Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Room Perks: Worth It Or Not?

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Carnival cruise ships offer the standard range of cruise rooms that you would expect – inside rooms, ocean view rooms, balcony rooms, and some spacious suite options.

But as well as those, many ships also have additional themed rooms, which aren’t just decorated nicely – they come with extra perks thrown in as well, related to their theme.

Inside the Cloud 9 Spa on a Carnival cruise ship, a tranquil lounge area with a sleek blue curved sofa is illuminated by soft wall sconces, creating a relaxing ambiance. The spa's logo is prominently displayed, inviting guests to unwind in this stylish and peaceful setting.

One of those is the Cloud 9 Spa room – but what kind of rooms are they, and what do you get with them? Are they worth paying extra for?

Let’s find out.

What is a Cloud 9 Spa Room?

Cloud 9 Spa rooms on Carnival ships are special themed rooms that offer a more relaxing experience, tailored around the onboard spa. They are situated close to the Cloud 9 Spa on the ship, with easy access to enjoy the Thermal Suites and other amenities.

There are several different types of Carnival Cloud 9 Spa rooms:

  • Cloud 9 Spa Interior Cabins
  • Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View Cabins
  • Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony Cabins
  • Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Cabins
  • Cloud 9 Spa Forward-View Extended Balcony Cabins
  • Cloud 9 Spa Suites

So, rather than being restricted to just one type of cabin, you can enjoy an enhanced version of most basic cabin categories on the ship, with the additional Cloud 9 Spa amenities.

These cabins are not available on every ship in the fleet. You’ll only find them on the following ships:

  • Carnival Breeze
  • Carnival Celebration
  • Carnival Dream
  • Carnival Horizon
  • Carnival Jubilee
  • Carnival Luminosa
  • Carnival Magic
  • Carnival Panorama
  • Carnival Radiance
  • Carnival Splendor
  • Carnival Sunrise
  • Carnival Sunshine
  • Carnival Vista
  • Mardi Gras

You get quite a few perks when you book a Cloud 9 Spa room, although it’s important to note that these only apply to guests one and two in a cabin – so if you’re travelling with more guests in a room, not everyone can take advantage.

1. Easy Access to the Spa

Guests in a Cloud 9 Spa room get easy access to the spa. The rooms are either located directly adjacent, or you’ll get to use an exclusive elevator that’s only for guests travelling between the Cloud 9 Spa rooms and the spa itself – it feels very fancy having a dedicated elevator to use!

Two women enjoy a moment of relaxation at the Cloud 9 Spa on a Carnival cruise ship, sitting by a therapeutic pool. They are clad in plush white robes, laughing together in a luxuriously designed spa interior with a backdrop of textured white walls and neatly stacked towels.

2. Priority Spa Appointments

On embarkation day for your cruise, you’ll have until 6 pm to make spa reservations before they open up to the rest of the ship. It’s the perfect time to secure any treatments you want, especially during those busy times on sea days and before formal night.

The reception area of Cloud 9 Spa on a Carnival cruise ship exudes a modern and calming vibe with a curved wooden reception desk, sleek blue curved sofa, and ambient lighting from circular ceiling fixtures. The spa's theme of relaxation is echoed in the circular wall mirrors and soft color palette.

3. Thermal Suite Access

Guests in a Cloud 9 Spa room get a pass to use the Thermal Suites throughout the entire cruise. Normally you’d have to pay for either a day pass (starting at $30) or a pass for the entire duration of the cruise.

The Thermal Suites include:

  • The Dry Heat Chamber – Laconium, Tepidarium or Infrared Heat chambers, depending on your ship
  • The Steam Chamber – Oriental steam baths, Aroma steam, or Hammam, depending on your ship
  • The Large Hot Tub Spa – on Carnival Celebration, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Jubilee, Carnival Panorama, Carnival Vista and Mardi Gras
  • Hydrotherapy Pool – on Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Luminosa, Carnival Magic and Carnival Splendor
Two guests relax in the serene Thermal Suite on a Carnival cruise ship, reclining on contoured loungers that offer ocean views through panoramic windows. The space is designed for tranquility, with a mosaic-tiled floor and golden accents creating a luxurious spa experience at sea.

4. Complimentary Scrub Kit

The first two guests in a Cloud 9 Spa room will be given a complimentary scrub kit that’s designed to be used in the Thermal Suites, to help exfoliate your skin as you unwind.

5. Complimentary Fitness Classes

Guests in a Cloud 9 Spa room get to enjoy two free fitness classes on their cruise. You can enjoy Pathway to Yoga and Pathway to Pilates – either one of each class, or you can do two of the same class where available. Classes cost $20 each normally.

A group fitness class on a Carnival cruise ship is in full swing, with participants smiling and engaging in exercises on blue mats. The room is surrounded by mirrors and bathed in natural light from the ceiling, enhancing the energetic atmosphere of the workout session at sea.

6. Complimentary Analysis

You’ll be able to visit the spa to get a body composition analysis, where the fitness experts can tell you your body fat percentage, your rate of metabolism and your water retention level, and then give you advice on improving them. This would normally cost from $39.

