Princess Cruises Suite Perks (Comparing the 6 Suite Types)

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Princess Cruises’ Suites comes with a whole host of VIP benefits. And, the better the Suite you choose, the more free perks you’ll get.

Choosing the best Suite or Mini-Suite for you is a decision that you won’t want to get wrong. So in this guide, I’ll show you what you can expect when you book each of the different accommodation types on Princess Cruises ships.

Princess Cruises Suite

There are five different suite types on Princess Cruise ships:

  • Mini-Suites
  • Club Class Mini-Suites
  • Cabana Mini-Suites
  • Suites
  • Two Bedroom Family Suites
  • Sky Suites


Mini-Suites are the next level of accommodation up from a balcony room and they feature a separate sitting area – ideal for people who like a little more space.

A Princess Mini Suite is substantially larger than balcony rooms but, as the name suggests, not as large as a full Suite.

Princess Cruises Mini-Suite

Club Class Mini-Suites

The best Mini-Suites on Princess Cruises ships are Club Class Mini-Suites. These are located in the best spots in the middle of each ship and come with a selection of extra perks like Club Class Dining, priority boarding and free wine on embarkation day.

You can learn more about the Princess Club Class perks later in this guide.

Cabana Mini-Suites

Introduced on the new Sphere-class ships for Princess Cruises, Cabana Mini-Suites offer their own private cabana – an indoor/outdoor area between the main Mini Suite and the balcony.

You get the same Princess suite benefits as a regular Mini-Suite, but with access to the Cabana Deck on the ship too, which is a private area for Cabana guests.


On Princess Cruises ships, Suites come with all the amenities of Club Class Mini-Suites and a few more as well. You’ll enjoy considerably more space and extra freebies like laundry, a mini-bar setup and speciality dining on the first night.

Princess Cruises Suite
Full Suite

Sky Suites

Sky Suites are only available on the newest ships – Sky Princess, Enchanted Princess and Discovery Princess, along with the Sphere-class ships like Sun Princess (where they are called Signature Sky Suites)

They are absolutely huge, with a 1,000-square-foot balcony offering 270-degree views. You’ll be looked after by a Suite Experience Manager are will receive lots of free perks like access to The Enclave spa, VIP seats in the theatre and meals served on your balcony if you wish.

Two Bedroom Family Suites

A Two Bedroom Family Suite is essentially a regular Mini-Suite that’s connected to an Inside Stateroom via a shared lounge.

They are only available on certain ships – Caribbean Princess, Crown Princess, Diamond Princess, Emerald Princess, Grand Princess, Ruby Princess and Sapphire Princess. These suites sleep up to eight people on most ships, but only six people on Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess.


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At a glance – the Princess suite benefits

