Celebrity Cruises Aqua Class Benefits: Worth It Or Not?

Celebrity Cruises offers a number of different options when it comes to picking your stateroom – it’s not just as simple as deciding on whether you want an ocean view or a balcony.

As well as the different room types, there are various sub-classes with additional benefits. One of these is the AquaClass, a variant of the Balcony Staterooms.

AquaClass Sky Suites

So, what do you get if you upgrade to the Celebrity Cruise Aqua Class rooms, and is it worth it? Let’s find out…

What Is Aqua Class on Celebrity Cruises?

AquaClass is an accommodation option on Celebrity Cruises that consists of a Veranda Stateroom and a number of extra perks. The size of the staterooms are similar to regular balcony room, but they’re usually furnished in lighter colours to accentuate that refreshing spa feel.

AquaClass is considered to be two steps up from a regular Veranda Stateroom, and one step up from Concierge Class. They’re essentially a premium sub-class of Veranda, rather than being considered a completely different type of cabin.

If you did want more space than a regular Veranda Stateroom, then you’ll instead need to look at the Suites that are available. These are much roomier and come with a lot of additional benefits. But they’re also more expensive again. 

If you’re happy with the space offered by a Veranda Stateroom but want something a little more special, that’s where Aqua Class could be ideal.

AquaClass stateroom

What Does Celebrity Aqua Class Include?

AquaClass guests on a Celebrity Cruise enjoy an overall wellness experience, including extra perks in the stateroom, access to the onboard spa areas, a complimentary wellness consultation, and exclusive access to the Blu restaurant, among other perks. 

There’s a lot that you get, so let’s take a closer look at all of the Aqua Class Celebrity benefits…

1. Spa Access

One of the main reasons to choose an AquaClass stateroom is to enjoy the benefits of the onboard spa areas. Each of the AquaClass staterooms is situated closer to the spa because, while they’re all about healthy living, that doesn’t mean the inconvenience of walking a long distance to get there!

If you’re on an Edge-Class ship, you’ll enjoy access to the SEA Thermal Suite. On Millennium and Solstice Class ships, you can instead get into the Persian Garden, with Solstice Class ships also having the Relaxation Room.

To be clear, your treatments aren’t included – just access to the spas and relaxation areas in these areas of the ship.

But you will also get a wellness consultation with a spa concierge who can recommend treatments for you. You also get priority reservations at the spa, so you can secure your favourite treatments before those slots book up.

Spa on Celebrity cruises

2. Blu Restaurant

The Blu restaurant on a Celebrity ship is for the exclusive use of AquaClass guests. Suite guests can use the restaurant, but only if there is space available – AquaClass guests get priority. Suite guests do have their own restaurant anyway.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner. It offers a more intimate setting with ‘cleaner’ cuisine.

Blu restaurant

You don’t have to make reservations to dine at Blu, but you can arrange them if you’re planning on dining with a group of six or more people, just to ensure there’s a suitable table available for you.

Here’s a look at an example menu that you can enjoy at Blu when you’re an AquaClass guest:

Aqua Class Blu Menu Example
Aqua Class Blu Restaurant Menu Example

3. Stateroom Enhancements

There are a few extra touches that help to differentiate the AquaClass staterooms and make them feel like they are designed for cleaner, healthier living.

For a start, your shower has an extra panel with massaging water jets. And the entire stateroom comes with an enhanced air filtration system so that you’re breathing the freshest, cleanest air on the ship!

It’s not like unclean air is a problem anywhere else on the ship, but it sounds good, at least.

But if you want to make that air a little less pure, you also get an aromatherapy diffuser included in your room. Fancy!

AquaClass bathroom

4. Priority Embarkation and Debarkation

Guests who book an AquaClass stateroom will be able to board the ship as a priority rather than queuing with the masses.

This is a perk that’s shared with Concierge Class guests and above, so you won’t necessarily be the very first people onto the ship, and there may still be a small element of waiting. But it’ll be much faster than if you were in a standard Veranda Stateroom or below, which most people will be.

You don’t just get to feel like a VIP when you get on the ship for the first time either – as you also get priority debarkation at the end of your cruise as well. That may not sound like much of a perk – leaving the ship before other guests – but you’ll appreciate being able to beat the rush of the crowds.

And you also get this same perk on shore excursion days. It only works for debarkation, though, as you can’t expect to have constant priority returns to the ship throughout the day.

Still, it means you can have more time to explore the ports that you visit, and return at your leisure.

5. Canapes and Sparkling Wine On Request

A perk that is available for Concierge Class guests and above – therefore including AquaClass guests – is the option to request canapes in your stateroom every afternoon. They’re a great luxury snack if you can’t quite wait until dinner.

Need a drink to wash them down? Sparkling wine is also available as a complimentary option on request.

6. Pillow Menu

As part of getting the healthiest, best night’s sleep possible, all guests in AquaClass staterooms are able to choose from a menu of pillows.

If you have a particular need, or you just want to try out other pillow choices to find the one that feels most comfortable, it may be worth consulting the menu to see which one fits you best.

The options include:

  • Goose down pillow
  • Body pillow (feather and down blend)
  • Conformance pillow (designed to be firmer and offer additional support)
  • Isotonic pillow (made using synthetic down)
  • Hypoallergenic pillows (suitable for those sensitive to allergies – no feather or down used)

Tried a pillow and found that it wasn’t that comfortable? Just ask for it to be swapped. It’s no problem.

