Can you smoke on a cruise ship?

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Whether you hate the thought of your children being around cigarette smoke on-board your family cruise, or you’re a smoker wanting to know where you can smoke on a cruise ship, this article will give you all the information you need to know before you cruise.

In this post, I’ll help smokers and non-smokers alike, by explaining exactly where you’re allowed to smoke on a cruise ship, as well as how you can make sure that your cruise is virtually smoke-free.

Are you allowed to smoke on cruise ships?

Yes. Cruise ships do allow smoking on-board. Whilst there are many people who would relish the idea of a no smoking cruise ship, in reality, guests can smoke on all cruise ships. With 15% of UK adults regularly smoking cigarettes and 5% smoking electronic cigarettes, banning smoking from cruise ships altogether wouldn’t be practical or profitable for cruise lines in 2020.

Is there a smoking area on cruise ships?

Yes. Smoking on cruise ships is only permitted in designated areas. Cruise ship smoking areas are usually tucked out of the way and are pretty easy for non-smokers to avoid. When you board your cruise ship, you’ll receive a copy of the deck plan which highlights useful areas such as smoking areas, toilets and lifts. If you want your cruise to be virtually smoke-free, make a mental note of where the smoking areas are, and you’ll find them easy to avoid.

Which cruise lines allow smoking on balconies?

The question ‘Can you smoke on a cruise ship balcony?’ is often asked by smokers and non-smokers alike. Some smokers dislike the idea of having to walk to the smoking area first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Whereas non-smokers worry about the possibility of second-hand smoke drifting on to their balcony from the one next door or below. Of course, there is also the issue of safety as on balconies there are no staff members around to ensure that cigarettes are properly extinguished. There are also fears that some inconsiderate smokers may throw cigarette ends overboard and pollute the ocean.

For these reasons, smoking is banned on most cruise ship balconies. The only cruise line which allows smoking on private balconies is Costa Cruises.

smoking on cruise ship balcony

Which cruise lines allow smoking in the casino?

Smoking in cruise ship casinos varies by cruise line, by ship and even by the day of the week. Some ships have smoking areas or smoking rooms within the casino, some allow smoking throughout the casino and some ban it altogether. See the table below for more details on which cruise lines allow smoking in casinos.

smoking in casino

When I cruised on MSC Preziosa, I noticed that most people in the casino seemed to be smoking and it did put me off staying in there too long. At the roulette table, the etiquette seemed to be that players would offer a cigarette to each person at the table before lighting up themselves.

Where can you smoke on a cruise ship?

This table shows where smoking is allowed with each cruise line. Most information is given about each cruise line smoking policy below the table.

Cruise line Outdoor smoking areas? Indoor smoking lounges? Smoking in casino? Smoking on balconies? Smoking in your cabin?
Celebrity Cruises YES NO NO NO NO
Costa Cruises YES YES NO YES e-cigs only
Cunard YES Cigars and pipes only NO NO NO
Disney Cruise Line YES NO NO NO NO
Holland America Line YES NO Selected ships on designated nights NO e-cigs only
Marella Cruises YES NO NO NO NO
Norwegian Cruise Line YES Cigars only Yes (except for cigars and pipes) Only for guests staying in Garden Villas NO
Princess Cruises YES YES At designated slot machines only. Not at table games NO e-cigs only
Royal Caribbean YES Cigars and pipes only on selected ships Depends on departure country NO NO

Can you vape on a cruise ship?

The general rule regarding electronic cigarettes on cruise ships is that they are treated in the same way as cigarettes and so are only permitted in designated smoking areas. There are three cruise lines – Costa Cruises, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, which allow e-cigs to be smoked in cabins.

It’s important to note that electronic cigarettes are illegal in many countries including the United Arab Emirates, India and much of South America and Southeast Asia. You should check before you travel as you may have to leave your e-cigarette on the ship. Punishment for possession ranges from confiscation to a fine or even up to ten years in prison.

No smoking cruise ships

At the moment, there is no such thing as a no-smoking cruise ship. However, if you are determined to avoid smoke, you most certainly can. All you have to do is look up where the smoking areas are and avoid them.

Cruise line smoking policies 2020

Celebrity Cruises smoking policy

Celebrity Cruises only allow smoking in designated outdoor smoking areas. This policy includes smoking-like products such as electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

Carnival cruise smoking policy

Carnival Cruise Line limits smoking to specific exterior deck areas and designated casino and nightclub spaces that can be monitored. Cigars and pipes may only be smoked in outdoor smoking areas.

Costa Cruises smoking policy

Costa Cruises allow smoking only in designated indoor areas which are marked as ‘cigar lounges’ and designated outdoor smoking points. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco are not permitted in cabins but electronic cigarettes are allowed in cabins. Smoking is allowed on private balconies.

Cunard smoking policy

The smoking of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is permitted only in designated outdoor smoking areas. Pipes and cigars are also allowed at any time of day in Churchill’s lounge, but cigarettes are prohibited here.

Disney Cruise Line smoking policy

Disney Cruise Line allows smoking and vaping only in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Holland America smoking policy

Holland America Line allows smoking only in designated outdoor smoking areas. Some ships (Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam, Amsterdam, Maasdam, Volendam, Zaandam, Rotterdam and Veendam) also allow smoking in the casino, but only on certain nights and only whilst playing. Electronic cigarettes may be vaped in staterooms.

Marella smoking policy

Marella cruise ships only allow smoking in designated areas of the open deck. The same rule applies to e-cigarettes.

MSC Cruises smoking policy

Smoking is permitted only in designated indoor and outdoor smoking areas and in the casino.

Norwegian Cruise Line smoking policy

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. Most ships (all except Norwegian Sky, Sun, Star and Pride of America), have a cigar lounge where cigars are welcome. Nothing but cigars and pipes may be smoked in these areas. Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Encore have a designated smoking room within the casino where people can smoke whilst playing. On other ships, smoking is allowed throughout the casino. Cigar and pipe smoking is not allowed in the casino. Whilst smoking is not generally allowed in cabins or on balconies, guests staying in Garden Villas are allowed to smoke in their private garden and on their private sun decks.

P&O Cruises smoking policy

Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. These locations are not published as they change depending on the weather or cleaning processes.

Princess Cruises smoking policy

Princess Cruises allow smoking in designated areas which include outdoor smoking areas, cigar lounges and a section of the nightclub. In the casino, smoking is allowed only whilst playing designated machines and not at table games. The casino will have one or more non-smoking nights on each cruise. Electronic cigarettes are permitted in cabins (but not on balconies) and within the smoking areas.

Royal Caribbean smoking policy

On Royal Caribbean cruises, smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. The rules about smoking in the casino varies for different regions of the world. On cruises departing from China and Hong Kong, smoking is allowed throughout the casino. On cruises departing from the UK and Australia, smoking is not allowed in the casino. On all other cruises, the casino will have a designated smoking area.  Cigars are not allowed in the casino, only in designated outdoor smoking areas. Freedom class and Voyager class ships feature cigar bars where cigars and pipes are allowed, but no other types of smoking.

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