Marella Cruises Royal Suites – What to Expect

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The Royal Suites are some of the best accommodation options available on the Marella Cruises fleet. If you want your cruise to feel extra special, then booking a Royal Suite is your ticket to a more luxurious experience.

Marella Cruises Royal Suite

Not every ship in the Marella fleet has a Royal Suite though. So, let’s take a look at the Royal Suites on Marella Cruises, and what you get for the price you pay.

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Which Marella Ships Have a Royal Suite?

There are three Marella Cruises ships that have a Royal Suite – Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, and Marella Explorer 2. The two Discovery ships are almost identical twins, but the Royal Suite on Marella Explorer 2 is different in design and layout.

What Are the Differences Between the Royal Suites?

The Royal Suites on the Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2 and the Marella Explorer 2 offer an opulent cruise experience with distinct features and a focus on luxury. Despite their similarities, these suites have some key differences.

FeatureMarella DiscoveryMarella Discovery 2Marella Explorer 2
Bathtub in the BathroomWhirlpool bathWhirlpool bathRegular bathtub
Whirlpool on the BalconyNoNoYES
Baby Grand PianoYESYESNo

In terms of size and layout, the Marella Explorer 2’s Royal Suite is slightly larger at 94 square meters, while the Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2’s Royal Suites measure in at 92 square meters. Both suites offer separate living areas with sofa beds, spacious bedrooms with king-size beds, and en suite bathrooms with showers and WCs.

Marella Discovery 2 Royal Suite
Marella Discovery 2 Royal Suite

However, the bathrooms of the two Marella Discovery ships, you’ll also get a whirlpool bath. On the Marella Explorer 2, it’s just a regular bathtub, although you aren’t really missing out…

That’s because, while both suite types feature balconies that provide breathtaking sea views, the Marella Explorer 2’s Royal Suite goes the extra mile with the inclusion of a whirlpool on the balcony, adding a touch of luxury and relaxation.

On the Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2, the Royal Suite stands out with the presence of a baby grand piano, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy musical moments during their cruise.

Marella Discovery Royal Suite
Marella Discovery Royal Suite

Whether you choose the Marella Discovery ships or the Marella Explorer 2, you’ll experience a lavish and indulgent stay in their respective Royal Suites. The choice between the two may come down to your preference for a whirlpool on the balcony or in the bathroom, as well as the desire for a musical interlude with a baby grand piano.

The final difference is just the décor style, and it’s the only area where the Royal Suites on the Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2 differ.

Marella Discovery 2 and Marella Explorer both combine cruise heritage with contemporary features – traditional wood panelling mixed with modern colours. There’s no wood panelling in the Marella Discovery Royal Suite though, which instead features some darker modern shades with splashes of colour.

What Are the Best Suites on Marella Ships with no Royal Suite?

The best suite on the Marella Explorer is the Executive Suite Cabin, which measures 49m2 – just over half the size of a Royal Suite. The Marella Voyager’s top-level suites are even smaller – the Voyager Suite and the Executive Suite are both the biggest on that ship, measuring 35m2.

While the Executive Suites and the Voyager Suites are smaller than the Royal Suites on the other ships in the fleet, they do still share the same Suite Benefits that you’ll get when booking any suite on a Marella Cruises ship.

What Are the Perks of a Royal Suite?

Whenever you book any suite on a Marella Cruises ship – including the Royal Suites – you’ll get a selection of additional benefits to enjoy.

These include:

  • A coffee machine in your suite
  • Use of slippers and a dressing gown in the suite
  • Upgraded toiletries
  • A pillow menu – choose the best pillow(s) to suit you
  • One free continental breakfast in bed per person, per week
  • Free pressing service for up to three items during your cruise

These little touches just help to elevate your stay and make it feel more special. It means you can enjoy a lazy morning on your balcony, wrapped in a bathrobe while sipping a delicious coffee. Or, order your continental breakfast while you sink into the ideal pillow.

Marella Explorer 2 Royal Suite
Marella Explorer 2 Royal Suite

And then, when it comes to the Dress to Impress night, your formal wear can be freshly pressed and ready for your night.

How Much Does a Royal Suite Cost with Marella Cruises?

The cost of a Royal Suite varies depending on your chosen cruise ship and itinerary. As a guide, expect a Royal Suite to typically cost between 100% and 150% more than the cheapest Inside Cabin, and around 50% more than a Junior Suite.

When you consider that a Royal Suite offers over five times the floor space of an Inside Cabin, and almost four times the space of a Junior Suite, that’s not bad at all! And a Royal Suite will typically cost much less per night than some of the top suites on other cruise lines.

Whether a Royal Suite is worth booking is entirely down to you, and how you like to cruise. If you’re on a budget, or you spend very little time in your cabin when you’re cruising, then a Royal Suite might not be right – you might be better spending the money on an additional cruise instead!

But, if you enjoy the luxury of extra space to unwind, you like to soak up the views from an expansive balcony (perhaps from a whirlpool bath), and you like the sound of the extra perks you get, then consider upgrading to a Royal Suite and spoiling yourself for your next Marella Cruise.

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