Liberty of the Seas Cabins You Should Avoid When Booking Your Cruise

Never book a cruise without at least some understanding of the type of rooms available – otherwise you might end up missing out on the perfect stateroom for you, or even picking one that can put a damper on your cruise.

Liberty of the Seas

And with Liberty of the Seas, there are a LOT of options available, so it’s not a decision to rush into. Don’t worry though, it’s not overwhelming, and with this guide, I can take you through all of the stateroom and suite choices you have.

By the end, you’ll be ready to confidently choose the ideal stateroom for your next Liberty of the Seas cruise, whether you’re looking for a cheap option, or you want the room to be your idyllic retreat after a day spent enjoying everything this ship has to offer.

How to choose the best cruise cabin

I’ve made a free checklist of everything you should look out for when choosing a cruise cabin. If you’d like a copy, just leave your details and I’ll send it over to you right this moment.

The different rooms on Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas has 1,839 cabins. Around half of the rooms on this ship have balconies and around half of all the rooms can accommodate families of three to six.

Liberty of the Seas has more than 20 different cabin types to choose from. These can be categorised into; inside cabins, outside cabins, balcony rooms and suites.

This table shows all the room types on Liberty of the Seas:

RoomTypeMax. guestsDecksAverage Size (sq ft)Average Balcony Size (sq ft)
InteriorInside42, 3, 7, 9, 10, 12162n/a
Spacious InteriorInside62340n/a
Interior AccessibleInside42, 9, 10162n/a
Promenade View InteriorInside26, 7, 8153n/a
Connecting Promenade InteriorInside26, 7, 8153n/a
Promenade View Interior AccessibleInside26, 8153n/a
Spacious Promenade View InteriorInside67, 8340n/a
Ocean ViewOutside42, 3, 6, 9162n/a
Ocean View AccessibleOutside22162n/a
Spacious Ocean ViewOutside46, 8, 9, 10211n/a
Ultra Spacious Ocean ViewOutside62, 6, 8, 9293n/a
Spacious Panoramic Ocean ViewOutside412188n/a
Spacious Panoramic Ocean View AccessibleOutside412188n/a
Ocean View BalconyBalcony46, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1218846
Connecting Oceanview BalconyBalcony26, 7, 8, 10, 1218846
Spacious Ocean View BalconyBalcony46, 7, 8, 9, 1018846
Spacious Ocean View Balcony AccessibleBalcony26, 718846
Junior SuiteSuite47, 929965
Junior Suite – AccessibleSuite61029965
Ocean View Panoramic Suite (No Balcony)Suite612406n/a
Villa SuiteSuite146736845
Grand Suite – 1 BedroomSuite41039689
Grand Suite – 2 BedroomSuite88, 9525208
Owner’s Suite – 1 BedroomSuite510624160
Royal Suite – 1 BedroomSuite4101400257

How big are the rooms on Liberty of the Seas?

The sizes shown in the table above are averages for staterooms in each category. Some staterooms are much bigger than others. If you can get hold of one of these, you’ll get a much bigger room for the same price!

The Liberty of the Seas deck plan (click here to open it in a new window) shows every room on this ship and is drawn to scale. Studying the deck plan is the best way to spot any cabins that are larger than others in the same category and get more space for your money.

Liberty of the Seas cabins you should avoid

There are some cabins that you’ll certainly wish to avoid on this ship. These may be noisy, in less-desirable locations or may have quirks that will annoy you during your cruise.

1. Noisy cabins on Liberty of the Seas

Cabins towards the aft of Deck 2: These cabins are above the engine room so there’s a chance that you will be disturbed by engine noise and vibrations. Some of these cabins are also below the dining room so you may be able to hear chairs being moved around or the staff vacuuming the carpet above your head while you’re in bed.

engine room
Engine room

Most cabins on Deck 3: If you like to go to sleep early, you should steer clear of most of the cabins on Deck 3 of Liberty of the Seas.

The deck above Deck 3 has the Royal Promenade where you’ll find the theatre, casino, Schooner Bar, Boleros nightclub and the Main Dining Room. With so much going on up on Deck 4, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear some of it late into the evening from your cabin on Deck 3.


Deck 6 cabins above the Star Lounge: The Star Lounge is a live music venue on Deck 5 of Liberty of the Seas. You should avoid staying in the cabins directly above it if you like silence while you sleep.

Cabins towards the aft of Deck 6: These cabins are located above the Main Dining Room. While diners have usually left the restaurant by 10.30 pm at the latest, you may hear some noise from vacuum cleaners as the dining room is cleaned afterwards.

Main Dining Room on Liberty of the Seas
Main Dining Room

Most cabins on Deck 10: If you like to sleep in late, you should avoid most cabins on Deck 10. One deck above, on Deck 11, is where you’ll find the gym, the pools and the Windjammer Cafe.

Early morning noise might come from weights being dropped in the gym, deckchairs being moved outside or people getting breakfast. Either way, this is not the best deck for a lie-in.

Pool Deck on liberty of the seas
Pool Deck

Interconnecting rooms: You should only book an interconnecting room if you need two cabins with a door between them. Doors between cruise cabins are never as soundproof as walls and if you have strangers behind the door you may be able to hear them chatting, or worse!

2. The worst cabins for seasickness

All cabins on Deck 12: These are the highest cabins and they’re all towards the front of the ship, where you’ll feel the movement most. If you’re worried about nausea, avoid this area.

Aft cabins on Deck 10: Still quite high up, if you choose a cabin right at the back of the ship you’ll feel some movement in rough seas.

