Wonder Of The Seas Size (With Comparison Charts)

While it didn’t hold the record for too long, Wonder of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world. When Icon of the Seas launched in January 2024, Wonder of the Seas was no longer be the biggest, but she is still mightily impressive.

Wonder of the Seas

But figures alone can’t quite convey the sheer size of Wonder of the Seas, and photos don’t really do her justice either. Unless you’ve seen her up close and in person, it can be hard to appreciate the sheer scale of this ship.

But, I’m going to try to help. Let’s take a look at Wonder of the Seas and her size through stats and comparisons, so you get a sense of just how big this Royal Caribbean mega ship really is.

How Big Is Wonder of the Seas?

Wonder of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. She has a gross tonnage (internal volume) of 236,857 GT. She is 1,188 feet long, and 210 feet wide. She has 16 passenger decks and a guest capacity of up to 6,988 people when every bed is in use.

She was the largest ship in the world in terms of gross tonnage and width when she launched, although her sister ship Harmony of the Seas is ever so slightly longer – by just a couple of inches.

Both Oasis-class ships have since been surpassed by the new Icon-class Icon of the Seas in every specification, though.

Is Wonder of the Seas Bigger Than Symphony of the Seas?

Wonder of the Seas is slightly larger than Symphony of the Seas, but the difference is quite small. Wonder of the Seas has almost 9,000 extra gross tonnes of space, and can carry an extra 308 passengers at maximum capacity.

In terms of gross tonnage, which refers to volume, Symphony of the Seas was the largest cruise ship when she launched in 2018, despite Harmony of the Seas being longer and being able to carry an additional 7 guests at maximum capacity.

But then, when Wonder of the Seas launched, she was bigger in every aspect compared to Symphony of the Seas.

Wonder of the SeasSymphony of the Seas
Gross tonnage (GT)236,857228,081
Length (feet)1,1881,184
Width (feet)210215.5
Total decks1818
Passenger decks1616
Maximum guest capacity6,9886,680
Crew capacity2,3002,200

The ships are very similar in terms of size and features, but they’re not identical. There are a handful of bars and restaurants you’ll find on Wonder of the Seas that aren’t on Symphony, and vice versa. The Wonder of the Seas length is slightly longer, but the height (decks) is the same.

If you were torn between them – especially since both ships offer very similar destinations – then it’s worth checking up on these minor differences as it could sway your decision.

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Is Wonder of the Seas Bigger Than Icon of the Seas?

Wonder of the Seas is smaller than Icon of the Seas, the first of the new Icon-class ships that Royal Caribbean launched in January 2024. The Icon Class was originally rumoured to be smaller than the Oasis Class, but was eventually revealed to be significantly larger.

Wonder of the Seas didn’t hold onto its crown as the biggest ship in the world for too long – the announcement of the details and statistics of Icon of the Seas in late 2022 made it clear that she was going to be surpassed.

Icon of the Seas
Icon of the Seas

Icon of the Seas is bigger in terms of gross tonnage and length, and maximum capacity too. When you combine the maximum guest and crew capacity for Icon of the Seas, she is just 50 short of 10,000 – a record that will no doubt soon be broken, probably by another ship in the Icon Class.

Wonder of the SeasIcon of the Seas
Gross tonnage (GT)236,857250,800
Length (feet)1,1881,198
Width (feet)210TBC
Total decks1820
Passenger decks1618
Maximum guest capacity6,9887,600
Crew capacity2,3002,350

With the Wonder of the Seas size comparison against Icon of the Seas, it’s clear that there’s considerable difference between the ships.

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How Big Is the Wonder of the Seas Compared to the Titanic?

Wonder of the Seas is a giant ship compared to the Titanic – around five times larger in terms of internal volume. It’s only 35% longer, but it is over twice as wide and significantly taller too, hence the vast difference in space.

Wonder of the Seas Vs Titanic Size

If you were to look at just the lengths of the two ships, there’s not a huge difference between them. But that doesn’t mean they look similar side-on – Wonder of the Seas is significantly taller, and much wider too.

Titanic may have been the largest cruise ship in the world when she first launched in 1911 ahead of her maiden voyage in 1912, but in the 110 years since, ships have certainly grown in size. 

Wonder of the SeasTitanic
Gross tonnage (GT)236,85746,328
Length (feet)1,188882
Width (feet)21092.5
Total decks1810
Passenger decks169
Maximum guest capacity6,9882,435
Crew capacity2,300892

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What Is Only on Wonder of the Seas?

Following the reveal of Icon of the Seas, there are not many features left exclusive to Wonder of the Seas – Icon shares many of the best. Features that are so far exclusive to Wonder of the Seas include The Vue bar and the Wonder Playscape.

The Wonder Playscape is a new area for families on Wonder of the Seas that mixes a variety of different activities for various ages. Themed like an underwater world, expect slides, climbing walls and various games and puzzles to keep the family entertained for hours.

Wonder Playscape on Wonder of the Seas
Wonder Playscape

High above the sea, the Vue Bar is an idyllic escape where adults can enjoy great cocktails and even better views. During the day it’s great for soaking up the seascape from panoramic angles, and at night the overhead mosaic canopy lights up in a vibrant array of colours.

The Vue Bar on Wonder of the Seas
The Vue Bar

There are also some shows that are currently unique to Wonder of the Seas. Voices is a bespoke celebration of music that combines live and virtual performances, while inTENse is a vibrant and thrilling show in the AquaTheater that blends incredible stunts with stunning music.

The 8 Different Neighborhoods on Wonder of the Seas

The concept of ‘Neighborhoods’ on Royal Caribbean was introduced with the Oasis Class, but Wonder of the Seas took this further by introducing an eighth neighborhood, while most ships only have seven.

