32 Best Cruise Puns

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Whether you’re looking to make waves at the ship’s comedy night or just want to anchor your reputation as the funniest passenger on board, I’ve got boatloads of cruise puns that are shore to make you laugh!

People acting funny

From ‘Sea you later’ to ‘Feeling nauti?’, you’re about to embark on the ultimate voyage of giggles. So, hold onto your life vests; this is going to be a pun-tastic ride! (Sorry!)

1. Sea you later!

This pun plays off the phrase “See you later!” but replaces “see” with “sea”. Use this when saying goodbye before embarking on a cruise.


2. Keep calm and cruise on

This phrase is a spin-off of the popular “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster from WWII Britain. It encourages relaxation and enjoyment of the cruise experience.

3. I’m on cruise control! 

“Cruise control” refers to the automatic speed control in vehicles. Here, it’s a play on words, suggesting you’re relaxed and going with the flow on your vacation. If you have “no cruise control”, it means that you can’t stop booking cruises!

4. Ship happens

A playful twist on the phrase “Sh*t happens,” indicating that sometimes unexpected events occur, even on a cruise!

5. Let’s set sail into the sunset

“Set sail” means to begin a journey, while “into the sunset” adds romance. It’s ideal for couples looking forward to their cruise together.

Princess cruises ship sailing into sunset

6. Seas the day!

 A maritime twist on the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day). It’s a call to make the most of your time on the cruise.

7. I like big boats and I cannot lie

A humorous take on Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song lyric “I like big butts and I cannot lie”. Perfect for anyone who loves mega-sized cruise ships!

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8. Cruisin’ through life

 This phrase compares the journey of life to a leisurely cruise, suggesting taking things easy and enjoying the journey.

Cruisin' through life.  

9. All I need is vitamin sea

 Playing off the idea that we need vitamins for health, “vitamin sea” suggests the rejuvenating power of ocean travel.

10. What’s up, dock?  

 A twist on the casual greeting “What’s up, doc?” from Bugs Bunny. It’s fun to use when arriving at a cruise port or dock.

11. I’m feeling nauti

A playful wordplay on “naughty”. “Nauti” draws from “nautical”, relating to sailors, ships, or navigation.

12. No cruise control? That’s anchor-d. 

 This combines the idea of “cruise control” in vehicles and “anchored” as in a ship that’s stationary. A fun quip for someone who’s not yet in vacation mode!

No cruise control? That's anchor-d. 

13. Boatloads of fun!

“Boatload” usually refers to a large quantity. Here, it’s a way of saying there’s a lot of fun to be had on a cruise. You could also say “shiploads of fun!”

14. Shore to be a good time

 Playing off the word “sure”, this pun suggests confidence in having a good time, especially when exploring shores during port stops.

15. Docked and loaded

 A play on “locked and loaded”, implying that you’re fully prepared and excited once the ship docks at a destination.

16. Wave goodbye to your worries. 

 “Wave” takes on a double meaning here: the ocean waves and the act of waving goodbye. It suggests leaving behind stress as you embark on your cruise.

rogue wave

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17. Dock and roll! 

 A playful twist on “rock and roll”. Ideal for music lovers embarking on a cruise adventure.

18. Sea’s the moment!  

This pun derives from “seize the moment”, urging cruisers to embrace every experience at sea.

19. Feeling buoyant about this trip

 “Buoyant” means able to float, but here it also implies a feeling of lightness or excitement about the cruise.

Feeling buoyant about this trip.

20. Knot on my watch! 

 A nod to “knot“, a unit of speed for ships and boats, and “not on my watch”, which means not allowing something to happen under one’s supervision. Great for a watchful cruise captain or a playful observer.

21. Anchor’s aweigh of life!  

Playing off “anchors away”, which signals the lifting of an anchor and “weigh of life,” a play on “way of life.” This pun suggests that setting sail and cruising is more than just a vacation; it’s a lifestyle.

22. Ships and giggles

A light-hearted play on the phrase “sh*ts and giggles,” meaning doing something just for fun. It implies having a great time onboard with lots of laughter.

23. Having a reel good time! 

“Reel” pertains to fishing but also suggests that the cruise experience is like a movie reel of fantastic memories. Ideal for someone who’s both into fishing and cruising.

Having a reel good time! 

24. You float my boat 

A sweet way to tell someone you like or appreciate them while onboard. A twist on the phrase “you rock my world.”

25. Don’t harbour any regrets

A play on the word “harbour” as a place where ships dock, suggesting not to have any regrets about decisions made during the trip.

26. Sea-rious fun ahead!

 Combining “serious” with “sea” indicates that there’s a lot of fun in store on the cruise

Sea-rious fun ahead!

27. Nautical but nice

 A play on “naughty but nice.” This pun gives a nod to everything marine while also suggesting that something or someone is pleasantly mischievous.

28. Sail-ebrity status.  

 Merging “sail” and “celebrity” together, this pun is perfect for someone who feels like a VIP while cruising.

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Jenni with Celebrity APEX cruise

29. I’m pier-fectly content

“Pier” referring to where boats dock, combined with “perfectly,” suggests a state of complete happiness and contentment while on the cruise or at a port.

30. Don’t get tide down 

 Playing off the word “tied” with “tide”, this pun encourages cruisers to relax, let loose, and not get bogged down by minor inconveniences.

Don't get tide down.  

31. Life’s a breach!

Playing off “life’s a beach” and the action of a whale “breaching.” Great for a cruise with some marine mammal watching!

32. I’m in ship-shape!

This pun boasts of being in good physical or mental condition while also making a nod to the vessel itself.


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