Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks Explained

If you want the very best accommodation and service on a cruise, you’ll want to book a suite. That’s true across all cruise lines, and Celebrity Cruises is no different.

Celebrity Cruises’ suites are beautiful, and the Celebrity suite benefits are excellent too. Of course, they don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a truly upmarket cruise experience then they certainly are worthy of your attention.

Expansive and modern Iconic Suite living area on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring contemporary furnishings in a soothing color palette, a chic dining area, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows providing panoramic views of the sea.

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the different options for a suite on Celebrity Cruises, and what you get with each.

Celebrity Cruises Suite Types

There are a lot of different options for suites on a Celebrity cruise, but not all feature on every ship.

In total, there are 10 different suite types in the main Celebrity Cruises fleet. Here’s a look at what they are, and which ships they feature on:

SuiteFound on
Iconic SuitesEdge-class ships only
Edge VillasEdge-class ships only
Penthouse SuitesAll ships
Reflection SuitesCelebrity Reflection only
Signature SuitesCelebrity Reflection only
Royal SuitesAll ships
Horizon SuitesCelebrity Silhouette only
Celebrity SuitesAll ships
Aqua Sky SuitesAll ships
Sky SuitesAll ships

All of the suites in the main Celebrity Cruises fleet are part of The Retreat, and with that comes a number of perks and benefits.

These are the Celebrity Suite Perks that you’ll enjoy across all of the suites:

1. Dine at Luminae

The Celebrity ships have some fantastic restaurants onboard, but one of the most revered is Luminae, a luxury fine dining venue open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with menus crafted by renowned chef Daniel Boulud.

The sophisticated interior of Luminae at The Retreat on Celebrity Beyond, featuring an elegant monochromatic color scheme with bold red accents, modern spherical chandeliers, and expansive windows offering ocean views.

The restaurant is exclusively for the use of suite guests, and many feel that it is worth the upgrade alone. The menu options here won’t be found in any other restaurants on the ship.

Suite guests can still choose to dine in the Main Dining Room if they prefer, and they’re also permitted to book at Blu, a restaurant normally reserved for Aqua Class guests, provided space is available.

2. Access to The Retreat Lounge & Retreat Sundeck

Suite guests get to enjoy the quieter exclusive areas of the ship, including the Retreat Lounge and Retreat Sundeck.

The warm and inviting Kelly Hoppen designed Retreat Lounge is a newly stylish space to unwind. Boasting dramatic floor-to-ceiling views, guests can take in the ever-changing scenery whenever they stop by this 24/7 lounge for complimentary beverages and gourmet bites.

The Retreat Lounge is a modern space that services snacks and complimentary drinks, and is perfect for reading a book, having a pre-dinner get-together with other suite guests, or just winding down in peace.

It’s also where you’ll find the Concierge Desk for suite guests.

The exclusive Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Beyond, featuring a serene pool area with luxurious red and white loungers, matching pillows, and side tables, all set against a backdrop of modern design elements and open skies.

The Retreat Sundeck is a private sundeck area with upgraded sun loungers and a towel attendant who will provide towels and other amenities. Snacks and drinks are available here too.

The Retreat Sundeck on the Edge-class ships has a pool, while other ships have a water feature or hot tub.

3. Premium Drinks Package

All suite guests automatically get the Premium Drinks Package, normally worth over $100 per person, per day.

Guests aboard a Celebrity Cruises ship enjoying a toast with refreshing drinks, featuring a man and a woman laughing and smiling while they receive their beverages, with the calm ocean and clear skies in the background.

This entitles you to enjoy drinks up to the value of $17, as often as you would like, as well as a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

Of course, you can enjoy wine by the glass for free, so that discount perk is only for the serious connoisseurs who have their eye on a specific bottle.

4. Premium Wi-Fi Package

All guests in The Retreat get a Premium Wi-Fi package included with their fare too, normally worth at least $26.99 per day, depending on your ship and itinerary.

