How Much Is A Cruise Wedding? Cost Comparison

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Getting married on a cruise is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for your partner, especially if you’re both cruise fans!

Not only that, but your wedding and honeymoon get combined into one convenient package – and you’ll get some amazing, unique photo opportunities on the ship too.

But how much is a wedding on a cruise ship? What’s included in cruise wedding packages and what do you need to pay extra for?

It varies by cruise line, but I’ve researched all the major lines to put this guide together for you.

Cruise Line Wedding Packages And Prices

Cruise LinePrice for 10 guests
CarnivalFrom $1,799
Celebrity CruisesFrom $1,495
Disney Cruise LineFrom $3,500 (16 guests)
NCLFrom $2,059
P&O CruisesFrom $3,300 (£2,700)
Princess CruisesFrom $3,995
Royal CaribbeanFrom $1,950

What’s Included in a Cruise Wedding Package

While the exact inclusions for cruise ship wedding packages will vary, there are some features that are almost always included.

1. Guests

Guests at a wedding celebration toasting with glasses of white wine, featuring close-up views of hands holding colorful glass stems. The backdrop is subtly blurred, highlighting the festive mood and the floral details from the event.

You’ll typically be allowed to have a small number of guests present for your wedding – often basic packages will start with 10, and you can upgrade if you want more.

If those guests aren’t booked onto the cruise, then it means your wedding will take place on embarkation day – they’ll be allowed to board the ship, enjoy the ceremony with you, and then leave before the ship sets sail.

2. Pre-cruise planner

A wedding planner uses a smartphone to organize "Save the Date" digital invites, sitting at a table scattered with various invitation designs and planning tools. The focus is on the planner's hands and phone, with a clear view of the vibrant, colorful digital design on the screen.

Typically you’ll be given the services of a wedding planner for your cruise wedding, who’ll be available over email or phone so that you can arrange the minor details such as the music, the decorations etc.

3. A private venue

Wedding bride and guests partying after the ceremony at a private venue

Basic cruise wedding packages will always include a private venue. You don’t need to worry about random guests wandering around behind you as you exchange your vows. Upgraded packages will be available for guests who want to get married ashore.

4. A local officiant

While some cruise ship captains will marry guests, that may be a service only offered for upgraded packages. At the very least, you’ll have an officiant for your wedding who will lead the service and ensure all the proper legal documents are signed.

cruise wedding on Celebrity Cruises

5. Wedding certificate keepsake

You’ll normally be given a keepsake version of your wedding certificate so you have a nice memento to remind you of the day, along with the legal documents that you need to prove you are married too.

6. Wedding cake

A newlywed couple jointly holds a knife and cuts into a lavish multi-tiered wedding cake adorned with white floral details and golden accents on a decorated table.

The cake is normally included in your cruise wedding package, but it may be a relatively simple one. It’s normal to expect a two-tier cake on basic packages, with the option to upgrade to a three-tier one if you pay more.

7. A toast

Close-up of hands clinking wine glasses filled with red and white wine at a festive gathering. The glasses are elegantly shaped, capturing the light and reflections of the joyous event.

Normally you’ll get a glass of sparkling wine for your guests to toast you as a newly married couple, with the option to upgrade to Champagne if you choose a higher-tier package.

8. Photography services

A shot taken by a wedding photographer at a cruise ship wedding

You need to be careful with this one – cruise weddings will usually give you the services of a photographer, but not the actual photos.

The idea is that you’ll get some amazing photos that you can then buy. You might get one free photo with your wedding package, but you’d then need to pay for the digital copies or any prints of the rest.

9. Decorations

Simple wedding table decorations inside the private venue onboard

Basic decorations will be included in a cruise wedding package, including an aisle runner and chair decorations.

Other Things You’ll Need to Budget For

1. The actual cruise

A lovely couple taking a  photo while enjoying the sea view onboard

The cost of a cruise wedding does not include the cost of your cruise fare, so you’ll need to budget for that separately. If you’re booking a shorter cruise then the wedding package might be a lot more than the cruise fare, but you still need to pay for it.

2. Wedding licensing

Close-up of a person's hand signing a document with a pen, focused on the action of writing with a blurred background featuring natural light and greenery. The scene conveys a formal, significant moment, likely related to legal or official paperwork.

This one’s super-important – not all cruise line wedding packages include the legal and regulatory fees for your ceremony, and you may need to pay extra for these. A license for a wedding at sea will typically cost between $500 and $750.

3. Upgraded ceremonies

You need to look at the different wedding package options for your cruise line, because basic ones might not have everything you want. You’ll need to budget for things like extra guests, a longer ceremony if you want to have readings included, or the extra cost for a destination wedding if that’s what you’d prefer.

4. Reception (food and drinks)

A hand reaches to grab food from a beautifully arranged table of assorted appetizers at a wedding reception, with a variety of bite-sized hors d'oeuvres on skewers and small plates.

A cruise wedding only tends to include the ceremony as standard. You can normally arrange a reception too, but that will cost extra. It’ll include continued use of a private venue, along with food and drink options for you and your guests.

