Carnival Celebration Staterooms: Best & Worst

The Carnival Celebration is a fantastic ship for the Carnival fleet, packed with many of the most popular features from prior ships along with exciting new ones too.

But if you’re thinking of booking a cruise on Carnival Celebration, one of the most important things to consider is which stateroom you’re going to choose. There are quite a lot of different options available and some rooms are much better than others!

Carnival Celebration Staterooms
This stateroom has a swing on the balcony, but not much privacy

I’ve been onboard Carnival Celebration and also spent around eight hours studying the deck plans and reading feedback from others online.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the many different stateroom choices, and then explain which are some you’ll want to avoid and the best ones to consider booking.

There are, if you count all of the different variations, 28 different stateroom categories on Carnival Celebration. I wasn’t kidding when I said there were quite a few options!

But ultimately, you can boil them down into Interior, Ocean View, Balcony and Suite – the classic options of almost every cruise ship.

Here’s a quick overview of the Carnival Celebration room sizes when you just consider those four options (I’ll go into more detail on all the variations later in this guide).

RoomSleepsSize (incl. balcony where it has one)
Interior2 to 4158 to 205 sq ft
Ocean View2 to 4243 sq ft
Balcony2 to 4216 to 325 sq ft
Suite2 to 5312 to 1120 sq ft

Not sure which is the best room for you? It can be tricky, but as I explain all the different types of staterooms in this guide you should get a little closer to finding the one that is the perfect fit for you and for your budget.

I’d also recommend grabbing a copy of my free checklist which will how you any cabins that you might want to avoid!

Carnival Interior Stateroom
An Interior Stateroom

The interior staterooms on Carnival Celebration are the smallest on the ship, but they’re also the cheapest. They’re comfortable and modern (as you would expect from one of the newest ships in the Carnival fleet) but don’t give you a lot of space to unwind.

These rooms are the best choice if you don’t plan on spending much time in your stateroom. If you just treat it as a place to sleep, shower and change, and maximise the rest of the time around the rest of the ship, then an interior room could be the best choice.

But there are multiple interior rooms to choose from too – it’s never going to be so easy as to just selecting ‘Interior’.

Some are even square interior rooms – rather than the traditional long shape. If you want twin beds, they may even be arranged at right angles to each other and offer more open floor space.

Carnival Interior Rooms
Interior Staterooms

Here’s a table that shows the different Interior staterooms on Carnival Celebration, along with the category codes and the sizes.

Interior4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4I158 sq ft
Premium Interior4N, 4O205 sq ft
Family Harbor InteriorFA158 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa Interior4S, 4T158 sq ft
Havana InteriorHA158 sq ft

Now, let me tell you a little about each Carnival Celebration Interior room…

Premium Interior Staterooms

Premium Interior Staterooms are simply larger versions of the standard Interior staterooms. As you can tell from the Carnival Celebration room layout picture, you get around 30% extra floor space, so if you don’t want to feel too cramped then you can pay a little extra to enjoy that extra room.

Carnival Premium Interior Stateroom
Premium Interior Stateroom

Family Harbor Interior Staterooms

Guests who book a Family Harbor Interior get a bright and fun room that’s perfect for kids. More importantly, you can also access the Family Harbor Lounge close to your room, which offers breakfast and a snack buffet in the afternoon.

Carnival Family Harbor Interior Stateroom
Family Harbor Interior Stateroom

Cloud 9 Spa Interior Staterooms

The Cloud 9 Spa Interior Staterooms are close to the Cloud 9 Spa, and guests have unlimited access to the Thermal Suite during their cruise (otherwise guests need to book day passes). The rooms also include some spa-related amenities

Cloud 9 Spa Interior Stateroom
Cloud 9 Spa Interior Stateroom

Havana Interior Staterooms

The Havana is an outdoor area of the ship that includes a bar, comfortable seating and a pool. And only guests in a Havana stateroom or suite are permitted here during the day up til 7 pm. Otherwise, a Havana Interior Stateroom is the same as a regular stateroom, except for its Cuban-themed decor.

