunard. Queen Elizabeth Terminal is used by Princess , P&O and Cunard. ABParking mostly cover City
    Terminal. Also you have made typo in CPS’s bit you have called them Cruiser nout Cruise in the body of the text.
    I do know a little about this as I work, part time, for CPS as one of the Drivers/marshals that meet and greet the passengers at OT, QE2 and Mayflower

    • Thanks, Iain, I really appreciate your help and expertise. This has been quite a tricky subject to research, so I believe I can add a helpful resource here, especially with the help of local people like yourself. I have on-site parking options listed for Ocean and City Terminals. I can’t find any on-site options for the other two though – the resources I’ve found all seem to suggest a shuttle. Are you able to share any info about whether on-site long stay parking is an option for those? Thanks. Jenni. P.S. Well spotted with the typo, I have corrected that.

  10. I’ve used Parking4cruises on a couple of occasions and always found them 100% reliable. They are easily located once you arrive at the terminal and are always ready and waiting when we disembark. I’ve never really worried about handing over our car keys and I know that they have a secure car park off site.

    They are also reasonably priced and if you’re a past customer and ask, they’ll give you a small discount. Highly recommended!

    • Hi Debbie, we are frantically trying to get in touch with Parking4Cruises to arrange our car parking at Southampton ( have a few questions for them first) CANNOT under any circumstances get to speak with anyone.

  11. Closest parking for Ocean Terminal in vehicle 5.4 long.

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