MSC Cruises Drinks Menus with Prices (2024)

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Taking a look at the MSC drinks menus before your cruise can be a good way to know what drinks are available on board, how much the drinks cost, and whether to buy a drink package or not.

MSC Cruises drinks

If you’ve not yet decided whether to get a drinks package or which one to get out of the five different packages that MSC Cruises offer, then be sure to take a look at my MSC Cruises Drink Package Guide.

That will give you all the info you need to easily work out whether the drinks package is worth it or not.

In this guide to the drinks menus on MSC Cruises ships, you’ll be able to see photos of the drinks menus from each of the bars, lounges and restaurants.

The different MSC Cruises drink menus

MSC Cruises ships each have a variety of indoor and outdoor bars, lounges and restaurants. Oftentimes, you’ll see that the same menu is used in more than one venue.

For example, the Pool Bar Menu will be found in all of the outdoor bars as well as the Tropical Bar which is by the indoor pool. Most of the cocktail bars will have the same Cocktail Bar Menu.

There are, however, some drink lists which you can only get in one venue – such as the Champagne bar or the Starship Club.

Me in the Champagne Bar on MSC Euribia
Me in the Champagne Bar on MSC Euribia

Online and paper menus

MSC Cruises uses online menus wherever possible. On each table, there’s a sign with a QR code which you can scan with your mobile phone and it will take you to the menu.

You’ll need to be connected to the ship’s wifi to see the menus. You don’t need a wifi package to do this, so it won’t cost you anything.

MSC Cruises QR code scanner for online menus

If you don’t have a mobile device or don’t feel comfortable reading menus on one, paper menus are always available. Just ask one of the waiters for one and they won’t mind at all.

How much do drinks cost on MSC Cruises?

The drinks on MSC Cruises ships are similarly priced to other cruise lines. You’ll pay around £8 for a beer, £9 for a glass of wine, £10 for a cocktail and £3 for a soft drink.

Read on to see photos of all of the MSC Cruises drinks menus with the latest pricing…

Pool Bar Menu

On MSC cruises, cocktails are always a popular choice, especially when sitting by one of the swimming pools.

All drinks served outside or by the pool are served in plastic glasses. They are nice plastic glasses, however, particularly the tall cocktail glasses. All of the drinking straws on MSC Cruises are biodegradable.

On MSC Cruises ships you cannot take your drinks into the pools or hot tubs as you can with other cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean.

MSC Cruises cocktails
Fruit Smoothie and Miami Vice

Here’s a closer look at what’s on the menu…

MSC Cruises Pool Bar cocktail menu
MSC Cruises Pool Bar mocktail menu
MSC Cruises Pool Bar beer and cider menu
MSC Cruises Pool Bar spirits and soft drinks menu
MSC Cruises Pool Bar wine list

Cocktail Bar Menu

MSC Cruises’ cocktail bar menu is the one that you’ll find in most of the indoor bars and lounges such as the Sky Lounge.

As well as cocktails, you’ll find as a large selection of beers, wines, spirits, and hot drinks.

MSC Cruises cocktails
Jamaican Paradise and Ultimate Mai Tai

Here’s a closer look at what’s on the menu…

MSC Cruises smoked cocktails
MSC Cruises gin and tonic menu
MSC Cruises signature cocktail menu
MSC Cruises signature cocktail menu
MSC Cruises contemporary cocktail menu
MSC Cruises tropical cocktail menu
MSC Cruises frozen cocktail menu
MSC Cruises mocktail menu
MSC Cruises spirits menu
MSC Cruises aperetif  menu
MSC Cruises beer menu
MSC Cruises wine list
MSC Cruises soft drinks and coffee menu

British Pub Drinks Menu

The British Pub on MSC Virtuosa is called Masters of the Seas. On other ships it has a different name such as The Brass Anchor on MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Cruises British Pub drinks menu

If you love beer, this is the place to be as you’ll find 12 different beers on draft as well as a huge selection of bottled beers and beer-based cocktails.

MSC Cruises beertails
Beer Mojito and Black Velvet

Here’s a closer look at the menu…

MSC Cruises draught beer menu

MSC Cruises bottled beer menu
MSC Cruises pub menu

Wine List & Restaurant Drinks Menu

In the Main Dining Rooms, each of the lunch and dinner menus has a section headed ‘Sommelier Recommends’ where you can choose from a selection of wines of the day.

MSC Cruises lunch menu

Here a closer look at that…

MSC Cruises wine recommendations

However, you can also order anything from the full wine list. If you have a drink package, it makes sense to order by the glass as wines by the bottle are not included in any package.

When you order by the glass, some of the serving sizes can vary quite a lot! This is a photo of a glass of rose wine that in ordered in the Main Dining Room on MSC Virtuosa last year. (No, I hadn’t drank any before I took the photo!)

glass of rose wine

And below is a photo of a glass of rose wine that I ordered in the main dining room on sister ship MSC Euribia this year. It’s about three times as big!

Below is a closer look at MSC Cruises wine menus so you can see what else is available…

MSC Cruises champagne list
MSC Cruises white wine list
MSC Cruises white wine list
MSC Cruises rose wine list
MSC Cruises red wine list
MSC Cruises red wine list
MSC Cruises red wine list
MSC Cruises red wine list
MSC Cruises red wine list
MSC Cruises wine list
MSC Cruises wine list by the glass
MSC Cruises wine list by the glass red white rose
MSC Cruises beer list

Buffet Drinks Menu

In the Marketplace Buffet restaurant on MSC Cruises, there is a simple drinks menu with beers, wines, soft drinks and coffees.