The Premium Wi-Fi is the best internet package available on the ship, and offers pretty impressive speeds, as all ships have Starlink satellite internet.

You’ll be able to video call, share photos and videos, and stream content as much as you want. If you’re on an Edge-class ship you can also stream content from your device to your suite TV.

5. Butler and Concierge Services

Guests staying in a suite get to enjoy the services of a butler team along with concierge services.

Your butler handles all requests to do with your suite. They’ll be able to serve you dinner from the restaurants onboard, shine your shoes, or arrange for your laundry to be collected and cleaned, as well as restock your minibar when needed.

The concierge team handles any requests for the rest of the ship, such as booking you a table at a speciality restaurant or arranging your shore excursions.

The Concierge Desk and Shore Excursion area on Celebrity Edge, designed with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring interactive screens, elegant furniture, and a calming neutral color palette complemented by the soft, wave-patterned carpet.

Suite guests can also use the concierge before they cruise – there’s a dedicated phone number to call to make bookings in advance or make other special requests.

6. Priority Check-in, Departure & Tenders

Suite guests can enjoy priority perks on the first and last day of their cruise, as well as at any tender ports.

On embarkation day, suite guests get priority check-in, meaning you aren’t queuing for long in the terminal and will be on the ship quickly.

When the cruise is over, you can disembark as a priority too, which can be highly advantageous if you’re trying to beat the rush to drive out of the terminal or find a cab to take you to the airport.

Disembarking thew Celebrity Apex via the Magic Carpet

If your cruise has any tender ports – where the ship anchors out at sea and uses tender boats to ferry guests back and forth to shore – suite guests can get priority for boarding a tender to the port.

You won’t get priority for the return journey, though.

7. Reserved Theatre Seating

Celebrity Cruises’ formal nights are called Evening Chic Nights, and it’s when guests like to put on their best outfits and enjoy all the features of the ship. It’s a fun atmosphere, and very elegant. 

The modern interior of a theater on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring plush purple seating, a spacious circular stage, and ambient lighting. The design is complemented by a large, abstract forest mural, creating an immersive entertainment environment.

It’s also where many of the facilities on the ship tend to get busier, as everyone onboard likes to join in.

So on these Evening Chic nights, suite guests can enjoy reserved theatre seating, so that they don’t miss out on a great view for the night’s entertainment.

8. Complimentary In-Suite Dining

Suite guests can enjoy complimentary dining in their suite 24 hours a day.

This isn’t just a snack-based room service menu though – they can enjoy a full dining service, with meals delivered from their favourite restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Celebrity Cruises. Suite with dining table

If you don’t feel like joining the rest of your shipmates, you can choose whatever meals you like and they’ll be served to you in the relaxing surroundings of your suite.

9. Welcome Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Suite guests will enjoy a welcome bottle of either Champagne or sparkling wine when they board their cruise.

A welcoming setting on Celebrity Apex featuring a chilled bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, two empty glasses ready for a toast, and a 'Welcome to the Apex' card on a table with a vibrant orange sofa and warm lighting in the background.

10. Complimentary In-Suite Coffees

Coffee-lovers can rejoice, as suite guests will have a range of coffee options available to make in their suite, including some speciality drinks.

You can have coffee delivered if you prefer, but if you want a disturbance-free morning, then you aren’t limited to standard coffee sachets.

11. Fresh Fruit Deliveries On Request

Any time you’re in the mood for some fresh fruit, just let your butler team know and they will bring it to your suite to enjoy.

fruit bowl

12. Luxury Suite Amenities

Each suite is home to a host of luxurious amenities, elevating your experience to new heights. Some of these are grander than others, and will depend on the specific suite you book. You might enjoy full marble bathrooms, or whirlpool baths.

Luxurious Penthouse Suite bathroom on Celebrity Flora, with dual vessel sinks, a spacious glass-enclosed shower, and a Jacuzzi tub overlooking the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows, combining modern design with breathtaking views.

