What To Do With Luggage After A Cruise In Miami

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When your cruise finishes in Miami, and you’ve got a later flight to get home, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore some of the sights of this amazing city.

There’s lots to see and do around Miami – but you hardly want to be dragging your luggage around with you all day. So, what can you do with it?

Cruise ship passengers with their luggage

There are a lot of places you can store your luggage, and in this guide, I’ll take you through them all.

Is there a place to store luggage at the Port of Miami?

There isn’t any luggage storage at Miami cruise port – the port’s website says that this is for security reasons. However, there are lots of options for Port of Miami luggage storage just a short distance away, as well as storage at the airport if that’s preferred.

The Port of Miami is on its own island. Unfortunately, there is no Miami cruise port luggage storage on that island.

But just a short hop away either to the east to Miami Beach, or to the west to the mainland, there are a lot of options for storing your luggage in the city.

Cruise ships in Miami port

So once you’ve worked out where you plan on spending your day, and how long you’ll take to get off your ship, you can book your luggage storage in advance and enjoy a stress-free day.

And because you can book all of the options through Stasher, you don’t need to spend ages doing price comparisons. They’re all very similar, with just a few cents difference at most. Instead, you can focus on picking the most convenient location. You can also try Bounce for a choice of even more locations.

It’s also worth checking whether your cruise line offers a luggage service after a cruise in Miami. Some cruises where you’ve booked your flight as a package will actually take your luggage to the airport for you. You’ll put it outside your room on the last night of your cruise, and then see it again when you land at your destination airport.

If you have this option and it doesn’t cost extra then definitely go for it – but if not, there are plenty of options for temporary storage.

The Best Luggage Storage Near Miami Cruise Terminal

Luggage Storage Near Miami Beach

🏆 Most Convenient


Squareat is a quirky company that sells meal packs consisting of square meals (literally). While they do most of their business online, they do have a cafe location in Miami just a short walk from South Beach, and it’s here where you can leave your luggage – and try a fun dining experience while you’re at it.

Address: 749 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opening Times: 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week

Price: $6.85 per bag

2. South Florida Trikke

South Florida Trikke

South Florida Trikke is a company that specialises in segway tours, although they also offer bike rental too. If you want to explore Miami Beach on a guided segway excursion, or pedal up the coastline at your own pace, then this is a great option. The friendly hosts will also offer tips on attractions, if you’ve not yet made up your mind.

Address: 1401 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opening Times: 9am to 8pm Mon to Sat, 9am to 7pm Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

3. Cybr Caffe

Cybr Caffe

Cybr Caffe is a classic internet cafe that’s just a quick walk from the beach area in Miami. If you haven’t paid for cruise internet and you don’t want to be hammered by mobile charges, it’s a good place to store your bag and catch up on a few quick emails with a coffee before you set out to explore the city for the rest of your day.

Address: 1574 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opening Times: 9am to 7pm Mon to Sat, 9am to 6pm Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

4. Bikes and Segway

Bikes and Segway

Bikes and Segway is a little further north on Miami Beach. As the name implies, this is another place where you can hire bikes or segways to go and explore. But the company also arranges a host of other tours to enjoy too, including Everglades Airboats.

Address: 1655 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opening Times: 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week

Price: $6.90 per bag

5. The UPS Store

The UPS Store 6445

If you want to get away from the busier South Beach area, but still have the freedom to head down there, this UPS Store is a good idea. It’s one of the few options in the Mid Beach area for luggage storage.

Address: 3921 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Opening Times: 9am to 7pm Mon to Fri, 10am to 5pm Sat, Closed Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

6. Norman’s Hotel & Bar

Norman’s Hotel & Bar

Norman’s Hotel is a popular spot in the quieter North Beach area of Miami, away from a lot of the busy tourist spots. If you want to just relax on a quieter beach then this is a good place to go, and it has long opening hours should you have a very late flight, and plenty of time to kill.

Address: 6770 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Opening Times: 8am to midnight, 7 days a week

Price: $6.90 per bag

Luggage Storage in Downtown Miami

7. Fortune House Hotel

Fortune House Hotel

The Fortune House Hotel is one of the closest options for luggage storage near Miami port, if you want to head to Downtown Miami and see the sights of the city. The hotel’s in a great spot for taking walking tours, and since it is open 24/7 you’ll have no problems dropping your bags off and picking them up whenever is convenient.

Address: 185 SE 14th Terrace, Miami, FL 33131

Opening Times: 24/7

Price: $6.90 per bag

8. Mindwarehouse


Mindwarehouse is an office space in Downtown Miami with private and virtual offices available. It also offers luggage storage for cruise passengers but only for limited hours during the work week – so it may not be suitable for everyone. The location is very central, though, so it’s still worth considering.

Address: 111 NE 1st St FL 8, Miami, FL 33132

Opening Times: 10am to 2pm Mon to Thurs, 10am to 12pm Fri, Closed weekends

Price: $6.90 per bag

9. Office Logic

Office Logic

Office Logic is another office company, this time situated to the northern side of Downtown Miami. If you wanted to take a boat tour of the Venetian Islands then this is a great choice, and you’re close to lots of the parks in the city as well.

