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A lot of people spend the winter months planning a summer cruise. It’s understandable – every time you head outside you’re freezing cold, it feels like it gets dark within a couple of hours of lunch, and everyone’s still feeling a little gloomy after all the December excitement is out of the way.

Charlotte Amalie US Virgin Islands

But it’s also a great time to think about booking a cruise for next winter, too. In this guide, we’ll look at the 9 reasons you should consider booking a Marella cruise for next winter, and why it’s best to get it booked as soon as possible.

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Choose From Exciting Destinations

Winter cruises with Marella offer an exciting range of destination options, with cruises to suit everyone.

Roseau, Dominica

If you want to enjoy a tropical escape, then head to the Caribbean. Here the luscious islands offer stunning beaches, wonderful culture and, of course, some of the best rum cocktails in the world.

Or if a beach holiday sounds nice but you’d rather avoid long-haul flights, there’s always the Canary Islands for a winter sun getaway, with fantastic food and history if you get bored of sunbathing.

Asia is another option – here you can see breathtaking cities that combine incredible heritage with modern marvels.

No matter what kind of cruise you prefer, you’ll find amazing options next winter.

Best Availability for Dates

Marella’s cruises are popular and many ships will sell out – some far in advance. So the earlier you book a cruise, the best chance you have of finding one that works around your calendar.

Booking winter cruises earlier means you have the widest choice of available dates and won’t risk feeling disappointed if you can’t find an itinerary that works for you.

Best Cabin Availability

Marella Discovery Royal Suite

Again, Marella’s sailings do sell fast, especially the best cabins. If you want to make sure you take advantage of that Caribbean sunshine with a balcony cabin, or you’re considering splashing out on a suite such as the Royal Suite, then you’ll want to book your cruise ASAP, otherwise someone else could nab all the best options.

More Time to Plan (& Get Excited!)

The best part of a cruise is the cruise itself, but don’t underestimate how much of a mood boost it can be just to have one booked that you’re looking forward to. Being able to have a cruise on the horizon can be that silver lining you need if the rest of the year doesn’t quite go as planned.

And it’s useful to have as much time as possible to plan, too. You can make sure you’ve got everything you need to pack well in advance (and indulge in a few shopping trips to bulk out that cruise wardrobe), and if you need to renew passports or buy new luggage, none of it feels rushed. You’ve got ample time to plan what you’re going to do, and when.

Spread The Cost

If you book a last-minute cruise, or even just one that’s a few months away, you don’t leave yourself a lot of time to pay it off.

But by booking a year in advance, you can split the cost of your cruise into much more manageable chunks. Once you’ve paid the deposit and secured your cabin, you’ll have a longer stretch to pay for the cruise in regular instalments, so there’s no big financial pressure on you.

And with each payment, you know you’re edging closer to departure day, which helps ramp up that excitement.

Customize Your Itinerary

A cruise has a fixed itinerary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flavour to your getaway and tailor it more to you. And having extra time to plan and save makes this so much easier.

Tui Barbados Beach Club Hotel Marella

It might be as simple as the excursions you book on your cruise – you might want to have as much time as possible to see what your options are and make sure you’ve budgeted for the tours that you really want to take. After all, it’s not every day that you can go wacky river tubing in Dominica, is it?

Or it could be that you want to add on a hotel stay either before or after you cruise. Having more time to plan for this and pay off the additional cost again means that you can relax, knowing that your dream cruise and stay getaway is going to be wonderful.

Peace Of Mind

One of the best reasons to book a winter cruise as early as possible is simply to enjoy peace of mind. If you are someone who tends to leave your holiday bookings to the last minute, you might find it stressful now knowing exactly where you’re going, what time you need to be at the airport and more.

Booking Marella cruises for winter as early as possible helps to mitigate that in a couple of ways. Firstly, having your plans firmed up ASAP means that you know where you’re going, what kind of things you need to pack, and timings all far in advance.

And Marella’s excellent service helps to make the whole process seamless too. You don’t have to fret, just turn up at the airport and Marella will take care of everything for you. You’ll be flown out to the port of embarkation on a flight arranged by TUI, Marella’s parent company.

You’ll then be transferred to the ship at no extra cost. Flight delayed? Relax, the ship and flight are in communication so it won’t leave without you. Staying at a pre-cruise hotel? Your transfers from the airport to the hotel, and then the hotel to the cruise ship, are also covered.

It really couldn’t be easier, and if something did go wrong, you’ve got support staff working at all hours so that you can easily get hold of someone and get a solution.


Arguably the biggest reason to book a winter cruise as early as you can is to get the best price, especially if you can book during January’s peak time where there are some great offers to be had. Don’t sleep on these, though. The offers don’t stick around forever, and as cruises start to sell out you might find that the best prices are no longer available.

So, secure your winter cruise with Marella as soon as you can if you want to enjoy all these benefits – and give yourself something to look forward to throughout the year!

Save up to £300 extra on your winter cruises – for a limited time only!

Check out the range of cruise options available and use the discount code to grab a great-value cruise!

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