Carnival Havana Interior Stateroom
Havana Interior Stateroom

If you’re thinking that a cheap inside cabin may be the best choice for you, be sure to read my guide to Carnival Cruises Interior Rooms. Otherwise, read on to learn about the other room types on this ship…

Carnival Ocean View Room
An Ocean View Stateroom

Ocean View Staterooms on Carnival Celebration offer – as the name suggests – a view of the ocean as you sail. They aren’t open-air but you do at least get some natural light, which for many people is important – some people hate the idea of being in a windowless room.

The Ocean View staterooms that you’ll find on Carnival Celebration are actually pretty spacious compared to some other cruise ships. They’re not extremely spacious but they are absolutely comfortable, offering over 80 square feet of space on average against the typical interior stateroom.

They are, of course, more expensive than an Interior Stateroom but they’re not quite as expensive as a Balcony, so they’re a good compromise if you want to enjoy the view but are still working on a budget.

Here’s a table that shows the different Ocean View staterooms on Carnival Celebration, along with the category codes and the sizes.

Ocean View6A, 6B243 sq ft
Family Harbor Ocean ViewFE243 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View6S243 sq ft

Family Harbor Ocean View Stateroom

Again, the Family Harbor variation of the Ocean View Staterooms are decorated in fun nautical colours and are situated close to the Family Harbor Lounge, so breakfast, snacks and games are always just a short walk away.

Carnival Family Harbor Ocean View Stateroom
Family Harbor Ocean View Stateroom

Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View Stateroom

The Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View Staterooms are ideal for anyone who wants to truly unwind with a view of the ocean. You get the spa-themed amenities in your stateroom and the Thermal Suites are just a short walk away.

Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View Stateroom
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View Stateroom

If you’d like to know more about Ocean View staterooms including the pros and cons of this room type, then be sure to check out my guide to Carnival Cruises Ocean View Rooms.

Carnival Balcony Room
A Balcony Stateroom

Choosing a Balcony Stateroom on Carnival Celebration is a great way to truly enjoy the passing scenery and ocean vistas.

Carnival Celebration Balcony Staterooms have their own private balcony (with one exception, which has a patio – more on that below). From this balcony, you can enjoy the fresh sea air and a beautiful view every day. 

There are many different Carnival Celebration Balcony Room options, as you can see from the table below…

RoomCategoryRoom sizeBalcony size
Junior Balcony7X, 7Y177 sq ft44 sq ft
Cove Balcony7C205 sq ft44 sq ft
Balcony8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, 8G205 sq ft44 sq ft
Extended Balcony8J, 8K205 sq ft62 sq ft
Forward-View Extended Balcony8L205 sq ft71 sq ft
Aft-View Extended Balcony8M, 8N205 sq ft120 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony7S205 sq ft44 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony8P205 sq ft44 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa Forward-View Extended Balcony8V205 sq ft71 sq ft
Havana CabanaHE205 sq ft82 sq ft
Havana Extended Cabana BalconyHG205 sq ft71 sq ft

Cove Balcony Staterooms

The Cove Balcony Staterooms that some Carnival ships offer are quite unique. Their balcony is much more enclosed – the sides and bottom half of the balcony rail are all solid steel, with a smaller opening to look out from.

Carnival Cove Balcony Staterooms
Cove Balcony Staterooms

They don’t really restrict your view unless you’re sat down, and they feel a lot more private and secluded, but it’s down to personal preference. Some people prefer the more open style of a typical balcony.

Read more: Carnival Cove Balcony Staterooms

Extended Balcony Staterooms

As the name suggests, Extended Balcony Staterooms are rooms that have a slightly extended balcony. They are available mid-ship, or with a Forward-View or an Aft-View. Forward-View rooms will be cheaper but you’ll feel the wind a lot more, while Aft-View rooms tend to be the most sought-after.

Carnival Extended Balcony Stateroom
Extended Balcony Stateroom

Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Staterooms

Similar to the Interior and Ocean View Staterooms, a Cloud 9 Balcony lets you enjoy a more spa-like room as well as having easy access to the spa, including discounted treatments and free use of the Thermal Suites.

Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Stateroom
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Stateroom

Havana Cabana Balcony Staterooms

The Havana Cabana Balcony Staterooms are similar to the Havana Interiors, except that you either get a Balcony overlooking the outdoor Havana area, or a Havana Cabana patio which opens out right onto the Havana. 

