Celebrity Retreat Package: Worth It Or Not?

Many cruise lines have a separate area of the ship reserved exclusively for suite guests… 

Often called a “ship-within-a-ship”, it’s an area that typically has not just the accommodation but also a restaurant, a lounge and a sun deck. VIP guests can happily spend the whole day in this area without getting caught up in the crowds around the rest of the ship.

Celebrity Cruises has this – it’s called The Retreat.

Exclusive celebrity retreat aerial shot showing its premium look onboard

The Retreat proved so popular when it was added to the newer Edge-class ships that it has been retroactively added to the rest of the ocean-sailing fleet for the cruise line.

But, is it worth paying extra to stay in a Retreat suite, or should you look at booking something cheaper? Let’s take a look at the Celebrity Retreat benefits…

Here’s what you get when you book The Retreat…

1. Suite Accommodations

White interior of the iconic suite onboard showing its elegant looking sheets and room design

One of the obvious perks of choosing to stay in The Retreat is the suite accommodations that you can choose from. 

Each ship has a range of suites available, including the entry-level Sky Suites and the more spacious and opulent Penthouse Suites, Signature Suites, Iconic Suites and more.

You’ll enjoy much more spacious rooms and balconies, including separate living and dining areas in the biggest suites onboard.

2. Private Restaurant – Luminae

The sophisticated interior of Luminae at The Retreat on Celebrity Beyond, featuring an elegant monochromatic color scheme with bold red accents, modern spherical chandeliers, and expansive windows offering ocean views.

Luminae is an exclusive restaurant for guests of The Retreat, offering a more premium dining experience than in the Main Dining Room.

Expect elegant and modern design and beautiful dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Retreat guests are still welcome to enjoy the Main Dining Room and other speciality restaurants onboard too, of course.

3. The Retreat Lounge

An empty retreat lounge with its elegant looking design exclusive for passengers who avail celebrity retreat

The Retreat Lounge is a modern and inviting space that’s exclusive to suite guests.

Here, you can just soak up the view and enjoy a quiet spot to read a book, or you can sample some of the complimentary drinks and light bites served throughout the day. This is also where you’ll find the Concierge service.

4. The Retreat Sundeck

The exclusive Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Beyond, featuring a serene pool area with luxurious red and white loungers, matching pillows, and side tables, all set against a backdrop of modern design elements and open skies.

The Retreat has its own sundeck, a peaceful haven of tranquillity when you want to relax on a lounger without the busy crowds.

The Edge-class ships all have a pool on the deck here, while older ships will have either a hot tub or water feature. There’s an attendant here too, who can provide drinks, snacks and towels for you to use.

5. Retreat Butler

A well-dressed butler helping to serve a meal on a cruise ship terrace with a beautiful sea view

Retreat guests will be able to enjoy the services of a butler team, who go above and beyond to make your stay more comfortable.

Whether it’s sorting out a laundry request or changing your pillows to something else from the menu to help you sleep better, nothing is too much trouble.

6. Retreat Concierge

The Concierge Desk and Shore Excursion area on Celebrity Edge, designed with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring interactive screens, elegant furniture, and a calming neutral color palette complemented by the soft, wave-patterned carpet.

There’s also a dedicated Retreat Concierge that guests can use to help organise their cruise.

The Concierge is available pre-cruise via telephone or in-person on the ship in the Retreat Lounge. They can handle all kinds of tasks including booking spa treatments, speciality dining and more.

7. Premium Drink Package

A cool bartender showing off his skills, serving customers onboard their drinks

Guests staying in The Retreat will enjoy a Premium Drink Package included in their fare, allowing them to enjoy almost any drink on the ship without paying extra. This also entitles you to 20% off any bottle of wine you buy onboard too.

8. Premium WiFi

People enjoying the wifi on a Celebrity cruise

Premium WiFi is also included for guests in The Retreat, meaning everyone in the suite can stay connected with friends and family back home or even stream their favourite movies and TV shows.

9. Priority Check-in and Departure

Guests in The Retreat are granted priority for boarding the ship on embarkation day, and for leaving the ship on the last day of the cruise.

This helps you maximise your first cruise day, whilst also beating the crowds and the rush to leave the port when your cruise is over.

10. Priority Tender

The inside of a tender boat

If your cruise visits any tender ports (where the ship is too big to dock and must ferry guests ashore using tender boats), The Retreat guests will get priority to board those boats.

You won’t get priority for the return journey back to the ship though, so you’ll need to queue with everyone else.

