Harmony of the Seas Suites Guide

The suites on any Oasis Class ship with Royal Caribbean are pretty spectacular – including some of the biggest and most feature-packed accommodations you’ll find on any ship in the world.

harmony of the seas cruise ship

While suites aren’t suitable for everyone’s budget, if you want a cruise holiday that’s even more special (or you just enjoy having more space to relax and get ready) then you may want to consider one of these incredible rooms. Let’s break down the various suites on-board Harmony of the Seas.

How Many Suites Are on Harmony of the Seas?

There are 188 suites on Harmony of the Seas, including 10 different types of suite. Of those, 86 are Junior Suites, and 46 are Grand Suites. There are also some specialist suites including the Royal Loft Suite and Villa Suite, with only one of each.

There are a couple of other websites that I’ve seen that say there are 189 or 190 suites, but I’ve checked the deck plans and counted them – twice – to make sure. Here’s a rundown of all the different suites available to book on Harmony of the Seas:

Suite typeHow many?Deck locationSleeps up toSuite size (sq ft)Balcony size (sq ft)Total size (sq ft)
Royal Loft Suite117/18 (two floors)615248432367
Villa Suite1121411404801620
Star Loft Suite217/18 (two floors)47224101132
Crown Loft Suite2717/18 (two floors)4545114659
AquaTheater Suite – 1 Bed611, 12, 144555 – 605245 – 630800 – 1235
AquaTheater Suite – 2 Bed68, 9, 108675 – 820610 – 7701285 – 1590 
Owner’s Suite1210, 11, 12, 143556243799
Grand Suite – 1 Bed426 to 144370 – 435115 – 360485 – 795
Grand Suite – 2 Bed49, 108580238818
Junior Suite866 to 14429080370

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How Much Are Suites on Harmony of the Seas?

Harmony of the Seas suites prices vary depending on the specific suite, the time of year, the length of your cruise, and how many guests you travel with. Expect to pay around $4,000 total for a Junior Suite, and $20,000 for the Royal Loft Suite, for 7 nights.

You’ll pay more per person if you don’t fill a room – so a Junior Suite with two occupants might cost $2,000 while it drops to $1,500 for four occupants. It’s still overall more expensive for all four of you, but if you’re travelling with friends then booking a suite can be a good way to split the cost since it’s less for each person to have to spend.

Royal Suite Class Deals

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As well as the upgraded accommodation, suite guests on Harmony of the Seas get access to VIP areas such as the Suite Sun Deck, Suite Lounge and the Coastal Kitchen as well as a host of extra perks.

Suites are, of course, the most expensive of the Harmony of the Seas rooms. If a suite is out of your budget, don’t forget that there are other room types available, including Interior, Ocean View, and Balcony.

Harmony of the Seas Coastal Kitchen
Coastal Kitchen

Does Harmony of the Seas Have 2-Bedroom Suites?

Harmony of the Seas does have two-bedroom suites, including Grand Suites and AquaTheater Suites. The Royal Loft Suite also has two bedrooms, while the other Loft suites are designed to convert the lower floor into a second bedroom.

They aren’t the suites with the most bedrooms though – that’s the Villa Suite. This massive suite has four full bedrooms, and when you also add in the convertible sofa beds in the living area it has a total capacity of 12 guests, which is enormous.

Does Harmony of the Seas Have Junior Suites?

Harmony of the Seas has 86 Junior Suites, which are similar in design to a Balcony Stateroom but with extra space, and a number of extra suite perks too. They’re the smallest of the suites on Harmony of the Seas, but definitely worth considering.

Junior Suites are a good option if you don’t need a huge room, but you like the idea of the overall suite experience and the benefits that come with it.

What Is the Largest Suite on Harmony of the Seas?

The largest suite on Harmony of the Seas is the Royal Loft Suite. The interior floor space is 1,530 square feet, while the balcony is 850 square feet, for a total of 2,380 square feet. The Royal Loft’s balcony alone is bigger than two Junior Suites combined.

Despite its epic size, the Royal Loft Suite is designed for only six people. This isn’t a suite for huge groups, but instead is designed for anyone who wants more space to relax and potentially host parties, but with a spacious room to relax in once everyone has moved on.


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The 10 Types of Suites on Harmony of the Seas

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Harmony of the Seas suites, from largest to smallest…

Royal Loft Suite

harmony of the seas royal loft suite

The Harmony of the Seas Royal Loft Suite is the largest of the two-storey suites on the ship. And it is huge. The lower floor has a large living area that includes a grand piano, as well as a separate dining area, along with a bedroom and bathroom. It’s also where you’ll find the wraparound balcony, including multiple seating areas and a hot tub.