Carnival Havana Cabana Balcony Stateroom
Havana Cabana Balcony Stateroom

These tropical rooms are great if you want to spend a lot of time in the quieter Havana space, although be aware that other guests can use the Havana area after 7 pm so the space outside your patio might get busy.

Is a balcony the best room for you? This is the most popular of the Canrival Celebration cabins, but you’ll want to be sure. Read more about Carnival Cruises Balcony Rooms.

Carnival Suites
A Carnival Celebration Suite

As with any ship, the suites are the most spacious and luxurious accommodation options on Carnival Celebration. Not only do you enjoy the extra room and larger balconies, but there are a number of suite perks you can also take advantage of.

Suites are, of course, the most expensive accommodation on the ship as well, and so you need to think carefully before booking one. If you’re pushing your budget to the limit to get a suite, will you still be able to do everything else you want to onboard?

But if you do have the budget for a suite then you’re sure to love the experience of staying in one.

Here’s a list of the suites on Carnival Celebration:

SuiteCategoryRoom sizeBalcony size
Family Harbor Ocean View SuiteFP312 sq ftN/A
Ocean SuiteOS, OT287 sq ft54 sq ft
Cloud 9 Spa SuiteSS287 sq ft54 sq ft
Havana Cabana SuiteHS308 sq ft118 sq ft
Havana Cabana Corner SuiteHU350 sq ft161 sq ft
Carnival Excel SuiteDS410 sq ft205 sq ft
Carnival Excel Corner SuiteKS398 sq ft312 sq ft
Carnival Excel Aft SuiteLS463 sq ft398 sq ft
Carnival Excel Presidential SuiteSV474 sq ft646 sq ft

This article focuses just on the staterooms rather than these suites. But, if you’re interested in a suite then you’ll be pleased to know that I have a whole guide to those for you! You can read it here: Carnival Celebration Suites Guide


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Carnival Celebration Staterooms to Avoid

Now, this is probably the most important bit…

Let’s be absolutely clear up front – there are no really bad staterooms on Carnival Celebration. It’s a relatively new ship, and it’s been built to last, so rooms are comfortable and well-equipped at every level.

But some rooms are just not quite as good as others, depending on your own perspective. It might be down to the location, or the cost, or the features that aren’t right for you.

Here are some of the Carnival Celebration rooms to avoid – although some of these could be ideal for you too. It depends on your own tastes.

1. Havana Cabanas

Havana Cabana rooms are meant to be an upgrade. But they certainly have their downsides too and personally, I’m not a fan.

The problem with these rooms is that, as they are all on deck 8, there is a walkway between your balcony and the edge of the ship.

Carnival Havana Cabanas
Havana Cabanas

Yes, this area is only open to Havana guests, so it’s not going to be busy. But still, people can walk right past your balcony and look in. And personally, I’m not a fan of that.

If I have a balcony, I prefer to look right at the ocean, and not view it through glass.

The forward-facing Havana Extended Cabana balconies are the worst. The barrier at the edge of the ship here is metal, not glass. So when you’re sitting on your (dare I say overpriced) balcony, you won’t be able to enjoy a sea view at all!

Carnival Havana Cabanas
Forward-facing Havana Cabanas

2. Rooms Above the Havana Pool

9333, 9335, 9337, 9341

The Havana pool Isn’t that big, it’s about the size of a large whirlpool, and people will be sitting in it, rather than swimming. Just a few feet above the pool, almost hanging over it are balconies.

Carnival Rooms above the Havana pool
Havana pool

If you’re unlucky enough to end up in one of these rooms, you’ll have no privacy at all on your balcony and not much peace and quiet either. While you might enjoy looking down on people in their swimwear, many of us would undoubtedly feel a bit awkward sitting here.

3. Junior Balcony Staterooms

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Junior Balcony Staterooms – it’s just that they’re a little bit underwhelming, especially if it was to be your first time booking a balcony stateroom on a cruise. 

They can feel quite cramped. Typically a Balcony Stateroom is more than just an Inside Stateroom with an extra balcony, and while yes you do get a small amount of extra room compared to an inside, it’s only 19 extra square feet, which is barely noticeable.

