Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club: The Ultimate Guide

Many top cruise lines have a loyalty programme. After all, there are so many great cruise line options you could be choosing from, they want to make sure you keep coming back to sail with them!

Celebrity Cruises has one called the Captain’s Club. And while it mainly works the same as other cruise lines’ programmes, it has one unique feature that’s really interesting too.

Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the Captain’s Club – what it is, how you enrol, and what you get for each tier.

What is Captain’s Club on Celebrity?

Captain’s Club with Celebrity Cruises is a loyalty programme which offers repeat guests various perks for their cruise. It has six tiers, with the benefits improving as you move up the ranks. Loyalty points (named Captain’s Club Points) are earned for cruising, with more points for higher stateroom classes. 

If you’re someone who likes to browse for cruises based purely on destination and price, and you aren’t loyal to any one cruise line, then loyalty programmes usually don’t offer much appeal. But if you’re someone likely to stick with Celebrity Cruises for most of your sailings, you can enjoy some great benefits.

Note: Celebrity Cruises has a second loyalty program, called Blue Chip Club, that is just for casino players.

How To Find Your Captain’s Club Number

To find your Captain’s Club number, you need to create a Guest Account on the Celebrity Cruises website, and then click the ‘Enroll’ button to sign up to the Captain’s Club. 

If you’ve already enrolled but just forgotten your Captain’s Club Number, it will tell you. You can then reset your password and log-in. Once enrolled, your number will appear on your main account page.

Captain's Club Number

You don’t need to have booked a cruise to enroll in the Captain’s Club – just sign up for an account and hit that enroll button, and you’ll be added to the Club. It’s that easy.

How To Earn Captain’s Club Points

Here’s how to earn Captain’s Club Points from your Celebrity cruises:

  1. Sign up to a Celebrity Cruises Guest Account on the Celebrity Cruises website
  2. Click ‘Enroll’ to sign up to the Captain’s Club
  3. Click the ‘Add a cruise’ button to add your existing cruises to your account, making sure any live bookings are added
  4. 14 days after your cruise ends, your Captain’s Club points will be automatically added to your account

How many points do you get per night?

The number of points that you earn for the Captain’s Club depends on the level of stateroom you book. You get points for every night of your cruise, but the higher the stateroom or suite you’ve chosen, the more points you get.

Here’s a breakdown of the different stateroom/suite categories, and how many points they earn you:

Stateroom CategoryCaptain’s Club Points Per Night
Inside or Ocean View2
Concierge Class or AquaClass5
Sky Suites8
Celebrity, Signature, Royal, and Sunset Suites12
Edge Villas, Penthouse Suites and Reflection Suites18
Iconic Suites24

You can really ramp up the points you earn if you book a higher class of stateroom – but this is Celebrity Cruises, and those top-end suites don’t come cheap, so it won’t be an option for everyone!

But as a guide, a 7-night cruise in a Signature Suite will earn you the same amount of points as six 7-night cruises in an Inside or Ocean View Stateroom. Those higher suite classes can really catapult you into the upper tiers of the Captain’s Club pretty quickly.

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Celebrity Cruises Suite

Captain’s Club Power Up Points

A feature that’s unique to Celebrity’s Captain’s Club is the option to earn Power Up Points. With most cruise lines, the only way to earn loyalty programme points is to cruise, but Power Up Points offer an alternative, additional method.

When you’re enrolled in the Captain’s Club, you’ll occasionally be sent different activities by the Captain’s Club. These could range from filling in a survey to engaging with Celebrity’s social media content.

These activities will have Power Up Points assigned to them, and every month your Power Up Points are converted into Captain’s Club Points for you automatically.

10 Power Up Points are equivalent to 1 Captain’s Club Point. So you won’t fly up the tiers just by doing these activities – however, it’s a fun way to boost your point total from the comfort of your home, in between the cruises you take.

It’s great that Celebrity Cruises offers this option, because not everyone will be able to book lots of cruises, and you might just be able to (slightly) accelerate your push into the next tier, especially when you’re at Classic and you’re looking to move to Select.

