Villa Vie Launches Live-On Ship For 2024

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Villa Vie Residences has announced its new cruise ship, designed for guests who wish to live on board permanently.

Launching in May 2024, the ship will offer an incredible 3.5 year itinerary that includes over 420 port visits in 147 countries. Once complete, the ship will then repeat the itinerary, constantly circling the world.

The ship is offering two options for guests who wish to sail – you can either purchase a cabin to own, or book a world cruise segment as a guest, as you would with any other cruise line.

Villa Vie Culinary Center

Ownership prices start from $99,999 for an Inside Cabin, with monthly fees of $3,499 for two people. If you want to cruise alone, the monthly fees are reduced to $2,499.

Outside and Balcony cabins cost more to purchase and have higher monthly fees.

But what’s cool is that you’re allowed to have visitors on the ship, and they’ll only be charged for their port fees and gratuities – a cost of just $33 per person, per day. That’s a fantastic price if you do own a cabin and you want to invite family or friends on a special holiday.

Plus, another great benefit is the option to rent out your cabin when you’re not using it, earning you some money back.

If you’d prefer to just book a cruise on one of the segments, prices start at $89 per person, per night. You can choose any segment of the cruise, with itineraries ranging from 35 to 120 nights.

Solo prices are reasonable too – unlike many cruises where you’d pay a 100% solo supplement (essentially paying for two people even when alone), Villa Vie only charges a 40% supplement.

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Ownership and Voyager prices are both all-inclusive. This means you’ll get:

  • All food in all dining venues
  • Complimentary wine and beers with meals
  • High-speed internet access included
  • Select free excursions
  • Free bi-weekly laundry
  • Free healthcare
  • Mixology and culinary lessons
  • Complimentary wellness sessions
  • All your onboard entertainment

And more too.

Early bird discounts are available for the first 100 bookings, saving 10%, with a further 10% off for anyone investing in The Founders Club, buying stock in the company (minimum $25,000 investment).

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