Carnival Junior Balcony Stateroom
Junior Balcony Stateroom

The most disappointing thing about Carnival Celebration’s Junior Balconies is that the combined square footage of the room and the balcony is around 20 square feet less than the square footage of the cheaper Ocean View Stateroom!

If you’re desperate for a balcony then this will be your cheapest option, but it’s much better to opt for a regular Balcony Stateroom if you can. Unless you’re a solo traveller, in which case, this could be a good option.

4. Forward-View Balcony Staterooms

While many people are content with the view from the balcony in a mid-ship location, it’s definitely true that the more interesting views are often at the front of the ship, facing the direction you’re sailing, or at the aft over the wake.

But then physics and weather comes into play because as the ship is sailing forwards, the high winds will hit you on a Forward-View balcony, and it can be quite cold and sometimes even uncomfortable and loud.

Carnival Forward-View Balcony Stateroom
Forward-View Balcony Stateroom

The good thing about Carnival is that, unlike some other cruise lines, they won’t ever block you from using a forward-facing balcony. They have protected doors instead, so it’s not an issue. But they don’t stop the balcony from being a little uncomfortable to use during direct winds.

5. Cove Balcony Staterooms

Cove Balconies are definitely a love/hate kind of room. Well maybe hate is too strong a word, but some people definitely won’t enjoy the quite claustrophobic nature of the enclosed balcony.

It definitely feels more snug – which could be perfect for some. But if you want your balcony to feel fresh, open, bright and sunny, then a regular one will be a much better choice than a Cove Balcony room.

Carnival Cove Balcony Staterooms
Cove Balcony Staterooms

6. Specialist Rooms That Don’t Suit You

Carnival’s range of accommodation includes some great rooms, such as the Family Harbor rooms with access to the Family Harbor Lounge, the Cloud 9 Spa rooms that allow guests to use the Thermal Suites for free, and the Havana rooms with direct access to the Havana area of the ship.

And while these rooms are beautiful, refreshing and a little bit more special than their standard counterparts, they are more expensive.

So you have to make sure it’s worth it.

If you aren’t travelling with kids, or you are but you know you want to be heading to the pool deck rather than spending time in the lounge, it’s no use booking a Family Harbor room.

If you’re someone who’s a bit shy with the idea of spa treatments and you might not take advantage of the discounts, or spend time in the Thermal Suites, why book a Cloud 9 Spa room?

Suggested read: Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Room Perks

And if the idea of sunbathing by the side of a quiet Havana pool sounds boring, and you’d rather explore the rest of the ship, then a Havana Cabana room is pointless.

Don’t waste your money because it sounds nice, or has slightly better decor. Check that you’ll make use of the extras.

7. Connecting Rooms When You Don’t Need Them

Connecting rooms are a fantastic idea for people who cruise as part of a group, either as a family or as friends. They let you open up the door between the cabins and essentially turn two separate staterooms into one, with two bedrooms.

Sometimes, you can also open the divider between the balconies too, and share a larger space again.

However if you don’t book both sides of a connecting stateroom, you might find that it’s a little more noisy. The door between the staterooms is not as thick as the metal wall would normally be, so you might hear what your neighbours get up to next to you.

8. Rooms Directly Below the Pool Deck

15322 to 15507

Novice cruisers might assume that being on Deck 15 just below the pool deck is a treat – after all, you’re never more than one flight of stairs from sunning yourself alongside the Lido or going for a dip.

However, there are often problems when you stay directly below the pool deck, specifically with noise. And that’s because people like to get there early to bag themselves a lounger. And when they do, they don’t tend to lift it – they tend to drag it across the wooden deck floor.

Carnival pool deck
Pool Deck

This’ll often create quite the noise in your room, so if you like to sleep in on a morning, you probably should avoid these rooms.

9. Rooms Directly Above the Bars, Theatre and Atrium

8250 to 8305, 9294 to 9503

Staying in a stateroom directly below the pool is bad for anyone who wants to lie in, but choosing a stateroom directly above the bars, the Grand Spectrum Theater or the Atrium will cause you similar problems at night.

The noise can carry through the floor, and some of these venues will be entertaining guests until the wee hours. The atrium on Carnival Celebration, known as Celebration Central has a DJ pumping loud music out of the huge speakers.

Carnival Celebration Atrium
Celebration Central

If you’re someone who likes to get an earlier night, ready for the next day of your cruising adventure, book a higher deck.