BenefitMini-SuitesClub-Class Mini-SuitesSuitesTwo-Bedroom Family SuitesSky Suites
Separate sitting areaYESYESYESYESYES
Bathtub in bathroomYESYESYESYESYES
Upgraded toiletriesNoYESYESYESYES
Two bathrooms, one with a rain showerNoNoNoNoYES
Mattress topper & luxury pillowsYESNoNoNoNo
‘The Princess Luxury Bed’NoYESYESYESYES
Pillow menuNoNoYESYESYES
Luxury BathrobesNoNoNoNoYES
Slippers (that you can keep)NoNoYESYESYES
Welcome glass of sparkling wineYESNoNoNoNo
Welcome glass of ChampagneNoYESYESYESYES
Two half-bottles of wine on embarkation day in your suiteNoYESYESYESYES
One complimentary mini-bar setupNoNoYESYESYES
Complimentary wine-tasting eveningNoNoNoNoYES
In-suite canapes on requestNoNoYESYESYES
Club Class Dining (Breakfast & Dinner, Lunch on sea days)NoYESYESYESYES
Welcome goodies from the chefNoNoYESYESYES
Free in-suite afternoon tea each dayNoNoYESYESYES
Fresh exotic fruits in your suite, refreshed on requestNoNoYESYESYES
Upgraded room service menuNoYESYESYESYES
Priority embarkation and disembarkationNoYESYESYESYES
Priority disembarkation at tender portsNoNoYESYESYES
Priority reservations for shore excursions and speciality diningNoNoYESYESYES
Free laundryNoNoYESYESYES
Elite Lounge access with hors d’oeuvres and drinksNoNoYESYESYES
Concierge Lounge access with free snacks and complimentary evening drinksNoNoYESYESYES
Suite Party invitesNoNoYESYESYES
Complimentary access to The Enclave thermal suiteNoNoYESYESYES
Fresh flowers in your suiteNoNoYESYESYES
Shoreside concierge pre-cruiseNoNoNoNoYES
Services of a Suite Experience ManagerNoNoNoNoYES
Reserved theatre seatsNoNoNoNoYES
A reserved bungalow at Princess Cays where applicableNoNoNoNoYES
Two full bottle bar setups with mixersNoNoNoNoYES
Choose the movie for Movies Under The StarsNoNoNoNoYES
Use of a telescopeNoNoNoNoYES
Breakfast and dinner served on your balconyNoNoNoNoYES
In-suite Nespresso machineNoNoNoNoYES

So many benefits! Let’s learn more…

The VIP perks and amenities you can expect differ across the different Princess Suites. The most expensive suites, Sky Suites, are extremely spacious and feature lots of facilities and extra services. The cheapest Mini-Suites, however, are just a small upgrade from a balcony room.

Here’s what you can expect at each level…

1. Separate sitting area

On Princess Cruises, what sets a Mini-Suite or Suite aside from a Balcony room is the separate sitting area. And the larger your suite, the larger and more distinct this area is.

With a Mini-Suite, you’ll get a sofa bed and coffee table, whereas, in a Full Suite the seating area features a sofa bed, chair and two tables.

The living area in Princess Cruises’ Sky Suites is the most spacious with a sofa bed, side table, lounge chair, coffee table and a large dining table that seats four.

Grand Princess Suite

2. Bathtub

One of the perks of a Suite or Mini-Suite on a Princess cruise is that you get a bathtub rather than just a stand-up shower. This is ideal for families with young children or those who like to soak in the tub.

Princess Cruises Mini-Suite with Bathtub
Mini-Suite Bathroom

In Club Class Mini-Suites and Suites, you’ll also get upgraded toiletries, although the standard toiletries are very nice anyway.

Sky Suites feature two bathrooms – one with a bathtub and separate rain shower and another with a shower. The toiletries and towels are extra special too.

3. Larger balcony

Princess Cruises Suites generally have larger balconies than standard Balcony cabins. These increase in size as you upgrade through the different suite types. Princess Cruises’ Sky Suites have the largest balconies at sea.

Sky Suite Balcony
Sky Suite Balcony

The Sky Suite balcony is so large that it’s impossible to fit it all into one photo. While it is very large, it doesn’t have a jacuzzi on the balcony as you might expect if you’re used to cruising with other cruise lines such as Carnival.

Approximate balcony sizes on Princess Cruises ships:

  • Balcony Room – 40 sq. ft.
  • Mini-Suite – 40 sq. ft.
  • Suite – 70 to 210 sq. ft.
  • Sky Suite /Sky Signature Suite – 947 to 1012 sq. ft.

Mini-Suites have floor-to-ceiling glass doors, while full Suites have two sets of sliding glass doors and Sky Suites have three, as well as a window onto the balcony.

One thing to be aware of though, is that not every suite has a balcony. Some Suites, known as Window Suites, have a large window instead. If you value a balcony, you’ll want to avoid these. However, if you’re travelling with young children or a vulnerable person, the lack of a balcony could give you some added peace of mind.


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4. Luxury bedding

When you book a Mini-Suite you can expect a better night’s sleep as your bed will feature a luxury mattress topper and pillows.