You’ll definitely get to enjoy Celebrity’s most premium eXhale bedding, including luxurious plush duvets, fine cotton sheets and a pillow menu to help you get the best night’s sleep. Good luck getting out of bed to enjoy all the other suite perks!

Suite guests will also enjoy plush slippers, bathrobes to use during the cruise, and a range of premium bathroom toiletries.

13. Use of Umbrella & Binoculars

Guests in all suites are able to request a golf umbrella and a set of binoculars to use during the cruise.

Hopefully, the umbrella isn’t needed, but the binoculars are a quality set that you can use to really enjoy the view – great for Alaska cruises.

You can’t keep them, though you can purchase them (or a set like them) if you really can’t part with them.

There are a selection of suite benefits that only apply to the top suites across the fleet:

  • Iconic Suites
  • Edge Villas
  • Penthouse Suites
  • Reflection Suites
  • Signature Suites
  • Royal Suites

1. Unlimited Speciality Dining with Preferred Seating

Speciality dining restaurants on a Celebrity cruise ship normally have an additional fee – a cover charge that guests have to pay to dine there.

But in these suites, you can enjoy these restaurants at no extra cost, as many times as you want. You can even have the food delivered to your suite, if you prefer.

A chef artfully presents a gourmet dish at Eden Restaurant on a Celebrity Cruise, pouring a vibrant orange sauce over a beautifully plated scallop with accompanying garnishes, symbolizing the fine dining experience at sea.

However, if you do dine in the restaurants, you’ll also get to take advantage of preferred seating, getting not just the best food on the ship but also the best seats in each venue.

The only restaurant where you won’t get priority seating is Blu, since Aqua Class guests always get first priority here.

Entrance to Blu restaurant on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring elegant modern decor with a circular blue light installation, 'Blu' signage in bright neon, and a stylish dining area with chic furnishings that evoke an upscale, serene oceanic atmosphere.

2. VIP Canapes

On request, you’ll be able to enjoy a selection of delectable canapes delivered to your suite by your butler.

The range of canapes will vary by ship and sailing, but they are all premium options to suit a range of tastes – perfect whether you are just relaxing in your own suite before heading out to dinner, or if you want to host a little in-suite party for the evening.

3. Complimentary Drinks In-Suite

You’ll already enjoy the complimentary Premium Drinks package as part of your cruise, but you don’t even need to leave your suite to enjoy free drinks when you’re a guest in one of these top-tier suites.

Your in-suite fridge will be stocked up with complimentary bottles of water, sodas and beers, and will be topped up daily to make sure you never run out. Not only that, but at the start of your cruise you’ll be given two bottles of premium spirits that you can enjoy during the cruise as well.

With the spirit bottles and the in-fridge sodas acting as mixers, along with those VIP canapes, you have everything you need for your party – or just for you to enjoy as you soak up the view each night.

4. Complimentary Laundry Service

Guests staying in these top-tier suites can enjoy free laundry services twice per cruise.

If you want to pack light, you can just ask your butler to arrange your laundry to be completed, and you won’t need to pay the usual fee. It’ll be delivered back to your room the following day, cleaned and pressed for you.

5. Priority Luggage Delivery

Guests staying in a suite get the benefit of priority luggage delivery, so you won’t be waiting long for your cases to arrive on embarkation day.

You can even ask your butler to unpack for you when the cases do arrive, if you don’t mind them handling your delicates.

The Aqua Sky Suites have a couple of unique benefits that you won’t get with any other suite. That’s because they are part of both The Retreat and the Aqua Class.

As well as the regular suite perks you’d already get, you can also enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to the SEA Thermal Suite (Edge-class ships) or Persian Garden (Millennium and Solstice-class ships)
  • In-room fitness amenities including yoga mats
  • Discounts on spa treatments and exercise classes
  • Priority booking for Blu, the Aqua Class restaurant
Interior of the SEA Thermal Suite on Celebrity Edge, featuring a sleek design with modern black and white decor, a wall of living plants, crystal sculptures, and reflective surfaces creating a tranquil and luxurious spa atmosphere.