Upstairs is the master bedroom, with a walk-in wardrobe, and the master bathroom which includes a large bathtub, a two-sink vanity and a bidet.

The Royal Loft Suite is a Star Class suite, which means it benefits from the service of a Royal Genie, as well as other typical Royal Caribbean suite perks.

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Villa Suite

harmony of the seas presidential family suite
Photo credit: SBW-Photo

While not the largest suite at sea, the Villa Suite is the one with the highest occupancy. Up to 14 guests can share this outstanding suite, with four separate bedrooms. If you’re a couple of families travelling together, this could be absolutely ideal.

As well as the four bedrooms (and four bathrooms), there’s a spacious living area and a long balcony with an extended outdoor dining table and a hot tub.

The Villa Suite is another Star Class suite, so guests will enjoy the service of a Royal Genie.

Star Loft Suite

The Star Loft Suite on Harmony of the Seas isn’t quite as spacious as some of the other loft suites, but it still has plenty of room for its four passengers. The lower floor has a large seating area that can be converted into a bedroom and a spacious balcony with seats and loungers.

Upstairs, the loft holds the master bedroom with an oceanview window and a second bathroom. The Star Loft suite is another in the Star Class with Royal Genie service.

Crown Loft Suite

harmony of the seas crown loft suite

The smallest of the two-storey suites, the Crown Loft Suite on Harmony of the Seas looks almost like a regular (but spacious) balcony stateroom on the lower floor, with a bathroom and a living area that opens onto a balcony that has room for loungers.

Up the stairs is the master bedroom with a separate desk and wardrobe area, and a master bathroom with a bathtub.

There are accessible Crown Loft Suites available for guests in a wheelchair to book – these are slightly larger and have a wet room.

AquaTheater Suite – 1 Bedroom

The AquaTheater suites are so-named because they sit on the aft corners of the ship, with wraparound balconies that overlook the – you guessed it – AquaTheater. These amazing suites offer spacious accommodation and plenty of storage space, but the main benefit is those balcony views – ideal for shows.

AquaTheater Suite – 2 Bedroom

Harmony of the Seas AquaTheater Suite - 2 Bedroom

These suites are almost identical to the one-bedroom version, except that they’re slightly larger and have a second bedroom. These are located on lower decks than the one-bedroom version – on Decks 8, 9 and 10.

Owner’s Suite

harmony of the seas owner's suite
Photo credit: SBW-Photo

The Owner’s Suite is normally a name reserved for the top one or two suites on a ship, but Harmony of the Seas isn’t an ordinary ship, nor are her suites ordinary. The Owner’s Suites are still amazing, offering a lot of inside and balcony space.

They have one bedroom, though the living area easily converts into a separate bedroom thanks to curtain dividers, while the master bathroom has a bathtub, a separate shower cubicle, twin vanity and a bidet.

Grand Suite – 1 Bedroom

harmony of the seas grand suite
Photo credit: SBW-Photo

The Grand Suites onboard Harmony of the Seas are available on multiple decks, and offer spacious accommodation similar to the Owner’s Suites, although missing a couple of features – primarily in the bathroom, which has a shower over bath instead of both separate, and no bidet. But it does have the twin vanity still.

The bedroom can be curtained off again to create two bedrooms, and the balcony is spacious enough to have two seats along with two loungers.

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Grand Suite – 2 Bedroom

harmony of the seas royal family suite
Photo credit: SBW-Photo

A larger version of the Harmony of the Seas Grand Suite, just four of these are available. There are two separate bedrooms as well as the living area which can convert into a third bedroom, and there are two bathrooms. Neither has the twin vanity, but one has a shower cubicle, and another the bathtub with a shower over.

The balcony is slightly larger again, meaning it can accommodate four chairs and two loungers.

Junior Suite

harmony of the seas junior suite

There are a lot of Junior Suites available on Harmony of the Seas across multiple decks, each of which is essentially a more spacious balcony cabin with extra Junior Suite perks. There is no separate bedroom or living area here, but you do still have a walk-in wardrobe and a bathtub with a shower over in the bathroom.

There are a couple of accessible Junior Suites available, which are wider and have a wet room instead of a standard bathroom.

Which Suite To Choose?

The big question right? With so many amazing suites to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

For a lot of people, it comes down to two things – occupancy, and budget. If you’re a family of four, there’s no point booking the Villa Suite, because even having a double bed each isn’t worth the extra money you’ll pay.

The Star Class suites do have the benefit of the Royal Genie, but consider whether you’ll use them, or if you would be better served saving the money. One cruise in a Star Class suite often costs the same as two (or more) cruises in a lower-class suite.

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Every stateroom and suite is amazing on Harmony of the Seas, but that doesn’t mean they all suit everyone – there are some staterooms and suites you might want to avoid.

Royal Suite Class Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

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