Celebrity Captain’s Club Levels & Benefits

There are six tiers in total for Celebrity’s Captain’s Club. Here’s a summary:

Captain’s Club TierClub PointsNo. of nights needed in an Inside StateroomNo. of nights needed in an Iconic Suite
Elite Plus750-299937532
Zenith3000+1,500 (over 200 7-night cruises!)125

Linked Accounts

It’s possible to link your Celebrity Cruises Guest Account with another person, if it’s your spouse or partner. If you do this, then you also link Captain’s Club accounts too. And the great thing is that, if one of you is a higher rank, you both get lifted to that higher tier for your cruises.

However, you still only earn your points individually, and if you ever unlink your accounts, you’ll revert back to your original tier if you were on a lower one. Useful to know!

Each tier comes with additional perks. Here’s a look at everything you get:


The Preview tier is exactly that – a preview of the real Captain’s Club. As soon as you’ve cruised one night with Celebrity, you’ll advance beyond this tier. But you do get some perks by signing up before your first cruise:

  • Access to the Captain’s Club Newsletter (including Power Up Point invitations)
  • Eligibility for Captain’s Club offers when booking a future cruise on your first cruise
  • Use of the Loyalty Desk service centre before your first cruise to book speciality restaurants
  • Earn double Club Points if you’re a solo traveller
Captain’s Club Preview


The Classic tier is the first tier of the Captain’s Club that comes with real benefits for your actual cruise. The full list is:

  • Everything in the Preview tier
  • Upgrade offers through AquaClass
  • Access to exclusive events on select speciality sailings
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Welcome Party on your cruise with drinks and appetizers
  • Sneak Peek of Wonder at Eden (on Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Beyond) – sample the cocktail of the evening and see the art and music up close
  • One complimentary speciality coffee when dining in a speciality restaurant
  • One complimentary scoop of gelato
  • 10% off any bottle of wine
  • 10% off Classic & Premium Drinks Packages when booked pre-cruise
  • 10% off WiFi packages
  • 25% off digital or photo print packages
  • 10% off The Studio photo package
  • 10% off laundry services (one-time per cruise)
  • 10% off multiple uses of the spa
  • One Match Play for roulette or blackjack
  • One Bonus Deal or No Deal card with a 4-pack purchase
  • 5% off Small Group Discovery Tours
  • 5% off hot glass blowing activity onboard


Once you reach the Select level, you get a couple of extra event invites on your cruise, as well as some improved discounts. Here’s the full list:

  • Everything in the Classic tier
  • Loyalty status match for Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Wine Tasting event on your cruise
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Backstage Tour on your cruise
  • 15% off any bottle of wine
  • 25% off WiFi packages
  • 30% off digital or photo print packages
  • Two complimentary pressed laundry items
  • One discounted bag of laundry (wash, dry and fold) on cruises 12 nights or more
  • Two Match Plays for roulette or blackjack


By the time you reach Elite status, you’re starting to unlock some fantastic benefits for your cruise, including:

  • Everything in the Select tier
  • Priority access to tender boats at tender ports
  • Private departure lounge on the ship for tender ports
  • Captain’s Club Elite Cocktail Hour
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Senior Officer Party on your cruise
  • Captain’s Club daily Coffee Lounge
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Create and Pour (on Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Beyond) art & wine event
  • Invitation to the Captain’s Club Music & Mixology event on your cruise
  • 20% off any bottle of wine
  • 15% off Classic and Premium Drinks Packages
  • 30% off WiFi packages with 90 minutes free WiFi access
  • 40% off digital or photo print packages
  • 20% off The Studio photo package
  • One complimentary dry-clean item
  • One complimentary bag of laundry (wash, dry and fold) – this replaces the one-time discount in lower tiers
  • 15% off multiple uses of the spa
  • Three Match Plays for roulette or blackjack
  • One Bonus Deal or No Deal card with a 3-pack purchase