At breakfast, if you ask for coffee or fruit juice in the buffet, it will be given to you from the machines. These drinks are free for everyone, with or without a drinks package, and they’re not the best.

However, if you do have a drink package then you should ask for freshly squeezed juices and a latte or cappuccino. These are included in the package but you won’t get them unless you ask specifically.

MSC Cruises buffet beer list
MSC Cruises buffet wne list
MSC Cruises buffet soft drinks list

MSC Starship Club Drinks Menu

On MSC Virtuosa, there’s a robot bartender called Rob who makes drinks for you in the Starship Club.

Rob Robot Bartender

You can order a drink from Rob using the touchscreens that are located in the bar. There’s a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from, or you can create your own.

Drinks made by Rob the robot cost £18 for alcoholic drinks and £10 for non-alcoholic drinks. They come in a souvenir cup which you get to take home in a box.

Drinks made by the robot aren’t included in the MSC drinks packages, but you can order from a human server instead if you want the free drinks.

MSC Starship Club Menu

Minibar Price List

Each cabin on MSC Cruises ships has a refrigerated minibar that is refilled daily.

Drinks from the minibar are not included in the standard drink package are may be included in some upgrade drinks packages or in Yacht Club Suites.

MSC Cruises Minibar price list

How to order drinks

Although the menus are online, you cannot order drinks online on MSC Cruises ships. Instead, you just tell a waiter what you would like.

Wherever you’re sitting, even if it’s on a sunlounger, the servers will come over regularly to ask if you would like a drink.

In the buffet, some ships have a button you can press that will call the waiter over, which is great!

To conclude

MSC Cruises drinks prices are broadly similar to other cruise lines. The cocktails aren’t particularly strong and the glasses of wine can be fairly small, so you may drink more than you expect to.

If you’re wondering whether to buy a package or not, be sure to take a look at my MSC drink package guide which has information about the various packages and also lists the drinks that are always free or charge with or without a drink package.

I’ve also created a drink package calculator tool that will help you to work out how much you would spend on drinks during your cruise if you didn’t have a package.

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    • Hi. Going on Virtuosa in March. Do they have southern Comfort on board? Rob

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  9. the easy package classic cocktails , is alcohol in these cocktails . what are they ?And is it unlimited drinks per day. also the days at port can we use the drinks package once we back on board. our cruise itenery also stated that gratuities are included in our cruise far. How will the ship know not to bill us gratuities.

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  14. If you have the premium extra drinks package can you get drinks from the mini bar in your cabin or do you have to pay for them

    • MSC’s website says that the package can be used in “bars, buffet, restaurants, speciality restaurants, Ocean Cay Island and other exclusive destinations”. There’s no mention of the mini bar, so probably not, although it’s worth asking on board.

  15. Ola, first of all, congrat for the exellent blog.
    I would like to know what do they mean “classic cocktail”? is it the comtemporary classics? Can I get single cheap rum or a ordinary gin&tonic?

  16. I don’t see ‘ Sambuca’ on the list. But I remember from previous cruises it was. Do you know if it is on the ship.?

    • Yes, I believe you can get sambuca on MSC ships. It won’t be in every bar though.

  17. Please can you tell me how many millilitres are in each £8 glass of wine?

    • Not many, I’d estimate 125ml. I had the drink package and remember making the comment that I’d be fuming if I’d paid full price for my wine as there was barely any in it.

  18. Hello Jenni,

    I really enjoy all the content and advice on your site.

    Following your review of the MSC Virtuosa, we as a family group of 10 had a really great time onboard at the end of July 21.

    I am trying to find a menu for the Atelier Bar & Art venue onboard MSC Virtuosa but cannot find one anywhere. Do you have a copy ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  19. Thank you for your review, extremely helpful for us as our first cruise, is it coke or Pepsi on board.?

    • Hi Paul. Coke or Diet Coke are the only options. No Coke Zero or Pepsi, sadly! Jenni

  20. Hi, Do you know if you ust pay the extra or full price , ie is a glass of chablis £12 or just the extra £2
    thank you

    • Hi Mathew. It would be the full price, so be careful! If you like certain drinks, you’ll be better off upgrading your package. Otherwise, be sure to stick to the £10 and under section. Jenni

  21. Hola! Thank you so much for all the information. We have been offered the Easy Drink Package and wondered if the mixers for drinks such as the G&T’s are from individual cans or from one of those hand-held dispenser things? Thank you

    • Hola! I’m not sure, as everything was table service on my last cruise I didn’t actually watch anyone pour a drink, they were just brought over to us! Sorry that’s not too helpful! Jenni

  22. If you want a drink in your cabin, what are your options other than mini bar? Can you order drinks via room service or can you take them back with you?

    • Yes, there’s room service or you can just get a drink at any bar and take it to your cabin. It’s always a good idea to get a couple of bottles of water before bed.

  23. Could you give an idea of the range of drinks you can get with the easy package or it’s current equivalent.

    • These are the drinks in the easy package:
      Heineken draft beer
      Selection of house wines by the glass (sparkling, white, rosè and red)
      Selection of classic cocktails
      Selection of non-alcoholic cocktails
      Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass
      Bottled mineral water
      Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea)

  24. Do the spirits prices include a mixer? If not adding a soft drink would bring them all over the £10 threshold

    • Yes they do, it’s not clear on the menu but the price does include the mixer. So you can have a gin and tonic for example with the package. Jenni

      • Thanks 😊

  25. Did you get a photo of the champagne bar menu by any chance? Trying to see a list of the list of the by the glass options.

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t go in there. I’m going on the ship again in August, I’ll be sure to see the menu and add it to this list. Jenni

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