Celebrity Cruise Ships by Age, Size and Class

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Celebrity Cruises has 14 cruise ships. These range from large cruise ships that can accommodate over 3,000 guests to small expedition yachts with a guest capacity of just 16.

In this article, we’ll explore the different Celebrity Cruises ships, to help you narrow down your options for your next cruise. You’ll find lists of the Celebrity ships by age and size, as well as explanations of the different classes of vessels in the fleet.

Whether you’re a regular cruiser or are considering your first cruise with Celebrity, I hope that you find this guide to Celebrity Cruises ships to be useful.

Celebrity Cruises fleet
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises Ships By Age: Newest to Oldest

The following table show all of Celebrity Cruises ships ordered by year of launch…

ShipLaunch date
Celebrity AscentDue Late 2023
Celebrity BeyondDue Early 2022
Celebrity ApexJune 2021
Celebrity FloraJune 2019
Celebrity EdgeNovember 2018
Celebrity XplorationMarch 2017
Celebrity ReflectionOctober 2012
Celebrity SilhouetteJuly 2011
Celebrity EclipseApril 2010
Celebrity EquinoxAugust 2009
Celebrity SolsticeNovember 2008
Celebrity XpeditionJune 2004
Celebrity ConstellationMay 2002
Celebrity SummitOctober 2001
Celebrity InfinityMarch 2001
Celebrity MillenniumJuly 2000

What are the newest Celebrity cruise ships?

The newest Celebrity Cruises ship is Celebrity Apex. This ship was delivered on 27 March 2020. The ship’s original maiden voyage was scheduled for 1 April 2020 but due to the global pause, this ship made its debut on 19th June 2021 in Greece.

Celebrity Apex
Celebrity Apex
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Apex (2021) and Celebrity Edge (2018) are the newest mainstream cruise ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet. Two small Galapagos expedition ships, Celebrity Flora (2019) and Celebrity Xploration (2017) are also relatively new.

There’s then a five-year gap in the construction of new ships, with Celebrity Reflection being built in 2012.

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Size: Biggest to Smallest

When it comes to comparing the size of cruise ships, the best way is to consider the Gross Tonnage. This is a measurement of the internal volume of a ship. Length, guest capacity and the number of decks that are accessible to passengers may also be considered.

The following table shows Celebrity Cruises ships ordered from largest to smallest…

ShipTonnageLengthGuest DecksGuestsCrew
Celebrity Beyond146,600327m163,9371,416
Celebrity Edge129,500306m162,9181,320
Celebrity Apex129,500306m162,9101,319
Celebrity Reflection126,000319m133,0301,293
Celebrity Silhouette122,000319m132,9021,285
Celebrity Equinox122,000317m132,8521,290
Celebrity Eclipse122,000317m132,8501,286
Celebrity Solstice122,000315m132,8501,284
Celebrity Constellation91,000294m112,1841,022
Celebrity Millennium90,940294m112,2181,024
Celebrity Infinity90,940294m112,1701,024
Celebrity Summit90,940294m112,1581,027
Celebrity Flora5,739102m610080
Celebrity Xpedition2,84290m44858
Celebrity Xploration31630m31612

The most common way to compare the size of cruise ships is by tonnage. This is a measurement of the overall internal volume of a ship.

The occupancy refers to how many passengers each ship can accommodate based on having two guests in each room. As some staterooms have extra beds for third and fourth passengers, the maximum occupancy will be higher.

Which is the biggest Celebrity cruise ship?

The biggest Celebrity Cruises ships at sea now are sister-ships Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex which have a volume of 129,500 GT and 16 passenger decks. However, Celebrity Reflection is 13 meters longer at 319m in length and can accommodate around 100 more guests despite having three fewer decks.

In 2022, the largest Celebrity Cruises ship is Celebrity Beyond. This new cruise ship will have a volume of 146,600 GT and a length of 327 m, making the ship 12% larger than the next biggest ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet.

Why are some Celebrity cruises ships so small?