Elite Plus

Here’s everything you get when you reach Elite Plus status:

  • Everything in the Elite tier, except the one free dry-clean item
  • Complimentary cappuccino, latte, tea and espresso
  • 15% off speciality dining reservations
  • 20% off Classic Drinks Packages (it stays at 15% for Premium Drinks Packages)
  • 35% off WiFi packages with 240 minutes free WiFi access
  • Two complimentary bags of laundry
  • One complimentary fitness class


Zenith is the absolute top tier, and you need to get some serious cruise mileage behind you to reach this, even when booking higher suite classes. But as a reward, you’ll get:

  • Everything in the Elite Plus tier
  • Priority boarding when returning to the ship in port, where available
  • Priority seating in the theatre
  • Access to the Concierge Lunch
  • 25% off speciality dining reservations
  • Complimentary Premium Drinks Package
  • Complimentary Premium WiFi Package
  • 50% off digital or photo print packages
  • 25% off The Studio photo packages
  • Complimentary laundry
  • 20% off multiple spa bookings
  • 3 Bonus Deal or No Deal cards with a 3-pack purchase
  • A free 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in a Veranda stateroom (one-time, taxes and fees are charged extra)
  • At 6,000 points, and for every additional 3,000 points, another free Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in an AquaClass stateroom

Captain’s Club Elite Cocktail Hour

One of the perks that’s worth explaining in more detail is the Captain’s Club Elite Cocktail Hour. Despite the name, this is actually a two-hour window where any guest who is Elite status or above can enjoy free drinks at most of the bars and lounges across the ship (the excluded venues are World Class Bar, Magic Carpet, theatre bars and restaurant bars).

Captain’s Club Elite Cocktail Hour

It’s essentially a two-hour free bar on every day of your cruise except for embarkation day. Between 5 pm and 7 pm, guests can enjoy a selection of spirits, beers, wines and cocktails, along with all sodas, juices and select bottled water.

It’s nothing to get excited about if you already have a drinks package, but if you don’t, then it’s a great perk you can enjoy on every cruise.

Captain’s Club Status Match

Celebrity Cruises is owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, and so guests who make Select status or above as part of the Captain’s Club can enjoy similar perks on any Royal Caribbean cruise through the Crown & Anchor Society.

Here are the equivalent levels of the programmes:

Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club TierRoyal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Tier
Elite PlusDiamond

Read more: Royal Caribbean Diamond Benefits

How To Contact Celebrity Captains’s Club

The phone number to contact Celebrity’s Captain’s Club for the UK is 0344 493 2065. For the Republic of Ireland it’s 1800 932 662 and for guests in the US it’s 1-844-418-6824.

You shouldn’t need to contact the Captain’s Club for any reason, but if your Captain’s Club points aren’t added to your account 14 days after your cruise ends, you can call to chase it up as there may have been an error in tracking them.

FAQs About Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

Do Celebrity Captains Club points expire?

Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club points never expire. You’ll keep accruing points for as long as you have an active membership. If you lose access to your Guest Account you can contact the Captain’s Club directly to regain access and retain your points.

Do Elite members get free drinks on Celebrity?

With Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club, anyone on Elite status or better can enjoy two hours of free drinks every evening from 5pm to 7pm at most bars on the ship. Only selected drinks are available. Elite guests also get 15% off drinks packages.

What’s the difference between Elite and Elite Plus?

Elite Plus members get slightly better perks on their cruises with the Captain’s Club, including an extra free bag of laundry, an extra 5% off Classic Drinks Packages, a complimentary fitness class and 15% off speciality dining reservations.


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Final Word

To reach the upper tiers of the Captain’s Club with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll have to spend a lot of time cruising with the line, and in some of the higher suite grades too.

But the fact you can earn points even when you aren’t cruising is good, and there are a lot of benefits even on the lower tiers.

You aren’t automatically enrolled though, so make sure you sign up to start claiming those perks on your next Celebrity cruise.

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