11. Complimentary In-Suite Dining

Celebrity suite with dining table

One of the best perks of The Retreat is the complimentary in-suite dining.

This is more than just room service – this is a full-service meal brought to your suite whenever you like, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you want to skip the busier atmosphere of the restaurants and just enjoy your food in the comfort of your own room, the butler team will be happy to serve it for you. It does include lighter room service meals and snacks too, if you prefer.

12. Reserved Theatre Seating on Evening Chic Nights

The modern interior of a theater on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring plush purple seating, a spacious circular stage, and ambient lighting. The design is complemented by a large, abstract forest mural, creating an immersive entertainment environment.

Celebrity’s formal nights are called ‘Evening Chic’ and they’re some of the busier nights on the ship, as everyone likes to get dressed up and enjoy the atmosphere.

If you’re staying in The Retreat, you can request reserved seating in the theatre on these nights, so that you don’t miss a show and you get a great view.

13. Welcome Drinks

A welcoming setting on Celebrity Apex featuring a chilled bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, two empty glasses ready for a toast, and a 'Welcome to the Apex' card on a table with a vibrant orange sofa and warm lighting in the background.

A nice little touch is that you’ll be given a welcome bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine in your suite when you arrive onboard.

You’ll also be given a selection of speciality coffees that you can enjoy in your suite throughout your cruise.

14. In-Suite Amenities

The interior of a premium-looking suite along with its amenities, one of which is the eXhale bedding.

There are various other smaller touches that Retreat guests will enjoy in their suite, such as the cruise line’s premium eXhale bedding, a pillow menu, and luxury bathroom toiletries.

Guests can also request fresh fruit to be delivered to the suite, and there are slippers and a bathrobe provided for each guest to use during the cruise.

Important note:

One important note on all of these benefits – you only get them if you book a suite in The Retreat outright.

If you apply for a MoveUp upgrade – where you bid for an upgrade once you already have a stateroom booked – and you’re successfully moved into The Retreat, you won’t get all of the perks.

The Premium WiFi and Premium Drink Package won’t be included, and some others will vary.

The Cost Vs Regular Staterooms

Staying in The Retreat is a significant price jump from staying in other accommodations on the ship.

All suites in the main Celebrity Cruises fleet are now part of The Retreat, so you can’t enjoy the suite perks without paying Retreat prices.

Remember that The Retreat is not just one suite type either, so there isn’t one fixed price. Staying in the entry-level suites in The Retreat can often cost just 20% of staying in the very best suites on the ship!

Here are a couple of example cruise fares, to show you the difference in price.

Celebrity Equinox 6-night Caribbean cruise

InsideVerandaConcierge ClassAquaClassThe Retreat – Sky SuiteThe Retreat – Penthouse Suite

Celebrity Ascent 7-night Mediterranean Cruise

InsideVerandaConcierge ClassAquaClassThe Retreat – Magic Carpet Sky SuiteThe Retreat – Iconic Suite

As you can see, prices for The Retreat jump up considerably. Remember you do get the Premium WiFi and Premium Drinks included, along with all the other perks – but they aren’t cheap if you’re on a tighter budget.

Celebrity Retreat Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

Is It Worth It?

There’s no simple answer on whether The Retreat is worth it. You get a lot of perks for booking a suite, but a lot of them you can’t really put a price on – things like the exclusive sundeck and lounge area, or having a more premium restaurant, don’t have a price tag.

The best way to work out whether it’s worth it is to look at all of the perks and work out whether you would find most of them useful and enjoyable. If you would, then booking a suite in The Retreat will likely be worth it for you, provided you are looking for a cruise in that price bracket.

But if only half of the perks appeal, and you’re someone who doesn’t tend to stay in their room much and spends more time exploring the ship or the destinations you’re cruising to, consider whether booking a smaller room and paying for things like your drinks package and WiFi separately would make more sense.

Maybe you should consider the Aqua Class instead…?

Celebrity Retreat vs Aqua Class

AquaClass Sky Suite on a Celebrity cruise ship, featuring a serene and stylish decor with a plush bed, accented with red and beige, a comfortable sofa, and a framed picture of an elegant vintage dress, enhancing the luxurious cabin experience.

Aqua Class on a Celebrity Cruises ship is not quite suite level – instead, it’s a class designed for guests who value the spa and relaxation and who want to make the most of that part of the cruise ship.

