15 Fun Things To Do on MSC Virtuosa

MSC Cruises’ ship MSC Virtuosa made her debut with cruises around the British Isles on 20th May 2021 and I was on board one of the maiden voyages.

The ship is packed with exciting family features, and has proven popular in the years since she debuted. I’ve made a list of some of the most fun MSC Virtuosa activities for families to enjoy on board.

1. Interactive Splash Park

Savannah Waterpark

MSC Virtuosa has one of the most exciting water parks at sea. Kids will love the water guns, huge tipping bucket and multiple interactive water elements in the Savannah Waterpark. It’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

2. Bowling Alley

The entertainment area on MSC Virtuosa has a full-sized bowling alley with two lanes. Here, you’ll also find lots of arcade games providing fun for all the family.

3. Galleria Virtuosa

Galleria Virtuosa

This 100-metre long indoor promenade has a long domed LED ceiling. This space features eleven shopping boutiques as well as several bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to wander and socialise, whatever the weather.

4. MSC Starship Club

MSC Starship Club

More than just a bar, The MSC Starship club will transport you to another world! It features a humanoid bartender by the name of Rob, who will make you cosmic cocktails and tell you jokes.

Read more: The MSC Starship Club featuring Rob the humanoid robotic bartender

5. Swimming Pools

MSC Virtuosa has five swimming pools and one of the biggest waterparks at sea. The Tropical Pool has a retractable roof and four large hot tubs, which means that even if it’s raining you can still enjoy a day drinking cocktails by the pool.

6. Himalayan Bridge

Me on the Himalayan Bridge

If you’re feeling brave, have a go on this high ropes course which is located up on Deck 19, an incredible 80 metres above the ocean.

7. Water Slides

MSC Virtuosa water slide

The MSC Virtuosa water park is the Savannah Aquapark, and kids and adults love the three twisting waterslides including a fun bowl slide that spins you round and round.

8. Kids’ Clubs

MSC Virtuosa kids club

MSC Virtuosa has five dedicated kids clubs for ages from 0 to 17 years old with over 98 hours of kids’ activities each week. Kids can be entertained all day long with games, arts and crafts, competitions, parties and more!

Some of the features introduced for the MSC Virtuosa kids club include a silent disco and a Junior Detective game where they must solve puzzles in search of the truth.

9. Formula One Simulator

F1 simulator

Climb into the driver’s seat of an F1 racing car and get your adrenaline-pumping with a virtual reality race.

10. Sportplex


Sporty types young and old can take part in all sorts of tournaments including tennis, football, basketball, table tennis and table football.

11. Swarovski Crystal Staircases

Crystal staircase

MSC Cruises ships are incredibly glamorous with thousands of Swarovski crystals used to make the staircases in the main atrium.

12. LEGO Experience


MSC Cruises has partnered with LEGO to create LEGO and Duplo-themed experiences, challenges and competitions for kids. There are over 64,000 LEGO bricks on the ship and kids may even be able meet life-sized LEGO people on board.

13. Le Grand Theatre


The theatre on MSC Virtuosa has 945 seats where guests can enjoy live performances every evening with three sittings per night.

14. Baby Club

Baby room

MSC Cruises’ Baby Club has activities that parents and under-threes can enjoy together. There’s also the option to leave your toddler in the care of qualified childcare professionals while you relax.

15. Carousel Lounge

Carousel Lounge

In the Carousel Lounge, you can enjoy spectacular entertainment up-close on the round stage as well as stunning sea views.


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35 thoughts on “15 Fun Things To Do on MSC Virtuosa”

  1. Think of booking MSC Virtuosa, it there a age or high for the high ropes please

    • The minimum height for the high ropes course on MSC Virtuosa and Euribia is 122 cm (48 inches) and max weight is 300 lbs 136kg). It’s a pretty tame course, so most seven-year-olds will be tall enough and able to do it. Jenni

      • Hi Jenni, looking at booking an MSC on virtuosa .
        My children will be 3 and just turned 7. Can they go to kids club together they wont go separate. My 7 year old has an audiology issue and will need to be with my 3 year old .