7. Spa-branded Bathrobes and Slippers

In your Cloud 9 Spa room, you’ll find a branded bathrobe and a pair of slippers that you can use throughout your cruise. Unfortunately, you don’t get to keep them, and you will be charged if they ‘accidentally’ find their way into your suitcase.

A woman enjoys the warmth and serenity of a sauna room in Carnival's Cloud 9 Spa, wearing a branded bathrobe and a pair of slippers. The wooden interior and amber lighting create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere, ideal for unwinding during her cruise vacation.

8. Elemis Bath Products

Cloud 9 Spa rooms have upgraded toiletries that guests can use during their cruise from luxury brand Elemis, so you can enjoy a relaxing hot shower with premium body wash and shampoo after you’ve enjoy a spa session.

9. Discounted Spa Treatment Packages

If you book multiple spa treatments at once, you’ll get a discount as a Cloud 9 Spa guest. You get 10% off the first treatment, 20% off the second and 30% off the third.

However, if you book your treatments for times when the ship is in port, those discounts increase – 20% off the first, 30% off the second, and 40% off the third.

A couple indulges in a relaxing spa treatment at Carnival's Cloud 9 Spa, with therapists gently performing a head massage and a hand treatment. They are lying on massage tables with ocean views, experiencing a serene escape with the endless sea as their backdrop.

It’s important to note that guests under 18 aren’t allowed to access the Thermal Suites or other spa amenities, including body treatments and the Large Hot Tub Spa.

Guests aged 13 to 18 can enjoy hair, nails and facial services, along with the fitness centre, provided that they are accompanied by an adult.

So, it might not be a good idea to book a Cloud 9 Spa room if you’re a solo parent travelling with a child under 18, since only one of you can really take advantage of most of the perks.

The Cloud 9 Cove Balcony stateroom on Carnival Mardi Gras is a haven of modern comfort and style, featuring twin beds, a cozy sitting area with a sofa and colorful pillows, and a private balcony offering expansive ocean views. The room's design is complemented by soft lighting and a tranquil color scheme that echoes the serene maritime surroundings.

Are Cloud 9 Spa Rooms Worth It?

There’s no simple answer on whether or not a Cloud 9 Spa room is worth it. It certainly isn’t, if you don’t enjoy using the spa – you’re paying extra money for benefits that are wholly unuseful to you.

But for those who enjoy spa treatments, it will depend on how much extra you have to pay.

On most cruises, you can expect to pay between $200 and $300 extra per room (so around $100 to $150 per person) if you’re upgrading from a regular Interior, Ocean View or Balcony cabin to the Cloud 9 Spa equivalent.

For Cloud 9 Spa Suites, they’re between $300 and $600 per room more than an equivalent Ocean Suite (so $150 to $300 per person).

When the upgrade costs you only around $100 per person, then you’ll definitely get good value – the Thermal Suites access alone would likely cost at least that for the full cruise, if not more, and you get all the other perks too.

But that relies on you using the Thermal Suites every day.

And when the upgrade price is at the higher end of the scale, you might prefer to put that money towards actual spa treatments, instead of getting a spa-themed room and access to the Suites.

For anyone who wants to use the Thermal Suites regularly, or who plans on booking multiple treatments at the spa, a Cloud 9 Spa room can save you money. For anyone else, think carefully before booking just because of the attractive spa theming and the bathrobes, slippers and upgraded toiletries.


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Cloud 9 Spa FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the spa itself, rather than the spa rooms.

Do All Carnival Ships Have Cloud 9 Spa?

Not all Carnival ships have a Cloud 9 Spa, though you will find them on most of the fleet. The ships that do not have the Cloud 9 Spa are the Carnival Conquest, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Legend, Carnival Valor, Carnival Spirit and Carnival Paradise.

There are some ships that have the Cloud 9 Spa but do not have Thermal Suites. These are Carnival Elation, Carnival Firenze, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Pride and Carnival Venezia. These ships do not have Cloud 9 Spa rooms either.

Is the Cloud 9 Spa Free?

The Cloud 9 Spa is not free to use, except for the fitness centre. The Thermal Suites require a pass, which costs from $30 per day, although you can pay for a cruise-long pass. Cloud 9 Spa room guests can access it for free. Treatments all have a cost, though Cloud 9 Spa room guests can get discounts.

Is the Cloud 9 Spa Adults Only?

Most of the Cloud 9 Spa is for adults only. Guests aged 13 to 17 can book hair, nail and facial treatments provided they are accompanied by an adult, but the Thermal Suites are off-limits to all guests under 18.

Final Word

Booking a Cloud 9 Spa room is a fun way to enjoy everything that the spa has to offer, including getting treatments at a discounted price. But think carefully about whether it’s worth the extra cost, or if you’d be better served booking a standard room and paying for occasional Thermal Suites access and treatments.

There are other themed rooms available too, including Family Harbor rooms with access to the Family Harbor Lounge, and Havana rooms that give access to the tranquil Havana pool deck. Make sure you consider all of your Carnival accommodation options before you book, as there are some fantastic rooms to choose between!


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