MSC Cruises Ships by Size, Age and Class

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MSC Cruises has 22 ships currently in service in 2024 following the addition of the newest ship, MSC Euribia.

With so many ships, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. When you see a particular cruise advertised, it’s good to know if it’s on one of the newer, bigger ships or an older, smaller one. This can help you to work out if the cruise you want to book is good value for money.

MSC Euribia

Even regular cruisers can get mixed up about which ship is which, so I’ve created this handy guide to MSC Cruises ships, with tables to order the MSC ships by size, year and class.

MSC Ships By Size

The following table shows MSC cruise ships by size, ordered from largest to smallest:

ShipGross TonnagePassengersLength (Metres)DecksGuest Decks
MSC World Europa215,8636,7623332116
MSC Euribia184,0116,3343311915
MSC Virtuosa181,5416,3343311915
MSC Grandiosa181,5416,3343311915
MSC Bellissima171,5985,6863161915
MSC Meraviglia171,5985,6553161915
MSC Seascape170,4125,8773121916
MSC Seashore169,4005,6323391916
MSC Seaside153,5165,3363231915
MSC Seaview153,5165,1193231915
MSC Preziosa139,0724,3453331814
MSC Divina139,0724,3453331814
MSC Splendida137,9364,3633331814
MSC Fantasia137,9364,3633331814
MSC Magnifica95,1283,0132941613
MSC Poesia92,6273,0132941613
MSC Orchestra92,4093,0132941613
MSC Musica92,4093,0132941613
MSC Opera65,5912,579275139
MSC Lirica65,5912,548275139
MSC Sinfonia65,5422,546248139
MSC Armonia65,5422,520275139

Gross tonnage is a measurement of the overall internal volume of a ship. It’s one of the best ways to measure the size of a cruise ship.

The passenger number is based on how many passengers each cruise ship can accommodate at maximum occupancy. That would mean that all the extra beds are in use.

In reality, ships don’t cruise at maximum occupancy because sometimes you will have just two people in a cabin and so they won’t use the sofa bed or Pullman beds.

Balcony room on MSC Virtuosa with extra beds in use
Balcony room on MSC Virtuosa with extra beds in use

How Big Are MSC Cruise Ships?

MSC Cruises’ ships range in size from 248 metres long to 333 metres long. Each ship can accommodate between 2,520 and 6,762 passengers over 13 to 21 decks.

Compared to other mainstream cruise lines, MSC Cruises’ ships are quite average in size, with some mega-ships, some large ships and a few medium-sized ships.

MSC Cruises has no small ships. However, in 2023, the MSC Group launched a new cruise line called Explora Journeys. This features only small, luxury ships, the first of which was Explora I.

Which MSC Cruises Ship Is the Biggest?

The biggest MSC Cruises ship is MSC World Europa, which launched in November 2022. This World-class mega-ship can accommodate up to 6,762 guests with 21 decks.

MSC World Europa
MSC World Europa

MSC World Europa was used as a World Cup Cruise Ship Hotel in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Yacht Club area of the ship provided accommodation for the family members of the players while the rest of the ship offered luxury accommodation for fans.

MSC World Europa is one of the top-10 biggest cruise ships in the world, behind Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships and the newer Icon Class. MSC World Europa is only around 5% smaller than the Oasis-class ships. However the rest of the MSC fleet is more aligned with other cruise ship sizes, not quite being the biggest.

Prior to the launch of MSC World Europa, the biggest MSC cruise ship title was a tie between MSC Grandiosa and MSC Virtuosa.

MSC Virtuosa

These virtually identical sister ships are 331 metres long and can accommodate up to 6,334 passengers. They each have 19 decks, 15 of which are accessible to passengers.

Are Bigger Cruise Ships Better?

Which size of ship is the best is a matter of personal preference and each has its advantages. For some people, bigger is always better, whereas other people will only choose to cruise on small or medium-sized ships.

Bigger ships tend to be newer and have more features and attractions on board, this can also mean that cruise tickets cost more.

Smaller ships have their advantages in that they tend to offer more port-intensive itineraries as they can access some ports which larger ships cannot.


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MSC Ships By Year

The following table shows MSC Cruises ships from newest to oldest…

ShipYear Built
MSC World America (coming soon)2025*
MSC Euribia2023
MSC World Europa2022
MSC Seascape2022
MSC Seashore2021
MSC Virtuosa2021
MSC Grandiosa2019
MSC Bellissima2019
MSC Seaview2018
MSC Seaside2017
MSC Meraviglia2017
MSC Preziosa2013
MSC Divina2012
MSC Magnifica2010
MSC Splendida2009
MSC Fantasia2008
MSC Poesia2008
MSC Orchestra2007
MSC Musica2006
MSC Opera2004
MSC Lirica2003
MSC Sinfonia2002
MSC Armonia2001

Which Is the Newest MSC Cruises Ship?

The newest MSC Cruises ship currently in service is MSC Euribia, which launched in 2023. She’s not the biggest ship in the fleet, but instead focuses on being a super-stylish cruise option packed with innovative technology.

Future MSC Cruises ships

In 2025, we can expect to see a sister-ship to MSC World Europa with the name of MSC World America. Third and fourth World-class ships will follow in 2026 and 2027.

MSC Ships By Class

In the MSC Cruises fleet, the ships are grouped into classes. Each ship in a class is very similar, with a few small differences on board.

The following table shows MSC Cruises ships grouped by class…

MSC World America*World Class
MSC World EuropaWorld Class
MSC EuribiaMeraviglia Plus Class
MSC VirtuosaMeraviglia Plus Class
MSC GrandiosaMeraviglia Plus Class
MSC BellissimaMeraviglia Class
MSC MeravigliaMeraviglia Class
MSC SeascapeSeaside EVO Class
MSC SeashoreSeaside EVO Class
MSC SeaviewSeaside Class
MSC SeasideSeaside Class
MSC PreziosaFantasia Class
MSC DivinaFantasia Class
MSC SplendidaFantasia Class
MSC FantasiaFantasia Class
MSC MagnificaMusica Class
MSC PoesiaMusica Class
MSC OrchestraMusica Class
MSC MusicaMusica Class
MSC OperaLirica Class
MSC LiricaLirica Class
MSC SinfoniaLirica Class
MSC ArmoniaLirica Class
* under construction

Seaside EVO Class

MSC Cruises had a new class of ship for 2021, the Seaside EVO-class. Beginning with the launch of MSC Seashore in August 2021, Seaside EVO-class ships are slightly larger than Seaside-class ships.

Ultra Luxury Class

In the spring of 2023, MSC launched the first of a new class of small, ultra-luxury cruise ships. These six new ships, built over five years, will be the smallest in the fleet at around a third the size of MSC Grandiosa. These aren’t part of the MSC Cruises fleet, instead, they fall under a new sister brand called Explora Journeys.

MSC’s Ultra Luxury Class ships will be aimed at guests who enjoy the MSC Yacht Club, offering a premium experience for wealthy guests who want the best of the best. They will be named Explora I to Explora VI.


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To Conclude

MSC Cruises has ships of various sizes, with the largest ships being almost three times the size of the smallest ones in terms of volume (gross tonnage). As with all cruise lines, ships have got bigger over the years and the newest ships tend to be larger.

If you prefer smaller, more intimate ships, then look out for the MSC Group’s new ultra-luxury ships in the Explora Journeys brand.

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