43 Funny Cruise Ship Memes to Make You Smile

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Cruise ship memes are a source of joy, with funny jokes spreading across the internet and bringing smiles to the faces of those who love to cruise.

Many cruise memes contain ‘in jokes’ that you would only fully appreciate once you’ve been on your first cruise. However, there are also some memes that can be enjoyed by both regular cruisers and those who are considering a cruise for the first time.

In this post, I’ve gathered some of the best cruise memes on the internet. Enjoy

What is a ‘meme’?

A meme is a funny image with text which is often copied and spread around the internet via social media.

The word ‘meme’ comes from the Greek word ‘mimema’, meaning imitated. This is because the same images are often used with different text to create different jokes.

The correct way to pronounce ‘meme’, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘meem’. Not ‘mee mee’ or ‘may may’.

You’ll find all sorts of memes on the internet, including this hilarious list of cruise memes…

Memes About Cruise Addiction

Cruising is addictive, anyone who’s cruised more than a couple of times will vouch for that. The addictive nature of cruises has given rise to many funny cruise memes on the internet. Here are some of the best ones…

cruise addict meme
Size seven day Caribbean cruise meme
cheap cruises kidnap meme

Memes About Cruise Ship Food

The abundance of delicious food served on cruise ships is another source of inspiration for funny cruise memes.

Many cruise memes about food poke fun at the weight gained during cruises (the average cruiser puts on five to seven pounds on a seven-night cruise). Memes also acknowledge the fact that it’s really difficult not to overeat with all the amazing food that’s on offer on a cruise.

cruise meme about controlling your diet
gunny rabbit cruise meme
cruise funnel before after cruise ship meme
cruise is coming don't eat meme

Memes About Drinking on a Cruise

Along with eating, a popular pasttime for many cruisers is drinking, particularly if they have a cruise drinks package to take advantage of!

Anyone who’s cruised before will appreciate that the feeling of the ship rocking can be very similar to the feeling of being a little tipsy. One good thing about that is that any little stumbles can be blamed on the ocean, rather than the five cocktails you just downed.

drunk cruise ship rocking meme
cheers to my liver cruise meme

Memes About Cruise Crew

Cruisers all love the crew, who go out of their way to make our vacations special. Some memes are aimed at passengers, whereas others are jokes that the crew themselves will find funny and share amongst each other.

crew member uniform cruise ship meme
singers and dancers on cruise meme

Memes About Packing for a Cruise

It’s pretty common to have a love-hate relationship with packing for a cruise. Packing before you go can be fun, especially for those who love to book many months ahead and are very organised. Packing to leave the ship at the end of your cruise, however, is never as exciting.

too early to start packing for cruise meme

Memes About Rough Seas

The weather is never guaranteed on a cruise and sometimes cruise ships have some big waves to contend with. This is the source of inspiration for many weather-related cruise memes.

parting the seas cruise ship meme
just a light swell cruise ship meme

Memes About Cruise Passengers

A cruiser is a great place to indulge in people watching and other passengers can be the source of much entertainment, whether they’re queing for something that you wouldn’t bother to line up for, or going somewherre you’d never step foot – like the gym!

passengers cruise meme
gym on a cruise meme

Memes About Needing a Cruise

Memes About Going on a Cruise

Memes About Disembarkation

Funny Cruise Memes

Some of the best cruise memes aren’t about anything in particular, they’re just funny. Here are some of the best funny cruise memes I’ve found on the internet…

raise your hand turtle cruise meme
cruise one liner meme

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Where To Find Cruise Memes

I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at these memes. If you’d like to see cruise memes on a regular basis, then I’d recommend you join some of the Facebook groups such as the ‘Cruise Memes’ Facebook group.

If you’d like to make your own cruise memes, you can easily do these with an online meme generator such as MemeGenerator.net or imgflip.com.

If you enjoyed these cruise memes, then take a look at my list of the best cruise jokes for more giggles.

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