Pillows on bed on Celebrity Cruises ship

7. Fitness Amenities

While you’re staying in an AquaClass stateroom, you’re able to make use of a number of extra fitness amenities in your stateroom. You get two yoga mats as standard, but then you can also ask for any of the following to be provided:

  • Inflatable boxing bag and gloves
  • Meditation kit with a weighted blanket
  • Yoga kit with blocks and bolster
  • Strength and conditioning kit, including medicine ball, dumbbells, resistance bands and more
  • Recovery kit, including acupressure mat, deep tissue roller and other massage tools


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8. Small Added Extras

There are a host of small extras that you also get when booking an AquaClass stateroom that don’t justify an entire solo entry on this list, so I’ve grouped them together here;

  • Complimentary pair of slippers to use in your stateroom
  • Use of an umbrella and binoculars during the cruise (but the binoculars must remain on the ship at all times, they can’t be used for excursions)
  • Complimentary shoe-shining service
  • Extra hairdryer in the stateroom (two instead of the usual one)
  • Upgraded Hansgrohe rainfall showerhead
  • Embossed keyholder and tote bag

Is Aqua Class on Celebrity Worth It?

Deciding on whether AquaClass is worth paying for on a Celebrity cruise is very much a personal decision, based on how much you’ll benefit from the extra perks. For people who care deeply about fitness and wellness, these rooms offer a special and unique experience.

Typically, you should expect to pay in the region of $400 to $800 more per person for an AquaClass stateroom over the cruise-only fare for a Veranda Stateroom.

You get a host of additional benefits, so think about how important those are to you. Are you going to make use of them, or would you be better served saving the extra money to put towards something you would be more interested in?

However, no other stateroom at sea offers the same kind of health and wellness experience – from your own consultation to having so much fitness equipment available to use in your stateroom.

Anyone passionate about this sort of lifestyle will struggle to find a cruise accommodation option that is better suited to them.

drinks on Celebrity cruise

Aqua Class Vs Concierge Class

Concierge Class is considered to be one step below AquaClass. They share many of the same perks, but AquaClass is tailored more to people who enjoy the spa.

Despite being considered a step below, there are a couple of perks that Concierge Class guests enjoy that AquaClass guests don’t, including:

  • An exclusive welcome aboard lunch
  • Concierge service for help booking dining reservations and entertainment
  • Priority dining times

Of course, Concierge Class guests don’t get access to Blu, or the spas on the ships. Nor do they have access to a spa concierge.

Shared perks that guests of both categories enjoy include:

  • Priority embarkation and debarkation
  • Pillow menu
  • Complimentary canapes and sparkling wine
  • Little extras in the room*

*To be clear, you don’t get the slippers in your room if you’re a Concierge Class guest – hopefully, that’s not a major issue!

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Aqua Class Vs Retreat

The Retreat is Celebrity’s Suite class, and it’s a ship-within-a-ship concept – the chance for guests to enjoy a number of areas of the ship that are exclusive to them.

The Retreat

Retreat guests enjoy a number of extra perks above and beyond what AquaClass guests can benefit from, including:

  • Access to the Luminae Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Exclusive lounge access on-board
  • Exclusive sundeck areas
  • Dedicated butler service
  • Shore excursion credit
  • Full in-suite dining options
  • Premium Drinks Package
  • Premium WiFi Package
  • Welcome bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine
Luminae at The Retreat

And because this is the suite class, the rooms are much more spacious too. But the fare difference is substantial – on a typical 7-night cruise, you may pay an extra $1,500 to $2,000 more per person for a Retreat suite than you would for an AquaClass stateroom.

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Celebrity Retreat Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who intends to spend most of your time poolside or exploring the ports on your cruise, then an AquaClass Stateroom might not be worth the upgrade cost. 

Sure, there are a couple of extra perks that you may enjoy, like priority embarkation and the pillow menu, but if you want to enjoy all that the ship has to offer, then the added cost may not be worthwhile.

But if you like the sound of dining in Blu, or especially if you’re someone who cares about fitness and wellness and would love to relax in the SEA Thermal Suite, or workout in the comfort of your own stateroom, then the AquaClass is brilliant.

It’s not going to be for everyone, but I’d definitely recommend you consider it as an upgrade – especially on those sailings where it’s only a few hundred dollars more than an all-inclusive Veranda Stateroom.


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9 thoughts on “Celebrity Cruises Aqua Class Benefits: Worth It Or Not?”

  1. Are drinks included in the Aqua class rooms with veranda?

    • Yes. you get the classic drink package included.

  2. I know it’s not comparing apples to apples but if you’re not going to spend a lot of time in your cabin I’ve found, over my 30+ cruises an ocean view works just fine. Just recently I booked the Ascent for March 2024 and the Aqua Class was double the price of an Ocean view. I went with my go-to Cheap Cruises.com and got the Cabin, liquor package, wi-fi, gratuities, $100 on board credit, $100 visa gift card, taxes and port charges all for $3100 for two of us. Aqua Class for all that would have been double the cost. So over $3k for ACCESS to the spa (no treatments) , the Blu restaurant an exclusive lounging/sun deck area and a pillow menu. Sorry, just not worth it.

  3. booked on celebrity ascent for jan 28th aqua class. No mention of
    drinks, wi fi or tips included. just Blu dining and access to the spa.

  4. I believe I read somewhere recently that the drink packages are not a part of Aquaclass rooms. Can you confirmed either way?

  5. We just did a 9 night cruise on the Silhouette with Aqua class 03 Jan 2023. To make a long story short we were told we did not have wifi, drinks and tips package. Went to guest relations 3 times and even called Celebrity with no success. So beware even though when I booked cruise it stated to include these perks you may not get them. Needless to say will not sail with Celebrity again

    • Is it possible that you received an upgrade to an Aqua Class stateroom, George? If so, “Class” perks do not generally come along with complimentary or even “Move Up” stateroom upgrades that you may have purchased.

  6. I was wondering if the use of Blu is complimentary for Aqua Class passengers?

    • Yes, anyone booked in an Aqua Class cabin can dine in Blu.

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