Celebrity Xploration, Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Flora are small ships, accommodating 16, 48 and 100 guests, respectively. These ships cruise to the remote Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador and so they need to be small to access the ports, sometimes via Zodiac boat.

Celebrity Flora with zodiaxc
Celebrity Flora
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises ships by class

Celebrity Cruises has four classes of ships, which are referred to as ‘series’. Each class of ships has something different to offer, whilst the ships within each class will be relatively similar.

What are the different ship classes on Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Edge class ships

Celebrity Edge class ships are the newest in the Celebrity Cruises fleet. Designed to bring you closer to the ocean, they feature the Magic Carpet, an outdoor levitating bar, and Eden, a beautiful indoor area with 7,000 square feet of windows.

The ships in Celebrity Edge class are:

  • Celebrity Ascent
  • Celebrity Beyond
  • Celebrity Edge
  • Celebrity Apex
Magic carpet on Edge class ships
Magic carpet on Edge class ships
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Solstice class ships

Celebrity Solstice-class ships are large cruise ships that were built between 2008 and 2012. They each feature a half-acre real grass lawn and ice-topped Martini bars.

The ships in Celebrity Solstice-class are:

  • Celebrity Solstice
  • Celebrity Equinox
  • Celebrity Eclipse
  • Celebrity Silhouette
  • Celebrity Reflection
Celebrity Cruises Lawn
Real grass lawn on Celebrity Solstice-class ships
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Millennium class ships

Celebrity Millennium-class ships were built between 2000 and 2002 and accommodate around 2,000 passengers. Ideal for destination-focussed cruise itineraries, they’re able to access the smaller ports that larger cruise ships can’t reach.

The ships in Celebrity Millennium-class are:

  • Celebrity Millennium
  • Celebrity Infinity
  • Celebrity Summit
  • Celebrity Constellation
Celebrity Millenniumm
Celebrity Millennium in Alaska
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Galapagos class ships

Celebrity Cruises Galapagos ships are designed specifically for cruises around the Galapagos Islands. They feature groundbreaking technology and offer a yacht-like experience for 16 to 100 guests.

The Celebrity Galapagos ships are:

  • Celebrity Xpedition
  • Celebrity Xploration
  • Celebrity Flora
Celebrity Flora size
Celebrity Flora
Photo credit: Celebrity Cruises

What are the different stateroom classes on Celebrity Cruises?

It’s important not to confuse ship classes with accommodation classes…

Celebrity Cruises also has two classes of accommodation which offer special services and amenities – Aqua Class and Concierge Class.

Aqua Class staterooms – In premium locations close to the spa, these come with unlimited access to spa areas and a range of perks including welcome drinks, daily canapes, a pillow menu, bathrobes, yoga mats and priority check-in.

Concierge Class staterooms – Located on upper decks in midship locations, these come with perks such as an exclusive lunch on embarkation day, daily canapes, a pillow menu, priority check-in and access to a personalised concierge service.

Which Celebrity Cruises ships are best for families with children?

All of the Celebrity Cruises ships are good for kids, so it wouldn’t be possible to say that one particular ship is the best. While you won’t find waterslides and ziplines, Celebrity Cruises kids’ clubs are great, with soft play and lots of organised activities.

When choosing a Celebrity cruise with children, the itinerary is probably more important than the ship. Older kids will love the Galapagos expeditions, warm weather cruises are loved by all, while parents with pre-school kids may like to look out for no-fly cruises from their nearest port.

Don’t Overpay For Your Celebrity Cruise!

Here’s how I get the lowest price when I book a cruise…

1. Compare prices from every travel agent in one place.

2. Choose a trusted travel agent with a best price guarantee.

Please don’t book with any old company just because they have a cheap deal. I recommend that you find the best price and then take it to a trusted travel agent who will beat it, as well as giving you the best service.

To conclude

There’s a Celebrity Cruises ship for everyone. The newest ships, Celebrity Edge and the long-awaited Celebrity Apex are modern and luxurious with stunning new design concepts and the latest technology. The older ships have all been modernised as part of a $500-million makeover. So it’s fair to say that there are no bad ships when it comes to Celebrity Cruises.

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