Anyone who books a suite via the Celebrity Cruises Move Up upgrade programme will get most of the in-suite benefits, but extra perks will remain as they were with the original booking.

Celebrity’s Move Up programme lets you bid for an upgrade once you’ve booked a cruise. You can often secure a suite for much less than you would’ve otherwise paid, if they have availability.

But while you’ll enjoy all the perks tied to the room, you won’t get things like Premium Drinks Packages or Premium Wi-Fi for free. You’ll need to pay for those separately, or you won’t get them.

You don’t have to pay for them – if you don’t plan on drinking much and don’t care about the WiFi then you can just enjoy all the other suite benefits as normal.

The perks you get are a little different on the Expedition ships, though they bear a lot of similarities with the main fleet.

On Celebrity Xploration, suite guests enjoy:

  • A stocked mini bar
  • Use of wet suits and snorkeling equipment
  • Fine Egyptian linens
A Celebrity Cruises guest snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Bimini, surrounded by vibrant yellow and black striped fish and healthy coral reefs, with sunlight filtering through the surface, highlighting the underwater serenity.

The perks on Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Flora include:

  • A free refillable water bottle
  • Stocked minibar
  • Daily treats delivered to your suite including locally sourced chocolates
  • Champagne or sparkling wine on arrival
  • Complimentary backpack and poncho
  • Laundry services twice per sailing
  • Full in-suite dinner service

While these lists of perks aren’t as extensive as those in the main fleet, remember that these ships are designed more for the adventurous, and you’ll be spending more time ashore exploring.

They still bring that premium Celebrity Cruises feel to the suites, but the priority is very much on enjoying the destination rather than the suite accommodations.

Which Suite to Choose?

The best suite depends on so many factors, including what kind of budget you’re working with and how often you plan on cruising. The better suites do have some amazing features and are truly stunning, but if booking one of them would limit your ability to cruise again for a long time, it might be better to choose an entry-level suite and cruise twice instead.

The Iconic Suites and Penthouse Suites are particularly pricey. If you want the premium suite experience, but don’t have an uncapped budget, then it may be better to look at the Edge Villas or Royal Suites (or the Reflection or Signature Suites, if cruising on Celebrity Reflection).

Then you’ll get all the best perks, but at a lower cost. Royal Suites are often less than half the price of Iconic Suites, and around 60% the price of a Penthouse Suite.

Iconic Suites

The luxurious Iconic Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring a king-sized bed with plush pillows, a sleek design with neutral tones, and an array of panoramic windows offering breathtaking, uninterrupted ocean views.

The best suites in the fleet, Iconic Suites sit above the ship’s bridge and offer amazing panoramic views. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge amount of space, you’ll love the luxury feel that they offer. 

Highlights of Iconic Suites include an expansive terrace with hot tub and a double daybed, a second whirlpool inside the main bathroom, and even a private butler’s pantry for any treats you wish to enjoy during the cruise.

Edge Villas

Stunning two-level Edge Villa on a Celebrity cruise ship, displaying a luxurious, open-concept design with a private plunge pool, chic lounge areas, a bedroom upstairs, sleek modern furniture, and expansive windows flooding the space with natural light.

Edge Villas are two-storey suites with a private tiered terrace that includes its own three-foot-deep plunge pool, along with a marble bathroom that has a whirlpool tub and a separate walk-in shower. The villas offer direct access to The Retreat Sundeck too, making them a great choice for relaxing either in-suite or on the more spacious deck.

Penthouse Suites

A luxurious Penthouse Suite bedroom on the Celebrity Ascent, elegantly appointed with a large comfortable bed, sophisticated neutral tones, artful decor, and ambient lighting, creating a relaxing and high-end atmosphere for guests.

The Penthouse Suites are stunning suite options, offering a huge amount of space including multiple bathrooms and an expansive terrace area. Penthouse Suites are the best suites you can book on Millennium-class and Solstice-class ships. They have a dining area that seats 8, and a separate lounge – ample space for hosting a small party.

