72 ocean-related names to inspire you

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Ocean-related names always have a lot of meaning behind them. What better name to give your baby (or fur-baby) than something which relates to the features of the sea – strong, mysterious and beautiful.

Many of the ocean-themed baby names are names which mean ocean in other languages. Some ocean names refer to gods of the sea from ancient mythology and others are related to the sea in different ways.

In researching this article I found that my own name, Jennifer, means ‘white wave’, which is something I’m thrilled about! I love having an ocean-themed name.

Names that mean ocean

There are many baby names meaning water or ocean to choose from. Some of these are obvious, but others have a hidden meaning and you wouldn’t know that these names mean ocean unless you looked it up.

Ocean inspired baby names

I’ve split this ocean names list into boy names, girl names and dog names. However, some names are unisex and some of the dog names can definitely also be used by humans so please don’t be offended if your baby name is on the dog name list!

Ocean girl names

This list includes girls’ names that mean ocean and other ocean-related girl names.

Giving your baby girl a name meaning ocean, sea or water is a great idea because the ocean is powerful, beautiful and mysterious – just like your daughter!

Whether you want a subtle ocean-themed girl name like Jennifer or a stong name like Ocean, take a look at this list of the best girl names inspired by the ocean.

ocean girl names
  • Amphitrite In Greek mythology, Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon and was said to be the personification of the sea
  • Avisa – Means ocean in Sankrit
  • Coral – A classic ocean-inspired name that makes you think of reefs
  • Cordelia – She is the Celtic goddess of the sea
  • Daria – A variant of the Persian name ‘Darya’, which means ‘ocean’
  • Delja – This Polish girls name means ‘daughter of the sea’
  • Derya – A Turkish name meaning ‘sea’
  • Doris – This name is of Greek origin and means ‘gift of the ocean’
  • Gali – In Hebrew, this name means ‘wave’.
  • Iluka – This Aboriginal name means ‘by the sea’
  • Itsaso – This Spanish girls’ name means ‘sea’
  • Jennifer – Cornish for ‘white wave’
  • Kailani – This pretty Hawaiian girls’ name means ‘sea and sky’
  • Kaimana – This Hawaiian name means ‘the power of the ocean’. It’s suitable for both girls and boys.
  • Kairi – This Japanese girls’ name means ‘ocean’
  • Kendra – A pretty name meaning ‘water baby’
  • Manami – This Japanese name has several possible meanings, one of which is ‘ocean’
  • Mar – Mar is the Spanish and Portuguese word for ‘sea’
  • Marcelline – A pretty French name meaning ‘defender of the sea’
  • Maren – A Latin name meaning ‘sea’
  • Marina – As well as being a place where boats are kept, Marina is a Latin name meaning ‘from the sea’.
  • Marissa – A pretty alternative to Melissa that means ‘drop of the sea’
  • Maya – A popular name meaning ‘water’
  • Mira – This beautiful Latin name has several meanings including ‘ocean’
  • Moana – This Polynesian name means ‘sea’ and is also the title of a well-known Disney movie
  • Morgan – This popular unisex Welsh name means ‘sea-born’. An alternative that’s just for girls would be Morgana.
  • Morwenna – This is a Welsh girls’ name which means ‘waves of the sea’.
  • Murial – An Irish name meaning ‘of the bright sea’
  • Nerida – Meaning ‘mermaid’ in Greek
  • Nerissa – A Greek name meaning ‘from the sea’
  • Ocean – This strong name is perfect for a baby girl
  • Onda – Italian for ‘wave’
  • Ondine – A Latin name meaning ‘little wave’
  • Sereia – The Portuguese word for ‘mermaid’
  • Stellamaris – This is a girls’ name meaning ‘star of the sea’
  • Thalassa – This unusual girls’ name means ‘ocean’ 
  • Ula – This unusual name means ‘gem of the sea’

Ocean boy names

This list includes boy names meaning ocean and other ocean-themed names for boys.

Water-inspired names are flowing back into fashion for boys and are especially popular with nature lovers. The ocean is strong, interesting and limitless – just like your baby son will surely be!

Ocean names for boys can be traditional or modern, common or unusual. There’s a sea-inspired name to suit every young man.

ocean boy names
  • Adrian – The name Adrian was originally used to refer to a person from the Adriatic Sea
  • Arnav – This Hindi name means ‘ocean’
  • Caspian – The Caspian Sea is an inland body of water between Europe and Asia
  • Delmar – Translated from Spanish, this boys’ name means ‘of the sea’
  • Delmore – This French boys’ name means ‘of the sea’
  • Deniz – This Turkish name means ‘sea’. It was traditionally a boys’ name but nowadays it’s unisex. Variations include Dennis and Denise.
  • Douglas – This Scottish boys’ name means ‘black water’. It can be shortened to Doug.
  • Dylan – Commonly used for boys, but can also be unisex, Dylan is a Welsh name meaning ‘son of the sea’
  • Gyatso – This is a Buddhist boys’ name which means ‘ocean’
  • Hali – This unisex name is of Greek origin and means ‘sea’.
  • Heli – A Celtic unisex name which means ‘saltwater’ It’s found in the name of the Welsh town Pwllheli, which translates as ‘saltwater pool’
  • Hurley – An Irish boys’ name meaning ‘sea tide’
  • Jordan – This popular name means ‘to flow down’. It can also be used for girls
  • Llyr – This Welsh name means ‘the sea’, but is virtually impossible to pronounce if you’re not Welsh
  • Malik – This Arabic boys’ name means ‘wave’. It can also be spelled as Malek or Maliq.
  • Marino – The male version of Marina, it means ‘of the sea’
  • Murdoch – Also spelled as Murdock, this was originally a nickname for a person associated with the sea
  • Okeanos – In Greek mythology this was the body of water which was believed to surround the earth 
  • River – This is a great name because all rivers lead to the ocean
  • Trent – In Latin, Trent means ‘gushing water’
  • Wade – You can ‘wade’ through the sea, and this is a lovely name for a little boy

Ocean names for dogs

This list of dog names is for boy and girl dogs. However, this list of mostly unisex names can certainly also be used for human babies as well as fur-babies!

The breed of dog or puppy that you choose will likely influence the name that you choose for your dog. Big strong dogs might suit strong ocean names like Captain whereas smaller breeds might be more suited to cute sea names like Pasha.

ocean dog names
  • Blue – The colour of the sea
  • Bo – A great short name for a dog, it means ‘wave’ in Chinese
  • Captain – This ship-related name would be great for a boy dog
  • Kai – Originating from both Hawaii and Japan, the unisex name Kai means ‘sea’
  • Marley – The name of the naughty labrador in the movie ‘Marley & Me’. Marley means ‘pleasant seaside meadow’
  • Marvin – This boy dog name means ‘sea hill’ in Welsh. An alternative with the same meaning is Mervin.
  • Merlin – Perhaps a bit too wizardly for a human, this name which means ‘sea fortress’ is perfect for a dog
  • Murphy – This jaunty Irish name means ‘sea warrior’
  • Murray – Meaning ‘settlement by the sea’
  • Neptune – The god of the sea according to Roman mythology
  • Nixie – A great girl dog name, Nixie is a Maori name that means ‘reflections on the water’
  • Pasha – This unisex name means ‘of the ocean’
  • Tiberius – The Tiber is a river in Italy, not strictly the sea, but this would make a great name for a big male dog.
  • Triton – Greek god Triton was the son of Neptune

To conclude

Whether you’re thinking of a name for a baby boy, girl, dog, cat or other pet, I hope that you’ve found inspiration in this list of ocean-related names.

Can you think of any other ocean names? Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

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