        • Hi Rachael. Unfortunately, cruise lines are always very strict about children only going in the right kinds club for their age so they wouldn’t be able to. Jenni

  2. Hi, is the height restriction on the water slides 107cm minimum or do they have to be 7? Thanks.

    • Hi Alan. They’re meant to be seven according to the sign but nobody asked the kids ages when we went. My five-year-old was over 107 cm and he went on the slides – they’re pretty slow. The space bowl slide is fast though, and they have to be 122 cm for that one. I hope that helps. Jenni

  3. Hi jenni
    We are due to go on virtuoso coming week.is it obligatory to bring suits for men and cocktail dress for women and for white party too.and what about for children’s.

  4. Hi,

    Do they have gelato or ice cream areas, and does it cost?

  5. What package would I need for Jack daniels and cider to be part of free drinks

  6. Hi

    Are children allowed to take inflatables into any of the pools?


    • Hi Vicky. Lilos and large rings aren’t allowed, only small swimming aids like arm bands are permitted. The pools aren’t that big so there’s not a lot of space for inflatables. Jenni

  7. HI ,
    We our booked on the Virtuosa on the 10/9. What are the supplements for the specialty restaurants?

    • Hi Suzanne. It’s not a single charge for a specialty restaurant. Instead, they just have a menu where each dish has its own price. You can usually find sample menus online if you search for the restaurant name. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi Jenni, can you advise me on what’s included cost wise onboard and what I would have to pay extra for? Thanks, Jess

    • Hey Jess. From this list, you’ll have to pay extra for bowling, the drinks at the Starship Club and the F1 simulator, but everything else is free as part of your fare. In general, anything to do with the pools is free, as is the live entertainment, your food in the main dining room and buffet and access to the gym. But most drinks, food in the speciality restaurants and other facilities usually have a cost attached. Hope that helps!

  9. Hi, is there a curfew for children (ages 11yrs and 12yrs) in the evening?

    • Hi Susan. No, the kids can stay up as long as they like. There are also some adult-only venues for those who prefer not to be around children. Jenni

  10. Should I take a hairdryer? And are straighteners a definite no? Many thanks

    • Hi Nicola. A hairdryer will be provided in your cabin for you. You can bring hair straighteners with no problem. Jenni

  11. Hi, we’re due to go on this ship in a couple of weeks time. The kids clubs go up to age 17, but what kind of activities are there as this is quite old for a kids club isn’t it? My eldest son is 14… thanks 😀

    • Hi Sarah. On MSC Cruises there is a Young Club for ages 12 to 14 and a Teen Club for ages 15 to 17. The Young Club has sports tournaments, games, competitions, discos and events like that. I hope he has a great time! Jenni

  12. If it rains on the ship, will the pool water be cold & will the splash parks be open? Going on Sat but the weather looks horrid

    • The outdoor pool water is about 28 degrees so not cold but not warm. The hot tubs are lovely and warm, though. Plus, there’s an indoor pool. The splash park will be open as long as it’s not too windy. Jenni

  13. Hi, We are due to go on a 7 night uk cruise this Saturday, we’ve been on many cruises before but never MSC, can you advise me re dress code so I can save on packing too many clothes!! Thanks

    • Hi Jayne. You’ll probably want to bring a couple of formal outfits e.g. nice dress or suit. The rest of the time you can wear whatever you want. Some people dress up, some wear jeans, it’s up to you, whatever you feel most comfortable in. There’s usually a white night too, so bring something white for that. I hope this helps? Jenni

  14. Hi Jenni
    We are hoping to go on the British Isle cruise in August, I was just wondering what activities are not included and was it a struggle to book thing ie availability etc


  15. Can I ask are there any ironing facilities on board MSC Virtuosa?

  16. Hi Jenni,

    Do you know how much the fun pass costs on the Virtuosa?
    Is it unlimeted?

  17. Hi,
    Are the bars and restaurants air conditioned, I’m asking as don’t want to be cold Amy need a wrap,

    • Hi Pat. Yes, they are. A wrap or cardigan is a good idea. Jenni

  18. Hi Jenni!

    We’re due to go on Virtuosa on the 20th May, I know babies can’t use the pools but do you know if there are any little splash areas for them?

    • Hi Terri. Yes, there’s a baby splash area on this ship. Jenni

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