5. Photography

A photographer is capturing a wedding ceremony with a professional camera, focusing on the couple in the background, who are slightly blurred. The camera's microphone and a vibrant floral backdrop are also visible.

Again, you’ll normally have a photographer’s services included in your cruise wedding, but the actual photos will cost extra.

There are usually different bundles you can choose from when planning your cruise, offering photo albums, digital copies or special prints.

6. Videography services

A videographer is adjusting the settings on a professional video camera, ensuring the lens and equipment are ready for filming. The image focuses on the camera and the videographer's hands, with the videographer slightly out of focus in the background.

Videography services are extra too for a cruise wedding – if you want a professional wedding video to be arranged by the cruise line, you’ll need to pay extra for that. It might be better to just ask a guest to film it for you – phones these days will do a perfectly fine job, unless you want that really professionally edited final product.

7. Spa services

Husband and wife enjoying a peaceful spa date together

Cruise ships have spas onboard, which are ideal for some pre-wedding hair and beauty treatments. These will cost extra, but they do mean you don’t need to worry about arriving at a bustling cruise port looking immaculate already.

8. Romance packages

A couple enjoying the fantastic food from room service

Cruise lines will often have extra packages available for the happy couple just to make the whole day feel that bit more special.

They’ll vary by cruise line but may include breakfast in bed the next day, flower petal decorations for the stateroom, a bottle of chilled bubbly waiting for you, a couple’s massage… Anything the cruise line can offer that feels romantic.

9. Live music

Cruise weddings will include the use of pre-recorded music for the ceremony, and for the reception if you book one. But if you want to upgrade that to include live musicians, that’s usually an option but you’ll be looking at an increase of at least $200, likely more depending on how long you want them to play.

10. Clothing and flowers

A pair of elegant white high-heeled shoes is placed next to a bouquet of pale pink roses on a wooden floor. In the background, part of a wedding dress can be seen, adding to the bridal theme of the image.

You’ll need to remember to budget for your outfits, and for any flowers you want to use in the ceremony. The outfits are on you to arrange, but the cruise line may be able to help with bouquets and boutonnieres for the gents.

Bear in mind you aren’t allowed to bring fresh flowers onboard, so you may need to make do with fake ones.

Here’s What Each Cruise Line Offers

Carnival Weddings

A newlywed couple shares a kiss on the deck of a cruise ship, with the groom wearing suspenders and a bow tie, and the bride in a flowing white gown holding a vibrant bouquet of orange and yellow flowers. The background features a calm, cloudy sky and the boat's railing.

Carnival offers three main types of wedding package:

  • Signature Ceremony – Ceremony-only packages
  • It’s a Celebration – Packages that include a reception
  • Love Ashore – Destination weddings

The cheapest of the Carnival cruise wedding packages is the Signature Ceremony which starts at $1,799 for a wedding with 10 guests (including the couple). You can add additional guests for $29 plus tax, and there are all kinds of extras you can add onto the package as well.

There are lots of different options to tailor your wedding, including choosing the cake flavours, the decorations to be used and more. Reception packages include a mix of hot and cold food served tapas style, rather than a sit-down dinner.

View the Carnival wedding brochure here

Celebrity Cruises Weddings

Celeb cruise lgbt wedding

Despite Celebrity Cruises being a premium cruise line, their wedding packages are still relatively affordable. And even the most basic packages will be led by the ship’s captain, should they be available – although if not, another officiant will take their place.

Shoreside weddings are also available with Celebrity Cruises, if you’d like to get married in a venue adjacent to the embarkation port before then embarking on your cruise honeymoon, and destination weddings can be arranged too.

Celebrity offers special Deck Weddings, where your ceremony will take place on the deck with a beautiful canopy, if you’d like this option though it will of course cost extra.

Learn more about Celebrity Cruises wedding packages here

Disney Cruise Line Weddings

Disney Cruise Line wedding at Castaway Cay

I’m sure you will be shocked to hear that the Disney cruise wedding cost is one of the highest of the major cruise lines, with prices starting at $3,500 for a Fairy Tale package. This does get you an increased number of guests though – 16 as standard.

The packages also include more than you would get with other cruise lines’ basic packages. You’ll automatically get a solo musician for your ceremony, usually a pianist, and you’ll get Champagne for the wedding toast rather than sparkling wine.

The happy couple will get a commemorative Disney wedding cake topper to keep and they’ll get onboard credit to use for a special celebration dinner in Palo onboard the ship. Also, dress steaming is included as standard in the price, so your dress will be perfect for the ceremony.

Upgrade options include the chance to have a very special destination wedding on Castaway Cay, the cruise line’s private island – though this will increase your costs significantly.

Learn more about Disney Cruise Line weddings here

NCL Weddings

A small, elegant wedding chapel on NCL Pearl with blue velvet chairs arranged in rows facing a modern altar. The altar is flanked by two large floral arrangements and a blue-tinted decorative glass backdrop. The room is adorned with wood paneling and blue patterned carpet, creating a serene atmosphere.