Club Class Mini-Suites and above feature ‘The Princess Luxury Bed’. Designed by sleep expert Dr Michael Breus, the mattress, linens, duvets and pillows have been carefully crafted for maximum comfort. So comfortable is this bed, that many cruisers are willing to pay upwards of $2,000 to recreate the experience at home.

Guests staying in Full Suites have the option to customise their bed with a pillow and mattress topper menu.

The Princess Luxury Bed
The Princess Luxury Bed

5. Extra television

In each Princess Cruises Suite and Mini-Suite you’ll find not one but two flat-screen televisions – one in the bedroom and one in the seating area. On the newer ships these have a touch screen.

Touchscreen TV
Touchscreen TV

Princess Cruises Sky Suites have an unbelievable four TVs as well as a view of the big movie screen on the pool deck. So, every member of the family can watch something different should they wish.

6. Bathrobes and slippers

Mini-Suites don’t come with bathrobes on Princess Cruises – those are reserved for guests staying in Club Class Mini-Suites and Full Suites. If you book the Sky Suite, you’ll get an extra special robe to wear.

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Slippers are only provided for guests in Full Suites, except on Asian cruises where they are generally provided for everybody as is expected by the local culture. You’ll need to return your dressing gown at the end of the cruise, but the slippers are yours to keep.

Princess Cruises Bathrobe and Slippers
Bathrobe and Slippers

7. Complimentary drinks

On Princess cruises, Mini-Suite guests will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of bubbly on embarkation day, but if you book Club Class or a Full Suite this will be upgraded to real Champagne.

Club Class and above also receive a complimentary wine set up on embarkation day, with half a bottle of red and half a bottle of white wine.

Club Class Complimentary Wine
Club Class Complimentary Wine

Guests staying in Full Suites will also receive one complimentary mini-bar set up. But after this, you’ll be expected to pay for drinks from your mini-bar. You’ll also get free bottled water delivered daily.

If you stay in the Sky Suite, you’ll also be invited to a complimentary fine wine tasting on one evening.

Plus, suite guests get free drinks in the Concierge Lounge (more on that below).

8. Canapes

One of the perks of staying in a Club Class Mini-Suite or Full Suite is that you can have delicious canapes delivered each evening. To avoid waste, these aren’t delivered automatically, you’ll need to request them. So, don’t forget to let your room steward know if this is something that you’d like.

My vegan canapes on Enchanted Princess
My vegan canapes on Enchanted Princess

9. Dining perks

One of the main reasons to upgrade from a Mini-Suite to a Club Class Mini-Suite or Full Suite is the Club Class Dining Experience.

You’ll be seated in an exclusive area of the main dining room that’s a bit nicer than the rest of the room. You’ll benefit from the best waiters so you can be sure of the very best service and you’ll have extra menu options with a daily Chef’s Special that’s not on offer to other guests.

Club Class Dining is available for breakfast and dinner every day, as well as lunch on sea days.

Princess Cruises Club Class Dining Area
Club Class Dining

If you cruise on board Caribbean Princess, Crown Princess, Emerald Princess, Ruby Princess, Diamond Princess, Sapphire Princess, Coral Princess or Island
, Suite guests will also enjoy a complimentary speciality dining dinner on the first evening of the cruise.

Other culinary perks for suite guests include ‘welcome goodies’ from the chef on embarkation evening, afternoon tea served in your suite each day, a bowl of exotic fruits refreshed as required and an upgraded room service menu.

10. Priority access

While Mini-Suite guests are not invited to the front of any lines, those staying in Club Class Mini-Suites and above will benefit from priority embarkation and disembarkation at the beginning and end of the cruise.

Priority Check-In
Priority Check-In

Priority embarkation is great because you’ll be able to head straight to The Sanctuary to book a place. This usually gets fully booked within an hour or two of boarding.

And with priority disembarkation at the end of your cruise, you can leave the ship as you please without being restricted to an allotted time.