10. Rooms With Shaded Balconies

Deck 15 Mid/Aft and Aft

Rooms in this area are doubly bad. Not only are they below the pool deck and the Lido Marketplace buffet, so you’ll hear chairs and loungers being dragged across your ceiling. But, another problem with these balcony rooms is that the balconies won’t get any sun on them.

Carnival rooms with shaded balconies
Rooms with shaded balconies

You see, Deck 16 overhangs Deck 15 by quite some way. If you like the shade then this will be ideal for you. But sun worshippers should know that this location isn’t ideal.

The Best Staterooms on Carnival Celebration

The best staterooms on Carnival Celebration will very much depend on your own tastes again, but here are some of the top choices that I would recommend that you check out…

1. The Specialist Rooms if They Do Suit You

It is of course just flipping the point on its head from above, but the Family Harbor, Cloud 9 Spa and Havana staterooms and suites are fantastic accommodations if you are the kind of person who would make use of their added extras.

The Family Harbor Lounge, which Family Harbor guests can use, makes for a great breakfast option if you don’t want to trek the kids all the way to the Lido and fight the crowds there.

Family Harbor Lounge
Family Harbor Lounge

If you love the idea of spa treatments, book a Cloud 9 Spa room and that feeling will extend through the furnishings and amenities, plus you’ll get discounts.

And if you want a bit of peace and quiet away from the stereotypical loud and fun Carnival atmosphere, the daytime access to the Havana pool area from the Havana rooms is perfect.

2. Rooms With Extra Large Balconies

9344-9386 (even), 9345-9375 (odd) 9475-9496, 10330-10375, 10474, 10475, 11342-11386 (even), 11343-11379(odd), 11483, 11286, 12338-12382 (even) 12349-12383 (odd), 12482, 12487, 14340-14384 (even), 14339-14399 (odd), 14482, 14501, 15320-15362 (even) 14335-15379 (odd), 15462, 15481

Carnival Celebration has many ‘bulges’ which means that there are some balconies that are bigger than others. The great thing about these balconies is that while some of them are classed as Ocean Suites, others don’t actually cost any more than the regular-sized ones. So you get extra space for free!

Carnival Rooms with extra large balconies
Rooms with extra large balconies

Some only have a little extra balcony space and some have more than double the usual. So it’s worth studying the deck plan carefully to see if there are any of these left for your cruise.

Carnival Rooms with extra large balconies

3. Square Interior Staterooms

Square Interior Staterooms are a little unusual but if you’re travelling as a pair, they do feel quite roomy compared to regular longer rooms. 

If you like to have space to stand up while you get ready, without feeling cramped against the bed, these are an unusual but popular choice.

Take a look at this video to see the pros and cons of a square interior stateroom on Carnival Celebration…

4. Aft-View Extended Balcony Staterooms

The views across the aft of a ship are always the most sought-after. You’re shielded from the wind, the wake is fascinating to watch, and you can just relax in a more peaceful environment.

The Aft-View Extended Balcony Staterooms are therefore the best balcony rooms on Carnival Celebration, especially since you get a larger balcony from which to enjoy the view too.

5. Suites

Suites are always going to be the best option on a cruise ship if you have the money for them. That extra space, and the additional perks you get, will all make your cruise feel more special.

While not the most spacious, the themed suites, including the Cloud 9 Spa and Havana, are exceptionally beautiful. Though the Excel Presidential Suite with its epic 646 square foot balcony is without a doubt the king.

Carnival Excel Presidential Suite
Excel Presidential Suite

If you’re not sure whether the upgrade to a suite is worth it or not, then bear in mind that you do get some extra perks when you stay in a suite. And I’m not just taking about chocolates and sparkling wine. There are some really good extras that can make the cost of a suite worth it!

Be sure to take a look at my guide to Carnival Celebration suites to find out more.

The Bottom Line

So many choices! If you want to book a cruise on Carnival Celebration it can definitely be a little overwhelming, but hopefully this guide has helped you to narrow things down, and avoid the rooms that might be less than ideal for you.

Always consider your budget for your cruise accommodation carefully, because overspending on your room could limit what you spend on dining, entertainment and more. It’s all about finding the right balance.


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