The Retreat has a lot more perks than AquaClass, but there are some features of AquaClass that suite guests won’t benefit from.

These include:

  • Yoga mats in the stateroom
  • Exclusive discounts on spa treatments
  • Unlimited access to the Spa Thermal Suite or Persian Garden (depending on the ship)
  • Complimentary fitness classes
  • Access to the Blu restaurant*
  • An enhanced air filtration system in the room

On the Blu restaurant – guests staying in The Retreat are permitted to use it, but only when space is available. Priority is always given to those in an Aqua Class Stateroom, since Retreat guests can use Luminae as their own exclusive venue.

AquaClass Sky Suites

The Aqua Sky Suites on the Edge-class ships offer the best of both worlds – they are the only suites considered part of both Aqua Class and The Retreat, and guests will get all the perks of each. 

Read more about Celebrity’s Aqua Class

Celebrity Retreat vs NCL Haven

NCL Haven sun deck

The Haven is Norwegian Cruise Line’s own exclusive suite area for guests. It’s very popular with NCL guests and offers many of the same services and perks you’d find in The Retreat, including a lounge, a private Haven restaurant and a sun deck.

Guests will also benefit from concierge services, luxury amenities, and a Premium Drinks Package included too – the packages are very similar.

The perks you get with The Haven on NCL that aren’t included with The Retreat on Celebrity:

  • A personal escort on and off the ship
  • Use of a mobile phone on the ship (weird, right?)
  • A cocktail party with the ship’s officers

And the perks you get with The Retreat that aren’t included with The Haven are:

  • Complimentary in-suite dining (The Haven does have free room service)
  • Reserved theatre seating

Celebrity Retreat FAQs

What Celebrity Ships Have The Retreat?

All Celebrity Cruises ships have The Retreat, except for the Expedition vessels that sail to the Galapagos Islands and other remote destinations.

The Retreat was included on all the Edge Class ships when newly built and has been retroactively added to all other ships.

The full list of ships in the Celebrity fleet with The Retreat are:
Celebrity Apex
Celebrity Ascent 
Celebrity Beyond 
Celebrity Constellation 
Celebrity Eclipse 
Celebrity Edge 
Celebrity Equinox 
Celebrity Infinity
Celebrity Millennium 
Celebrity Reflection 
Celebrity Silhouette 
Celebrity Solstice 
Celebrity Summit 

Can Celebrity Retreat Guests Eat at Blu?

Guests staying in The Retreat on a Celebrity cruise are permitted to eat at Blu, provided space is available. Priority is given to AquaClass guests for the Blu restaurant. Guests staying in an Aqua Sky Suite are considered part of both The Retreat and AquaClass, so they enjoy priority dining in Blu.

Are Drinks Included Celebrity Retreat?

All guests staying in The Retreat are automatically given a Premium Drink Package as part of their cruise fare, and they can enjoy further complimentary drinks at The Retreat Lounge. Of course, any children staying in The Retreat will get a Non-Alcoholic Drink Package instead.

Is the Celebrity Retreat Adults Only?

The Celebrity Retreat is not an adults-only part of the ship. Children are permitted to stay in The Retreat Suites with their parents or guardians, and have access to The Retreat Lounge, The Retreat Sun Deck and the Luminae restaurant.

Do Celebrity Sky Suites Have Access to the Retreat?

Sky Suites are part of The Retreat, and so guests staying in one of these suites will have full access to all of the Retreat facilities including the concierge, the exclusive restaurant, the lounge and the sun deck.

What Is the Phone Number for the Retreat Concierge on Celebrity Cruises?

The phone number to speak to the Retreat Concierge on Celebrity Cruises is +1-877-RETREAT, or +1-877-7387327. Guests staying in The Retreat can call the concierge at any point leading up to the cruise to discuss any details needed, and then onboard they can help with reservations for spa treatments, restaurants and more.

Celebrity Suite Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

Final Word

Celebrity’s ships are already beautiful and modern, but choosing a suite in The Retreat really does take things to another level.

Not only do you get some of the best-looking and most spacious accommodations at sea, but you have the whole exclusive area of The Retreat to enjoy, as well as a host of additional perks and benefits.

Whether or not it’s worth it depends entirely on your budget – if you don’t often spend much on a cruise, you might prefer to book a room that’s half the price (or less) on the same ship, and be able to book a second cruise with the same money.

But for guests who want the finest experiences, and who love the idea of a peaceful and exclusive area of the ship away from the bigger crowds, then The Retreat is certainly worth considering.

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