Priority group 1 luggage tags
Priority group 1 luggage tags

If you choose a Full Suite, you’ll also get priority disembarkation at tender ports, meaning that there will be no wait for a boat to take you ashore. You will, however, have to join the line of people waiting for tender boats back to the ship.

You’ll also benefit from priority dining and shore excursion reservations and can join the VIP line at the guest services desk.

11. Free laundry

On longer cruises, free laundry can be a really valuable perk to have. If you book a Suite on a Princess cruise, you’ll receive free laundry and dry cleaning throughout your trip.

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12. VIP lounges

Guests staying in Full Suites have exclusive access to the Elite Lounge which is available on most ships. Here you can enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and discounted drinks between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm on selected evenings.

VIP lounge pass

Suite guests also have unlimited access to the Concierge Lounge. Here, you can enjoy tea, coffee and snacks around the clock. Between 5 pm and 7 pm each evening you can also enjoy complimentary drinks. A concierge will also be on hand to assist with any reservations that you require.

Me enjoying a drink in the Suite Lounge
This is the Suite Lounge on Enchanted Princess

13 Suite parties

Princess Cruises’ suites guests will receive invitations to a variety of special VIP events throughout the cruise. These are often attended by senior officers or the cruise director so guests will have the chance to chat to them and ask any questions

Princess cruises suite party invitation

14. Spa access

Suite guests receive complimentary access to The Enclave – the thermal suite of the Lotus Spa – on selected ships. Here you can use the hydrotherapy pool, heated beds, steam rooms and saunas.

Access to The Enclave usually costs around $249 for a whole-cruise pass, although you can sometimes buy day passes. You’ll have to pay extra for any spa treatments.

The Enclave on Enchanted Princess
The Enclave

15. Little touches

One of the best reasons to choose a suite is all of the little extras that add up to make you feel really special during your cruise. Some of the perks you can look forward to when you choose a Full Suite include:

  • Fresh orchids in your suite
  • An upgraded turndown service
  • Use of umbrellas
  • A free cruise card wallet
  • Complimentary Shoe polishing service
  • Private portrait sitting with the photographer
Princess Cruises Room Steward
The turndown service is twice daily

16. Sky Suite perks

Those staying in Princess Cruises’ very best suites, Sky Suites or Sky Signature Suites, can expect some extra perks that nobody else will get. These include:

  • Pre-cruise shoreside concierge
  • Seamless curb-to-suite experience
  • Services of a Suite Experience Manager
  • Reserved seats in the theatre
  • A reserved bungalow at Princess Cays on cruises that call there
  • Two full bottle bar setups with mixers
  • Free wine tasting event
  • Private shopping concierge
  • The ability to choose a movie on the big screen for Movies Under the Stars
  • Use of telescope
  • Breakfast and dinner on your balcony
  • Nespresso machine
Princess Cays Bungalow
Princess Cays Bungalow


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So how do you know which suite to choose?

If money is no question and you want the best suite on the ship, then there’s no question – you have to go for a Sky Suite. However, these are only available on the newest ships and there are only a couple on each ship, so you’ll need to book early to secure your place.

Princess Cruises Suites come with so many perks and plenty of room to relax. Many cruisers say that once they enjoy the benefits of a Suite, they never want to go back to the standard accommodation classes.

If a Suite is out of your budget, you can choose between a spacious Mini-Suite and a Club Class Mini-Suite which comes with some additional benefits.

Club Class – worth it or not?

On Princess Cruises, Club Class Mini-Suites gives you the perks of a Suite, at a lower price. Most people would say that Club Class is worth it because your Mini-Suite will be in a great location on the ship, you’ll enjoy exclusive Club Class Dining and priority boarding and debarkation.

To decide which is the best Princess Cruises Suite for you, I’d suggest getting quotes on the various options and considering carefully whether you think that the benefits that you’ll get from upgrading are worth it or not.


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