Reflection Suites

The Reflection Suites are all about light and space – situated in the corner of the ship, they have higher ceilings than regular suites and full-height glass doors and windows, making for a beautifully bright space. The bathroom even has a cantilevered glass shower that juts out over the sea, making for quite the wake-up.

Signature Suites

The Signature Suites don’t offer a particular theme, but offer some fantastic amenities for guests including high ceilings and a spacious veranda, which includes lounge seating along with an outdoor tub with a rain shower over. 

Royal Suites

The Royal Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, with a modern and inviting design featuring a comfortable bed with a white and teal color scheme, elegant wall lamps, a decorative lattice headboard, and an art piece that adds a touch of sophistication to the room.

The Royal Suites are bright, modern and beautifully appointed. They have one bedroom and one bathroom, along with a separate living space. While not as expansive as some of the bigger suites on the ships, they do come with a host of perks, including a whirlpool bath and dual sinks on select ships.

Horizon Suites

Available exclusively on Celebrity Silhouette, the Horizon Suites are spacious and comfortable, including a veranda with lounge seating. You’ll get a separate living space and an impressive king-size bed in the bedroom, as well as a huge TV to enjoy.

Celebrity Suites

Elegant Celebrity Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring a sophisticated living area with a gray sofa accented with red pillows, a contemporary coffee table, stylish artwork, and a glimpse into the cozy bedroom area.

Larger than the Sky Suites, the Celebrity Suites offer floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and a cosy, contemporary living space separated from the bedroom by sliding doors. The sleek bathrooms feature marble-style accents, while plants help to add a bright and colourful touch to the room.

Aqua Sky Suites

AquaClass Sky Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring a serene and stylish decor with a plush bed, accented with red and beige, a comfortable sofa, and a framed picture of an elegant vintage dress, enhancing the luxurious cabin experience.

The Aqua Sky Suites are quite unique in that they combine the suite experience with Aqua Class perks. These suites are aimed at those who enjoy the spa or fitness facilities onboard, with appropriate theming and extra little touches for the health-conscious.

Sky Suites

Modern Sky Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring a cozy bedroom with plush bedding, a stylish sofa, a work desk with a porthole view, and elegant, contemporary decor creating a tranquil retreat for passengers.

The entry-level suite options, Sky Suites are still a fantastic upgrade on a regular stateroom. You get a lot more space including room for a king-size bed, a comfortable sitting area with sofa, and a well-appointed bathroom with bathtub and some luxury touches.

The expedition ships for Celebrity are more individual. While some types of suite are shared with the main fleet, they aren’t as spacious, and they don’t come with the same perks.

Celebrity Xpedition has the following suites:

  • Penthouse Suites
  • Royal Suites
  • Xpedition Suites
  • Junior Suites

Celebrity Xploration has only one suite option:

  • Junior Suites

Celebrity Flora has:

  • Penthouse Suites
  • Royal Suites
  • Ultimate Sky Suites with Infinite Veranda
  • Premium Sky Suites with Infinite Veranda
  • Sky Suites with Infinite Veranda
  • Sky Suites
Cozy Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda on the Celebrity Flora, featuring a plush bed, a comfortable seating area with chic furnishings, a widescreen TV, and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open up to uninterrupted views of the ocean.
Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda on Celebrity Flora

Final Word

No matter which Celebrity suite you settle on, you’re going to enjoy an incredible time with some fantastic benefits. But not all suites are equal – the Celebrity Sky Suite perks are not the same as the Celebrity Royal Suite benefits, and you’ll get more if you choose a higher class of suite.

Also, many of the perks are something you could pay for anyway. Only a handful are truly exclusive to suite guests, so bear that in mind if you’re torn between booking a regular stateroom or upgrading to a suite.

But then also remember that the suites are more spacious and have luxury amenities. Nobody said it was an easy choice!

Suite Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

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