Liberty of the Seas cabins to avoid

3. Cabins with tiny portholes

Certain cabins on Deck 2: Most Ocean View cabins on Liberty of the Seas have a decent-sized round window. However, six cabins on this deck have just a tiny porthole instead, for the same price.

This photo, taken by a cruiser on Liberty’s sister ship Independence of the Seas, shows one of the small windows compared to the standard size…

Liberty of the Seas small portholes
Photo credit: Victoria Louise

Below, you can see how the small porthole is so much smaller than the large window of the cabin next door.

The cabin with the small window is 2296. On the opposite side of the ship is 2596 which will most likely have a small window too. However, the numbers of cabins with smaller windows aren’t published anywhere. To be sure, you may wish to avoid Deck 2 altogether if you’d be disappointed with the size of the window.

4. Cabins with less privacy

Promenade View cabins on Deck 6: Promenade View cabins on Decks 6, 7 and 8 and look down over the Royal Promenade on Deck 5. But, just as you can look out, people can also look in. The net curtains are a little flimsy, so if you want a Promenade View cabin, you may be best to go for a higher deck, as the ones on Deck 6 offer the least privacy.

This video shows what you can expect from a Promenade View Interior Room on Liberty of the Seas…

5. Cabins with obstructed views

Aft-facing cabins on Decks 6, 7 & 8: Freedom Class and Voyager Class ships have what I would consider to be a poor design at the aft because most of the views are obstructed. There is a metal structure between the edge of the balcony and the ocean which blocks some of the view, particularly when looking down.

Liberty of the Seas aft

This video shows the view from an aft balcony cabin on deck 6 of Liberty of the Seas…

6. Cabins in an awkward location

All cabins on Deck 3: Liberty of the Seas has elevators located towards the front and aft of the ship. On most decks, you can use either elevator.

However, on deck 3, you cannot walk through the mid-section of the ship as it is blocked by Studio B and the ice rink. If your cabin is on Deck 3, you must always use the correct elevator (front or aft) to reach your room, which can be annoying.


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The best rooms on Liberty of the Seas

Now it’s time to take a look at the best cabins on the ship. Look out for these gems when you book your cruise…

1. Balcony cabin connected to an inside cabin

Towards the aft of Deck 9 on Liberty of the Seas, there are balcony cabins that are connected to inside cabins. These cabins are extremely rare, but a great find for families who like to have two connecting cabins. Families love these cabins because the adults can enjoy the balcony, while the kids have the cheaper (and safer) inside room.

The overall cost of the two cabins is less than a suite, but you get more space and the bonus of having two bathrooms!

2. Suites, especially for larger groups

Liberty of the Seas has some excellent choices for suites, particularly if you’re travelling with a larger group.

The Villa Suite isn’t the biggest but it is fitted out for the most guests – up to 14 of you can share the same room! And the balcony is actually bigger than the stateroom itself, so you’ll all have space to enjoy the view without being too crowded.

I know most people won’t be traveling in a party of 14, but the other suites can take between 4 and 8 guests, so you’ll easily be able to find one that works.

Suggested read: Royal Caribbean Suite Perks

3. Cabins with the best views

Ocean View cabins and suites on Deck 12: These cabins are high up towards the front of Deck 12 and have floor-to-ceiling windows.

Cabins in this area of the ship come in various shapes and sizes, but all the same price.

1802 and 1852 are also much larger than average, and forward-facing for the best views.

Aft-facing cabins on Deck 10: If you love an aft view, then Deck 10 is your best choice. These cabins don’t have the obstruction to your view as the ones on lower decks do. Plus, they’re much larger than average.

What is the best deck on Liberty of the Seas?

The best decks on Liberty of the Seas are Deck 7, Deck 8 and Deck 9. These decks are the quietest and also the most convenient, being in the centre of the ship.

The worst decks on Liberty of the Seas are Deck 3, Deck 6 and Deck 10 as these have the most problems with noise. If you get seasick, you should also avoid Deck 12.

What is the best room on Liberty of the Seas?

If you have the budget for it, the best room on Liberty of the Seas is the Royal Suite. It has a grand entrance with a doorbell, a separate bedroom with a king-sized bed and a private hot tub on the balcony.

Here’ are some photos of the ‘s a video of the Royal Suite on Liberty of the Seas so you can take a look for yourself…


Of course, the best room for one person is not necessarily the best for someone else. It all depends on what your priorities are.

Should you choose your own room or go for the ‘guarantee’ option?

Royal Caribbean usually gives guests the option to choose their exact stateroom number, for an extra fee. You may see two prices, which looks like this on the Royal Caribbean website.

choose room

If you opt not to choose your room number, you can still choose the cabin type e.g. inside, outside, balcony or suite, but your room number will be assigned to you.

This is known as a ‘guarantee cabin’, as you’re guaranteed a cabin in the same category as you’ve chosen.

Benefits of choosing your cabin number:

  • Choose your preferred location on the ship
  • Book two cabins next to each other
  • Avoid undesirable cabins

If you’re not bothered about which cabin you get, then letting Royal Caribbean choose for you can be a good way to save money. However, if you want a particular cabin such as one of the Panoramic Ocean View cabins, then you’ll need to pay to select that.

Booking multiple cabins on Liberty of the Seas

If you want adjoining cabins which have a door between them, you’ll have to choose your own room numbers.

If you just want cabins next door to each other, you can let Royal Caribbean choose your rooms and request that your cabins are nearby. Whilst most requests are met, there’s no guarantee that they will be.

If you have adjacent balcony cabins on Liberty of the Seas, you can ask your stateroom attendant to open the balcony dividers to create one large balcony.


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Find more information about Liberty of the Seas cabins

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