Address: 1501 Biscayne Blvd #501, Miami, FL 33132

Opening Times: 9am to 10pm Mon to Sat, Closed Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

10. Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is a phone store just a short drive from the Port of Miami, but they’re happy to offer bag storage for the day too. The hours are a little more limited than some other choices but they should still be open for most cruise passengers flying in the evening, unless your cruise ends on a Sunday.

Address: 742 SW 8th St suite b, Miami, FL 33130

Opening Times: 10am to 7pm Mon to Fri, 11am to 6pm Sat, Closed Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

11. Phone Flash

Phone Flash

Phone Flash is another phone store in Miami where you can store your bags. This has longer opening hours, and it’s closer to the airport should you be in a bit of a hurry at the end of the day. It’s a good choice if you want to explore the Cuban district of the city, being situated at the heart of East Little Havana.

Address: 1199 W Flagler St #17, Miami, FL 33130

Opening Times: 8am to 9pm Mon to Fri, 9am to 9pm Sat, 9am to 7pm Sun

Price: $6.90 per bag

12. The Spot Wynwood

The Spot Wynwood

The Spot Wynwood is a creative hub in Wynwood that operates as a vendors market and live entertainment hub. It’s also a great base for exploring the Wynwood district including the famous street art of the area. It’s a friendly place where you can leave your bags safely for as long as you need.

Address: 685 NW 32nd St, Miami, FL 33127

Opening Times: 24/7

Price: $6.90 per bag

Luggage Storage Near Miami Airport

13. EB Hotel Miami

EB Hotel Miami

While there is the option of storing your luggage within the airport itself, you might not want to get caught in all the traffic driving in.

If you want your bags to be near the airport but in easy reach of attractions, the EB Hotel is a great choice. You can drop your luggage, get back out into Miami for the day, and then return in time for your flight. This is also a convenient option if your flight doesn’t leave until the next day.

Address: 4299 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33166

Opening Times: 24/7

Price: $6.90 per bag

14. Worldwide Commerce

Worldwide Commerce

Worldwide Commerce is a logistics group situated on the far side of Miami International Airport from the cruise port, but it’s easy enough to get to if your options are limited for other locations (they can book up).

Just bear in mind that you’re not right next to the passenger terminals here, so leave a little extra time for picking up your bags and then heading to check in for your flight.

Address: 2355 NW 70th Ave unit d 06, Miami, FL 33122

Opening Times: 9am to 7pm Mon to Fri, Closed weekends

Price: $6.90 per bag

Other Luggage Storage Options

There are a few alternatives to storing your luggage in one of these locations near the port or close to the city’s attractions – here’s what else you could do.

Take an Excursion

Some cruise lines and independent tour companies offer excursions even on the last day of your cruise. These are really convenient because they take care of everything for you – including storing your luggage.

You’ll typically be picked up at the port by a bus with luggage storage. You’ll be whisked to your destination in Miami – the Everglades is one of the more popular options, or it might be a sight-seeing tour of the Art Deco architecture – before the coach then takes you to the airport once the excursion is complete.

So you get to enjoy your day, and have your luggage taken care of, without then working out how to get back to the airport. It’s your complete package for the last day of your holiday.

Store Your Bags At Miami Airport

Another simple option would be to store your bags at the airport. Miami International Airport is in a great location that’s easy to get to, so a cab straight there to drop off your luggage will leave you with plenty of time to then head back out into the city and explore.

Miami International Airport

Then, when you’re finished for the day, just head back to the airport, retrieve your luggage and you’re ready to check-in for your flight home. It does mean going out of your way at the start of the day but, when you have plenty of time to kill, it is a convenient option.

Rent a Car

Rather than getting a cab to the airport, another option would be to rent a car for the day. You can then put your luggage in the boot/trunk, and drive yourself to the sights for the day. Then just drive straight to the airport to drop the car off.

It may work out more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but you’ll have complete freedom to go wherever you want to in Miami, and you aren’t left waiting for a taxi or Uber when it’s time for your flight – you’re in control of your time throughout the day.

Just make sure that you choose a big enough car! On our honeymoon in Miami we though that a convertible Mustang would be a romantic choice. And it was great, but our two suitcases wouldn’t fit in the trunk so we had to have them in the back seat.

Miami car hire

Store Your Bags At An Attraction

Some Miami attractions will be able to accommodate your luggage for you. It depends on where you’re planning to go, and which company you use.

Say you wanted to try an Everglades air boat tour – you can call the different tour operators and see which ones would be able to store your luggage during your boat trip.

Everglades airbaot

Once you’ve found someone, just take a taxi to get there, drop your bags off for the duration of your excursion, and then grab a cab to the airport in time to check in. Easy.

Final word

There are loads of options for storing your luggage in Miami – whether you’re looking to store it near the port, close to the major attractions, or at the airport ready for the end of your day.

It’s probably a good idea to decide which of the Miami attractions you want to visit during your day in the city – and then work out the best choice for storing your luggage from there, so that you aren’t driving i

But you definitely don’t need to lug it around with you all day.

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