NCL is another cruise line to offer a range of different wedding packages, including the option for a Symbolic Ceremony at Sea, a Harborside Ceremony, or a Destination Ceremony. The Symbolic Ceremony at Sea is the cheapest from $2,059 but this can only take place on a sea day when the ship is cruising.

So, if you want to be able to invite guests to your wedding who aren’t cruising with you, you’re looking at the more expensive Harborside Ceremony for £3,099. 

There are loads of extras you can add onto the standard package, including fresh flowers as decorations, entertainment, spa treatments and more. But just a note – if you host a larger wedding, you’ll be charged for extra wedding co-ordinators for every 25 guests.

Read the NCL wedding brochure here

P&O Weddings

A newlywed couple, dressed elegantly, smiles warmly as they hold their baby dressed in a cute white outfit with black polka dots. The family is positioned in a bright, modern setting, celebrating their special day.

P&O Cruises’ entry-level wedding packages are designed just for the happy couple, so you need to pay a little more to get up to 10 guests included.

You do get some nice perks for the price though – the captain or deputy will conduct the ceremony, and you’ll have use of a pre-cruise wedding planner and one onboard the ship to finalise details as well.

Couples will also enjoy breakfast in bed for the morning after the wedding, as well as complimentary pressing of the wedding outfits, hair and makeup before the wedding, dinner at a speciality restaurant and a special certificate signed by the captain.

Learn more about P&O Cruises wedding packages here

Princess Cruises Weddings

newly weds with their guests sharing a happy moment at after the cermony

Princess Cruises’ wedding packages are on the pricier side, but this is the cruise line famous for The Love Boat – so a lot of people want to get married on a Princess ship. 

Standard packages are for the couple only so you’re looking at $3,995 for a wedding with guests, which includes your choice of indoor or outdoor ceremony led by the ship’s captain.

You’ll also get a solo musician for the ceremony, and a range of gifts in your stateroom to make your wedding more special, including a romantic breakfast the morning after.

The price also includes a range of digital and print photos as standard.

In the past, Princess has had a unique feature for wedding ceremonies, being able to stream them live to your friends and family back home. It’s not clear whether this is still available, but one to ask about.

Learn more about Princess Cruises weddings here

Royal Caribbean Weddings

A newlywed couple, dressed in formal suits, share an intimate moment by touching foreheads amidst a lush, green garden. The background features climbing plants and a stone wall, creating a romantic and serene atmosphere.

Royal Caribbean offers a range of wedding package options, including affordable packages for getting married in port – up to 10 guests can join you for a total cost of $1,950, which includes a bottle of Moet and Chandon Champagne to enjoy, dinner at a speciality restaurant for the couple, and some little extra touches like stateroom decorations and a Mimosa breakfast-in-bed.

If you want to get married at sea you’re looking at a price close to $4,000 but that automatically comes with an allowance of up to 50 guests, with destination weddings available from $4,650. There are some amazing destination options available, including getting married on an Alaskan glacier!

You can also add on a range of reception packages, photography services, entertainment and more. Just be aware that a lot of the additional extras have high charges, so a complete package may be more expensive.

Budgeting Tips For Cruise Weddings

1. Book your cruise early

booking cruise early

Remember that, as the couple getting married, you need to budget for two separate costs – the wedding, but also the cruise.

So try to book your cruise as early as possible – look for when the dates are going to go on sale, and get in there as soon as you can. This can help you get the best deal on the actual cruise element, and save money overall.

2. Reach out to the cruise line early with your requirements

engaged couple making their cruise wedding call

Once you have the cruise booked, contact the cruise line to begin arranging the wedding as early as possible too.

If you set out your requirements as soon as possible, the cruise line can provide a full breakdown of costs. This can help you save for it in advance, or you might realise that there are adjustments you’re comfortable with that won’t spoil the ceremony but will bring the price down.

3. Ask guests to contribute in lieu of gifts

This one splits opinion, but if you’re inviting guests to your cruise wedding, it’s reasonable to ask them to contribute to the cost, instead of buying you a wedding gift. It’s just the same as asking for contributions to a honeymoon, after all.

Suggested read: The Best Honeymoon Cruises

4. Set up an onboard gift registry

An alternative idea is to set up a registry for your cruise, so that guests can buy elements of it as your wedding gift. A lot of cruise lines can facilitate this for you. So you might list speciality dinners, or excursions, or even just some drinks

Having your guests pay for these as your wedding gifts means they’re essentially paying for parts of the cruise you’d otherwise have to budget for.

A close-up of a newlywed couple sharing a tender kiss, with the bride's veil softly draped over them. The bride wears elegant floral earrings and has her eyes gently closed, creating an intimate and romantic moment.

Final Word

While cruise weddings are hardly cheap, they aren’t actually too expensive when compared like-for-like with land weddings.

There are logistics to consider, like making sure your guests can join you, and working out whether they’re also going to cruise with you.

But combining a cruise and honeymoon into one escape, and getting married either at sea or in a beautiful location with the cruise ship behind you, is extremely special. Especially if you both already love cruises – then it’s a perfect celebration of each other and the happiest times you spend together.


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