The Best Places To Cruise in October

Looking for a cruise in October? This can be a great time of year to cruise, but it’s vital that you pick the right destination if you want to avoid hurricanes, rain or freezing temperatures.

A cruise ship in hawaii

So, read on for ten destinations you should cruise to in October and five you should avoid…

Where To Cruise In October

1. The Mediterranean

October is the ideal time for a cruise in the Mediterranean. The peak summer tourist season has ended, leading to lower prices, fewer crowds, and more availability. 

The weather in October remains pleasant, with temperatures in the 60s to 70s Farenheit (15-25 C), and the risk of heatwaves has passed.

Visit ancient ruins in Rome, savour authentic paella in Spain, and explore the breathtaking scenery in the Greek Islands.

couple enjoying Mediterranean shore

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is magnificent in October. The weather is warm, typically in the high 70s to low 80s, perfect for beach visits and outdoor activities. 

With less tourism traffic than peak seasons, prices for cruises tend to be more economical. 

Enjoy the beauty of the islands from your cruise ship and explore the local culture, lush landscapes, and iconic volcanoes during port calls.

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Cruise ship sailing the seas of Hawaii

3. New England & Canada

October is arguably the best time to visit New England and Canada’s east coast, as fall foliage season is in full swing. The forests are ablaze with colour, and the temperatures are cool and crisp. 

Cruise lines offer itineraries that visit quaint coastal towns where you can enjoy fresh seafood, explore historic sites, and hike beautiful trails.

The canadian flag

4. Australia & New Zealand

As the Southern Hemisphere enters spring, these countries offer mild weather and breathtaking landscapes. 

Australia’s vibrant cities and the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand’s fjords and Hobbit holes are a great draw. 

In October, the cruise prices are relatively lower due to the off-peak season, which precedes their summer.

Ship in sydney

5. The Amazon River

Cruising the Amazon in October means enjoying the dry season, offering a perfect opportunity to explore the rainforest. The lower water level allows for more terrestrial wildlife sightings. 

Many cruise lines provide naturalist-guided expeditions to appreciate the local fauna and flora, making the Amazon a unique cruising experience.

The amazon river

6. Japan

October is a fantastic time for a Japanese cruise, as it avoids the summer heat and the rainy season. 

Enjoy the comfortable fall weather while visiting bustling cities like Tokyo, historical Kyoto, or picturesque Hokkaido. 

Many cruises offer on-shore excursions to hot springs, ancient temples, and vibrant markets.

Japanese torri in the middle of the ocean

7. Mexico

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is popular in October, with comfortable temperatures in the mid-80s and less rainfall than in the summer months. 

The lower prices and fewer crowds add to the appeal. Discover the marine life of the Sea of Cortez, the stunning beaches, and the yummy Mexican cuisine.

Mexico sea beside a beautiful town

8. South Pacific

October is springtime in the South Pacific, with idyllic weather for enjoying white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush landscapes. 

Prices are reasonable, and the islands of Fiji, Bora Bora, and the Cook Islands promise an exotic escape from the mundane.

South Pacific ocean beach

9. Transatlantic Cruises

In October, many cruise ships will reposition from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean to take advantage of the warmer winter weather. This mean’s that now’s the time to get a great deal on a transatlantic cruise.

The voyage itself is the star here, with opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying onboard amenities. Often, these repositioning cruises offer unique itineraries, visiting offbeat ports along the way.

People traveling on transatlantic cruises

10. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer a warm, subtropical climate year-round, but October brings fewer crowds and more pleasant temperatures in the 70s. 

The islands’ diversity offers a mix of sandy beaches, national parks, and charming towns. 

Prices are lower at this time, and many cruise lines offer itineraries that explore several of the islands.

Children taking pictures at the port

Where Not To Cruise To In October

When considering a cruise in October, there are some destinations that you might want to avoid. Cruises to these places may look like bargains. 

And if you get lucky with the weather they can be. But, if you’d rather have guaranteed good weather, these are the places you should avoid cruising to in October…

1. The Caribbean

October falls within the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June to November. Although cruise lines are well-equipped to handle and navigate around storms, itineraries may be changed or disrupted due to the weather, which could impact your travel experience.

The beautiful beach of the Caribbean

2. Bahamas

Similar to the rest of the Caribbean, the Bahamas are also subject to the Atlantic hurricane season. Though cruise lines will ensure passenger safety, you may face disruptions to your planned itinerary or have to deal with inclement weather.

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Private island in Bahamas

3. Bermuda

While Bermuda’s beauty is undeniable, October is the tail end of the island’s hurricane season. 

This could lead to choppy seas, potential itinerary changes, and unpredictable weather, making it less ideal for cruising.

Beautiful rock formations in Bermuda

4. Alaska

By October, the Alaskan cruise season is usually over due to the colder temperatures and the likelihood of early snowfalls. 

Also, many of the wildlife sightings that Alaska is famous for, like bears and whales, decrease significantly as the animals prepare for winter.

Port of Juneau in Alaska

5. Northern Europe and the Baltic

October tends to be quite chilly in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region, with a high chance of rain. 

Besides, many attractions operate on a reduced schedule after the summer tourist season.

The baltic ocean and a small windmill

6. Panama Canal

October is one of the rainiest months in Costa Rica and the Panama Canal region. While cruising might still be enjoyable, the high possibility of rain could dampen onshore excursions and activities.

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Cruise ship getting through Panama canal

The Bottom Line

Planning a cruise during the month of October offers its own unique rewards. From the warmth of the Mediterranean, the tranquil landscapes of Canada and New England, to the vibrant scenery of Asia, each of these places offer truly memorable and enriching cruise experiences.

The choice depends on whether you want to relax in serene landscapes, explore vibrant cultural heritage, or dive into adventure-packed activities. Regardless of your preference, the charm of October travel cannot be understated. 

An October cruise not only provides an escape from the typical tourist crowds, but it also brings an opportunity to witness some of the most spectacular seasonal changes, making your voyage a truly unforgettable one.

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