1. Boardwalk

Wonder of the Seas boardwalk

The Boardwalk is an outdoor neighborhood that is designed to remind you of classic piers and boardwalks, with a seaside vibe. It’s where you’ll find the carousel, which is a free attraction running day and night.

There are various themed dining areas here too, including the Sugar Beach candy and ice cream store, the Boardwalk Dog House if you want a hot dog, and the Playmakers Sports Bar and arcade. This gets a little lively at night, but is also great fun for kids during the day.

2. Pool and Sports Zone

Wonder of the Seas Pool and Sports Zone

Located on Decks 15 and 16, this is the most active part of the ship, and it’s where you’ll find the Perfect Storm water slides along with pools and splash areas. For adults, there are poolside bars including the Lime & Coconut, along with the adults-only Solarium with a relaxing pool and lounge area.

This is also where you’ll find some of Wonder of the Seas’ exclusive features, including the Wonder Playscape and the Vue bar, along with classic favourites of the cruise line such as the FlowRider and the climbing walls.

3. Central Park

Wonder of the Seas Central Park

Situated on Deck 8, Wonder of the Seas’ Central Park is a more peaceful area with live trees and shrubs, perfect as a relaxing space to sit and unwind. It’s also surrounded by some of the most popular dining venues and bars on the ship.

Here’s where you’ll find Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar, which is one of the newer Italian restaurants for the cruise line, as well as the Royal Caribbean favourite Chop Grille. This is also where you’ll be able to enjoy the Rising Tide bar, which moves between decks as you sit and drink.

4. Royal Promenade

Wonder of the Seas Spotlight Karaoke

Considered to be the ‘downtown’ area of the ship, Royal Promenade is an indoor space that hosts shops, entertainment venues and bars. It’s here where you can try out Spotlight Karaoke, or just listen to others having their own five minutes of fame, while the lively bar Boleros is also situated here.

The Bionic Bar is where you can be served a cocktail mixed by robots, or there’s the English-style pub for beers, snacks and live music every night.

5. Entertainment Place

Wonder of the Seas Entertainment Place

The heart of the ship’s entertainment, this neighborhood is where you will find the Royal Theater and Studio B. The theatre has live entertainment every night, while Studio B is an ice skating rink where you can stake during the day and enjoy ice shows at night.

There’s also the casino and the comedy club, while if you want to try one of the most popular speciality restaurants that the cruise line has, this is where you’ll find Izumi, serving contemporary Japanese cuisine.

6. Youth Zone

Wonder of the Seas Youth Zone

Unsurprisingly, the Youth Zone is the home of Adventure Ocean, the kids’ and teens’ clubs on Wonder of the Seas. There are great facilities for all ages, including spaces designed for older kids who just want somewhere to hang out with others their age.

7. Vitality Spa and Fitness

Wonder of the Seas Vitality Spa and Fitness

Situated on Decks 5 and 6, this area of the ship is home to the Vitality Spa, which offers a number of treatments and facilities designed to help you relax. The Thermal Suite is the major hub of this, with heated ceramic loungers, saunas and steam rooms where you can unwind.

There’s also a beauty salon and a barber shop, and this is also where you’ll find the Vitality Fitness Center if you want to get some exercises in during your cruise.

8. Suite Class Neighborhood

Wonder of the Seas suite neighborhood

The Suite Class Neighborhood is the one that debuted on the Wonder of the Seas, and was exclusive to the ship until it was announced for Icon of the Seas as well.

This is a part of the ship that is only for those booked in suite accommodation on Wonder of the Seas. It’s where you’ll find Coastal Kitchen, the restaurant that is only available for these guests, along with the Suite Lounge where you can relax during the day.

There’s also a private plunge pool and bar, as well as several sun loungers. If you’ve booked a suite on Wonder of the Seas and you want to just take it easy on a quieter part of the ship, this is the place to go.

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Is Wonder of the Seas Too Crowded?

Wonder of the Seas does have a large capacity for guests and crew, but thanks to its size it never feels too crowded on sea days. When trying to board and disembark the ship you should expect a slightly longer wait time, but generally, the ship doesn’t feel too busy.

Of course, this partially depends on when you sail, and whether the ship is sailing anywhere near capacity. But because there are so many different things to see and do, it’s rare to find everyone crowded around one particular part of the ship.

There are certainly times when some key features, like the FlowRider or the splash parks, might feel busy. But you don’t have to wait too long if you time things right.

The only time you’ll really notice the crowds are on embarkation and disembarkation day, or if you want to go ashore in port. This is when you can really tell there are thousands of people trying to either board or disembark at once. But crowd control is managed well, and wait times shouldn’t be too bad.

Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas Stats

  • Decks = 18 (16 accessible to passengers)
  • Rooms = 2874
  • Suites = 175
  • Pools = 4
  • Restaurants = 20
  • Bars = 20
  • Wonder of the Seas capacity at double occupancy = 5,734
  • Wonder of the Seas passenger capacity at maximum = 6,988


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To Conclude

While it may no longer be the biggest cruise ship in the world, Wonder of the Seas is still mighty – and mightily impressive, too.

She is home to thousands of guests and crew on every sailing, but has plenty of space for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves, with a huge array of features to keep you entertained.

But if you’re not sure if you like the idea of a busy cruise ship, why not check out the smallest cruise ships in the world instead? You’ll have a much quieter experience, and potentially visit ports that larger ships like Wonder of the Seas can’t access.

To learn more about Wonder of the Seas, be sure to check out this list of Wonder of the Seas Statistics & Facts.

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